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Bankyfeliu Notes,


Bankyfeliu Notes, We generally find that every village, city, or oountry, can boast of some celebrated person destined to reign in their midst and become the nucleus—or, as it were, the centre of attraction-n man who hf.s become famous for his noble deeds- deeds which Lave obtained for him wide-spread popularity-a man renowned for his praiseworthy actions, the idtas of which couia have originated in an intellect of a transcendent order— a venerable and noble being who is worshipped IHd glorified. Look at the email elowly-dimiLishiiig town of Carmarthen—dimiu'shing, despite the fact that a few fashionable, u:j.-er-fen, Westboume Park mantiona have been lately biiilt there, which would have been of far more service hud they been cut down to a quarter their s;z-3 as houses for the working class—building's which the h very t-hoi'L </—how proud tLe townspeople are of their honourable Mayor When did a gentleman of such philanthropic qualities, of such a genial dis- position, occupy that civic chair before ? See how he soeks to redress the giiavances of the humble anal meek as well as the rich Carmarthen can be prou i of their Mayor, and we here, in the rapidly- increasirsg and flourishing- neighbourhood of BaT,kyf can take off our hats and bow with veneration and respect to a genius who is our guiding star 1" Ladies and gentlemcn, we refer to our wor:by Mayor To say that he is a man possessed of talents of which not one in ten thousand of the present generation can boast, is but giving you a faint notion of his transcendent j abilities I He will meet yoa in the morning with a genial smile suffusing his i/ion'iiif/ countenance wish one hand he will hold the report of a parliamentary debate—with the other he will button-hole you, and demonstrate to you with all the logicality of Isaac Watt?, the inconsistency of some of the hon. mem berd' utterances- their foibles—the illogicality of their sentences—their ridicaloua twnddle-in a word he is an astute and clever critic, and his criticism, like the east wind, cuts deep and keen." If your curiosity prompts you to -isk hitn on a line night, when the stars are t»inkling —when the sky is clear—" What is that while path I see over the sky ?" he would at once invite you to step into his fit mansion; fromhia waistcoat pocket ho would draw a black »tuajp of a clay pipe, and for two eolni hours hold you entranced and spell-bound with his facts and explanations of the 1-uvs of the universe." The two-yard sermon that was last preached in chapel he will cut up into square inches., from which he would pick tho best points—the gist, and give it you in a nutshell! If you say you believe in teetotalism, he will at once pounce upon you. and with the persuasive eloquence of Demosthenes he will thoroughly convince you on the spot that there is nothing like a brandy and soda, all occasional bottle of Buss s, or a sleever of Allsopp's for sustaining you in a cheerful state of spirits and to keep your eyes in an optimistic direction, although, es he admits from 1115 own experiences, there is a possibility of bringing your eyes into a brick-wall direction. If you will just nod your head emphatically and tell him that you think Professor Rdntgen's new photographic process a piece of rot and humbug, he will at once explain to you in an oration, devoid of technicalities, the intricacy of the ne-v process by which a man's kidney can be seen (his inside kidney yer know) and he wili even suggest to you the chemical which Tom EJisou has discovered out of 1,800 sorts, by which the Hontgcn shade »vs can be seen with the naked eye—when yer sober. Ask our Mayor how it is a man's beard grows faster in summer than in winter he'll tell you iu a crack and will launch out chaíJtcrs on the anatomical structure of the body, and the different organs and their duties. He would make yer gasp to hear him impart his store of knowledgs of electricity—what is meant by positive and negative currents rattle off to you all known batteries—conductors and non-con- ductora- at his finger ends. Diawch erioed Why, our Mayor, my friends, is a regular perambulating encyclopaedia 1 lIt.'Il rel-,it-o to you all the murders and" murderers that have ever existed—from the time that Cain gave his brudder Abel ta-ra-ra-boom- de-ay down to Charles Peace, Deeming, and the Armenian atrocities. But, ladies and gentlemen, it is for those Rider Hnggard-stretches of imagina- tion and exuberance and brilliancy of ide'is our Mayor is pre-eminently noted Now, he has a nry good opinion of ths three B enkytelm Parish '"õ1 í.- t.1_ (Jounculors wno live In our vr.iage. He ueuevu* them to be men of experience, energy, determina- tion-of expansive minds. He eays there is nothing bigoted ab .ut their opinions or creed. The eyes of our Mayor are always in the horizon and he already predicts a scorching summer, in consequence of which the following idea has emanated from his fertile brain two of our Councillors; he says, are men, who, for years past, bne made their mark I in the world with brick and mortar, and our Mayor inoii. <;|-e to know whether these-, bricks and tog-ether, nnidif4nuo tiirw^Vo/y i And as he is such an authority on ull kinds of stouts and ales, he would, he says, fcr a mere trifle and for the benefit of the place (the place where so many of these ales go) undertake the brewing or the management At the next meeting of the Bankyfelin Triumvirate we are informed in sonorous nasal tones by his Worship that the matter will be brought on to the tapis for deliberation. --0- Some peopIA in this neighbourhood don't appear to take a joke ia the proper spirit at all; naturally this sort of bluutness and perversity has a tendency to make us feel tipyn bach yn grack Now, some means one or two, not all there are good-natured people in the locality, and there are a few who are not good-natured—the crusty sort you know—who are always ready to sniff, snort, and grind their teeth is.stead of flopping into an arm chair and digesting their last meal with a good shaking, roaring laugh. There is an aphorism What the eye sees it brings with it." If a person snarls and prowls like a discordant trumpet on account of a par, which he or she may have taken in her own way—the fault is not so much in the note, as in nasty, ill-raturcd lemon, juice disposition of the person who sees evil in all things—good in none." As a illustration of what we have just said we would cite the case of a few young "ladies" who have been plastering with the savagenees of a cockle-woman, a certain person in connection with some pars which appeired a few weeks ago. Be car,ful, Bridie those tongues There's a limit to ail things, if not, it can be easily put! A person dispoecd to slander, or rhedeg iiyit lawr, is by no means respectable or honourable but it is the rather entitled !o a back-scat a long way down in the other direction be the person slandering worth a penny or worth a thousand yellow boyg, it can be taken for grant.ed that while you are complaining about so and so, if the person spoken to agrees with you on every point and lires away at the person compl-tined-the one who finds so little trouble in "liring away is the very one to find very litsle difficulty in I- firing away at you after you ha = e departed. Respectability consists Dot iu wealth but in virtue virtue, we think, in a few years htnee will only be found within the pages of a dictionary. At the Eale lsjt Mondiy afternoon stood a portly, heavy, corpulent man with a portentous head on a square invincible pair ot shoulders he stoed there -his head dropped towards the ground by the tremendous weight of its contents, and his philosophic fYd was concentrated on the springing blades of gras. Suddenly something seemed to strike him a la tête and he made his way ddiberately towards a young inaii of gentleman- like appearance and an intellectually stamped countenance. Naw'r," he esid, in an insinuating voice, its he gently introduced his fore-finger into that region of the young man's corpus-just where his supper ought to ba —" chwi sy'n yjgrifenu'r "Bankyfelin Notes?" Then he paused to take breath, and watched the features of the academic gentleman who stoutly denied the charge Well," said the double-sized individual, "mae v notes yn adgyfodiad o'r lleporter Ar Ben y" Pentan ? insinuated n gentleman, who could not avoid doing a little eaves-dropping, 0 liage, nage, yr oeddwn yn ddweyd wrtho fe na bod "DaB'rGwas" ar "Bankyfelin Notes" wedi adgyfodi'r lleporter." Quite so said his friend, as he conducted him towards the aqua-fortis stall. The sale at Castellywaun farm last Monday passed off in a satisfactory manner. The live stock and farming implements realized a good price and the land, taking into consideration that it is only to be let until next September, realized a moderate figure. Naturally, there was not much crop for disposal, but the quantity remaining was disposed of at good prices. A few horses were gold, and, judging from their condition and the money for which they were knocked down, we should say that the Auctioneer made a rattling good stroke Here's a note which has been deferred for a fortnight. A rather peculiar affair happenad on the Llangunnock road shortly after eight on a recent evening. The shades of night had fallen— all was dark. The ratiiing of wheels was heard, and presently a cart came jogging along, the occupants being a middle-aged woman and a lump of fieeh and bone—a lad. The hoise had evidently been suffering from thirst, as he turned into a pond on the left-hand side of the road to quench it. The horse had had its fill and commenced its way. But dy,i a'r j oke I Somehow or other the pill h- nown as the standard pin-which connects the body of the cart and the shafts had become loose, and with the slight jerk caused by the turning of the horse, the body of the curt collapsed and down went the buly" and the lad into the middle of a nice, sloppy, eluicy ditch I Diawch eriod wclais i fath mess ar fenyw eriod yr oedd yn mud o'i phen i'w thraed ac yn wlyb trwyddi I Peidiwch ch'i a yfed gormod o'r te cryf yna, da mereh fach i Gcfalweh gadw y supplement o'r Reporter yn I safe erbyn ela,iaf yn ol!" Such was the command which issued forth in stentorian tones out of Choker's mouth' en Mondiy morning, as he grappled the five fingers of his landlady and impressed upon them a gentle Equeeza expressive of his lod^ei-like affection, and sallied forth majestically, bound for Paradise, fioin which he will be translated, after ft brief period, into another climate. -1)- Heru's an incident which we omitted last week. A young fellow was aseending the stairoatc of the St Clears enteddfod eagerly aud rapidly, auJ having got to the top he WfcS unable to spe the "fun "down in the lower regions on ir.g to the small, skinny pair of legs upon which his oagk- egg-shell of a carcase was fixed. aaG_ being a bit of cn^aerobat, you know, he sprang with the agility of a young squirrel on to the shoulders of three fellows who sat in frost. Bui in his excitement he jumped too high, and his 6 cocoa-nut came into violent contact with a beautiful lamp suspended from the bem. Like a cork from a pop-bottle out went Lhe beautiful lamp, and down over half-a- dozen heads, from the mouths of which came some terriiic blood-curdling Wh,Ù: To the ground the lamp dashed, and to pieces it was smashed. But the excitement and tumult subsided when the Chairman mildly explained that it was not the fault of the bachgcn," but-th3 lamp Reports like a hnndred cannon—alarming and terri bla !reverbemted thro' the glen on Tuesday morning the windows clattereel 1 the very ground quaked the very oak trees were trembling Is it an earthquake ?" said a quivering terrified mortal with an up-turned snout, na he c'ung with a giip of iron to a telegraph post with a ghastly pallor in hie The crows who create such a horrid din Ly their monotonous cawing became scared and silent Everything seemed awe-stricken The silence wai dead and oppressive 1 The heavens were dark and gloomy It was awful 1 People ran hero and there in terror—and in shivering trenU ling voices asked, What's the matter ?" It seemed as if NEMESIS had swooped upon the neighbourhood "Lh all the wild, fierce, terrible fuiy of her voi-igeance I By the afternoon's post wo received a post-card from the Governor of Hades. It ran thus Greetings to Aquilte from Hades — Thou must surely know that this day the evil demoniacal spirits which have hovered over thy neighbourhood- the evil genii of the Chokies- are this day. by the commanel of Her Awful Majesty Nemesis, blown into the phlegethou- whence they will be onward swept in a torrent of fire and biiiustone into the furied of the infernal regions! In peace, BEELZEBUB, AQUlLÆ.

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