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HERBERT JONES & COMPY. H E R B E R I T J 0 N E 1 S A x D C 0 i U p A Y Beg to inform the Public generally that they have just opened their well- stocked and extensive DOMESTIC SUPPLY STORES AT 49, KING STREIL, CARMARTHEN, Under the management of Mr. HERBERT JONES, for many yfars in charge of the Singer Manufacturing Co.'s Business in Carmarthen and District. KF" All Articles at the DOMESTIC SUPPLY STOKES can be obtained for Lowest Cash Prices, or on the Weekly Instalment System. HO US EHOL D FUHNIT (JEE. SOUND WORK! BEST FINISH! GENUINE BARGAINS! A LARGE NUMBER OF LADIES & GENTLEMEN'S CYCLES, BY THE BEST COVENTRY MANUFACTURERS, AT VERY MODERATE PRICES. GOOD HAND OR TREADLE SEWING MACHINES FOR DOMESTIC, DRESS-MAKING, AND TAILORING PURPOSES, BY THE LEADING ENGLISH & AMERICAN MAKERS FROM 45/ THE CHEAPEST & BEST HOUSE IN SOUTH WALES FOR PIANOS, AMERICAN ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, Ac., CLOCKS & WATCHES. WASHING, WRINGING, AND MANGLING MACHINES. BEDSTEADS, COTS, &c. PERAMBULATORS, MAIL CARTS, &c, FENDERS, FIRE IRONS, &c., &c. G3- COMPETENT MECHANICS KEPT ON THE PREMISES. All kinds of Cycles, Sewing Machines, &c repaired or taken in exchange. The DOMESTIC S UPPL Y SI ORES bring all Household req uirente tits and Personal necessaries within the reach of all classes, Dyma Siop i Bawb Siop i arbed Arian A Siop ag oedd mawr angen am dani [ E E R B E R T J 0 N E S A N D C 0 M P A N Y Herbert Jones & Compy., 49, King-st.,Carmarthen. C, ALEXANDRA CREAM SEPARATORS I GREAT IMPROVEMENT FOR 1896. stand ahead of all others! [ BEFORE YOU BUY, SEND FOR LIST 12 Reasons Why the Alexandra is superior to all Others. CAN BE WASHED IN TWO MINUTES. i beaten others in Otten competition. | MONTH'S TRIAL FREE. t t 1 ( ¡ I I Write for Li8t- I À. E. HARRIES, IRONMONGER, I LLANDILO. WILLIAM HARRIES, ironmonger, Llandovery. J HARRIES BROS., Ironmongers, Ammanford. I "Perfectioll" Soap AX" Life fIe I Assurance. ALL sers of PERFECTION SOAP are offered a POLICY or LIFE ASSURANCE, with immediate for One Year, in the British Workman's and General Assurance Company. Arrangements will be made to continue the Policy year by year. The Policies may be taken out for all ages to 65, and Vary from £ 2 2s. to til 10s., according to age. Policies will be issued as soon as 112 (outside) ''tappers are saved and sent in. Last day, June 30th, next year. For full particulars see bills, PERFECTION SOAP is manufactured FULL POUND WEIGHT. -_u- Ai ATE OR pABAOUAY rjlHA. THE ONLY TEA FIJEE FROM TANNIC AGIO. No ASTRINGENCY. tflFTY-FIVB MILLIONS of the Most, Healthy People in the World drink MATE TEA. f Sufferers from GOUT. CONSTIPATION, 1 LAT- *JU5NCY, INDIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA. SLEEPLESSNESS, and NERVE EXHAUSTION \VIII get immediate relief by drinking MATE TEA. MATE TEA has a Sustaining Power which neither India or China Tea, Coffee, or even Chocolate, can claim. Travellers drinking Mate Tea, can go six or seven hours without feeling the want of food. Write for Pamphlet and Medical Opinions, Lancct, British Medical Journal, &c. To be obtained from the MATE TEA COMPY., 29, Victoria-street, Westminster. Price 38 per lb. post free. Agentslnvited. THE CARMARTHEN BILLPOSTING COMPANY, 15, BRIDGE-STREET, CARMARTHEN. BILI FOSTING and ADVERTISING, in alll1: s Branches, Uu-.ragho-aT, t»u< Counties oi 'hen, Pembroke, and Cardigan. R. M. J A S, Manager. An easy way of INCREASING YOUR INCOME by starting Ar TTT>C! WATCH, &•-• CLUBS for the VJJu U i>K> supply of BENSON'S Watches, Clock, Jeweoery, and other Good, Sound, and Reliable Articles at Moderate Prices. Terms Liberal. Parti- culars Post Fre,l. J. W, BLNSOtf, ü2 and 64, IATDGATE HILL, LONDON KC SUSQUEHANNA PiIXS.—Professor Webster's Celebrated SrsotTsiiAKNA FILLS are warranted to CURB iNniOESTio.v, LIO (TsN kss LIVKR COMPLAINTS, FILES, RHEUMATISM, GOUT and BRONCHITIS. The;e Pills are sole! by Chemists and Patent Medicine Velldor at ]: 14-J., 2s :).1., -Is <> and I Is. per box; \>r thev -wiUJbe sent anywhere >m of stamps, by ^>A MujL BCSHWGKTH, Secretary, llutautic Institute, NomsGHAjf Old College School, Carmarthen. Co-Masters Mr. W. ROBERTS, Undergraduate of London University, and late Berman Scholar, Presbyterian College. Mr. T. WEDROS JONES, M.A., late Dr. Williams' Scholar, Glasgow University. Rev. J. HARRY, Undergraduate of Victoria and London Universities Certificated Science Master, late Technical Scholar, Cardiff University College. ASSISTED BY Mr. EVAN ANTHONY, Queen's Scholar. RECORD FOR THE PAST YEAR.—TWENTY-FIVE pupils have passed Public Examinations, including London Matriculatiou, Medical, Law, Veterinai-y, and Pharmaceutical Preliminary, Denominational Colleges, Queen's Scholarship, &e. Many Science and Art Certificates have also been obtained. For Terms IIpply to either t,f tht, Co-Masters. HAMILTON HOUSE, CARMARTHEN THE MISSES LEWIS, Daughters of the late Rev. J. Wyndham Lewis, BEG to inform their Friends and Inhabitants of Carmarthen and neighbourhood that they have OPENED A SCHOOL FOR GIRLS at the above address. They tr ist that they will receive a fair share of patronage and support, which it will be their earnest endeavour to merit. Terms moderate. Subjects taught: English, Latin, French, Arith- metic, Algebra, Euclid, and Music. A limited number of Boarders taken. Prospectus on application. The Kindergarten System is adopted for the younger children. SCHOOL RE-OPENS APRIL 28TH. CARMARTHEN SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND ART. SATURDAY CLASS.—10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. WEDNESDAY CLASS.— 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. MORNING CLASSES.—10 a.iii. to 1 p.m., Mondays and Fridays. EVENING CLASSES.—7 to «i p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays. FEES :—Day Classes 12 i G1 and 7s (id per Quarter. Night Class 03 p.r Quarter. Pupil Teachers fret3 conditionally. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, WESION SUPER-MARE. PRINCIPALS J. CERIDFRYN THOMAS, B.Sc. (Loud.), L.C.P. D. CYNON JONES, Int. B.A. (Lond.) ASSISTED BY F. A. DRAKE, B.Sc., (LOND.), TWO JUNIOR MASTERS, AND VISITING MASTERS. Sixty Five Certificates at Public Examinations during last Session, including Preliminary Scientific (London M.B.); London Matricrlation Science and Art, &c., &c. MR. ERNEST COLLIER, M.S. A., AROHIIKCT AND SCRVEYOP, 4, QUAY STREET, CARMARTHEN. PHOTOGRAPHY. JOHN PRICE," The Kxcelsior Studio, 2b. Lanamas-street, Carmarthen (ami of New Quay, Cardiganshire). Estab- lished ltiso Photographs artistically iliceu and mounted on lanev mounts and Birthday Cards. Cabinet and Cartes tinted to order Enlargements to any size finished in -Black and White, Tinted Crayons," Oil, and Water Colours. Out- door OrderB promptly attended to. REGIST I PARRY & ROCKE, WELSH WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS, SWANSEA. Manufacturers of Guaranteed Welsh Hosiery, Flannels, Knitting Yarns. All our Goods are labelled with our Registered Trade Mark for Protection of users. Should there be any difficulty in your obta,ining our Manufactures, please drop us a postcard, and we will at once send you address of nearest draper or dealer. SUPPORT YOUR HOME INDUSTRIES. WHOLESALE ONLY. To b had of Retailers in every Town ia Wales. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. LARGE & IMPORTANT SALE OF VERY VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE. BOROUGH OF CARMARTHEN. THEYSTRAD ESTATE Comprising the Ystrad Mansion, and the valuable Farms of Tygwyn, Lower Ystrad, and Tytbach, Penlan, Green Castle, hhud, Morfa Brenin, Hafodwen, Morfa Crwn, and Houses and Cottages in and near Johnstown, and certain Tithes also IN THE PARISHES OF LLANEG WAD AND ABElla WI LL Y, The Farms of Godor and lVncae, Cwmynys, Tanerdy, Pcnrhiwgoleu, Clynyrychen, Panty ff ynnon, Glanrhyd, and Troedyrhiw, and other Holdings, will be SOLD by AUCTION in June next. Full particulars hereafter, and obtainable from J. HOWELL THOMAS & SoN, Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Carmarthen and W. MORGAN GRIFFITHS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. CARMARTHENSHIRE—PARISH OF LLANGUNNOR. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS are favoured 1.J.. with instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen, on Saturday, the 13th day of June 18%, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, all that valuable and desirable newly- erected FREEHOLD VILLA RESIDENCE, known as PARKYGROES, with the two fields adjoining, cont,tininglt),t lr 7p, or thereabouts, of excellent Land also large Walled-in Garden, 0a lr lip, or 40 yards by 34 yards. It has a direct South aspect and frontage to the main road of 75 feet, most conveniently situated within a mile and a quarter (over an excellent and pleasant road) of the Market Town of Carmarthen and its Railways. ON THE GRCUND FLOOR-Two Staircases, Study, Dining room, 21 feet by 12 feet, China Closet, Pantry, Scullery, Kitchen with Leamington closed Range. Pump room with covered Well and Force Pump, Laundry and w.c., Coalhouse, and Syphon Tank in yard. UPSTAIRS.—Sitting-room, Drawing do., Linen Closet, 5 Bedrooms, and w.c. It has all modern conveniences and perfect sanita- tion. Au abundant supply (never known to have failed in the driest summer) of the purest spring water from the Well in the Pump-room. Shooting may be had over about 400 Acres. Possession of the Residence will be given un completion, or sooner if desired, and of the Fields and Garden on the 29th September next. To view, apply on the premises, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, 5, Quay-street, Carmarthen or of MR. C. E. MORRIS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. IMPORTANT SALE OF TWO FREE- HOLD FIELDS. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen, on Saturday, June 13tb, 1890, at 3.30 o'clock in the afternoon, two valuable Fields known as BRYNAMLWG and BLAEN- EITHINOG," situate near the Farm of Bwlchymynydd, in the Parish of Llangunnor, all containing about 5a. Ir. 23p., now in the occupation of Mr D. E. Davies. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, 5, Quay-street, Carmarthen or of MR. C. E. MORRIS, Solicitor, Carmarthen. CAlt-NIz-IRTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANGUNNOR, MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS are favoured with instructions to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmar- then, on Saturday, June 13th, 1890, at) o'clock in the afternoon, all that valuable and much-frequented Public-house known as the STAR," together with a Garden and Premises thereto belonging and a small Field, 2r. 4p., or thereabouts, now in the occupation ot Mr John Evans; and also a Dwelling-house adjoining, known as STAR BACH," with a Garden M the rear, now in the occupation of Mrs Mary Jones. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, 5, Quay-street, Carmarthen or of Mn. C. E. MORRIS, Solicitor, Carmarthen, TOWN OF CARMARTHEN. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS are instructed to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen, on Saturday, 13th June 189(5, at 3.15 o'clock in the afternoon, the following very valuable PROPERTY, viz. :— LOT I.-All that Old-Established SOLICITOR'S OFFICE, situate and being No. ;-13, Quay-street, close to the Town Hall, and in the best business part of the Town, having a Yard and Back Entrance into Bull- lane, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Walters, Solicitor, at an annual rental of £15. These premises have been used as a Solicitor's Office for very many years, and afford a chance of securing a property which ia *eldoin met with. The property would make a good commodious Dwelling-house, or could be con- verted into a Shop with very little expense. LOT 2.—TWO SHARES of £2.) each in the CAIt- MARTHEN ASSEMBLY-ROOMS. A dividend of l:Js per Share was paid for the year 18).\ and a good balance carried forward. There is every prospect of an improvement in the future, as Provincial TheatrIcal and Variety Entertainments are on the increase. The property of the Company j¡,¡ hJd on a Lease of 99 years, from 1853. Further particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, o, Quay-street, Carmarthen, or of MR. ROWLAND BROWNE, I Solicitor, Carmarthen. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. LLANGENNECHPARK. CARMAR- THENSHIRE. VERY HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF FAT AND OTHER STOCK. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS are favoured .1T-M. with instructions from David Evans, Esq., to SELL by AUCTION, at the Home Farm, on Monday, the loth day of June, 1896, about 100 very prime Fat Cattle, 20 Cows and Calves, a large number of Sheep, Lambs, and Pigs a few well-bred Colts, and five Pedigree Shotthorn Bull Calves. Full particulars next week. TOWN OF CARMARTIIEN. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MESSRS, LLOYD & THOMAS will offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION on Friday, wmTrirntL«rBoar's Head Hotel, four S TiX' i I'J'MVATE RESIDENCES and 7 PLOTS of BUILDING LAND, situate in Penllivyn-road, adjacent to Picton's Monument, and in the best part of the town. Further particulars will shortly appear, and in the meantime may be obtained of the Auctioneers, or of MR. A. SOPPITT, Solicitor, Carmarthen. COUNTIES OF CARDIGAN AND CARMARTHEN. MR. JOHN FRAXCIS will SELL by AUCTION, m at the Salutation Hotel, Newcastle-Emlyn, at 1 p.m., un 1 riday, 3rd July, 1890 the following FREEHOLD PROPERTIESJncluding fho Saluta* tion Hotel, Newcastle-Einlyn, and the Farms, &c„ of Wervil Brook Chapel called Capel-v-Ffynon, Chanel House and Premises, and Piece of Land, part*of Wervd Brook Arfor, Arfor-fach, Arfor-west, four Building Sites (part of Arfor-west), and Manhyfryd, in the 1 ansh of Llangranog Fronglyd, Abergwrog, Penralltyffynon, Goodit, and Penralltwen, in the Parish of Brongwyn Llwohyrhaul and Pcnralltesgob, in the lansh of Liandyfriog Brynmeini, Coedybryn, lantyceiros, and Blaenwaun, in the Parish of Abernant; BUonsulgen and Woodlands, Piece of Common Land (part of Blaensulgen), Gors, Cvvmgelli, and Waunllwyd, in the Parish of Cilrtiedyn Ifynonwen and Blaenpant, in the Parish of Eglwys- fair-a-Cherug, making a total of 1,500 Acres. Particulars, Plans, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of Mr. John Francis, Auctioneer, Land Agent. Valuer, and Surveyor, Carmarthen; Messrs. John Francis and Eynon Bowen, Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Newcastle-Emlyn; V. Long Price, Esq., Solicitor, Talley House, Llandilo; and of J. W. Isicholas, Solicitor, Llandilo, OLD PLOUGH INN, CARMARTHEN. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. FLYS, HEARSES, 4" MOURNING COACHES. LOOK-UP CUACH HOUSES, .c. GUINNESS' AND JAMESON'S STOUT. Winas, Spirits, and Cigars of the very best Brands. Well-aired Beds. Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas, and Suppers at the shortest notice. Good Stabling, including lock-up Loose-box. CHARGES MODERATE. PROPRIETRESS—MARY ELLIS. INVALID CARRIAGE.-Strong Donkey Four- wheeler, simply wants touching up 2 Guineas. —Agply A.B., Reporter Office, Carmarthen. NDIGESTION. The MEDICAL REFORM -I- SOCIETY will send FREE to all applicants an excellent BOTANIC CURE for Indigestion, Billiousness, Liver Complaints, Piles, Rheumatism, I Gout, and Bronchitis.—Address—The Secretary, BOTANIC INSTITUTE, NOTTINGHAM. mo LET, with immediate possession, No. 36, Blue I street.- Apply to John Lewis, Blue-street Ca-inartheri. -April 29th, 1896. T\RATERY.—WANTED one or two well-educa- 3J ted Youths as APPRENTICES to the General Drapery.—Apply for terms to J. R. Evans, Bradford House, Llandilo. IRONMONGERY. WANTED a respectable 11 Youth as an APPRENTICE (Out-door).-For particulars apply to Mrs. W. Phillips, Dark-gate, Carmarthen. WANTED, at once, 20 PRACTICAL KNITTERS (Girls) for Griswold and Eclipse Machines. Constant work fair wages.— Apply to D. E. Williams and Co., Llandilo. COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS, for one or C two gentlemen, TO LET. Pleasantly situated. —Apply at the Reporter Office, Carmarthen. WANTED respectable APARTMENTS for two Young Men a Sitting-room, and double Bed- room. Moderate terms.—Apply X, Reporter Office, Carmarthen. HOUSE to LET, KERRI HOUSE, Francis- JH terrace, Carmarthen. Immediate possession may bo had. Contains Sitting, Dining, and Break- fast Rooms, 2 Kitchens, 2 Pantries, Hot and Cold Bath. Side entrance to back.—Apply, Dr Glanville Morris, Nantgaredig. JOHN LYSAGHT, Ltd., Bristol, Sole Manufac turers of the REDCLIFFE GALVANISED RICK COVER, Pig Troughs, Sheep Troughs and Eiacks, Cattle Cribs and Troughs, Corn Bins, Hay Hacks,' Mangers, Water Tanks and Barrows, Hay tild Corn Sheds, Shepherd's Huts, Wire Netting. Catalogues and Articles supplied by any Ironmonger. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD WILL BE HELD AT LLANGENDEIKNE On MONDAY, AUGUST 3rd, 1896 (Bank Holiday). (In a spacious Marquee.) v i* a r1 Chief Choral Competition: "Enaid cu, mai dyfroedd oerion (Isalaw) (to choirs not under 50). Silver Baton to the conduetor 10 0 0 Male Voice Party (not under 25) Meibion y Bryniau 4 0 0 An Eisteddfodic Chair will be given for the best history of the Parish of Llangendeirne. Programmes, &c., from the Secretary, MR. LEWIS, Board School, I-Ilangeiideiriie. Whitland Intermediate School. ENTRANCE EXAMINATION SCHOLARSHIPS. ELEVEN Entrance Examination of Scholarships, viz. 5 for the Whitland District, and 6 for the St. Clears District, which shall consist of total exemptions from Tuition Fees for one year. Each Scholarship to be augmented by a Bursary of £ 2 and will be awarded on the result of the Examina- tion, which will be held on Saturday, 20th Jane, 1896. Time, 10 to 12.30 and 1.30 to 3 p.m., in two Centres, viz., Board School, Whitland, and Board School, St. Clears, and will ba open to all Boys and Girls who have been pupils of any Elementary Schools in the District for the last; years. The Subjects of Examination to all, irrespective of age, will be St. 5 Word Educational Code, 1895, but the Geography of Standard 4, 5, or 0 can be taken at the option of the candidates. Girls to take Geography or Needlework at option, but to state which when sending in their names. Bursaries will also be granted under Ciause 90 of the Educational Scheme, Sect. B, The maintenance in tlio County School of Bur&aries, consisting of pay- ments of an amount estimated to be sufficient to cover the expenses of travelling to and from the School, and of books and stationery, and other incidental school expenses of Scholars from Public Elementary Schools. These Bursaries shall be awarded by the School Managers to those applicants who, in their opiuion, shall from their pecunary circumstances be most in need of them, and njt on the result of an examina- tion." Prizes will also be given at the end of the Term. SCHOOL FEES 1:3 PER YEAH, OH 1:1 PER THim, Candidates should send in their names at once to the Secretary to the Managers, but not later than the 16th June, 1f)(j, from whom also all further informa- tion can be obtained. J. GRIFFITH REES, Secretary, 18th May, 1890. Whitland, South Wales. A cx RAND E ISTEDDFOD WILL BE HELD IT JO II N S T 0 W N, ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD, 1896. £ s. d. Chief Choral Competition "Ffarwel i Ti Gyrnru Fad (Parry). Choirs not to be under 40 1 I) 0 0 Male Voice Party (not under 16): Meibion y Bryijiati 1, (Dyfed Lewis) 2 10 0 children's Choirs (not under 30) Pan Giliar Nnvl" (II. Howells) i lo 0 programmes ready shortly. G. SAMUEL, | D. N. JONES, J Secretaries, Johnstown, Carmarthen. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN. WANTED, by the Technical Instruction Com- mittee, of the above-named County an experienced practical SHOEING SMI TH, to superintend a Shoeing Van and give instructions in Shoeing Horses. All applicants are required to produce a Certiticate of Registratron bearing the Corporate Seal of the Farriers Company, and must be able to speak the Welsh Language. The salary will be £ 2 10^ per week, out of which the person appointed will expected to pay a Boy to assist him in his work. When travelling by rail, 3rd Class J are will be allowed. All Tools, Coal. and Iron will be supplied by the Committee. The period of engagement will not be less than Six months. persons applying for the appointment are requested to forward to the undersigned, to his office at Llan- dovery (and from whom all further information may be obtained), their applications and testimonials (post paid) on or before the 8th of June, 1896. Such testimonials must specify the general character of the applicant as to diligence, intelligence, soberness, and trustworthiness, and also his qualification to perform the duties lie will have to discharge. THOMAS JONES, Clerk to the Technical Instruction Committee, Llandovery, May 26th, 18%. COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, 50, REGENT STREET, W., & 14, CORNHILL, E.C., LONDON. FOUNDED 1807. THE Premium Income of this Office is derived frcm Home business only, no foreign rinks being undertaken. The Rates of Premium charged are the same as those adopted by other leading Companies. The payments made in settlement of Fire Claims exceed Four Millions. Damage caused by Lightning and Explosions by Gas made good. The RETURN" SY.S'IE'1 which has been adopted by this Office smce its foundation offers an exceptional advantage. AGENT AT CARMARTHEN Mr. r. A B R 0 0 K IE, LONDON AND PROVINCIAL BANK. ENCOURAGE HOME INDUSTRIES BY BUYING WELSH MATCHES. MAKERS of the Royal, National, Crown, Diadem, Perfect and Special Safety Wood Matches. Also Royal Welsh Vestas best make. Crown Match Company, Cardilf. j*}ANITAS" gANITAS" gANITAS" S ANITAS" gANITAS SANITAS" gANITAS » gANITAS » gANITAS" JjlLUIDS pOWDER CJOAPS Colorless, Non-Poisonous ISINFECTANTS. Our Copyright Book, "How TO JJisrNFKCT," will be sent free ON APPLICATION. THE SANITAS CO., LTD., BKJ'HNAL GREEN LOKI'ON, i:


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