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IS T. 0 L E AES. I


S T. 0 L E AES. I A FIJIE-EXGINE WANTED. Very serious damage has been done of late by fires in this district. No }t*a than five ricks have been consumed of well-harvested hay. What occasioned these unfortunate calamities has not been discovered but we think that it is the imperative duty of everybody to spare liO pains in finding it out leat wors" things may happen again in the future. Some of the rick* burnt were insured. But non-insured properties cannot but be in great danger if fire is permitted to roam at large in this fashion without any effort being made to stop it. It is said than when two things happen a third must follow but fate dOè-R not seem satisfied this ypar with three. Because it is a leap year there must be a duplicate, perhaps. If this reasoning is correct No. C must burn again. Fire-enginesehould be at once provided and we hope that the Parish Council will take a hint and move without delay. A good hre-brigade might be useful to save the hay too, which will be some day more precious than houses even, if this dry weather continues for some time again. So let there be no delay in getting fire-engines. THE VERDICT OF THE TRIAL of last Friday at Carmarthen gave very great satisfaction to most of the inhabitants of St. Clears. That such was the case was quite evident by the enthusiastic reception the victorious party ree, ived on their arrival home. We desire to congratulate them very heartily on their hone t and wed'-d^served victory. With great deference we acknowledge as it was main- tained before the judge that the defeated were honourable men and enjoyed very honourable positions. We are glad to find that the judge WllS no rcspeotcr of peraops or positions but of truth and honesty aud justice THE above case was one in which the executoie of the late Mr David Evans, hay-merchant, end avoured to recover and some household furniture from Phoebe Bowen. of Coryus- t ct race, his house-keeper. Tho 'iefene-iiits' case wL%s that a few days before bis death the deceased had given her £ £ 5 in bank-notes, and that he said she would have the furniture »f;er his death. Mr Thomas Walters, Carmarthen, was for the executors, aud Mr Morgau Griffiths for the defendant. The case was tritd before a jury and the executors endeavoured to prove that the evidence of the plaintiff was unreliable, and that there were some discrepancies in her story. Mr Morgan Griffiths said that the case for the £ 2o was bound to go for his clieut, whatever became of the furniture. The jury brought in a verdict for the defendant. Besides the gifts, she has £ 100 under the will, about which there can be no dispute. GENUINE COCOA.—The public are warned against chemically prepared dark liquor cocoas claiming to be "pure," but in reality prepared with a considerable peicentage of alkali this can be cetecteei by the unpleasant smell when a tin is first opened. Cadbury's Cocoa, on the other hand, is guaianteed to be absolutely pure, and can be safely and beneficially taken as an article of daily diet at all times and seasons. I J<' '*<L Gwendraeth and Nir waiters, St. Clears competed). Solo baritone, "Cymro Par (prize given by Mr Thomaa Evans, Pias uchuf), 4s, divided between Mr M Davies, Cross Hands, and Mr T Williams, Llauarthney. Poetry, (i verses to Penrhiwgoch Chapel (prise given by Mrs Jones, Priory Foundry, Cntinartheii). 108, Rev W Rees (Ariasglawdd), Pencaer, Pembroke. Stanza to the Chairman (prize given by a friend), 28 fi j, Rar D Morgan, Cross Hands (28 competed). Tenor solo, Camfa LIwynon (prize given by Miss S B,, ivc-ii, Dransdre Ganol), 4s, Mr John 0 xcu Davies, Penygroes. Recitation for adults, "Ymweliad y Cor Maivr a Llundain" (prize given by Miss Jones, Cwrwern), 38, Miss M Davies, Waunwen. Fetnaio partr, "Ciychnu Aberdyfi," log, Cross Hands Ladies Choir. B' sn love letter (prize given by Miss R Jenkins. Pantyllynon), 4s, divided bet ween Mr Tom Madaox Closglus, and Mr J Weru Jones, Worn. Male voice party, Myfauwy," divided between Penygroes Glee Party and Cross Hands Musicians prize 10s. Scripture examination upon the life of Moses, fot children under 13 years of age. Prizes given bj Mr Ilamer, Llanarthney Mr Taylor, Alltyfarin. and Mr Jours, Llanarthuey 1st, i), Master Johr Evans, Pantycaatell; 2nd, 2s, Miss M. Davies Waunwtn examiner, Mr Hamer, Llanarthney. Choir, Ymdeitbgan y gorchfygwyr," prize £ o Cross Hands United Choir (conductor, Mr W. Jones) Impromptu speech (priza given by Miss France Davies, Cwmhowell), If;, divided between Mr 'J Maddox, Closglas, and Mr T Thomas, Maesybont. Tenor and bass duett (prize given by Mr D Jones Piasbach), 4s, Messrs G Harries, Gc-rslas, aud Jchi Owen Davies. In the evening a grand concert wis held i; tfhioh the following took part :—Eos y Mynydd, Mias Jenkins, Miss Evans, Mr M Davies, Mi Harries, Mr J Daviep, Mr J 0 Davies, Mr Ton Williams, and others.

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