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I HERBERT JC H E R B E R T J 0 N E S A N D C 0 M P A N Y Beg to inform the Public generall stocke(I DOMESTIC 81 49, KING STRE Under the management of Mr. HER. of the Singer Manufacturing Co.'i § £ 3T All Articles at the be obtained for Lowe: Weekly lust HOUSEHOLI SOUND WORK! BEST FI A LARGE NUMBER OF CY< BY THE BEST COVENTRY MANl rl GOOD HANI SEWING FOR DOMESTIC, DRESS-MAKING THE LEADING ENGLISH & A THE CHEAPEST fc BEST H PIANOS, AMERICAN OR CLOCKS & WASHING, WRINGING, A BEDSTEAD PERAMBULATOR FENDERS, Flil fcr COMPETENT MECHANIC All kinds of Cycles, Sewing I. eXCi The DOMESTIC S UPPL Y SIOlll Personal necessaries iru Dyma Siop i Bawb Siof oedd mawr a Herbert Jones & Compy. OLD PLOUGH INN, CARMARTllEN POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. FLYS, HEABSES. S aOVBNISG COACHEl LOOK-UP coach HOUSES, fc. GUINNESS' AND JAMESON'S STOUT. Wins, Spirit., and Cigirs of the very best Braiids. Well-aired Beds. Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas, an Well Suppers at the shortest notice. Good Stabling, including lock up Loose-box. CHARGES MODERATE. PKOPBIETBESS—MARY IIILLIB. MR. ERNEST COLLIER, M.S. A., ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, 4, QUAY STREET, CARMARTHEN. "ALEXANDRA CREAM SEPARATORS GREAT IMPROVEMENT FOR 1896. The} stand ahead of all others! BEFORE YOU BUY, SEND FOR LIST With 12 Reasons Why the''Alexandra is superior to all Others. CAN BE WASHED IN TWO MINUTES. Has beaten others in open competition MONTH'S TRIAL FREE. 'Ilk Cir YCi Write for List- A. E. HARRIES, IRONMONGER, LLANDILO. WILLIAM HARRIES, Ironmonger, Llandovery. | HARRIES BROS., Ironmongers, Ammanford. P-erfeetioii Soap AND Lifc Assurance. Assurance Company. The policies may l« taken out for ;dl agrs » ^ehis r i<9 'jj f oil i()4. m ine-e ei.ein& Se^St^rUdcan o^n.rHy be secured by the usual weekly payments. 112 « Perfection (outside) wrappers to be collected I any time before J une 30th, 1 &.» • For full particulars see bills. "PERFECTION" SOAP is manufactured FULL rOUND WEIGHT. M. XrF, Olt pAltAG UA Y T EA. THE ONLY TEA FREE FROM TANNIC ACID. No ASTHINGENCV. T,TRNV UTVIT MILLIONS of the Most Healthy rI1Tp;»le in the World drink MAM TEA. 1 Sufferers from GOUT, CONSTIPATION, FLA.T- ULENCY, I^WGLSllUW, exhaUSTI0N will get relief by drinking MATB TEA. I *»Wfe'8^553J!Ste!?!s f s-ven hours without feeling the w~ui I Write for Pamphlet and Medical Onions, Lancet, British Medical Journal, &c. To be obtained from the MATE TEA COMPY., 39, Victoria-street, Westii-iiuster. Price 3s per lb. post free. Agents Invited. PARRY & ROCKE, WELSH WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS, SWANSEA. Manufacturers of Guaranteed Welsh Hosier Fianuels, Knitting Yarns. All our Goods are labelled with our Register. TVarlo Mark for Protection of users. Should there be any difficulty in your obtaining o Manufactures please'drop us a postcard, and we w at onl S yon address of nearest draper or dealer SUPPORT YOUR HOME INDUSTRIES. WHOLESALE ONLY. To be had of Retailers in every Town in Wales. An easy way of INCREASII YOUR INCOME by startii tttj r-i WATCH, &c., CLUBS for tl CLXJBS supply of BENSON'S Watche vy-4 Clocks, Jewellery, and oth< Good, Sound, and ReHab LUDUITE HILL, LONDON, B.0