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Is Llandilo Dic-Slion-Dafydd Strieken ? To the Editor of the Carmarthen Weekly Reporter SIR,—Your correspondout, Mr J. E. Thomas," has stll further committed blunders in li's criticism of Gomerian's letter. Iu prefacing his remarks this Greek scholar had undoubtecUy amused himself h}' riding his favourite long-eared pony out, at least, of the Gardeu of Eden, and when my friend was in the hvyl of his amusement made use of strong 0/ languago towards Gomerian," which reminded rue of a young advocate of the Bar, who, finding that he held a weak case (and, to use the groat phrase of the late Lord Beaconsfield) ccmmencpd in a temper to hurl his" exuùer- ance of verbosity" towards his opponents as far as decency would allow him. With ail my friend's verbosity, he has not advanced a bingle argument confirming his theory. In his first contribution he said, "Gomerian" and I differ in one estimation of the Welsh language." "Gomerian" said "it cannot be compared to any other language for its softness, tenderness, and sweetness of its sounds." I never heard it compared to the Italian and Spanish languages." It is not my fault that lie has has not heard of it, and, with due respect to my learned friend, the fact remains. Had be taken my previous advice and consulted the Cardiff librarian, and askod that gentleman to show him some books by authors that treat on languages, lie would have seen the fact for himself, Evidently ho has not seen any himself, or else he would never have written in the strain ho did. I can give him columns of quotations, if required, from eminont authors, who hold M.A. degrees, to prove what I said is correct; authors who have largely dealt on European languages, and he has only to read those authors to agree with me, and not to differ." J.E.T. "isnes Gomerian to "accept his unfeigned C, thanks "for the little story related about the Welsh utterances from tho London English pulpit that had boon taken as Greek by the ignoramuses to both languages. Surely he docs not deliberately twist that simple story to suit his own ends. The Londoners understood it rightly in its proverbial meaning, in the same way as wo apply the old adage to spoken of in an unknown tongue. We say that is "Greek," and that is the extent of most people's Greek knowledge. Every person has not been favoured with such advantages as J. E. T. has had, viz., a collegiate training. Winding up his Greek argument, he says :— "1 had arnved at this conclusion aiter studying Greek for some five years." By the L' way, I have heard it repeatedly said that the greatest Greek cholar of the age is the Kight Honourable W. E. Gladstone, and he said if my memory serves me rightly—that it would take a man twenty years to master the Greek language. Is it possible that my friend has done it in five 1 Now I shall bid well to my Cardiff friend, and wish that he may come to excell all Greek scholars of the day. In conclusion, Mr Editor, kindly allow me to make another appeal to the committee of the Llandilo Literary institute to give their attention to the increasing cry of the Welsh inhabitants of the town by furnishing the library with such a decent stock of Welsh literature as the good old town may be proud of. I am sure that many a Welsh home would be blessed thereby by having a chance to borrow a book for the use of home reading. This needful reformation would be brought about, I am sure, if the hon. secretary would take the matter in hand. He has a wide influence, and is always pleasant, humorous, and indefatigable in whatever he undertakes. A more just and impartial gentleman can scarcely be found, and as such the ratepayers generally look to him with the greatest con- fidence of redress in this matter. I have faith that the Secretary and the Committee will before the end of this year see their way clear in giving justice to the Welsh popula- tion, and with malice to none, and charity for a". I am, &c., GOMERIAX.