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Ie- CARMARTHEN CHORAL SOCIETY.—This society 3t, gave a rendering of Mendeleshons Oratorio Elijah at the Assembly Rooms on Tuesday evening. There was a large attendance, and the 6 members of the society, supported by a powerful orchestra—part of which was a contingent of which 0 was drawn from that of the Cardiff Alu3ical Festival —gave a very high class interpretion of the oratorio. Thanks to the energy of Mrs R M Thomas, the lsj^ secretary—aesisted by Miss Shirley Lewis-the jv< society has become as great a success as havo been jer the other undertakings with which she has identified herself. The society in fact bids fair to become a credit to the musical abilities of Carrnar- ca- then. ral WEDDING AT ST. PETER'S.—Mr D. J. Roberts, of "d II the inland Revenue, Bradford, and orly sou of Mr J. Roberts, headmaster of the Board Schools, Pontar- dolais, was rnarritd at St, Peter's, Carmarhen, o,i !?*e Thursday, th inst, to Miss Mary Gabe, eldest ie daughter of Mr J. Oabe, Pontardulais (and niece of Mrs JacobThomae, Barn's-row, Carmarthen). The ceremony was performed by the Right Rev the Lord ty- Bishop of Swansea, assisted by the Rev J. Daniel, at curate. fhe bride was given away by her father, Mr Gate. The bridesmaids were Miss Gabe and Miss Roberts, and Mr W T Bevan acted as best man. as The wedding breakfast took place at Mrs Thomas, :is, Earn's-row, Carmarthen. The happy couple left far Ilkley, Yorkshire. ANNI-VFITSARY MEETINGS AT PEXUEL CHAPEL, Ir i CAIZ-.IIAUfli e -i. -The usual anniversary meetings, in connection with Penuel Baptist Chapel, were held (n Sunday end On Sunday 1\1 morning at 10 o'clock sermon9 were delivered by an theltev Gomer Lewis, D.D,, Swansea, and the )n Rev Lee Davies, Bryr.amman. In the afternoon m) the Rev Lee Davits preached and sermons were ry, delivered by both rev gentlemen in the evening. The attendance en the latter occasion was so large that large members had to come away, being unable NG to find even standing room. A large congregation ng also turned up on Monday night to hear the two -be impressive sermon then delivered. The meetings e8 were in every way the most successful, which had ale keen Penuel for many years. 1ST V.B, WELSH REGIMENT. — Orders for the 54 week ending 2oth April. Officer for the week. 2nd Lieut. John. Company orderlies, Lsnce-Ser gt G Rogers and Lance-Corporal Johns. Orderly bugler, M Rees. Adjutants' drill on Monday, at 7.30 p.m., in drill order, viz., officers undress, ether ranks, uniform, Glengarry caps, arms end side arms, one pouch. Bayonet exercise on Thursday, at 7 30 p.ra (plain clothes). Recruits' drill on Tuesday and Wednesday, at 7.30 p.m. Class-firing on Monday, Friday, and Saturday, from 2.30 p.m. Spoon com- petition on Thursday at 2 p m. sharp. Signalling practice on Wednesday, at 7 30 p.m. Morris-tube practice for recruits on Saturday, from 6 p.m. The a annual voluntc-er dinner will be held at the Boar's Head Hotel on Friday, April 24th, at 7 p.m. Tickets, 2s 6d each, may be obtained from Sergt- Instiuctor Weaks, Armoury, Colour-Sergeant W Lewis, Lammas-street, Scrgt. Carpenter, and Corpl. E J Andrews, King-street, or from the secretaries, Sergt. A L Davies, Corpls. Crowley and Whiteoak. No tickets will be sold after Monday, April 20th. Dress to be worn at dinner, uniform, Glengarry caps, and waistbelts only.—By order, W BUCKLEY- RODERICK, Captain Commanding II Company. A FAINTING BRIDEGROOM SWOONS TWICE DURING THE CEREMONY. —A thrilling incident 1 occuired at a wedding in a church down the line et 1 the end of last week. While the happy couple were standing before the altar the officiating clergy- man came to the words, I require and charge you both, as ye will answer at the dreadfu'l Day of Judgment, whe:i the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed," the bridegroom i uddenly fell down in a fit, to the consternation of the bride and pai t) the clergy, and those who were assembled in the body of the church. After some restoratives had been Y applied, the rasn after aome ten minntes' el-day, again stood before the altar rails, when the service was resumed. The clergyman again uttered the solemn words, co I require and charge you," when he swooned away the second time, the attack being worse than the first. Crowds had gathered to the church as the rumour spread through the town, and the service was again delayed until the bridegroom recovered conEtci msness. Happily when the (Opr- vice was repeated for the third time, the bridegroom was able to stand the ordeal, the two were made one, and left the sacred building amidst warm expressions of sympathy.— II'extern Mail. LICENSES FOR EXPLOSIVES.—A committee of the n Connty Council sat th Shire Hal), Carmarthen, on Saturday, for the purpose of granting li-enies to store explosives. Those present were:—Mr D L Jones, Derlwyn (in the chair) Mr John Johns, 1 Parceithin Mr Jones, Penronw Mr H J Davies, Bremcndi; Mr Harries, Ffrwd; ami Mr C E Morris, Peabryn. ""f.;et"H'e to store explosives were granted to Mr I S Ch-tpcll, m-mascr of the an Llangunn .1 Lead Mines and Messrs Samuel and } Thor-its Evans, Abergivili. The fallowing were '"f ;'iplered as 'sudors of gunpowder .)J¡ 1 Gealy, t tocer, Porthyrhyd Mr J f) E Rock Hall, e L 1¡: .h¡¡Tiliän-wi-; EllZ!lD€th Davies, I'aaiycwrrig, 13ro»wr^i Mr li D Lewts, <}' I Ferry tide Mr ij^wen, the Van, Han- oJ ger deiriK- Mr David Bowen, Blaenpant, Llan- I gendeinie 'Messrs Joseph and David Ilarri??, Llwyngraig, Llangendeirne and Mr Thomas a Jenkins, Brisbane House, Llangendeirne. I A MEETING OF THE Y W.B.T.A. was held at Union-street Schoolroom on Tuesday evening, April 9th, when the chair was occupied by the president, Miss Scourfield, Pentremeurij. The meeting was introduced with a prayer by !is Gibbon. Correspondence from headquarters was read by the secretary. The meeting was then open to any one present to say a few words. We are glad to say that all the members were full of enthusiasm as regards the temperance cau<e, and it proved a very successful meeting all through. It was proposed, seconded, tmd passed unanimously, that Miss Scurlock, Pciitremeurig, is to take the chair at the temperance meeting next Sunday opening, which is to be heid at Union street It is hoped that those who love the tenperance cau-e, and appreciate the good wotk of tha women with this association, will patronise the first lady president by attending in largo numbers. A very interceting temperance dialogue by Misses Nanno Evans and MargTetta Williams then followed, and a prayer by Miss Miriam Thomas, Park-yr-ystrad, brought a very interesting meeting to an end The next meeting will be held at Penuel Schoolroom on Tuesday evering, April 21tt. MATE OR PARAGUAY TEA-" I is an interesting fac that the leaves of the Ilex Paryguavensis were sought out by man, much as tea was, f ir the preparation of an infusion of peculiar restorative and "staying" powers, and that subsequently it was proved that the active principle of mate was identified with theine, which was, however at first called paraguaie. Chemically, the composition of the infusion oftho Paraguay tea-leaf resembles that of leaves of ordinary tsa, but in certain important rcspects, from a dietetic point of view, the constitu- ents exhibit markedly different properties. This is especially the case with the tannin principles. It is not correct to say that Paraguay tea contains no tannin. The tannin in Mate, however, has very different properties from the tannin of India or China tea. It doet not, for example, coagulate gelatin, or what is the same thing, tan hides. This is probably a fact of great physiological or dietetic importance, since it is the astringency of ordinary infusions of tea which leads to disturbances of the degestive function either by acting prejudicit.lly on the walls of the stomach or by rendering the nitrogenous principles of food tough and hard of digestion. Mate tea possesses the advantage, therefore, of being a refreshing and restorative beverage, due in a large measure to the theine it contains, without the evil effects of astringency. The liquor is pleasantly leafy and frpgrant to the taste. Mate tea may be taken with advantage by those with whom tea disagrees, while at the same time they would secure the refreshing and invigorating properties of the same active principle in its natural condition, the alkaloid of tea—theine." The price is moderate, 3s per lb. The offices ot the Mate Tea Company are at 39, Victoria Street, Westminster.—Extract from The Lancet, November 16th, 1895.

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