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JiMMv MICHAEL.—" Pneumatic of tho South Wales Daily News, writes as fo lows with reference to Jimmy Michael, the little cycliing wonder, who is well known iimor.gst athletes and cyeliits in Carmarthen :-For the forthcom ng matches between Michael and J lnson, :t hai been deoidecl that in tho ono mile race each linn I>h\11 have one pacing team but in tire other raccs (five and ten miles, ti'-e, twenty, an 1 fitty kil ) each competitor shall five pacing crews. In ca h event the track must h, clear of pacers during the last quarter of a Michael has pledged himself to iide two races in America before the end of September, the d stamps being five and twenty miles. Few who know Michael by repute as a nineteen-year-old youngster, or by sight p.3 a small-built example of perfcct tr iiiiirg for pace nsu'tj., will credit the fact that he is nearer 23 thaa 11) and that he is married. During his visit to Abo.-aman suae lix weeks ago Michael, whose knowledge of the knack of perfect union, as applied to pauir-.g, is tcennd to none, was t oruls of holy marimony with the daughter of a former mentor. May the sea of life's troubles be calm for thctn without any "Choppy r.ees My funny correspondent is responsible for what he calls tho pun. Ahu the mn'rhge of Jimmy Michael has created quite a sensation in Paris (says the Cyclist). Jie has always hem regarded as a youngster, so that his sacrifice to Hymen has c :tne entirely as a surprise. All sorts of rumours arc in circulation concerning his bride, some assorting that *>h? is a 1 uly of indapendent. mvans who becamo enamoured of him through read ng of his exploit.* in tha cycling journal*. Jimmy' is alreidv spoken of as iho future millionaire" in the French sense oftht word. Now people are wondering what < fleet marriage will have upon his torn. My Aberdrre cor;espoirdent tells me he trad a short chat- with Miclvel at Abmlare recently, the champion ha-ing ridden hm Lor ,1m. lie was accompanied at Abe rd rre by Mrs Mi, h:¡el, his wife, and says Lig intenion WBS to return to London last Saturday and cross o er to Phris to go into strict tr inirrg br his attenpt on the houi 8 record. He is quite confident of doirg 30 miles inside the 60 minutes. It is probable, too, that he will be matched aga'-nst one ot the Ficnoh champions shortly, an I if possible ho intends spending Whitsun at his homo in A'e-amsn. —Mr E. A. Powell (London) writes as f dl-owi with reference to Michael's mar. iage Mulibel's better half has alternately termed a Coventiy lady with unlimited lucie and a Welsh lady with little oof.' As a matter of fact, Michael's raato is the daughter of the AbersniHii butcher by whom the wheel woodcr was formerly employed, uni who bought Jimmy h; first bicycle. It is said t-h «t ill3 tying of the nuptial knot WBS t, the likinsf of' Choppy,' who gave his protege his blessing in terms rot to be touud in tho Letters of ijord Cheite- field.'