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—^ Fashionable Wedding at 01( Car iiia ill KM!. Hr. MAlllilAUE OF Mil J. v. M.L!- £ ai ■re AND MISS OLIVE. (JARMALTHS r. __— Wii Oil V^'diietsday morning, the m;:¡,rri' 1tetv. Mi/ J. F. Rees, veterinary surgeon, ~OE street, and son of the late Mr" John te the Lamb," Llanlx/icly, to Miss Meal) eldest daughter of Airs Olive, Boar'1' f topijs Hotel, Carmarthen, was solemnized at WH]( Church, Carmarthen. M i From an early hour in the mornii^ Arte booming of cannon was heard and the (llf of garlands, bunting, flags, &c., in the st v. was excellent- testimony of the resp# which the bridal couple are held, while1 the hotel to the church were crowds of p0 -p wlm seemed to manifest great interestin day's event. L At half-past ten o'clock—the hourat^ "J^li the ceremony was announced to take p Christ Cliureli was well lilleel with the friends of the contracting parties. t th bride—who was escorted up the f^ceiv by her brother, Mr Jack Olive-l°^'il charming in a tailor-made travelling di'e^ei maize colour .Molton cloth, a maize hat with maize tulle, black ostrich tips. e orange blossoms. She also carried a ^1; bouquet, the gift of the bridegroom. bridesmaid was Miss Alice Olive (sistei'0LTl>« bride), who wore a tailor-made blued Qtl" white stock, and fawn hat. She also ^V1 gold curb bangle and carried a bouquet? 'Ji-rj gifts of the bridegroom. -u. Ç. The bridegroom was attended by brother (Mr Ueorge Rees) as "Jjest 0 while the bride was given away by mother. J. (v The wedding party were conveyed to from church in carriages nicely decked flowers and ribbons, and drawn by two I C of spirited horses. They included, be the bride and bridegroom, Mrs OlivV-A, John Olive, Miss Alice Olive, Mr George/* M Mr and Airs Alfred J. Olive, Miss > Jenkins, Mrs John Hughes and'^M^dJ*' Malcolm Hughes (Tenby), and l)r Cibbo^l^ The ceremony was performed bv the^^l>' the Rev T. R. Walters. The service being over and the re having been signed, the happy CO 8( on emerging from the church were gr with showers of rice from the large 8<\1 outside. Amid congratulations and WE wishes of their friends the happy pair HQ to the residence of the bride's mother, I subsequently the wedding party, t V] with the Vicar, the Rev T. it". Walters edt v the curates—Rev L. Davies and —. sat down to a recherche breakfast. t^ The breakfast table was beautifully, out and thereon was set the magriiP' C Q wedding cake supplied by Messrs iou^ of Loudon. The happy couple left Carmarthen h. the 1.30 o'clock train for London, en Hq8, for Paris, where the honeymoon will be spe, 'ri The fetllowing is the 'I> el LIST OF PRESENTS. bti Mrs Olive (mother of the bride), household Ii, lac" cut-glass decanters, silver cake bisket. and 8l. candlesticks Mr Jack Olive (brother of theW rl, v Bilver candelabra and cake knife; Masters and Oswald Olive (brothers), afternoon tea ee' silver cake knifo Miss Alice O:ive (sister), I ex. nut crackers Mr and Mrs Alfred Olii B and oak spirit stand Mr and the Misses (brother and sisters of the bridegroom), cabi"? plate and cutlery Miss Anetta Olive, pair of P1 "*• 1 forks Mr and .Mrs Brychan llees, Tenby, fi>-h knifes and forks Mr Jonathan Pb™ Y'sguborstone, silver tea and coffee service Mrs W J Buckley, Pcnyfai, silver mounted c' jng Mi T Nicholas, osk and silver biscuit Captain and Mrs T G Williams, breakfast f stand; Dr and Mrs Rowland Thomas, SS silver serviette rings Mr and Mrs Charles ™ set of carvers Miss Lily Lawis, silver cream { Mr Harry Wade, fish servers Miss May o breakfast cruet Mr and Mrs J Johns, bread 'rt Miss Jones, coffee maker; Mr John silver hot water ju. Mr James PhilJi', f, Bervers the Misses Jones and Davies, curb 5: **«•«" Alfred Krnna nrMo"o XJ ro 61,' Thomas, preserve stand Mrs Hairier h ind P»,B tea cosy; Nl ip-pt PN,MI^MK. CMBROI^R-R aflernoon tea cloth "lid table Mr and Mrs Watertield, pair of ornaments Harries, hot water jug and teapot; Miss Dill set of ornaments Mr and Mrs William 1)lIt silver egg stand Mr Percy Douglas Willan, Di salts bott!c Mr and Mrs Rickard, old silver noon tea spoons and tongs; Mrs Jones, ,'II street, pair of ebony and ivory elephants i< Gibbon, cheque Mrs Andre, cheque Mr and htr D Howell Thomas, silver fruit stand; Nlr Williams, biscuit box Mr Dauiel Jones, bl box Mrs Ellis aDd family, solver-mounted b plaque Mr and Mrs Greenwood, fish slice f Matty Davies, Worcester china vases: Mr Williams, jeweller, silver entree dishes l\1t Griffiths. Compton House, silver knife rests', v George Salt (the boots), inkstand Mrs Pb^ brass fire-irens Mr John Daniel, brass scuttle Mr and Mrs James Davie-, brasB call sticks; Miss Jones, Angel, brass kettle Det Family, fish eaters Mrs Davics, CwmauW silver-mounted sugar basin and eil'tcr Messrs S Phillips and Co, two silver tankards Mr Mrs D Williams, writing case, cheque, and CorMn Prayer in case Mr and Mrs John Davies, v 1 knife Mis3 Sarah Davies, Ysgyborstone, 811 4^, cake knife Mr Llewellyn Jones, 6ilver toast r Mr Trivett., breakfast cruet Mrs John Dn# ] brass candlesticks Mr II Stones, asparagus toO. Miss riKjebe Voylo, l-rl1s. flower pots j Margaret Voyle, pair of brass candlesticks Powell, silver pencil Surlc and May 0'1 (daughters of Air Olive, Jolly T-ir), brass toast'J fork Mrs Giles, rocking chair Mr and "J afternoon tea set; Mrs Morris nud May Jones, silver cake ba-ket Mis3 John, I china eagar b fir, i i-, Miss L'ziy Jane John, f china jug Miss Annie Lee. u-i, i g Mrs :.¡ bread board Mrs Thomas. Wellfield, silver it spoons Mr Richard Holding, tilver sugar b und sifter Mrs Exley, set of china jugs Jones, set of china jucs Miss IT,-oN two wall plates B^titrice's(sislers), two oinameff Mr and Mrs James John, Water-street, old cb1 plate (mounted) Miss Mary Ann Joha, 611 mounted iu- Mr T J Harries, Queen Ann te coffee service; Mies Charics, silver suit celM Mrs Goldstoue, pair of vases Mr and Mrs JcA School of Art, water colour pioture Mrs J IIo»v''j rhomae, gold brooch Mr Franklyn, Wurdswürt poems Mr Williams, old delph plates; Mr Thc Walter?, cheque Mr Ford Hughes, nuesl leather bag; Mr Vincent, Howell Thomas, choqU Dr and Mrs Bowen Jones, uinrbic clock Comey, two pots Mr tnd Mts Whitworth, "3-ql v, bowl Miss Violet Phillips, silver deseit spoon torks Mr John Phillips Three Salmons, si matchbox; Mrs Lloyd, Manscl-street, doublo J ot chamber ware Mr Walter Lloyd. cheque At Edwards, china chccse stand Mr aid iNI Jenkins, Frir.ry, pickle s'.ansl, forks, and -ill pencil; Mr and Mrs Churl's Finch, silver f' cellars Mr and Mrs Davies. sculptor, 91, street, brass crumb tray and brush Mr aud SJ( 4 Phillips, London House, skin rug Miss Lou'8 Morris, sot of jogs Mr3 Jones, Lnmmas-etrc^ cocoa jug Mr Owen Norton, cheqa? Mr Di{ Lloyd, cheque; Master Jack Davies, Carmartlr* House, ornament; Mr H M Cook, silver fru krife; Mr and lr S W Thomas, Ruslnnoor, silv sauce ladle and silver -ii,ttcli box ilrs Jonc Carmattheh HotFC, pair of china ornaments fk", Miss Mary Harries, Japanese tray.

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