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-Jöh¡'" Carmartlicn Borough Police Court. T>;I'-SDAY.—Before the Mayor (Mr H. Brunei "Whit*, The Grange) Mr Howell Howells. Pont- es* mg* Mr Henry Howell, The Studio 2nd Mr Thomas Da?ies, The Quay. A SANITARY OFFENCE. Mr David Phillips, of the Three Salmons, was charged with not having prou;kd a proper receptacle for manure.— The Inspector of Nuisances (Mr John Morgan) said that the necessary alterations had been carried out since the last adjournment.—The ease was therefore withdrawn, subject to the payment of costs by the defendant. ASSAULT IN A PUBLIC-HOUSE. A HEAVY PENALTY. Wiiiiam Edwards, Nantybv.rla, charged John Livris Thomm, vVaunllarr-rcha, with assault Mr James John, who appeared for the complain- ant, said that the assault commit'cJ was of a most brutal and unprovoked character, and it would be for the bench to d:cida whether—in view of their duty to piotcrt peaceable citizens of the town from attacks of til's I:ind-the justice of the case could be met by the infliction of a pecuniary penalty. The complainant said that at fcbout this time of j the year, it was uMial for the farmers of the neighbourhood to 11 ild a meeting for the purpose of arranging for the putting up of a pen, etc., for the purpose of washing sheep in the river Gwili. Complainant WHS appointed to collect that portion of the district which included Waunllanc-ucha. Defendant pror.i-ed to subscribe 24 61. On Saturday week he went into the Ilose and Crown. He there saw Mrs Thomas—defendant's wife— and also Mr William Harries, late of the Cambrian 'Coai,nainant asked Mrs Thomas for the sub- scripi;cn, Whilst he was showing her the book defendant came in. He exclaimed, c. What for do you to speik to my wife?" He thfll- without giving complainant time to reply—struck complainant his closed fist. Complainant was knocked tight across the room, and before he had rime totuni back hi had hn or three biowe more. He !hpn left the house, but defendant followed oiid kicked him three times in front of London Ilouxe. Mr Vincent Howell Thomas interfered, an 1 took defendant away. Defendant: What for did you want to fisk my wife about the subscription ? Complainant Because I saw her nrat. What do you want talking to ladies about; washing cheep ? Do you talk to your wife of washing sheep ? Of course you hive not a wife, and rcany things you don't know. Do you think that was a proper thing to ask ? Mr .T!roes John That id a matter of opinion. Defendant (to Complainant) Weren't you knockiug her about in the passage ? The Mayor He is not charged with that. Defendant Perhaps he will be"n?xt timo. (To the prosecutor): Didn't the told you to come to Die ? Complainant She did not. Mr William Harries, 9, King-3lreet, gave similar evidence. Defendant (to witness) You have be3n paid by Mr Edwards to come here to swear these things ? Witness: I came hero under a eubpejena. Mr Vincent Howell Thomas, of Starling Park' Bpolje to seeing defendant kick complainant three or four times in the street. Witness interfered and tqok the defendant away. Defendant then said he had no witnesses to can. lIe stated, however, that complainant had only eatne into the hoase for the purpose of insulting his wife. He thought he had a right to defend his wife, when a young fellow, who was a six footer, kegan to interfere with a little woman in nny &ha«>e or forui. The Ma yor sftid that the magistrates were con- vinceel that this was a most unprovoked assault. ihe magistrates had seriously considered whether they ought to send clefeuda-n to gaol without the Option of a fine. However, on this occasion, he would be let off a fine of £2 and CJ5t8-£3 15i in all. If defendant wjre brought up again on a sioii'-ar charge, and it were proved, he would not ke allowed the option of a fine, Mr James Johnappliel for an advocate'^ fee. The Mayor Yes we allow half a guinea A CHARGE AGAINST Jolt,) Evans, Xttoxas Smith, and William Evans, all ot Cw.^wiJi, were charged with f'unously nding GWJCIMI on the previous Thursday in PictJU- aujeu.itenilect Smith ptovc 1 the ca<e,— -•Si dj.its Were ca^h fined 6d and Gj 6i coite. STEALING A WATCtl. JJC LèW:, a collier, of Drefach, Lianarthney, W lti chained y/ith theft. Duvii Gwynne Lewis said he lived at Clostraaol, Elantiyssul. The Mayor: What are you ? Wiiaees I am nothing iu paiticular. I ho Mayor 1011 are a geatla.'uau," then. Witness, continuing, said he went into the Union Hail about a quarLer to one on Saturday. When ftb-jus a quarter of an hour in the house he missed his watch—anu also thu prisoner. He gave information to Serge. Harries about 7.31) p.m. He jdenfitied the watch (produced) it was worth 1 m. Harries spoke to tracking the prisoner in the direction of Llanud«rrog, lie found prisoner Sleeping in a hay-rick at Owm-mawr Farm, near the Tumble. When asked for the watch, prisoner said if, was iu his pocket. When the witness found it prisoner 8..1.:1, You have the watch now what more do you want Prisoner, iu answer to the charge, said that since he had come from abroad he did not know what he was doiog whoa iu drink. He looked on the whole transaction as more or less of a public- house freak. He remembered showing the watch in the room, and making no secret of it. If be had had time he would, doubtless, have retained it. He had taken thingd before, but had alvyays brought them back when sober. The prisoner was sentenced to a month's hard labour. WEDNESDAY.—Before the Mayor (Mr H. Brunei White, The Grange) Mr Thomas Thomas, WeHfidd; and Mr HoweU Howelle, Pontcarr g. THE ONE CAUD TRICK. James Davies was charged with stealing a pack of cards, Rachel Thomas, the landlady of tho Union Hall Carmarthen, said Yesterday, about 3 o'clock, I y/as in the bottom kitchen. Jutrns Davies came down and asked for a quia: of b-jer iu DJvid Davies' name. I to d him that, I had no boer he said I had porter I said not. He and another went up to the bar There ws a pack of cards on a table in the bar-room. I saw it before I went downstairs. When I came upstairs the cards were miseirg. The pack is worth 10:1 or Is. I then sent for the police. P.C. Phillips came but the prisoner was gone then. This is the pack (rrO- duced) I know them because there is a mark on the back of the Jack of Clubs (laughter). Cross-examined by Mr James John I had the pack three wcehs or ,0. I paid 10d. for them I believe. I came upefairs because I heard the defendant and those with him knockilig the spitoons about and breaking the clock. There were five of them in the room altogether where the cards were. Four of them had been in my house in the morning and had thrco quarts of brer and porter (mixed) between them. P.S, Harries said About 4.30 p.m., I accompanied P.C. Phillips to the Union Hall. Mrs Thomas made a complaint, in consequence of which W3 went in search of the prisoner. We found him and another in the Bird-in-IIand. We asked them out to the vir(I they both came quietly. We asked the.n if they knew anything about the pack of cards. Defendant said No you can searsh me, if vou like." I then put my band in his coat- pocket and found the cards. He then said Them's the b- cards right t-nough I stole them" lIe had been dunking. We then took him into custody, and had great difficulty in taking him to the police- station. When cautioned he said, Yes I stole the b cards." I then locked him up. Cross-examined by Mr James John I cannot say whet! er the woicli he used were a piece of brayadc, or whether they were an admission. I cannot eay whether the fbp of his pocket was inside or net. The room in the Union Hall is not a very big one I cannot say whether someone else dropped them into his pocket or not. A COMPLIMENT TO SERGT. HARRIES. Mr James John, for the defence, contended that the cards were originally only worth 10d, and they w. re worth very little now, because no one would care to play with a pack in which one of the Jacks was marked. It was no uncommon thing when a number of men were together, for one to drop something into another's pocket. He had done so himself. The Mayor And never returned it (laughter). Mr James John said that the man who had the articles dropped into his pocket might be called away and never know he had them. The defendant, was a native of Carmarthen, and would not offer to be searched by Sergt Harries—whom he knew to be the most estate police official in Carmarthen—if he were not ignorant of the fact that the cirds were in his pockft. The Mayor said the Bench considered the charge proved, but as the theft was of a trifling character, they would dismiss it on payment of costs. A ROUGH TIME FOR THE POLICE. Defendant was then charged with assaulting the police. P.S. Harries said that about 4 40 prn when they had the prisoner in custody outside the Bird-in-IIand, he became very violent. They had to throw him down. He then caught hold of witness in a very awkward manner ar.d ki. ked both officers. P.C. Jones (3) then came up and the prisoner was hand- cuffed. 0.3 the way to the Station he became* very violout and said he would kill someone before he left the town. Prisoner was very quiet in the cell. Cross-examined by Mr James John I think he must have drunk a good deal yesterday. He called for plenty of water this morning whatever (laughter). He said we had not sufficient police in the town to take him to the lock up (laughter). lie is the son of very respectable parents. Ha enlifted when the 41st Regiment came through and has just come home. I do not know that he was invalided because his shoulder was dislocated. The Mayor said that the charge was fully proved, and the Bench were bound to protect the constables in the execution of their duty. The sentence would be a month's hard labour.

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