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--Laugliarnc Notes.


Laugliarnc Notes. [BY VERITAS], THE WIIITSTJN HOLIDAYS. A large number of strangers as well as TCP-NY familiar facos were seen ia the streets during the holidays. The weather was in every respect most favourable, and the high tide early in the after- noon made Lmgharne look at its best. We find that a few visitors have already taken up their abode here, and re vera! more are boon expected. The brake which run from St. Clears to Peudine was well patronized, and when the service is regulailv stnrted and the fact becomes known, there vvM, ns usual, BA a large amount of frcfuc. A great number from the town spent the duy NT PoneVne which always possesses an attraction to the inhabitants of Laugharae. THE LAIE MR. PRICE, BROWN'S HOTEL. Mrs Price, of Drown's Hotel, wishes to express her sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Laugharno for the great sympathy and kindness they have shown to her at the unexpected death of her husband, and she feels it more eo, as they have only been here since July laet. THE OPENING OF A NEW CREAMERY AT BROADWAY. The great event of the week came off on Tuesday afternoon, when tlio farmers, their wives nnd daughters, from the whole neighbourhood, in very large numbers, mr.,1e their way to the new building where henceforth their milk will be sent to be immediately prepared to be made into butter without the tedious waiting and hard work they had been accustomed to. This is a branch of the St. Clears Farmers Butter Factory, which hitherto could not be patronised by the owners of the largest dairies in the district on account of the distance to St. Clears. It has been long felt that a creamery here was absoiutt ly necessary in order to secure the thorough succcbs of the factory The directors at St (Tears had at first a very up-hill work on account of the conservatism of the farmers, who are always suspicious of any movement in advance of the old methods so faithfully followed by past generations, and so very many of them did not send their milk «t nli to the factory, and several who did, only did it by fits and starts, as it suited their convenience They wanted to be sure that it was going to be a success before they patronizeel it at all, us it it is possible for anything to succeed without the co-operation of those for whose benefit it is undertaken. It reminds me of the Irishman who, on one occasion, was nearly drowned, saying that he wouid never go to the water until he had learnt to swim Gradually, however, the persistent effort of the manager arid directors have been crowned with success. The St Clears factory ii at present in a far better condition than it has erer been, and this new movement will greatly ntlcl to its success. A few of the moat enterprising farmers threw themselves with great energy into the move- ment, and in a few days all the shares of the creamcy were taken up. The building, erected by Mr Jones, Broadway, is a neat strong bui eliug, admirab'y situated and well adapted for the purpose. Mr Buckley, the Toiy candidate for West Carmaithenshiie, was asked to be present at the opening, and at the right moment declare it open. Mr Buckley willingly consented, and was probably glad of such a grand opportunity to meet the farmers, and to remind and re-assure them of the deep interest he felt in their wt-Ifare, and his readiness at all times to aid in their prosperity. It was an opportunity not to be iost. After viewing the machinery and seeing the separator at work, the people were requested to leave the building, a'ld remain in front outside. The door having been closed, Mr Buckley appeared on the receiving platform, and in a short speech declared the creamery open. The door, however, remained closed as before, and all made their way to the large tent, where very excellent tea lud been provided. lleTe several speeches were delivered. Mr Wilson, who had been very active in the formation of the St Clears Factory, was called to the chair. lie made a long speech, in which he gave his views as to what me-ul)erf of Parliament ought to do when they were sent up to London. They ought to find markets for British products, and the landlords ought to combine to help the farmers to dispose protitablv of the produce ot their farms, and tin best way to accomplish that was by doing away with the middle man. He evidently considered those ele&leis who now buy what the furmeis have to sell as quite an unnecessary class, and the sooner th°y are lemoveei from the face of the earth the better for all concerned. Those who caught the drift of his remarks were not quite in i-ympathy with I im ni this point, for his remarks leel very flat indeed. Mr Buckley was accorded 1m opportunity to stnte his opinIL11 on various points of interest to the farmeis. lie said that he most thoroughly rejoiced in the prosperity of the St Cleats factory, tor he believed it would help very materially in securing prosperity to the firiiiers. He made it very plain to all that In had done much for the farmers, especially in establishing and developing the Stud Compciiy. The usual loyil and other toasts were proposed and drunk in tea. Mr Davies, the Bank, St Clears, gave a clear account of the origin anel progress of the St Clears factory, and urged all the farmers present to be tegular in sending their miik to the creamery. The Vivar of I-aligliarre to the toast to the Bishop aud Clergy, and the Portreeve and Mr T Ric hards to that d the prosperity of the Corporation and ti&d- of Lr.ughame. The following ladies were appointed by the committee of management to take trays:Ilrs Lewis, Llausadwrnen Mrs Thomas King-gaddle Mrs II Thomas, Bannister and Miss Davies, Brook who were ably assisted by several ladies. Among those present we noticed Mr and Mrs Buckley, and the Mis?es Howclls, Penrheol Mrs Peel and Miss Hurt, Fern Ilill Mr and Mrs Davies, the Bank, St Clears Miss Dixey aud Miss Phillips, St Clears Mr and Mis Ernest Kayc Mr Thomas, Mnesyprior Mr Williams, chairman of the St. Clears Butter Factory, and Mr Wente, the manager Mr and Mrs Towers Smith, Laugharne Mr Raymond and Mr Henry Raymond, lloneiy Corse Mr and Mrs Lewis, Llansadwrnen Mr and Mrs Thomas, King Gaddle Mr and Miss Davies, Brook Mr and Mrs Lewis, Malthouae Mr and Mrs II Thomas, Bannister Mr and Mrs Thomas, Pnntyglai-e Mr Joues, Ejuon's Down Miss A Rees, Capihorne the Misses Thomas, Lojigricign Mr W S Morse and Miss Matilda Morse, Llandawkc Mr and Mrs J Devounld Morse, the Corse, Laugharne Mr and Mrs T S Morse, Mat sg srda i Mrs S David, Manchester House, Laugharne Mrs B It Thomas, Raven House Mr and ill 18 Richards, King-street Mr T Richards, King street the Portreeve of Laugharne the Vicar and Curate Mr and Miss Lewis, Bronwast Dr G .vynno Jones, the Corse Mr Jonah Morris and Mr William Griffith, Ship and Castle. [The above Notes were unavoidably held over last week.—Eiurou.]


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