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CARMARTHEN AS THE PRETTY MAID. THE Neath correspondent of the JVedern Mail; announces to an expectant world that there is no truth in the rumour that Mr D. Vandell, M.P., intends to sever his connec- lion with the Gowor division and to become a candidato for the Carmarthen Boroughs, Mr Randell might indeed bo au excellent candi'lito f;:r the Carmarthen Boroughs;; on that head wo do not fopl called upon to express any opinion. But the intimation that he does not intend to contest the Carmarthen Boroughs is pretty sweet. It is exactly like the old ballad :— Then I won't marry you my pretty maid." Nobody ax'd you, sir, she said. Before any man-oven though lie were Mr William Ewart Gladstone himself—can become the Liben 1 candidate for the Car- marthen Boroughs, the Liberals of those Boroughs must approve of his candidature. It takes two to make a bargain—even in politics. The constituency must be willing to adopt the candidate; and the cndidate i must be willing to bo adopted by the con- stituency. Let either of these essentials be wanting and the adoption is-in legal phiase—null and void. As the matter stands at present in tho Boroughs, a modux operandi is being arranged between the Liberals of Carmarthen and those of Llan- elly, with the view of forming such a joint committee as shall have power to adopt a candidate. It is, of course, only fair that tho Llanelly Liberals should have a prepon- derance on the representative body, as they are tho more numerous but Carmarthen must be reckoned with and the Carmarthen Liberals will take very good care that the interests of their Borough are considered. Tho seat can easily be won back from the Tories; but—even at the best-the margin is too narrow to permit of any disaffection in the Liberal ranks. Llauelly cannot of itself return a Liberal candidate, and the interests of the elder Borough will, there- e3 fore, have to be considered quite as much as those of the junior. However, let the Car- marthen representatives be in as small a majority as they may, we may safely trust them to take very good care that no candidate is adopted who will not be accep- table to tlwtowll which they represent.

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