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HERBERT JONES & COMPY. H E R B E R T J 0 N E S A K" D C o M P A X Y Beg to inform the Public generally that they have just opened their well- stocked and extensi ve DOMESTIC SUPPLY STORES AT 49, KING STREET, CARMARTHEN, Under the management of Mr. HERBERT JONES, for many years in charge of the S njer Manufacturing Co.'s Business in Carmarthen and District. 1ST All Articles at the DOMESTIC SUPPLY STORES can be obtained for Lowest Cash Prices, or on the Weekly Instalment System. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. L SOUND WORK! BEST FINISH! GENUINE BARGAINS 1 A LARGE NUMBER OF LADIES & GENTLEMEN'S CYCLES, BY THE BEST COVENTRY MANUFACTURERS, AT VERY MODERATE PRICES. GOOD HAND OR TREADLE SEWING M ACH [NES FOR DOMESTIC, DRESS-MAKING, AND TAILORING PURPOSES, BY TIIE LEADING ENGLISH & AMERICAN MAKERS FitOM 45/ THE CHEAPEST & BliST HOUSE IN SOUTH WALES FOR PIAO, AMERICAN ORGANS, HARMONIUMS. CLOCKS WATCHES. WASHING, WRINGING, AND MANGLING MACHINES. BEDSTEADS, (JOTS, &c. PERAMBULATORS, MAIL CARTS, &c, FENDERS, PI RE IRONS, &c., &c. I,r G7 COMPETENT MECHANICS KEPT ON THE PREMISES. All If of Cycles, Sewing,1 Machines, &c., repaired or taken in exchange. The DOMESTIC SUPPLY 81 ORES hrittg all Household rei/ttiremetUn and Personal necessaries with in the reach of all classes. Dyma Siop i Bawb Siop i arbed Arian A Siop ag oecld mawr angen am dani! n H E R B E R T J 0 N E S A N D C o M P A N Y Ilei-bert Jones & Compy., 49, King-st.,Carmarthen. I In I I OLD PLOUGH INN, CARMARTHEN. Costing IN ALL ITS branches. ll'LITS, HEARSES,$MOURNING COACHES. LOCK-UP CUACH HOUSES,$c. GUINNESS' AND JAMESON S STOUT. Spirits, and Cigars of tlio very best Brands. WeU-aired Beds. Breakfast?, Dinners, Teas, and Suppers at the shortest notice. kood Stabling, including lock-up Loose-box. CHARGES MODERATE. PROPRIETRESS—MARY ELLIS. .a. ERNEST COLLIER, M.S. A., Ii. AROHIlECT AND SURVEYOP, 4, QUAY STREET, CARMARTHEN. "ALEXANDRA" CREAM SEPARATORS! GREAT IMPROVEMENT FOR 18116. stand aliead of all others! BEFORE YOU BUY, SEND FOR LIST 1112 Reasons Why the Alexandra is superior to all Others. CAN BE WASHED IN Two MINUTES. lIarg beat-en others in open competition. MONTH'S TRIAL FREE. cf;,y cf NVritl- for List- A. E. HARRIES, IRONMONGER, LLANDILO. WILLIAM HARRIES, Ironmonger, Llandovery. lI.ARRIES BROS., Ironmongers, Ammanford. Perfection erlCC ,lOll Soap AND Life Assurance. MESSRS. JOSEPH CROSSFIELD & SONS offer to all users of "PERFECTION" SOAP a fOLicY OF LIFE ASSURANCE. with immediate benefit, *?*• One Year, in the British Workman's and General Assurance Company. The policies may be taken out for all ages to G5, and tIlU from £ 2 2s. t"n 1 10S. in amount; these benefits 4te much larger than can ordinarily be secured by the Usual weekly payments. 112 Perfection (outside) wrappers to be collected any time before June 30th, 1897. For full particulars see bills. PERFECTION SOAP is manufactured FULL POUND WEIGHT. ATE OR p ARAGUAY TEA. THE ONLY TEA FREK FROM TANNIC ACID. No ASTRINC ENCY. ^IFTY FIVE MILLIONS of tho Most Healthy People in the World drink MATE TEA. Sufferers from GOUT. CONSTIPATION, I LAT- ^LENCY INDIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA, SLEEPLESSNESS, and NERVE EXHAUSTION Will get immediate relief by drinking MATE TEA. MATE TEA has a Sustaining Power which neither India or China Tea, Coffee, or even Chocolate, can claim. Travellers drinking Mate Tea, can go six or 8even hours without feeling the want of food. Write for Pamphlet and Medical Opinions, Lancet, British Medical Journal, &c. To be obtained from the MATE TEA COMPY., n, Victoria-street, Westminster. Price 3s per lb. josfc free. Agents Invited. ——————————————— LADIES, IT DOES NOT REQUIRE TIIE POAAER OF TIIE ROWGEft RAYS TO SEE THAT FOR ELEGANCE OF DESIGN, GOOD WORKMAN- SHIP, AND EASY RUNNING, "THE LEADER LADY'S CYCLE Is the Best and Cheapest in the Market, WHY, THE FACT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. THE LADIES OF THE THREE COUNTIES RIDE "THE LEADER," AND ARE UNANIMOUS IN ITS PRAISE. If you require a Machine call or send for Catalogue to MESSRS. D. E. JONES & CO., THE "LEADER" CYCLE WORKS, KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN, And you are sure to find a suitable mount. All Classes of Ladies and Gentlemen's Machines kept in stock and built to order. Repairs of all kinds executed bg practical men o tithe shortest noticc and at most reasonable Rates. Old College School, Carmarthen. Co-Musters Mr. W. ROBERTS, Undergraduate of London University, and late Btruian Scholar, Presbyterian College. Mr. T. WEDROS JONES, M.A., late Dr. Williams' Scholar, Glasgow University. Rev. J. HARRY, Undergraduate of Victoria. and London Universities Certificated Science Master, late Technical Scholar, Cardiff University College. RECORD FOR THE PAST YEA it. -TWENTY -FIVE pupils have passed Public Examinations, including London Matriculation, Medical, Law, Veterinary, and Pharmaceutical Preliminary, Denominational Colleges, Queen's Scholarship, &c. Many Science and Art Certificates have also been obtained. For Terms apply to either of the Co-Masters. HAMILTON HOUSE, CARMARTHEN THE MIS sis LEWIS, Daughters of tlte late Per, J. Wyndham Lewis, BEG to inform their Friends and Inhabitants of Carmarthen and neighbourhood that they have OPENED A SCHOOL FOR GIRLS at the above address. They tnst that they will receive a fair share of patronage and support, which it will be their earnest endeavour to merit. Terms moderate. Subjects taught: English, Latin, French, Arith- iretic, Algebra, Euclid, and Music. A limited number of Boarders taken. Plospectus on application. The Kindergarten System is adopted for the younger children. SCHOOL RE-OPENS APllIL 28m. CARMARTHEN SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND ART. SATURDAY CLASS.—10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. WEDNESDAY CLASS.—2.30 p.m. to 4,30 p.m. MORNING CLASSES.—10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Mondays and Fridays. EVENING CLASSES.—7 to 9 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays. FEES :—Day Classos 12I 6d and 7s (id per Quarter. Night Class 03 p?r Quarter. Pupil Teachers free conditionally. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, WESTON-SUrEk-MAEE. j PRINCIPALS J. CERIDFBYN THOMAS, B.Se. (Loud.), L.C P. D. CYNON JONES, Int. B.A. (Loncl.) ASSISTED BY F. A. DRAKE, B.Sc., (LOND.), TWO JUNIOR MASTERS, AND VISITING MASTERS. Sixty-Five Certificates at Public Examinations during last Sessiosi, including Preliminary Scientific (London M.B.); London Matricclation Science and Art, &T\, &c. JOHN rlviCrj, inu r.xctiisiui omwu, jjaminaa-sireet, Carmarthen (and of New Quay, Cardiganshire). Estab- lished Photographs artistically taken and mounted 011 fancy mounts end Birthday Cards. Cabinet, and Cartes tinted to order. Enlargements to any sizo linishad in II Black and wi,ite," Tinted Crayons," Oil, and Water Colours. Out-' door Orders promptly attended to. An easy way of INCREASING YOUR INCOME by starting T TTT> U WATCH, &c., CLUBS for the 1 8 J U supply of BENSON'S Watches Clocks, Jewellery, and other Good, Sound, and Reliable Articles at Moderate Prices. Terms Liberal. Parti- culars Post Free. J. W. BENSON, (52 and G/l LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C t STATEMENT OF THE ACCOUNTS OF THE CHARITY CALLED THE CARMARTHENSHIRE COUNTY GOVERNING BODY OF ¡ INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION," In the County of Carmarthen, of which the following Persons are the Trustees or Administrators, viz. :— GwiJym Evan, of Penc:tstell, Lanclly, Ebquire; Charles Lloyd, cf Waunifor, Maesycrugiau, Esquire, May Lloyd, of Penybauk, Abergwili, Spinster; David Evan Williams. of Henllan-Amgoed, Whitland, Minister of the Gospel; David Eleazcr Jones, of Pictouterrace, in the Borough of Carmarthen, M A. William Davies, of The Walk, Llandilo, Minuter of the Gospel; Waiter Jenkin Evans, of Green Ilill, in the Borough of Carmarthen, M.A. Juhu Davies, of Belle Vue, Llandilo, Minister of the Gospel; William Thomas, of Rhydycwrt Cottage, Whitland, Minister of the Gospel; Bessie Thomas, of 14, New-road, Llanelly, Spinster; Ernest Trubshaw, of Aeiybryn, LlanelJy, Esquire; John Rhys James, of Springfield Cottage, Llandovery, Gentleman; Martha Phillips, the wife of William Phillips, of Parkyrhun, Ammanford, Gentleman; the Right Honourable Viscount Emlyn, of Golden Grove; Thomas Evans, of Henllys, Llandovery, Clerk in Holy Orders; Sir Lewis Morris, of Penbryn, in the Borough of Carmarthen, Knight; Elizabeth Hills-Johnes, the wife of Sir James Hills-Johnes, of Dolaucothi, Llanwrda, V.C. Emma Arabella Ellen Schaw-Protheroe, of Pwllywhiad, Whitland, Spinster—all in the County of Carmarthen John Mortimer Angus, of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, in the County of Cardigan, M.A. William Owen Brigstocke, of Farkygors, Boncath, in the County of Pembroke, Esquire; John Viriamu Jones, of 42, Park-place, Cardiff, in the County of Glamoigan, M.A. FOR THE YEAR ENDING ON THE 31ST DAY OF MARCH, 1895. ENDOWMENT. REAL ESTATE (LANDS, HOUSES, &c.), WHETHER LET OR IN HAND. Description. Acreage. Name of Teuant. j For what term leased or held. £ s. d. Shop in Hall-street, Carmarthen William Thomas. H years from Christmas 45 0 0 Office in the same street R. M. Thomas Same term 32 0 0 House in Church-street, Carmar- then, occupied by Headmaster rent free. rent free. Grammar School Buildings and A. n. P. In hand. Playground 3 2 0 RENT CHARGES OR OTHER PERIODICAL PAYMENTS. Description of Property in respect of which Name and Addross of Name and address of Person payment is made. Owner of Property. from whom received. £ s. d. Rent-charge on the Tithe of St. Ishmael A. P. Saunders Davies, Parish. Pentre, Boncath, R.S.O. 20 0 0 PERSONAL ESTATE, MORTGAGES, OR OTHER SECURITIES FOR MONEY. Gross Description. Amount. Name and Description of Shareholder, &c. Income. £ 5. d. New Consols 34G 5 8 Official Trustee of Charitable Funds. New Consols £ s. d. I Official rrustee of Charitaùle :Funds. BUILDING ACCOUNT. Date. Receipts. £ s. d. || Date. Payments. £ s. d. 181*4 18!) J Oct. 5. From County Council, on Oct. 30 To Llandilo Managers, Building account 10000 0 0 Grant 066 0 0 Oct. 29 From County Council OD! To Llandovery Managers, Build- account of interest 18S 3 2 ing Grant 0 Oct. 30 From County Council, balance! To Llanelly Managers, Building to 31st March, 18«>4 221 6 0 Grant 2800 0 0 181)5 To Whitland and St. Clears Jan. 29 From County Council balance of[ Managers, Buildiog Grant 933 0 0 interest in Council's hands .| 139 13 2 1895 From County Council, amount March G,To Clerk to County Council as credited them by Bankers for Honorarium for services ren- in terest to 31stDecember, 1894 48 10 10 dered to the Body as Clerk 105 0 0 Balance 5160 13 2 1'!10597 13 2 £ 10597 13 2 Balance in hand £ 5160 13s. 2d. MAINTENANCE ACCOUNT. RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS. Date. Receipts. £ s. d. Date. Payments. £ s. d. 1894 1894 Dot. 30 From County Council on account Oct. 30 Proportion of Maintenance of Intermediate Education Grant to Llandilo 275 0 0 Rate 1081 8 1 Proportion of Maintenance From County Council Custom1 Grant to Whitland and St. and Excise Duties 955 0 0 Clears 275 0 0 From W. Thomas and R. M. Proportion of Maintenance Thomas, proportion of Rent to Grant to Carmarthen 500 0 0 June. 1894 11 5 9 Sept. Advertisements for Head- Dec. From R. M. Thomas, Rent to roasters for Llandilo and Christmas, 1891 10 0 0 Whitland Schools 11 9 4 From R. M. Thomas, Accumu- Expenses of selected Candidates lation of Repairs and Improve- who appeared before the Body 5 7 0 ment Fund and interest 146 G 7 Nov. Advertisement for Headmaster 1895 and Headmistress for Llanelly Jan. 5. From W. Thomas, Rent to Schools 34 12 0 Christmas, 1894 22 10 0 Expenses of selected Candidates Jan. 29 From County Council, balance who appeared before the Body 16 6 9 of Intermediate Education Nov. 28 Eyre and Spottiswoode, for Rate 58 10 10 printing Schemes 12 0 0 G. Jones & Sons, Llandilo, printing to Christmas 3 13 0 G. Junes & Sons, Llandilo, printing to 31st March, 1895. 1 9 6 D. P. Davies for Strong Box fl,) r papers 1 13 0 Lockyer, Lltndilo, for Minute I Book 1 2 6 1895 March t Proportion of Maintenance Grant to Llandilo for Amman ¡ ,i Valley Sub-District 1-110 0 0 n Proportion of Maintenance Grant to Llanelly GOO 0 0 I Bank of England Accumulatior 8 of Repairs and Improvements I und 2.22 6 0 Sundries :— £ g> Postages (j 20 10 Stationery 3 29 6 ieltgrams. 0 15 7 otamps on Docu- ments 10 0 Odd Schemes and Carriage. 9 4 14 13 3 Clerk's Salary 20 0 0 Balance 276 6 4 £ 2291 1 3 11 Balance "■ £ 276 6s. 4d. STATEMENT OF ALL MONEYS OWING- TO THE CHARITY. £ s. d. Proportion of Tithe Rent Charge to 31st March, 1895 ••• 5 0 0 STATEMENT OF ALL MONEYS OWING FROM THE CHARITY. £ s. d. Proportion of Clerk's salary to 31st March, 1S95 30 0 0 Audited and found correct, CLAUD R. DAVIES, Auditor. Dated this 27th day of March, 1896. The above Accounts may be inspected at my Office, 19, Carmarthen-street, Llandilo, at any time, during this month, between the hours of 10 and 6 p.111. THOS. H. POWELL, Clerk to the County Governing Body. PLEASE OBSERVE. ) 1: IJ < H i Men's Stiits I I to 45/- Youth's Suits 9/H to 28/- Boys' Suits l/l Ito 15/11 j Men's Cloth Trousers 3/11 to 11/9 ————— E. MORRIS & CO., THE CASH CLOTHIERS OLD LONDON HOUSE, ti Lammas Street CARMARTHEN. TERMS-CASH. NO CREDIT. ■ SUN INSURANCE OFFICE j FOUNDED 1710. Sum insured in IS 9 4: £ 393,622,400. For all particulars apply to the following ,i,gentr:- j Caimarthen-Mr. John Francis. < Llandilo-Mr D. W. Jones. ] LlanBtcphan-fr John Davies. 1 Llandyssil—Mr John D. Thomas*. Sarnau—Mr David E. Thomas. IJanybytlier—Mr David I bourns. LLANSTEPHAN RACES, WHIT-MONDAY, MAY 2oth, 1896. RACE FOR HORSES OF ANY HEIGHT, £15. TWO GALLLOWAY RACES, £5 EACH. PONY RACES AND CONSOLATION STAKES. For Programmes apply to T. REES, Union Hall Hotel, Llanstephan. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. Salem Baptist Chapel, Ferryside, BAZAAR Will be held the LAST WEEK in JULY. JOHN EDWARDS, Maindy Cottage, I Secretaries. W. DAVIES, Cloth Hall, J JOHN JONES. Cobourg Villa, l Treasurer. WM. WILKINS, J A GRAND EISTEDDFOD WILL BE HELD AT P, N LLANGENBEIKNE On MONDAY, AUGUST 3rd, 1890 _j UG US (Batik Holiday). (In a e|)i>ci°°' M.rqnw.) d Cliicf. Choral mai dyfroedd oerion lisaiaw/ v not under 50). Silver Baton to the () conductor Male Voice Party );(not under 2.,) q q «' Meibion y Bryniau An EUtcddiodic Chair will be given for the best history of the 1 ansh of Llangendeirne. Programmes, &c., from the Secretary, | ■ MR. LEWIS, Board Schu'.fl, Llangendeiuie. INVALID CARRIAGE.—Strong Donkey Four- wheeler, simply wants touching up 2 Guineas, —Apply A.B., Reporter Office, Carmarthen. A Respectable YOUTH wanted as 11 APPRENTICE to the DRAPERY.—Apply, D. Phillips, Bradfurd House, Carmarthen. — TO LET, with immediate possession, No. 36, Blue- strtet. —Apply to John Lewis, Blue-street, Ca-marthen.—April 29th, 1896. DRAPERY.—WANTED one or two well-educa- tcd Youths as APPRENTICES to the General Drapery.— Apply for terms to J. R. Evans, Bradford House, Llandilo. House, Llandilo. IRONMONGERY. — WANTED a respectable I JL Youbh as an APPRENTICE (Out-dcor).-For particulars apply to Mrs. W. Phillips, Dark-gate, Carmarthen. I INDIGESTION. — The MEDICAL REFORM SOCIETY will send FREE to all applicants an excellent BOTANIC CURE for Indigestion, Billiousness, Liver Complaints, Piles, Rheumatism, Gout, and Bronchitis.—Address—The Secretary, BOTANIC INSTITUTE, NOTTINGHAM. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. LARGE & IMPORTANT SALE OF VERY I VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE. I nonouon OF CARMARTHEN. THEYSTRAD ESTATE Comprising the Ystrad Mansion, and the valuable Farms of Tygwyn, Lower Ystrad, and Tyrbach, Penlan, Green Castle, Island, Moifa Brenin, Hafodwen, Morfa Crwn, and Houses and Cottages in and near Johnstown, and certain Tithes aL:o IN THE PARISHES OF L LAN EG WAD AND ABERG WILL Y, The Farms of Godor and Pencae, Cwmynys, Tanerdy, Penrhiwgoleu, Clynyrychen, Pantylfynnon, Glanrhyd, and Trcedyrhiw, and other Holdings, will be SOLD by AUCTION in June next. Full particulars hereafter, and obtainable from J. HOWELL THOMAS & SON, Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Carmarthen and W. MORGAN GRIFFITHS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. r CARMARTHENSHIRE—PARISH OF LLANGUNNOR. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS are favoured with instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen, on Saturday, the 13th day of June next, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, all that valuable and desirable newly- erected FREEHOLD VILLA RESIDENCE, known as PARKYGROES, with the two fields adjoining, containing 10.i lr 7p, or thereabouts, of excellent Land also large Walled-in Garden, 0a lr 18p, or 40 yards by 34 yards. It has a direct South aspect and frontage to the main road of 75 feet, most conveniently situated within a mile and a quarter (over an excellent and pleasant road) of the Market Town of Carmarthen and its Railways. ON THE GRCUND FLOOR.—Two Staircases, Study, Dining room, 24 feet by 12 feet, China Closet, Pantry, Scullery, Kitchen with Leamington closed Range. Pump room with covered Well and Force Pump, Laundry and w.c., Coalhouse, and Syphon Tank in yard. UPSTAIRS.—Sitting-room, Drawing do., Linen Closet, 5 Bedrooms, and w.c. It has all modern conveniences and perfect sanita- tion. An abundant supply (never known to have failed in the driest summer) of the purest spring water from the Well in the Pump-room. Shooting may be had over about 400 Acres. Possession of the Residence will be given on completion, or sooner if desired, and of the Fields and Garden on the 29tli September next. To view, apply on the premises, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Further particulars of the Auctioneers, 5, Quay- street, Carmarthen or of MR. C. E. MORRIS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. IMPORTANT SALE OF TWO FREE- HOLD FIELDS. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen, on Saturday, June 13th, 1896, two valuable Fields known as BRYNAMLWG and BLAKNEITHINOG," situate near the Farm of Bwlchymynydd, in the Parish of Llangunnor, all con- taining about 5a. lr. 23p., now in the occupation of Mr D. E. Davies.. Further particulars may be obtained ot the Auctioneers, 5, Quay-street, Carmarthen or of MR. C. E. MORRIS, Solicitor, Carmaithen. CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANGUNNOR. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS AR^ {TV,°"rbv with instructions to offer for SALL bj AUCTION, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, C.urnar then, on Saturday, June 13th next, all that valuable and much-frequented Public-house known as the STAR," together with a Garden and Premises thereto belonging and a small Field, 2r. 4p., or thereabouts now in the occupation ot Mr John Evans an „ Dwelling-house adjoining, known as "STAR B.\CH," with a Garden in the rear, now in the occupation of Mrs Mary Jones. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, 5, Quay-street, Carmarthen or of MR. C. E. MORRIS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for BUILDING a NEW RESIDENCE in Penllwyn-road, Carmarthen, for C. W. Jones, Esq. Plans and specifications may be seen onp to the undersigned to whom sealed lenders, are to 0 sent on or before May 30lh, 18%. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. This advertisement will not be repeated. GEORGE MORGAN & SON, Architects. 24, King-street, Carmarthen, 13th May, 1808. ASSEMBLY ROOMS, CARMARTHEN. THURSDAY, MAY 21st. MR, T. B. THALBERG'S COMPANY, from Terry's Theatre, Loudon, under the dlr^10" gessfu{ W. Payne Seddon, in the enormously successtui Farcical Comedy— "THE STU,\l\(a; Al)\ KXTl-RfcS OF MISS BROW*. Seats booked at MrFirColby Evans's Music Warehouse. ADMISSION—3s (reserved); 2s; and Is. Doors open at 7.30, commence at 8. Carriages at 10. 15. Early door at 7.15. («i extra to all parts). T.IPL,r.tviiie Address: VIGNOLES, SWANSEA." c. A. VIGNOLES, i Stocknnd Share Broker. < 64, WIND-STREEf, SWANSEA. ^T\TED to Purchase Caruiarthensi1ire W Brewery Shares. FNTCOTIRAGE HOME INDUSTRIES BY BUYING WELSH MATCHES. MAKERS of the Royal, National, Crown, Diadem, Perfect and Special Safety Wood Matches. Also Royal Welsh Vestas best make— Crown Match Company, CardIff. TTSOUEHANNA PILLS.—Professor Webster's Celebrated SU-WEHAJNN*. PILLS are warranted to CURE INDIGESTION", BlIlOlISHKsS, LlVliU CoMlM.AIKTS, PlI.KS, Rim KA.TISM, GOI T fnd BRONCHITIS. These Pills are sold by Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors at Is. ] £ < 2s. !>d., 4s. <;d.,and lis. per box or they will he sent anywhere on receipt of stamps, by SAMUEL ttusHWORTH, Secret iry, liotantic Institute, NOTTINGHAM. gANITAS" ANITAS" gANITAS" | SANITAS" ) SANITAS" j gANITAS" SANITAS" gANITAS » l gANITAS JpLUIDS pOWDER gOAPS Colorless, Non-Poisonous ISINFECTANTS.j Our Copyright Book, "How TO DISINFECT," will be sent free OX APPLICATION. THE SANITAS CO., LiD., BETHN VL OEliEN, LoxuoN, E

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