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United Counties Huuters' ANNUAL MEETING AT CARMARTHEN The annual meeting of the United Countie Huntera' Society, which embraces Glamorganshir Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire,and Cardiganthir ard has K°rl Cawdor for its president took place a the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel Carmarthen, on Saturday Iu;d was a representative gathering, including Co Howell. Pantwyn, in the chair. Lord Dy.eva General Sir Jatrcs HilU-Johuos, G-C B V.C., Si Marteine Lloyd. Bvrt., Hon. Col Morgan, M.P hi Honour Judge Bishop, Col L',wis, Mr W. 0 Bdgtocke, Capiain WebUy Pany-Prpc, Captai Higgon.Mr Gwynre Hughes,Mr Boyncn, Mr Arthu Massy, Mr FitzwiPiarus, Mr Evans, M.O.H., 1 W. J. l'ackley M.I.II., Mr Lewis Tnomas, Majo Glascott, Mr lt?gistiar Thomas Parkinson, Mr Morri Owen, Captain Giisiaonel Philipps, Mr HOwe.1 secretary, &c. The Chairman was sorry to say that the balance i, favour cf. the eocicty (£õ2 Gs 10J) was not as larc, ag it usca to be. & The Secretary explained that c good cleal of monei had been absorbed hy extra printing and sundries consequent on the transference of the secretaryshij duties. Last years balance was £ 82 9s 8.1 and tha in 1891 was Lf45 17s 91. „ Captain Higgon was under the impression tha Glamorganshire was admitted to the society or condition that e25 in subscriptions was yearly call tributed by undents in that county. It appeare that only £ 15 ICs was paid by Glamorganshire la year. He had not heard of auy rule being reseinelu so as to allow would-be exhibitors outside ifi, three counties entering th" lists.-Several menabe- called Cnptain Higgon to order, as no Dotice motion had been given, and the Chairman ru' accordingly, at the same time stating that the 8oci. did not appear to biLd iUelf to a hard and fat r seeing that the £ 25 was more then made up throi eiitries.-la spite of the chairman's ruling tll: was a good deal of discussion on the question, Hon C)1 Morgan defying the meeting to produc minute which would preclude the members liv in Glamorgrn-d ire from being eligible exhibitors the yearly blio w. C-iptain Iliggan had no desire exclude Glamorganshire. Ho only wanted to a due observance of the condition or an abolition the rule. Mr Aitt.ur W. Massy had given n otice to mo "That, taking into consideration the number horses entered annu -.Ily from the county Pembroke, and the number of annual subscription from that county, this society's ehow should he hel one? in every three years in thecejunty of Pembroke and that it be hcH this year at Haverfordwest. After agreeirg b leivi, the question open as t whether ilu show should be held at Haverfordwej this year, he was seconded by Mr Morris Owen. The Hon Col Morgan said h" felt rather diffidcr. in rising to speak after what Captain Higgon ha said, because to his mind it looked as if the eociet wishcel to get rid of Glainorganqh ire- d cries ( No no"J—because the quota had not been foune He was ignorant of the fact that the subscription desired had not been forthcoming. He thought th hejrse-loving residents of that county were doill: their best to contribute to the success of th association. (Hear, hear.) He said if one coanti caused the show to be movable, then there was IJ reason why another should not desire it to be heh somewhere else another year. If it be held a Haverfordwest, why should it not be held a Llanelly or Swansea. For goodness' sake le theill not pass such a resolution. lie moved most emphatic negative. Mr W. J. Buckley seceuided. On a elivision, 40 voted for and 7 against the con tinuance of the show at Carmarthen. The Secretary stated in reply to Mr W, (3 Brig«tocke, that X242 Kb was given in pnzes la year, the gate monfy totalling JE83 7s. Eventually j was decided to adopt last year's prize list,ftj>^ representative committee was appointed. The Secretary was deputed to rent Ystrad Par] if it could be obtained for about £ 10, and to make inquires respecting the cost for temporary erectio, of a grand stand and covering for hunters.

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