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THOMAS BLAND DAVIES, COAL & II^IEIE^CEI.AIIiTT, 3, SPRING GARDENS, CARMARTHEN. LARGE SOFT HOUSE COAL, in Truck Loads, Colliery Screened, at Car- marthen Station from ••• ••• Per Ton. LAltGI HARD HOUSE COAL, in Truck Loads, Colliery Screened, at Carmarthcn Station from 1.1s. 93. per Ton. NUT HARD HOUSE COAL, in Truck Loads, Colliery Screened, at Car- I mnrthen Station from los. Gd. per Ton. 'r. -> -A_- -< PAHAAPBT F0R CRICKET AND HMWMMT TENNIS OUTFITS. LEADING THE WAY AS USUAL. CHEAPEST AND BEST HOUSE. "Write or Call for Comprehensive Catalogue for the Season, Post rree to any Address. f CRICKET GESCKET BATS. „ Ut-MMM. I T-v »-»; ef=«>=^ Moleskin Youths' 3 3 jf JSize 5, 2/11; Size6,3'6. Men's 3/6 W Youths' Willow, all Cane Handle, Size i, C/6; = fc, Chamois Leather: jS bize 5,4 3; Size6,411. Men's1*' Till I Men's, all Cane Handles, 411, 7 6, 9 6. White Buck' Youth's' 5,9 13 The Yorkshire Driver. Patent Sprinj Handle, Men's 6/3 fj V.'arranted, price 14 6. WiCXET-KEEPING r^a STUMPS WITH BAILS* I |! GLOVES. J | POLISHED ASH. j | j ] I Chamois leather. Cane 26 in., 1 '5; 28 in., 1/11. Men's Size, 2/$. lrotected: lonths' 2 6 [| With Brass Ferrules, 26 in., 2/10; 28 in., 3/3; White Buck: Youths 4/3 TJ5?verE Brass Top's,glen's Size, 5/3; Best Quality, Solid en & 4:6 Brass Tops, 6/9, 9 V^TS„GLS CMCKETRETS. ,| I Lubber) 3 9,4/- With I.ines Top and Bottom, Poles, complett, Extra Qualities— 7 11,9;- 910. 4'9, 59, 6/8 With I.ines Top and Bottom. Toleo. with Two Side Wiugs. complete, 17 9 19 10, 22 CRICKET TROUSERS. Extra Qualities— 7 11,9;- 910. 4'9, 59, 6/8 With I.ines Top and Bottom. Toleo. with Two Side Wiugs. complete, 17 9 19 10, 22 CRICKET TROUSERS. IHUFL "ELLAX" 3IT FLANNEL SHIRTS. 1} W f !f J Men's A Youths' 4/11 All Wool Flannel 3/11, 4 11, 5 11 j \f » I k 111 ;i; 'i| Extra Qualities— Heavy Mat Shirts 2/6 3/6 jfr|. ;■■■ |t. 1: I_| 5 11, 7,11, 9,11, 12 6 (Wliitp, l'ink, or jftlue). CRICKET SHOES. CRICKET BALLS. CRICKET BJUS. Brown Canvas. Sewn Leather Park's 3-seam Match 5'- <• \n Encland," with Soles 311 nuke's 53 A?c„i L «> an Brown Calf Shoes .4 6 (damage's B.C.B. 3-seam ..4 6 T.r,,esirv with '"sn-ar.s ..5 11 RxtraQuality, FiueCe.lf ..611 « imposition Balls t\omhs ) 8d. fcVtraQltv..LeatherBottoms 6/11 White Buek 8 6 *'°- I!"?'f,9h lWd. 'Vhc Mai vlebono" 8 9 4 Spikes, 6d. extra. Postage, fid. Eclipse ^tmatcli sue).. 1/9 All Leather tUaiidsome Bag >'2*'# AHERI^HLEB SKATES. The t. fit FIUY M>:P f-( I, \r. 2/6 Th, Serines, all 4/S llayraoiHi's Ftccl Framr. ex- tension to Jit any si::e 5 6 Extrfi (Jnaliiy, Nickclled polished 9/6 Baynionrr# nnH Bearing', 'Polished Nickelled 25/- Fostage on below 10/ 6d. pair. THH8I8 BASKETS. POSTS AND NETS, Compleie from 7/6 RACKET CASES. 16, 1'11, 26 RACKET PRESSES. 9SSStTmTz: SU The "Hollwn Champion.. 6 9 ■S°E&a £ Ssg* BL £ A D R/ E 2> & Ayres Champion 13 3 ifcllffSS RlAnllEllda The" Demon" 11/8 £ G 10.6 12 6 The" Gainage" (Guerantcod) 17/6 .1..ll "'LeCr io». Carriage A. W. GAIEASE, 120; If;7,l2S,iri?J, Holborn. Loiidor^E.C. "J"F, ESKTOrilSSS-THEE EESSi BE 0 S ÉÑGusi WATCHES. Guaranteed for Accuracy, Durability, Strength, and Value. Thousands of Testimonials have been received. BENSOHS BENSON'S 3L«oves? Keyless Eaaglisla Lever "LUNATE* WATCH BANK WATCH. IN USE ALL THE WORLD OVER. in silver Cases. In Silver Cases.. In SnTer CaSe3 In 18-et. G,Id Cases. lEstratedC1Book" 3 s'u- e e. OLT) -P Y TIANGE.' All (;c.. ATpi-oved wi,'1 bc Exc-b!ln'6u v e d Cheapest, Strongest nnd most Durable London made TllUEE-QF.\ TITlCH PLATE ever Foid. An English IS Rabies,Chrono- meter Balance. Patent B-irrel. and Da tup ni Dust Proof Ilinz Price 5s. Keeps better tiuie i ban. and i* the re;i<7th and Value of. any Z5 53. V.tch m-ide. In Stori-.a; Silver Cases, with Kcroatt Crystal Glas- Made in Four Sizes at one Prkv, £ 5p 5s. No. 1. Gentlemen A Youths <n-* illustraled»: I.o. '2. v> orkmsr Men; No. 3. Railway 21 >u and 3Iin=; N j i>a:hes. In massive 18-et. Gold Caw. wit fi Gentlemen's size. £ 12 12s. Lndv s size. £ !0 !0». A pood Knoctabont Wntch for rough wear at a low price. Best London made. Three-Quarter Plate KnglUh Lever, La re, Chronometer Balancc, Jewelled in Rubies, Strong Keyless Action. An Ex vt Timekeeper, and bettor value than any Keyless Watch sold for £10. Priee £ 5. in Extra Sirongth, Sterling Silver, Crystal GLusi Cases. 1:1ENSOrS EKOAGEM&NT RINGS, in Half. Hoop. Marquise, Gipsey and all other (lesigns, set with Brillitints. Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, Sap- phires, Opals, Turquoise, &c., &c.,or in plain gold. ALL WATCHES AND JEWELLERY 6,t VH fr; c, and at my risk, to all parts of the World on receipt of Dnift, Cash, or P.O.O.. payarli;'nt C.t' O. r>~r\r\ nr r\m>-a nrr A TVI-« CEND FOR BENSON'S BOOK of WxVlCHfcS irora £ ';o 2'i. to £ o00. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHES, PLATE, f- -i.t post lree on application to JHT¥y WATCHMAKER and JEWELLER TO • sM» M&M&M 9 ELM. THE QUEEN and ROYAL FAMILY. Steam Factory: And 23. Rn'rAL EXHANGJP. E G and 25, OLD BOND SiREET, W., LONDON. WATCH, fe., CLUBS.—Applications for agencieo invited. Easy system, no risk. o-L Y ::0- .A ,u_ G U ARANTEED AND CARRIACE PAID. I Full Catalogue and Testimonials from users in any I)i>.tiict, Post free, fiom the 1 DISTRICT AGENTS Agent for Carmarthen and District: W. THOMAS, Ironmon-cr and Implement Agent, Carmarthen. Agent for Llandilo and District: D. P. DAVIES, General IronlllongTJ 3 and 5, King-street, Llandilo. fc'i* -s fi RFP()HiC. nFirnRi< MY CONFESSION. l I!ave, aft(',r iiiieli iOn, to to sufferers who will send mea self-address.1' stamped envelope, the Prescription which cured ins after 17 years of sufrrug from Nervous Debility, caused by the Errors of Tliis Proscription is from my own experiouce an nifaliitni guarantied cure for Lost Manhood, Kpermakorrhce>5, "Exhausted Vifcalir.y, Prematura Decay, x outntui imprudence. Y/eakness. Despondency, Varicocele, Kidney & Liver Complaint?, and all Diseases ol the Urinary Organs, and 1 confidently recommend it to all who so suffer. (N'amo this taper). jgr, fe" m vj mT) sCr<;¥ j; Ci'( 1A o-' >i > V..) r.. >VB 1 A bTKU. Write to W. H. BHOWPJ, Esq., 14 Chcsham Road, Brfghtos-a, Sussex. J STTIwEIsdIEK, SEASOIT, 1896. W D. LLTrees IS NOW UAK. HIS USUAL GRAND SHOW éF NEW GOODS SUITABLE FOR THO-SUMMER SEASON. ALL DEPAPTMENTS ARE THORouGIOy UP TO Dl TE & CONTAIN THE NEWEST GOODS OF fBE BEST QUALITY. D. LL. REES, DRAPER AND MILLINER. NEW STRT^CTGOODS. D. LLO EES, THE LEA.:DIN i, OUTFITTER, MEN'S SUITS—12/11 to 42/ j| YOUTHS' SUITS-G/ll to 28/11. MEN'S JACKETS & VESTS-8/1 i to 22/- BOYS' SUITS—1/9 to 14/6. THY OUR X D 3/9 IIAT. "GENTS' MEKCERY OF EVERYIdesSIPTION IN THE LATEST STYLES. ———f NOTE-THE OXLY ADDRESS, 14 & 15, GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. ,Jr K3TABLL#ED 1806. CATHERIIFSR M. CADLE, WHOLESALE §- RETAIL TFIJSTE, SJWIT, ALE, Sf PORTER MERCHANT, HALF illo HOTEL, DARK-GATE AND BLUE", P,, EET, CARMARTHEN. AGKNWOU BASS AND oJaER ALES. GUINNESS'S AND OTHER PORARS, I,N CASKS AND BOTTLES. CASKS, FROM 9 GALLONS AND ALWAYS IN STOCK. SAMPLES AND PRICM ON APPLICATION. SCHWEPPE'S CHAMPAGNE GINGERADE, L'^ONADE, SODA WATER, AND BRIGHTON SELTZEI?WATER. WINES AND SPIRITS ct THE BEST QUALITY. PRICES, FROM 2s. 7s. PER BOTTLE. ALL SPIRITS 0$MATUREAGE. AN ORDINARY EYERY~1pAY AT ONE O'CLOCK. i EOB WH]ijXJ-3VEA.XDE HOUSEHOLD .FURNITURE IRONBEDSTEDS, BEDDING, A. A A A LOW PRICE, TIR/ST LLEWELLYN, CABINETMAKER, ST. PETER'S-STREBT, CARMARTHEN. FUNERALS FURNISHED. W. FIHCH, WINE, SPIRIT, ALK, AND STOUT MERCHANT, > 16 NOTT-SAIJARE, CARMARTHEN. Agent for Bass & Co.'9 Pale and Burton Vies. o GUINESS'S EXTRA STOUT IN CASKS AND BOTTLES. Wines and Spirits in good variety of the best-known Brands. SPECIALITY IN SCOTCH WHISKY— 0 U- N T A. I DEW" GUARANTEED FIVE YEARS OLD. GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. THE GREATEST SUCCESS OF MODERN TIMES! Wavn all the Testimonials published that have been received in avour of this Remedy, they would fill a Volume of nearly One Thousand Pages of the ordinary size. "THEY ARE lvIORE THAN GOLD TO ME,-TIIE, Y SAVED MY LIFE." If you suffer PAIN in the BACK and LOINS, or between tho SHOULDERS, this Remedy wil effeC?f1vou ar^tToubleTwith IRRITATION of the BLADDER, SUPPRESSION and RETENTION of the w STONE, or GRAVEL, tho ONLY SAFE and EFFECTUAL REMEDY OFFERED TO THE wnttT/D is GEORGE'S PILE and GRAVEL PILLS. Tf the Water is HIGH OOLOUKED, THICK, and depositing much SEDIMENT, lose no time, procure v «f CFOKGE'S PILLS, and you will soon be itJA* -« I again, a Tf vour KIDNEYS and LIVER are sluggish a«a ^at of <order, this Remedy will gently STIMULATE these important ovKan?, open up their CLOGGED PA^SAGEfc), and promote the secretion of HEALTHY BILIf you alt^l^IarTyrLto^1DiS^ BILIOUSNESS, and CONSTIPATION you have a SURE Kem^dy in GEORG^ ^IILL^ as pjLES, CONSTIPATION, FLATULENCE, COLIC, iiave here a Remedy you can always rely upon. If vou suffer from PALPITATION, and are afraid that your HEART is affected, you will find these Pills an EFFICACIOUS REMEDY. i, If you suffer from HEADACHE and GIDDINESS, oroorgc s Pills will remove these PAINS sooner than any EATING, and feel DROWSY svnd LISTLESS, ono Dose of George's Pills will Etc.fc like ft ch&i'ifli If your FOOD TURNS SOUR and rfrssinto the inoutu, a e w doses o this Remedy will make your t °UlfyoVfee°gNERVOUS, EXCITABLE, and LOW SPIRITED, a perfect ANTIDOTE will bo found in George's Pills. If you have a DISAGREEABLE TASTE in the mouth, a SINGLE DOSE of George's File and Gravel Pills at bed-time will clear the tongue before the dawii of another day. If SLEEP fails to give you REST try George's Pills. They will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and REVIVE your STRENGTH. If you feel unfit for EXERTION, WEAK, and LIMP, this Remedy wi RESTORE your ENERGY and STRENGTH, and will mako Labour and Exercise the ENJOYMENT of your life. If you are troubled with NAUSEA and VOMITING at the thought of eating, a bo of George s Pills will make your meat and drink both SAVOURY and PLEASANT. b If your BLOOD is impure, it will keep open all the important outlets of the body, and thus give free exit to all GROSS HUMOURS, and no more BLOOD IMPURITIES will be seen bursting through the Skin in PIMPLES, BLOTCHES, SORES, or BOILS. T,„TTmr^ In thousands of cases it has removed from the Blood, root and branch, RHEUMATIC, SCOKliu liC, and SCROFULOUS TAINTS that- had defied all other Remedies. TrTnvmro If you have a tendency to DROPSICAL SWSLLINGS, this remedy, by its action upon the IvIDNIiYb and SKIN, will soon brin?;'Relief. If you have DIFFICULTY of BREATHING, this Remedy will prove a friend to you in the hour of need. It will change your CONSTANT AILING to FREEDOM FROM PAIN. It will change the SALLOW COMPLEXION to the BLOOM OF HEALTH. It wil change your SICKLINESS to VIGOUR; your LANGOUR to ACTIVITY and your GENERAL DEBILITY to firmness of SINE Wand MUSCLE. It is APERIENT, and therefore will remove CONSTIPATION. It is ANTIBILIOUS, and will, therefore, correct all iriegularities of the LIVER. It is DIURETIC, and will, therefore, keep open ihe WATER PASSAGES. It is TONIC, and will, therefore, give TONE and. VIGOUR to the DIGESTIVE ORGANS It is BLOOD-PURIFYING and NERVE STRiSNGTHENING. It is, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. THESE WORLD-RENOWNED PILLS ARE LPJLL) EVERYWHERE In Boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. eacb. By Post, Is. 3d. and 3s. PROPRIETOR—J. i. fiEOUlaE, M.K.P.S., JlliUl Altf. PLEASE OBSERVE. Ifei V Men's Suits 1.3/11 to 45, Youth's Suits 9/11 to 28/- Bovs' Suit-, 1/111- to 15/11 Men's Cloth Trousers 3/11 to 11 9 15. MORRIS & CO., THE CASH CLOTHIERS OLD LONDON HOUSE, Xj a in m as Street CARMARTHEN. TERMS-CASH. NO CREDIT. CLKRAYF CAKE: SEED CAKE! SULTM1 CAKE! AND EVERY OTHER KIND OF CAKE. We supply the above BETTER and CHEAPER than any other House in the Trade. We also MAKE IS READ A 3D DELIVER TO AW PART OF THE TOWN, AND ABE AGENTS BY APPOINTMENT FOR ■ H: 0 V I SrI BREAD (SMITH'S TATENT). T. SMlYTl C £ CO., KING-STREET BAKERY, CARMARTHEN, itodfiSf m 5 M = il i If. kv p#A & W £ f £ :M«A i! y 1^11 2^ ssB w f s ^IBPg*lari;42lg WJ'la'JIS Rpeaiwirii5™»» The most palatable, thirst-quenching, ra- g S troahlng, animating tonic drink produceabla so For every OPEN-AIR WORKER and all g fi employed in Shcp3, ^IillS) Manufactories & UlneS. oi k4 MiTATID .BUT MOT EOUALLEB.f^5g5t g SAMPLE BOTTLE FREE 9 STAMPS, « g fit MASON, NOTTINGHAM, g TOJt COOSHS OLSAM Op A ft ape POWELL'S BALSAB LUNG TROUBLES. SAFE AND RELIABLE. Established 70 Year6. rt-rai .r.nrs Beware of Irait»tioM« •^ROLV SHTSS EVERYWHERE. In Eottlos. l/H. U/' BREAKFAST-SUPPER. E P P S'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA BOILING WATER OR MILKl FREE TO MEN. 1TT nEV vou are tired of taking nauseous .and mysterious W descriptions and compounds, which do you no pood i wahp <iifrr«;tivo organs, >Tiitc to inc and I will £ na0M? JSSIh Vscribe^a^QUiCK and CERTAIN pr RF for lo-t strength, wasting weakness, £ c., from what- vcr cause arising. No Stomach Medicine no Electricity, eentin envelope on receipt of two stamps for postage. A. Leigh, 1)2 aud 93, Great Russell-street, London, W .0. DR. '.iNTAC-K'.kY'S "N,INR'VEI-JLOUS 5/6 FEMALE REMEDY, 5/6 ADIES will SAVE much EXPENSE, DELAY, and niTTVR DIS VPPOINK1KNT by sending at first fcr this \V u N1) E! illL L Y SUCCESSFUL MEDICINE. POST FREE L ed POSITIVELY the ONLY TRTTSTWOHTHY ffitELIABLE PBEPABATION in THE WORLD lor ALL TRREGULARITIES. NEVER FAILING in bringing about an that is desired SPEEDILY and SAFELY. Does not cause PROSTIIATIONT PAIN like most of the. SO-CALLED REMEDIES, but by its invigorating and etIeetive action nrmnotes a healthv condition of the system hitherto e, unattainable BY ANy OTHER PREPARATION. Thousands of flattering and Unsolicited testimonials havo bce"i received EXTOLLING the VIRTUES of this REMARK- ABLE MEDICINE Space, however, will not admit of them all being published. The following extracts are, therefore, specimens of some of tho NUMEROUS GRATEFUL LETTERS that arrive da"y:YOur remedy is worth its weight in gold.—Mrs W." "The first two doses put me right.—Mrs N." Your mediciue relieved IDe) almost iustantly.-)I. H." Everything I tried had failed. Your remedy acted liko magie.L. \V "Yours, indeed, is a marvellous remedy.—H. B." Not only am I all right, but much improved in health—A. S." "I sincerely wish I had wrote to you before.—Mrs lv." Every female ought to know of your medicine.—Mrs W." Sha.ll always send to you in future.—Miss R." "Many, many thanks for your truly effective medicine.—Mrs. Y." "All other remedies were useles3. Three doses of yours benefitted me.—Mrs S." LADIES, lKiN'T DELAY, SEND AT ON(E and test the Value of this Famous Medi^ino. 101, HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. DU, MACKAY'S "MARVELLOUS" 5/6 FEMALE REMEDY. 5/6 J 5J\1(1 P["'<:}1ï"L.! Why Pay Exorbitant Pricesjor Bicycles BY BUYING THROUGH MIDDLE-MEN WHEN YOU CAN Save this tremendous Overcharge BY Buying direct from the Manufacturers. D.E.JONES & Co., MANUFACTURERS OF THE THE LEADER" CYCLES, Leader Cycle Works, Carmartlien. "THE LEADER" FOR ELEGANCE OF DESIGN, GOOD WORKMAN- SHIP, AND EASY RUNNING, Is the Best and Cheapest in the Market, WE DO NOT SAY SO: IT IS THE UNANIMOUS OPINION OF THE LADY AND GENTLEMEN RIDERS OF THE THREE COUNTIES. LUTE LIFE z R: SAVE YOU CilDEN FijOM DEATH DEATH I BY TRI\ T TERRIBLE DISEASE CROllP if-. ff Vim?, v \*?€- J <<7 \r', {^oK/ Many Thousands Die Annually. ALL MAY TIE SAVED BY GIVING Til KM MORTIMER'S CROUP & G Oil 611 MTU EE IW TIME. -H. Also a v.aluaLls renisdy fcr Coughs, C QTSGH, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, InfianRE^, Cere Throats, lloarscncss, Diphtheria, Fevrc, ••■U Affect;ons of the Chest and Lungs, blh in Adnlis anr's Children, Patronised by the Public for over 60 year*. The r M fam frnift-arnrwif nnr THOUSANDS OF GENUINE TESTIMONIALS. The originals may be seen at the Proprietor's; anyone doubt- iog their genuineness may write to addresses given. From the Right Eev. the LORD BISHOP OF SWANSEA. DEAR SIR,-Our children frequently suffer from attacks of Croup, and we have always found Mortimer's Mixture a sure and safe remedy. My wife says she would not for anything be without it in the house. Having had experience of its beneficial effects upon our children, we gladly take every opportunity of recommendiug it to our friends. Yours very truly, J. SWANSEA. Penrhos, Newham Road, Bedford. Silt,—I rpceived the throe bottles of Mortimer's Croup and Whooping Cough Mixture. Please seud me twelve more bottles, as my children have all got the Whooping Cough. I find it does them so much more good than anything e-se in fact, I have never known it fail in Croup or Whooping Cough. Kindly send by return, and oblige, Yours truly, A. RK&C. In Bottles, Is nd and 2s 9d each; sent by post to any address. Prepared only by MORTIMER, LIMITED, CARMARTHEN, SOUTH WALES. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors Wholesale Agents W. SUTTON & Co., London. HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. jLjL The most certain and speedy remedy. STOPS COLD CURES COUGH! HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. JLJL Sold Everywhere. Price Is ld; 289d. Y IMPORTANT NOTICE, Y Just Published, a Book for Young Men, A By Dr -J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), entitled "HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH," On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases depending (I Exhaust-ion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impairet ight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back, &ce. Sent post free for two stamps or by letter post 3 stamps "TilE FEMALES' FRIEND AND ADVISER Ivm be sent to any address on receipt of two stamps. A,1<,r0&8, Dr. BARNES, 48. Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, Loadou, N. ON. HEBV0^S^,&c. A getrticiiiaii trieil iii ain every reiiiedv, has discovered a simple self cure for Nervous Debility, e Spermatorrhoea, Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decay, Lost Manhood, The Errors of Youth, Kidney and Liver Complaints, and all Diseases of the Urinary Organs; which he will be pleased to forward on receipt ofstainped- addressed envelope. Address IIEXRY DAVIS, ESQ., COI>I'ORT> LOPGE, Ciucjij-.STUR. FLACK, BRIGHTON, SUSSEX. (Vae-t this paper). POST FHEE, 21). MEN WHO ARE WEAK should read the best and most valuable work on ATROPHY and VARICOCELE, by M.D., Ch.M., with special chapters on the explanation of vital secrets and the certain Cure of Prostration, Debility and Decay. Tlio purest guide in essential matters. Address—" Surgeon," Copford Lodge, Brighton, Sussex. WHY DO MEN SUFFER from Weakness Despondency, Nervousness, Nervous Debility, Loss of Strength, Youthful Imprudence, Lost Man hood, &c., when they can write to a friend (who has given the matter a life-long study) and be cured ? Simple self-treatment.—Enclose stamped envelope to w. n. Biiow.v, Esq., 14, Chesham Road, Brighton, who will send sufferers prescription free. I (Name ihis Paper). ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is war ranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex (a-cquired or constitutional), Gravel and Pains in the hack. Guaranteed free from Mercury. S,ld in boxes, 4s Gd each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent for sixty stamps by the Makers, THE LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COUNTIES DKUCJ Co., LINCOLN. ^WHOLWIALE.^BARCJAY and Sons, Farringduu-street, and all the Wholesale Ilouaes.