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Publications. P.rt 2 of England's History (ftg pictared by famous Painters)—- G<< tga, Ltd.—is up to tho initial nuuibsr in no'nt of excellence. These of our readers who dasire to p:>-sess an inter- esting album do well to eomaieucc taking this Part A.I. ol th?i Art (G.)-G.crg-a Nevrriea, Limited—ha< also been sent us. It is needl-s* for c. to expstiato nnoi; this work. It is a publication that would be an ornament to any bookshelf. t of E, Way of flu Croas." a pictorial pil.^iitaan fro;D Bethlehem to C.lvary (6d) — 0Nc.vr.ev, Limited—h such a publication s !"b: v.-e'-t'ouiL'd by BiMioai stiuk-nts, Sunday Seh"oi teachers, and fthcrs, as it cannot but help the ifnacintwion m quest »:?' the tn:*> ^joiv of the gospel. The j:-art~ c-nt-ir 24 views <.f the ILdy Land, which «io printed in ti>st-c.hus 'vie. The Army Iihisf rated" JGc1)- published by Goc.rge Newsies, Limited No. 10 of which is low bef<re us is an exceedingly good 1« £ .U3. Xo. J2 of u-.IU: d London ■:•) — George Newncft, I/d. d¡e spleudid aibuiii of pictures frrm photographs of the chief places of interest in end around London, completes t-hia publication. These %ilio ',iL;-e takc,-i ii,- tlii, work have i;u aa excellent, album of Los don vie iv s, Tho Strand Musical ",6 Gecrsre Newnea. Ltd. for May contains a cry inter«i.stiug interview with Signer Toeti. by J E \Vo, -c( t a biographical bk«V.-h of Fr/u. Luz by Arthur Hervey, aud of Mis* F.»nny D ixies, the popular pianist Mis? Addiua de L«ra, the we-i-known piauist; and Miss Mabel C^aolin, the clevcr young 'cellist; a cartoon, "Music: Past, Prr-sent, and Future and a short and pathetic gtory entitled Bismarck a threnody on a Trombone and 12 songs aud pieces by the best composer: of the day. An extraoidiar.ry and splendid number. e e no Limited, Sontha r-pion-sWot, Lo; cl n i :t May, insny of ,ts een^rno r.a-<eive. pro!r;iiU-r:te to the palac.-a ef the Cz>r o d *>:e .-f the coronation in Moscow. T;i l-as been prepared with the special rermissior. and approval of tlie Emperor d E:nnn-sp of Kuss;r* Some curions paiticnlarp a-3 o; do-;«' tcr.'e's and eanirc toilet eiub i:; New i il < -slrt wlv-ie "sKse pair,pi-rr-d arc A-r J A. Shepherd cf.ntin«-s hi- •* F-v-ks." which form one (.f the most attractive i'eo^ree <.f tlie magazine. An interview with the rihmpLm will interest the disciples of ihe royal g*r«".e The o mrent-» inciude An Unwelcome Pa;s-:t^ r." bv F il F Merce* The Coronation," in t'M.rl-s S PeliiH'Tj-Clinton "A ]1":=.1 Case ft B'iritd Treasure," rfy J Ilolt Schooling '• C&rrie. the Tek^-pph G;i!: A Romanes ot the Cheroker Strip," by (japia:n Jack Crawford( "'Ihe Poet Scout Th ough a Telescope —IL The- Planet Saturn," bv Mr Robert Ball ■' Rodney Stone (continued), by A Conan DJyb; IV,(traits of Celebrities at Different Times uf (heir Lives—The Empress of Tiie Emperor ci Illis-ift, Professor Storv, D D Mr John S ;nrt, R.S.A t,v 'NN"illii-n F,,z era' lier Mgj by E by Carn:rn Svlva {Queen of Ruuftia.'fin) tsensdated by Alys Il^liird From behind the Sfeiker's Chair.— XXVIII —by Henry W Lu-.y (" Toby, M.P.") "Dot" — An Irish 'i'aie, by Mrs AH Mark ham Golf", and IIow to Play it "—An Intervitw with the "Open" Chimpien Fablea XX.—"The Gardener ana ti e H-g," by J A Shepherd and "The 'iV c Ii-, Doom"—A Story for Children The number if. al will be eem by the nature oi the content?, a splendid ore, and all the art cni stories P.-ce nicely illustrated. Royal Academy Picture, lSvG." — Messrs Casseil and i o., the well-known publishers of La Belle Sawvagro, Loudon, are publishing in five parts. at one shilling each, the 1'oyal Academy Pictures of the yeir. Paris I and II arc row before us, and their standard of cxcell rce both as regards printing and ;mpa-not to flay anything of the beautiful collection of pictures by the leading artistes of the day-will no doubt procure for the issue an er,ormous s-ve. We would advise those of our renders who appreciate the beautiful in art not to emit to order this publication. .1'

!Carmarthen Board of Guardians.


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