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East Carmarthen Liberal Association. MEETING AT AMMANFORD SPEECH BY MR. A,BEL THOMAS M P., ON the agricultural rating BILL AND THE EDUCATIONAL BILL. Tkfl annual rKe'ing of this ass- ei-ition was hold on Friday May 29lh, at the Ivories Hall, A tlie clmr rjii-tC taken by Dr Howell Kces, Glnr.g-iuvnt, t';e retiring president t'f the association. Trine were a large number prwer.t amort i? who to wc noticed:—Mr I Wiiliaae, B A Ammanford (chairman of the Am man Valley liberal A-sociotiou). --I-v "Wateyn AVyn, M: Job PhilSio^, Mr T Wiltia'ns, Girnant Mr T Thorn-is, Glanaruraan Board School Mr J Morgan, Mill Mr Tiimor Themes, Garnsnt Mr D J Jones, e Mr Llewellyn Fait water, Ammanford MT ..hIN;fI Recs, Cwmavon (treasurer); Rev J L'atiuilo lie 7 J J lees, Burry Port; Mr J Morgan Joi- !» A., Brecon Mr II Ueibort, J P., iirM-taicrlais Mr E Evnn.«, chcnaiit, A noma:: ford M -id»iaie Mcir.ha Harries Ammanford Mr J cues, WhUe I,ion. LlandBo Mr D punter, L'hu- i: Mr ]( p.;wP!l, C.uregetnnen Mr Howell#, solic itor, Liar.! lly, &c. The Pr. flier,t, in c:p<t;ing, stated that it was e <i leot at that masting that Liberals of ihat pR of the Priocifality wore 11)t disheartened through what li (I t-ken placj at the General E^i-on and illP. Ir, was, cfil-1t, ton, that TJc Woish members w* re not discouraged The Libe-al p".rty had been iie'eat* d, it was r,, i P, but it was tue backwvd and forwaitl. and uu sueldown move' in politics- Quoting IVom a;, k-d recently delivered bj Lord Ros-bery, he said, "The Libei al paitv hJ to i'" low for a time, and he wn not sure it was not wpU for them. In ti:i-e3 cf pjosperity thv were apt to wax fat slid kick out, but in times of were able to cultivate, under the dl^cio'ir-e of sorrow, that cohesion of fellowship sometime* overlooked in the isomciit of affluence.r' He (Dr Rees) ventured to think that it was not the Libers! pattv alone that waxed fat end kicked out. He though* the Tory .cry recently given an );:« that thev aho waxed f.u and kicked out. (U:2r, hear, cod laughter ) He did not know that Liberals were altogether fall of sorrow. In fact, he thought th:t 0:1 the whole they were very hopeful indeed and pretty coiiiHeni; that the fortune of the ballot it the next d0:i;Jn would turn in our favour (Applause). Wt now in the wilderness for a time, but 11 v we should make the toil of our time and try and be united thin we had been iu the pit, It ws now t-rne for tho battle of the federations to co no to an iiii, and before Wales couid get ii from tny Government they must present H froll.. lie hoped the Education Bill would come out of Committee much, better than it was when it wer.t ill He really considered the 43 grant should be awarded to aa srlioali. (Applause). A county committer should be appointed to govern elementary education in every county. (Hear, hear). EI ECTION OF OFFICERS. Mr J Lewis Davies, J.P., Gelly, Punapaaint, was appointed President of the Association for the ensuing year. The Secretaiy (Rev Towjn Junef) was reappointed while the tteasuier Mr James Iveis was also re-elected. PLACE OF NEXT MEETING. Rev Towyn Jones stated that according to thdr rules it would be Pe.-nbrev's turn tlii; Lh,e, It was decided to hold the next meeting t Pembrfy. FINANCIAL S L'ATEMElxT. The I'reav.irer read tti-3 statement of accounts of the association whiiii showed a balance cf f6 odd in hand.



! ! Eisteddfod at Llandovery.



Carmarthen Bankruptcy Court.


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r" Infirmary Saturday." .1

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