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! Ferryside and District Gossip.


Ferryside and District Gossip. CRICKET MATCH. LLAASTEI'UAX V. FSKI1Y-! 1>E. This match was played at rtuysideon Saturday list aiil ie-iilttd ill a %icto-.y for ttie i.otiie te. The visitors did some very fine play boih in bowling and fielding showing if anything greater profiicitnay than the home teem.The home nam did f ine exfeLei.t work at batting, Mr R Dyke, who was in gr: rd forin, making the top score of 27. Messrs Tswse Imd Daniels also did good service fur their team. The bowling was very good, and considering this was the first match of the seasen, we may predict a very brilliant career for the Fcrryites for the coming season. The following are the scores LLANSTEPHAN. W Jol.n b R Dyke 0 J Davies run (-,iit 0 D Wiiliams c S Anthony b R Tawse. 14 J B Jonee bowled R Dyke 0 B Daviea b R J James 3 D Nicholson bowled R Dyke 1 T Lewis b 11 Dyke 0 J Reeves c & b 11 Tawse 5 W Thomas b R Dyke 0 R Davies not out 0 T Jc-hn b R J James 0 Extras 4 Total 27 re ItitY,IDF.- It Dyke b D Williams 27 R Tawse run out 9 H J James b D Williams 4 I) A Daniels c & b D Wiliiims 9 J Timmins c J Reeves b W John 5 D Jones bowled W John 1 II Jenkins c J B Jones b W John 0 E Davies b W John 3 S Anthony b W John 1 W Nunian stumped 0 B Davies not out 1 Extras 5 Total. 65 --0- Liangendeims Caradog's prophecy re th Agri- cultural depression At the passing of decision? regarding the profits of the forthcoming eisteddfod, Caradog proposed that the expenditure should be given to the public ben-fit generally that is, to add the bulky profits to the rates of the Parish. He says that the time is near at hand when rates and taxes will be paid by means of such profit3, as agriculturists cannot cope much longer with the depression. Agriculturists, cheer up Caraelog, for he al-o prophesy's that all the big guns of Statesmen must soon give a good reduction or the working class will be bound to wOlk at a starving wage. A young agriculturist from the district has believed every word of it, for he says he would hate deserted hi* sweetheart ere long but for her sterling value. Her prefers Miss Wait Birlecom but for this. Three cheers, lads, to the mercenary-hunter, but perhaps he thinks he can value sterling better than merits; at least, he will then have the advantage of knowing what he marries lut if the gold takes the wing, then he will be a widower. --0- A certain young servant giil has mado the following terms with her lover: That she will boil him an egg, ready to welcome hi" weekly visits. List Satuuliy night she had half-a-dozen eggs awaiting him he hid missed five time?. --0- The conductor of Cor yr aelwyd has been successful in winning th £ Jtatry lass, but the boss is so strict he ddreB not accompany her near the If adwfd," but bears "ith courage the shivery cold. He oujjht to have fixed the locks and bolts to his advantage whei he had the chance. Ilis poor rival is almost broken-heat ted. 0 Tommy Priddyns keeps a lot of row ron-l hangs a cloud of revenge above the heed of the note-taker, whoever he i. Don't blame the innocent, Priddyns. --0- Thecopper top door-keeper of Llónsaint eisteddfod keeps a deuce ot a row, and denies that the Duke of Ferryside passed him falsely. But we know better. You, of course, could uot be blamed, dear Davy -0 Young-women at Ferryside are so delightfully angry at the manner the young fellows treat them thit they have decided to do nothing more to them. Last Wednesday, having abjured their oaths of fpalty with the boys, they tcok to prancing with the donkey which wus grazing on Parc-y-bodyr. DIDYMUS DODs.



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