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HERBERT JONES & COMPY. Beg to inform the Public generally that they have just opened their well- a stocked and extensive H E DOMESTIC SUPPLY STORES Ii] AT R 49, KING STRE^I, CARMARTHEN, 11 BUnder the management i f Mr. HERBERT JONES, for many years in cuarge I of the S'njer Manufacturing Co.'s Businesi in Carmarthen and District. J3 E All Articles at the DOMESTIC SUPPLY STORES can E T> be obtained for Lowest Cash Prices, or on the R W eekly Instalment fej^stem. T T HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. J SOUND WORK! BEST FINISH! GENUINE BARGAINS! J A L\ECtE NUMBER OF LADIES & GENTLEMEN'S 0 CYCLES, N BY THE BEST COVENTRY MANUFACTURERS, AT VERY MODERATE AT PRICES. i E GOOD HAND OR TREADLE E I S SEWING MACHINES S FOR DOMESTIC, DKES3-MAKING, AND TAILORING PURPOSES, BY TIIE LEADING ENGLISH & AMERICAN MAKERS FROM 45/- A A THE CHEAPEST & BEST HOUSE IN SOUTH WALES FOR „ j PIANOS, AMEIOAK ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, &c., D t CLOCKS & WATCHES. D WASHING, WRINGING, AND MANGLING MACHINES. C BEDSTEADS, COTS, <&c. C Q PERAMBULATORS, MAIL CARTS, &c, Q !1 FENDERS, FInE IRONS, &e., &c. M COMPETENT MECHANICS KEPT ON THE PREMISES. I All kimls of Cycles, Sewing Slaclimes, &c-, repaired or taken in A exchange. A The DOMESTIC SUPPLY SI ORES bring all Household requirements and If I-ei-soitrtl )tl-itlti)t the )-c(tolt (If all classcs, N Y Dyma Siop i Bawb Siop i arbcd Arian A Siop ag y oedd mawr angen am daiii Herbert Jones & Compy., 49, King-st,,Carmarthen. OLD PLOUGH INN, CARMARTHEN. COSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. I HEARSES, 4- MOURNING COACHES. I LOCK-VP COACH HOUSES, 4-c. | GUINNESS' AND JAMESON'S STOUT. [ \u^a3s' Spirits, and Cigars of tlie very beet Brands, j "ell-aired Beds. Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas, and Suppers at the shortest notice. Good Stabling, including lock up Loose-box. CHARGKS MODERATE. PROPRIETRESs-MAny ELLIS. Mo. ERNEST COLLIER, M.S. A., ABollITECT AND SURVEYOR, 4, QUAY STREET, CARMARTHEN. ALEXANDRA" I CREAM SEPARATORS GREAT IMPROVEMENT FOR 1896. The, stand ahead of all others! BEFORE YOU BUY, SEND FOR LIST 12 Reasons Why the Alexandra is superior to all Others. ft AN BE WORKED IN TWO MINUTES. lias taatcn others in open competition.1 MONTH'S TRIAL FREE. í: J! i¡:: I. ;p /.< ■ H 0 Write for List- A. E. HARRIES, j IRONMONGER, LLANDILO. VVILLIAM HARRIES, Ironmonger, Llandovery, HARRIES BROS., Ironmongers, Ammanford. Perfection Soap AND .11 e Assurance. MESSRS. JOSEPH CROSSFIELD & SONS offer to all users oF PERFECTION" SOAP a POLICY OK LIFE ASSURANCE, with immediate benefit, for One Year, in the British Workman's and General Assurance Company. The policies may be taken out for all aes to Gj, and run from £ 2 2a. t) £1110". in amount; these benefits are much larger than can ordinarily be secured by the Usual weekly payments. 112 Perfection" (outside) wrappers to be coliected any time before June SOcb, 1807. For full particulars see bills. PERFECTION SOAP is manufactured FULL POUND WEIGHT. M ATE on p ARAGUAY FJLEA. THE ONLY TEA FREE FROM TANNIC ACID. NO A STRINGENCY. FIFTY-FIVE MILLIONS of the Most Healthy- People in the World drink MATE TEA. Sufferers from GOUT. CONSTIPATION. FLAT- ULENCY, INDIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA, SLEEPLESSNESS, aud NERVE EXHAUSTION will get immediate relief by drinking MATE TEA. MATE TEA has a Sustaining Power which neither India or China Tea, Coffee, or even Chocolate, can claim. Travellers drinking Mate Tea, can go six or seven hours without feeling the want of food. Write for Pamphlet and Medical Opinions, Lancet, British Medical Journal, &e. To be obtained from the MATE TEA COMPY., 39, Victoria-strett, Westminster. Price 3s per lb. post free. Agents Invited. Old College School, Carmarthen. Co-Musters Mr. W. ROBERTS, Undergraduate of London University, and late Bernian Scholar, Presbyterian College. i Mr. T. WEDROS JONES, M.A., late Dr. Williams' Scholar, Glasgow University. Rev. J. HARRY, Undergraduate of Victoria and London Universities Certificated Science Master, late Technical Scholar, Cardiff University College. RECORD FOR THE PAST YEAR.—TWENTY-FIVE pupils have passed Public Examinations, including London Matriculation, Medical, Law, ^Veterinary, and Pharmaceutical Preliminary, Denominational Colleges, Queen's Scholarship, &c. Many Science and Art Certificates have also been obtained. For Terms ajfjjly to cither of the Co-Masters, HAMILTON HOUSE, CARMARTHEN THE 1.11 SSE S LEWIS, Daughters of the late Rev. J. Wyadham Lewis, BEG to inform their Friends and Inhabitants of Carmarthen and neighbourhood that they have OPENED A SCHOOL FOR GIRLS at the above address. They trist that they will receive a fair share of patronage and support, which it will be their earnest endeavour to merit. Terms moderate. Subjects taught: English, Latin, French, Arith. iretic, Algebra, Euclid, and Music. A limited number of Boarders taken. Piospectus on application. The Kindergarten System is adopted for the younger children. SCHOOL RE-OPENS APRIL 28TH. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, WESTON-SUPEk-MAKK. PRINCIPALS J. CERIDFRYN THOMAS, B.Sc. (Lond.), L.C.P. D. CYNON JONES, Int. B.A. (Lond.) ASSISTED BY V. A. DRAKE, B.Sc., (LOND.), TWO JUNIOR MASTERS, AND VISITING MASTERS. Sixty-Five Certificates at Public Examinations during last Session, including Preliminary Scientific (London '.Nl. L.) London Matriculation Science and Art, &c., &c. CARMARTHEN SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND ART. SATURDAY CLASS.—10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. WEDNESDAY CLASS. 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. MORNING CLAssEs.-I0 a.m. to 1 p.m., Mondays and Fridays. EVENING CLASSES—7 to 9 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays. FEES Day Classes 12s Gd and 7s (id per Quarter. Night Class 5s per Quarter. Pupil Teachers free conditionally. COUNTY GIRLS' SCHOOL CARMARTHEN. HEAD MISTRESS Miss B. A. HOLME, Late Open Scholar Girton College, Cambridge; Senior Optime Mathematical Tripos. Next lerm will bey in. May 5th. Fees £ 1 Si per term. Reduction made for sisters. Prospectuses and Terms of Admission may be obtained from the Head Mistress. Boarders can be received at the School House. Scholarship Examination May 4th and 5th. Last day of entry, April 2Sih. TWO SCHOLARSHIPS, giving free tuition, will be awarded. THREE INTERNAL SCHOLARSHIPS will be offered on the results of the Summer Examination. For further information apply to the Head Mistress. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, CARMARTHEN. HEADMASTER E. S. ALLEN, M.A. Next Term begins May 1st. For all particulars aunlv to Headmaster. w y Tuition Fee £ 1 15J per term, inclusive. Reduction made for brothers. TWO INTERNAL SCHOLARSHIPS, value E.5 5s each, will be awarded by the Result of the Examination at the end of J Illy. PHOTOGRAPHY. JOHN PI>ICE,"Thn Kxceisior Studio. :>, Lammas-sheet., C iiruiarthe:! (aud of >ew vu.iv, Cardiganshire). Ebtab- lislieu Isso. Photographs artistically rakeu and mounted ou lancy mounts and Birthday Cards. Cabinet and Cartes tinted to onler. Kijiargetreuts to any size finished in "Black and \\hite, '•Tinted Crayons. 'Oil, and Water Colours. Out- door Orders promptly attended to. I I Li I PKINTING PRINTING! QOOD, QIIEAP, AND JgXPEDITIOUS p RINTING E XECUTED AT THE "WEEKLY REPORTER" I PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES, 3, BLUE-STREET CARMARTHEN. ¡ PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. LARGE & IMPORTANT SALE OF VERY VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE. BOROUGH OF CARMARTHEN. TheYSTRAD ESTATE Comprising the Ystiad Mansion, and the valuable Farms of Tygwyn, Lower Ystrad, and Tyrbach, 1enlan, Green Castle, I.iland, Morfa Brenin, Hafodwen, Morfa Crwn, and Houses and Cottages in and near Johnstown, and certain Tithes also IN THE PARISHES OF LLANEGWAD AND AB ERG WILLY, The Farms of Godor and Prr;c;1P, C'.vmynys, Tanerdy, Peiirliiwgolei-i, Clynyi, clen, Pant yirynnon, Gbnrhyd, aud Troedyrhiw, and other Holdings, will be SOLD by AUCTION in June next. Full particulars hereafter, and obtainable from J. HOWELl. THOMAS & SON, Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Carmarthen and W. MORGAN GRIFFITHS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. I GLANGWILLY, LLANLLAWDDOG, CARMARTHENSHIRE. HIGHLY BIPORfANTSALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MR. JOHN FRANCIS is favoured with instruc- tions to SELL by AUCTION, at the above place, on Monday and Tuesday, 11th and 12th May, 18915, the whole of the Household Furniture and other effects, comprising the contents of Hall, Dining Room, 2 Drawing Rooms, Library, Smoking Room, Kitchen, Scullery, Bedrooms, Dressing Rooms, Garden, Yard, &e. Sate to Commence at 12 so p.m. each day. Catalogues may be obtained of Mr John Francis, Auctioneer, Laud Ageut, Valuer, aud Surveyor, Car- marthen. PENBALLT, IN THE PARISH OF ABERGWILI. IMPORTANT LETTING OF LAND. MR. BEN. EVANS is instructed to LET by AUCTION, at the above place, on Tuesday, May 5th, 1896, about 90 Acres of most fertile LAND, in lots to suit takers, for Hay and Grazing purposes. THE LETTING TO COMMENCE AT 2 P.M. Credit on Conditions. Brithdir, Gwernogle, and 4, Priory-street, Carmarthen, April 25th, 1896. BRYNNIWL, IN THE PARISH OF MYDRIM. IVf ESSRS LLOYD & THOMAS are instructed 1>JL by Mr. Theophilus lio1,veils to LET by AUCTION, at the above place, on Monday, May 4th, 1896, about 3(5 Acres of Grazing Land. After the Jetting, about 40 Lots of Larch Poles, 3 New Beehives, Wheels, Axle Trees, and Springs, will be Sold by Auction. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CARMARTHENSHIRE—PARISH OF LLANGUNNOR. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS are favoured with instructions to oiler for SALE by AUCTION, in June next, all that valuable and desirable newly-erected RESIDENCE, known as PARKYGRCES," together with about 10 Acres of excellent LAND adjoining. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, 5, Quay-street, Carmarthen or of MR. C. E. MORRIS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. CARMARTHENSHIRE CHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE. THE ANNUAL MEETING of this Chamber will be held at the Boar's He^d Hotel, Carmar- then, on Wednesday, the (jth day of May next, at 12 o'clock, for the purpose of auditing the Treasurer's Account, appointing Officers of the Chamber for the ensuing year, and other business. The QUARTERLY MEETING will be held at One o'clock p.m. it the above Hotel on the same day. The subject for discussion is Experimental Manuring," which will be introduced by Mr J. Alan Murray, B.Sc., of the University College of Wales, Aberystwith. A Butter Worker, a Tarpaulin, Corbett's Horse Hoe, a Turnip Drill, Single-rein Bridle, 12 Sheep Shears, and 12 Hay Forks will be distributed by lot. W. W. PROSSER, 11 Sccrctary. Alltyferin Farm, Nantgaredig, April 24th, 1890. LLANSTEPHAN RACES, WHIT-MONDAY, MAY 25th, 1S98. RACE FOR IIORSE3 OF ANY HEIGHT, 915, TWO GALLLOWAY RACES, £5 EACH. PONY RACES AND CONSOLATION STAKES. For Programmes apply to T. REES, Union Hall Hotel, Llaustephan. LADIES, IT IWKS XOT REQUIRE THE POWER OF THE Iq-,).NTGEN RAYS TO SEE THAT FOR ELEGANCE OF DESIGN, GOOD WORKMAN- SHIP, AND EASY RUNNING, "THE LEADER" LADY'S CYCLE Is the Best and Cheapest in the Market. WHY, THE FACT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. THE LADIES OF THE THREE COUNTIES RIDE "THE LEADER," AND ARE UNANIMOUS IN ITS PRAISE. If you require a Machine call or send for Catalogue to MESSRS. D. E. JONES & CO., THE "LEADEn" CYCLE WOEKS, KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN, And you are sure to find a suitable mount. All Classes of Ladies and Gentlemen's Machines kept in stock and built to order. Repairs of all kinds executed by practical me no >i the shortest notice and at most reasonable Rates. THE CASH CLOTHIERS AND ATHLEiIC OUTFITTERS ARE NOW SHOWING NEW SPRING GOODS. Men's Suits 15/11 to 45/- Youtli's Silits 10/11 to 21/- Boys' Suits llllÃ- to 14/11 inieu's Trotisero 8/11 to 12/11 Crents' Hats l/6 £ to 7/0 TIES, COLLARS, SHIRTS, CAPS, ETC., OF THE LATEST STYLES. Our First Spring in Carmarthen. We are making a grand show of all New Goods. No old Stuff. NOTE ADDHvss- EVAN MORRIS & CO., THE CASH CLOTHIERS, Old London House, Lammas-street, CARMARTHEN.. TERMS—CASH. NO CREDIT. CLUBS An easy way of INCREASING YOUR IcoME bv starting WATCH, &c., CLUBS for the supply of BENSON'S Watches Clocks, Jewellery, and other Good, Sound, and Reliable Articles at Moderate Prices. Terms Liberal. Parti- culars Post Free. J. W. BENSON, 02 and 04, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C TO LET, with immediate possessiop, No. 3G, Blue street.—Apply to John Lewis, Blue-street' Ca,-nia.-then. -April 29th, 1890. PREMIER PNEUMATIC BICYCLE, new last September; cost £ 14 cash sell for £ 10, or exchange light trap.—76, Priory-street, Carmarthen. DRAPERY".—WANTED one or two well-educa- ted Youths as APPRENTICES to the General L) raper),. -A-I y for terms to J. R. Evans, Bradford House, Llanddo. IRONMONGBRY. WAXTED a respectable JL Youth as an APPRENTICE (Out-door).-For particulars apply to Mrs. W. Phillips, Dark-gate, Carmarthen. DR APTiRY.—WANTED a respectable Youth as jU' APPRENTICE.-Apply to John Harris, Nott's-square, Carmarthen, INDIGESTION. The MEDICAL REFORM 11 SOCIETY will send FREE to all applicants an excellent BOTANIC CURE for Indigestion, Billiousness, Liver Complaints, Piles, Rheumatism, Gout and Bronchitis.— Address—The Secretary, BOTANIC INSTITUTE, NOTTINGHAM. — "SANITAS" JpLUIDS pOWDER •™tas»| S0Ars ks ANITAS "I Colorless, Non-Poisonous g ANITAS" IDISIINTF E C T A N T S. S ANITAS Our Copyright Book, '• How TO << '-■■J VTT A DISISFKCT," will be sout free ^JAINIJ-AO ON APPLICATION. QANITAS" o!ANITAS" THE SANITAS CO., LTD., 1 BETHNAL GPVEEN, LOMDON, E


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