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\ Carmarthen Board of Guardians.\


Carmarthen Board of Guardians. FORTXIGHTLY MEETING AT THE "WOllK HOUSE. The usual fortnightly meeting of the I Carmarthen Board of Guardians was held at the Board Boom 011 Saturday. Mr D. L. Jones, Deriwy 11, presided. There were also present :—Mr David Davies, Abergwili; Mr David Thomas, Conwil Mr William Thomas, Laugharne Mr J. R John, Laugharne Mr Stephen Stephens, Llanarthney Mr William Thomas, Llanarthney Mr John Davies, Llaiuldavrog Mr David Harries, Llan- guiuiock Jtev. Thomas Jones, Llanddowror Mr J. U. Thomas, Llangain Mr William Thomas, Llangendeirne Mr Henry Thomas, Llangunnoi-; Mr Evan Daniel, Llanllawddog Mr (j, B. Evans, Llanstephan Mr David Evans, Merthyr Mr D. E. Stephens, New- church Mr Phillip Thomas, St. Clears Miss E. M. Gwyn, St. lslimael Mr James Davies, Treleuh together with the St. Peter's (Guardians, viz. :—Mr Jonathan Phillips, Rev W. Thomas, Mr Thomas Thomas (Wellfield), and Mr J. Patagonia Lewis. THE MASTERS REPORT. The Master's report showed the number of inmates in the house to be 9o, as compared with S3 in the corresponding week of last year. P)2 tiamps had been relieved during the fortnight. OUT-DOO B PA UPERISM. The returns of the relieving officers showed the state of out-door pauperism in the union during the fortnight ending on the previous board-day to have been as follows :—1st week Paupers, 1,176, being a decrease of 6 expenditure, £ 137 ItJS Gd, being a decrease of t3 7s 7kl. jndweek: Paupers, 1,176, being a decrease of 3 expenditure, £ 133 8s 3d, being a decrease of £ 2 7s. The treasurer's account showed the balance in hand on the previous board dav to have been £ 1,354 lIs U. I. THE WATER SUPPLY. The Clerk (Mr Rowland Browne) said he had written to Mr John Thomas, Penlan- argocd, for permission to test the well at Parcywal. Mr Thomas had given the permission asked for. The Master (Mr E. Price) said the well which contained 550gallons had been pumped out on Wednesday. After GO hours, however, only 2GO gallons had run into the well. The Chairman You do not consider that satisfactory. The Clerk said that would be of no use at all as a water supply. The Master It is only a hundred gallons a day. The Rev \V. Thomas And it may get. drier again. A letter was read from the Local Govern- ment Board asking what steps the Board had taken to remedy the defects in the water supply of the Workhouse pointed out by Mr Bireham. The Clerk said he had written to the Town Clerk of Carmarthen on the subject. The latter litd replied: lain informed by the Borough Surveyor that we have not water at a sufficient elevation to allow of a supply to the Workhouse." He (the Clerk) thought, however, from an examination of the Ordinance Map that the Springfield well was on a higher level than the Workhouse. He even thought that both reservoirs were high enough. Mr Thomas Thomas said he knew from experience that Springfield well was dry for six months out of the twelve. The Clerk said the guardians ought to apply to the Urban Sanitary Authority for a water supply and if this application was ineffectual, they ought to apply to the Local Government Board. How was the Work- house off for water now 1 The Master: We are in exactly the same condition now as when Mr Bircham called. Miss E. M. Gwyn Can we compel the Town Council to give us water ? Rev W. Thomas The Local Government Board will see to that. It was agreed that application should be made to the Town Council for a water supply, failing which application should be made to the Local Government-Board. A HONEYMOON IN THE WORKHOUSE. A communication was read from the guardians of St. John's Hampstead, which revealed a picture of connubial felicity under difficulties. The guardians of that union had t, provided superior accommodation for married couples. A man of 66 in the Workhouse had married a female inmate of 64 and had then applied that lie and his wife should be admitted to the superior quarters for the married people. The guardians would not, however, allow this and the happy couple had applied to the Local Government Board, who had decided that they must be admitted to the married quarters. The guardians were, therefore, afraid that such a bad example might incite other couples to adopt the same course (laughter), which would be very inconvenient to the guardians. An appeal was, therefore, made to all the, Boards of Guardians in the kingdom to petition the Government to alter the law, so that no one should be admitted to the privileges of matrimony in the Workhouse, except the knot had been tied at least six months before admission. Clerk It seems to me that the paupers have the whip hand of the Guardians. The letter was laid on the table. SANITARY BUSINESS. The Board met as a District Council at the Shire-hall at 1 p.m. Mr John Phillips, C presided. APPOINTMENT OF HIGHWAY SURVEYORS. A communication was received from the Local Government Board stating that in their opinion the power of the County Council to appoint highway surveyors had now and that, consequently, any new vacancy which might occur could not be filled up by the County Council. Clerk That is the view this Council has always held. Miss E. M. Gwyn Then it rests with this Council to make the appointment. Clerk That is so. THE TIME OF MEETINGS. Mr D. E. Stephens brought forward the motion which lie had moved some three months ago, viz. :—" That it is desirable that the meetings of the District Council should be held on some other day than that on which the Board of Guardians meet." Mr J. LI. Thomas seconded, and Mr William Thomas, Llanarthney, supported the motion. Rev Thomas Jones moved an amendment, but the original motion was carried by 11 votes to 7. It was agreed that the next meeting be held at 10.30 a.m. that day five weeks, and every fourth Saturday thereafter. ALLEGED NUISANCES AT THE LEAD- MINES. The Medical Officer of Health (Dr Bowen Jones) drew attention to the fact that materials from the lead works were being discharged into the Towy below Cystanog Wood, Llangunnor. It interfered with the now of the river, and was certainly a matter which called for the interference of the Sanitary Authority. The Clerk said that the law on this subject was very complicated, and lie could not undertake to advise the Council until he had a detailed statement of the facts before him. THE PROPOSED ISOLATION HOSPITAL. A letter was received from the Town Clerk of Carmarthen, asking if the District Council was prepared to contribute towards the cost of erecting an isolation hospital. The Clerk said that the Council had power to build such an hospital out of the rates, but he did not know what distance a patient could be conveyed to it. Medical Officer In a properly constructed ambulance they could be brought from St. Clears. Clerk: And from Ferryside and Llan- stephan, I should say. The Medical Oilicer said that a good isolation hospital could not be built for less than :£200 per bed. Mr William Thomas, Llanarthney, said that that the hospital would be of very little service to the country, and the town would practically have the whole use of it. By conveying people a long distance, the disease would be disseminated through the country- The Medical Officer said that there was no danger of spreading disease by means of a properly constructed ambulance. Mr William Thomas, Llanarthney What about the driver ? Medical Officer We should vaccinate him to begin with (laughter). Mr William Thomas, Llanarthney, asked what about cholera 1 They could not vaccinate against it. The Medical Officer said that there was no danger of taking cholera, except one drank water which had been contaminated, or something of that kind. 1 he Chairman said the best way would be for the Board to contribute so much per head for every patient they sent in, as they did with the Asylum. It was finally agreed that the Clerk and Medical Officer should communicate with the Town Clerk in order to ascertain the amount of the contribution expected from the District Council.

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