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The Imputed Bight-of-Way over Morfa-Brenin. WHAT ALL OUT THE COUNSEL'S OPINION? 10 the Editor of the Carmarthen, Weekly Reporter. DEAR Sitt,-I have waited urtii now before appealing to you, with leference to the position of the public with regard t,) the above chamirg and much-fiequtntei Some six monthssgo the Town Council den.djd to obtain counsel's opinion in the n.attti why, I d(,n't kiioa,, bccause the right-of-way is quite plrun to roc-but, then, that is beside the que?;icn. It uppers to mt ae if the counsel engaged is very busy, or else we would Lave heard f.e this the remit, Ti,e fine weaihor is now with us, and the walk ia even so early as this in the season made much use of and I think it is orly fair to the ratepayers at large that we should now know our position or light ii. the exit on Llanstephan-road. Further, I observe that the estate is to be sold in June, and. I nm sure, if the counsel's opinion wert agains-t the Conner, that if proper representation" Wfremfdjtu the exe'iu'ors of the la'o esteemed lady, Mra IIoron, of Y.-trad—ihrough Mr W. Morgan (irillithe, the agent to the estate—that consideration would be givoi to a request that a stipulation be made in the conditions of sale giving the public the right cf exit through Mcrfa-brenin lane to the Llanstephan-road. At present the exit is very tlangeroua, especially if one walks through the exit gate in the dark-in fact, it is a veritable (-I-atli-trap when the tide is in. l'erhftpn some of the Councillors vt h) took action in the matter when I drew your attention to it on a previous occasirn will again bring the matter forward at the next Council meeting. The delay its much commenud upon. y un truly, Ax OLD HATEPAYLR. Carmarthen, M-iy 19th, 189G.

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