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LLANDDOWEOK. SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION. On Whit- Monday the Methodists of the district held their annual Sunday School Association in the above place. It is hardly necessary to say that the Mydrim district was divided many years ago, and that the arrangement ',remains as such up to the present time. The geography of the division was very satisfactory. In other respects the division can hardly be praised, because all the strong churches are found in the one section only This is a very strong argument, we think, in favour of the union which was proposed in the committee meeting on Monday, and was left for further consideration in the future. If redistribution can- not be arrived at, union is greatly to bo desired. The attendance of the schools on Monday was almost complete, Laugharne being the only one that was not present. Five schools in all assembled. The children of the Welsh churches recited together. The English also adopted the same plan. The officera were in very good form. The Chair- man was the grand old chief cf Whitland. Mr II Davies, Willow Bank, and the secretary Mr G T Rees, of the same town, is second to none, unless to the leader himself. We give the names of the schools in tho order they recited names of the catechisers and the field of labour of each one. The devotional part of the morning service was administered b the Rev Vincent Thomas, Pendine. The Welsh children recited first; a chapter of "Rhodd Mam." Mr W Beynon, Trinity, St. Clears catechised them; Then the school of Roses recited the parable of the 10 Talents. Mr J Lewis, student, questioned them. The school of Whitland followed, whose tield of labour was the last chapter of the Ephesians. The Rev J Davies, pastor, cntechised them, and whose prayer closed the morning service. The afternoon meeting was introduced by Mr Beynon, student. The Rev Vincent Thomas, Pendine, then questioned the English children, whose field of labour was the History of Joseph. Llanddowror Sohool recited next (being catechised by Mr Beynon) the Epistle of Judas. After them Pendine School, questioned by the Pastor (R37 Vincent Thomas), recited tho first chapter of the First Epistle of Paul to Timothy. The Sunday School of Trinity, St. Clears, was the las: to recite. Their field of labour was the first I chapter of Paul to the Ephesians, and the catechiser was their pastor, who 'closed the afternoon meeting by a prayer. All dif Ueic work remarkably well and the sin;ing throughout th3 day was exselbnt.



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