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i Tea Party at Lammas-street…


Tea Party at Lammas-street I Chapel, Cardlarthcn. H On Thursdsy, the Hil. in-st. in connection with the above Surday School and Bar d or Hope, c tea was given to the children, r.u nbering in all abont 250. Tea was served at 5 u'clocK, and dus justice was done to all the good tilings pio^ided. The tablea were beautifully dec orated ar d laid out in a most excellent manner, which reflected the grtateft credit upon tbc foilowirg !sd:es, who presided, viz. :—!<Jrs Phillips < Bradford Housay, assisted by Miss J Phiiiips ( street) Miss Lawrence {Reporter O thee), s-sistv d by Miss Esther Jones (Blus-stiect) M'8.; TROOIIS (Picton-tarrnco), assisted by Alis, Lewis (City House); Miss Lewis (Waieiloo House), assisted by Miss Bowen (London House) Miss Davios (Cbf-pel-street), sss-dsted by Miss M A Lewis (Cambrian-place); and Miss Maiv Phillips (Pict'm-pbee), assisted by Miss PbiHins (>-6'C-t). 'i'here 'acre also ipteset.t.the highly-respected and gfnidi pastor (Rev D Evans) and Mrs Evans D Phillips, ilradfotd Hejse Mr L Lr«i>, i.oiiden House (tlperintende,j!s) Mr J Thomas, f ar.d inrtny other gtntlemen, who kindly rendered assistance. After tea .was over, and the tables cleared, a -v, very intertsiiug concert was hel-i. The chair was occupied by the Rev D. Evans in his usual pleasing ii-i a n ri e C. Ths following ['rogr-iinma was gone thr,iu,h as, tho iJhiliren'H Choir (under the of Mr David Tuomis) recitation, Muster John Davi.s recitation, .Vwisftr Henry Jones recitation, Master David Thomas recita- tion. Master Johnny Thomas recitation. Master Samuel Thomas pianoforte duett. Miss Zazel Thomas and Miss G-vladys Lewis; recitt-ior, Master Benjamin Williams recitation, Master Harold PbiLips r=csti4tion, Master James E^aus duett, Miss Edith i and Miss Anuie Williams recitation, Master Willie Wiliiams; recitation, Miss H Una fhidips; chorus, Children's Choir recitation, Miss Ellen Ann Morgans recitation, Sir Ivor M. Davies solo, Mir-s Maggia Jcn^a retita-ion, Master D. J. Morris recitation, Mr Thomas Williams reeitAtiOD, Master Tiiomcs Henry H JeiikiL;s After the usual veie of thtiuks, &0, were passed the Children s -hojr sung1 Mwy eydd eto i gftnlyii," v.'hi'. li tcrnrrated a most enjoyable evening.