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$k fH H H v <0 F., UMMIE FOOTBALL OUTFITS. LEADING THE WAY AS USUAL, CHEAPEST AND BEST HOUSE. Write or can 50:" coaiprelionsive Catalogue for the Season, post free to any address. ye* :rø. '¡M JU'*tl*x or AKMOCIA'LIO?;. 4s, 9d. 5s» 9cL ./I!¡' < Crtsr?. k 'WIVV: :;j:"i;VlrE.M/LK J'.AU,. if })li,1t¡f' I; o T:. J Hll1¡h:'r g1HI(1r. N ■. it fb. d. :< L I,. X.5 (Jlrncli l"i;r(\ I, !it!. >> ('. L:, P08to.d. I All F«]IT?AH TicESSOmEYAT | | LSWiST PSSSiglS PRISES. j ¥MmEm7~~ M3. 4d. 1s. 4d. C" id,)-j ):. 10.1.. 1 id. ?.S. 1111. FOOTBALL StOTS. IN* HAT,vi s. Qi'Aiyi i:Ks. STm)>]•>•. All 1 2s. 6d. 2s. 9d, Bay's L(,y': Sie. Size) 3d. 3d. lea¡:, ler.s. Alr ('lIi('¡I/)"s lLurl i'vmhinatf^ns. Flannelette (.ill colours) 2: &1. :(: rH,?;i\)" t "PS): E t Flannel Call clour?* Od. Bent Quality (Shnwk) (Halves, Quarters, or Strii't's) v«». <; ]. S?fSiai FOOTBALL BOOTS. From 5s, lid. 1 1, I 111 From 5s. lid. iJrovu Kns-rl < alt' Ul íru. rntinu) £ «. llrl. The KVfrrre Jinssrt C»lf >s. JM. (With or without Ankk-TVott rt-ib ) The Forwards, t'xtra lijrlit, CIiiomr l.rfltln'r 8s. 77i. rotacre. (M. THE REFEREE BALI. lU<.i!Y or ,»S:;o( lAiJ'J.N. 10s. 6d. 10s. 6d. 10 9 f haj. "Will Inst hm^-v t|ian 0,),^r F»"»"ry Hertion Sfretched ftMd Km'ii jucn -l IsL-LMiv ic.ii<cr made. rnro lu.% 0 i\t l'i t+». I ALL F9QTSALL A32ESS98IE3 AT I } L0L¥ £ ST F-G33'RL £ PRICES. | ¿. mm mmm, '¿;:¡"i, IP' II' ,il'1 f :H-E<¡¡ G 1"11 (f¡íV'lJ ,¡-rrT-:î Strong l.iic.i <'«-lit :«nou.s Tnn Leather .-i ,u-v .) !s. c.) Vm^, f, ],■ fiT"" "r"~ — I, T'luCoifC, Lined Cliamnts (do.) -v. :M. ,V,viii;i!l"ilelt9frojn <"a.' IP^C- k'u'u ttml Ankle <ii;rd .ojiubiae-l) line i piuintjiiii'i'. X 1l 'j\ 'i. •_• ii.1. S:s'r;:v V,X\'A /fei T J IV '"srv, il from l!s. )<<• f ]» |K 7" IS'.mt'l" » c w-r dozen. Ijptf bKSEB&IB- ■& || ^J* t? {\ A!N i-i .-■( i>p ••in-r. rat'ni *>nil-_u i'lt-f* (KU.T ivl.inrj, fc. 111. 1 -?»s. ■• ■■•^• •• JiV.*t sir .")a rJ"*i!■ d, 47. ALL OP.DEES OVEF" TElT SKILLUN PAID, A. W, GAMACEp <18. 126. 127 tgg. R.29.. HQLBORN. LONDON, E.C BENSSH'SsiSWATCHES Guaranteed for Accuracy, Durability, and Strength, at Maker's Cash Prices. In Silver Cas.;s. In lG-ct- Gold Cases. C/IRS BENSON'S ^f^S& ENGLISH LEVER "X.UDGATE" K§j! n11^STn°NGE8T, and BEST London mado THREE- Sm pWjua* Ql^ AU1EU PLATE English Lever Watch ever sold for £ 5 5,. ^iiwi* >^L1 ■3h t-> Thirteen JevreJs, Chronometer Balance, Patent Large Barrel, and IWif PH 4ij38fcl Uarnp ;m<l Duet. Proof RiDg Band. Massive Silver Cases with Un- HrHl doublethestrengthandvalueofany llj i /0\ L Mm ■ in Four Rjzos,at one Trioe. «5 5s.No. 1, Gentlemen's ft 1\ hv"$m§ t^asi illustmted); Ko. 2, Working Mens No. 3, Bailway Men and 1 \\W {• J 1 ^/JWB miners; No 4, Ladies'. BENSON S \V\ M I J himmm Jr..on.^nas^v? Cases, with Crystal Glass, Gentlemen's CLUBS. lAdy-B, £ 10 10s. +;A.pplicn,- Thousands of Testimonial* from Wearers all the World over. C(I' SENT FREE^at my risk, to all parts of the World for P.O.0., END FOR BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 2 2s. to IC500. CLOCKS, CHAINS S l '-i.Ht Kir^X'l RINGS, BROOCHES, PLATE, &c, &c. Post free on application. ;R. A BENSON'S Jfey KEYLESS ENGLISH LEVER "BA N K." mr/Kvii r ?00f^ Knockabout Watch for rough wear at a low price. Best K/Tvi A. TV London made. Three-Qnarter Plate Englixh I^jver, Clironometer Bu w 4 « H Balance, Jewelled in Rubies. Strong KeylesK Action, in Sterling mflL Ju 1A p Q Q' Glass Cases- Tost freo at my risk, for £ 5 Note, or mil R I w Selections of Watches or Jewellery sent free on receipt of I lllilli eOLD WATCHES AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE, I 18 t Sit ij Sj llfl Goods Not Approved wjll bo Exchanged. IFJ-w. BENSON,B;; (.fy-S W \\i>l JMjBjn THE STEAM FACTORY, it tit 62&64,LUDCATE HILL, E.C. pWj) And at 28' R0YAL EXCHANGE, E.C.; and 23, OLD BOND STREET, LONDON, W. JUBILEE CLOCKS, for Churches, Schools, and Public Buildings, from £ 10. Estimates Free. GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. THE GREATEST SUCCESS OF MODERN TIMES f w«rft all the Testimonials published that have been received in avour of this Remedy, they would fill w ere au. u Volume of nearly One Thousand Pages of the ordinary size. "THEY ARK MORE THAN GOLD TO ME,-THEY SAVED MY LIFE." If you Buffer PAIN in the BACK and LOINS, or betweon the SHOULDERS, this Remedy wil effec|™u IreToubleTiith IKRITATION of the BLADDER, SUPPRESSION and RETENTION of tl,« WATER GRAVEL, the ONLY SAFE »»d EFFECTUAL REMEDY OFFEREE To THE W Ai PILL anCl u UAVrlLLo, W°Tf the Water is HIGH COLOURED, THICK and depositing much SEDIMENT, lose no time, proenre f CEORGE'S TILLS, and you will soon be RIGHT again. v ure b°IfVOur KIDNEYS and LIVER are sluggish aw ,ut of order, this Remedy will gently STIMULATE A. •* „font orcan?, open up their bljUUUliiJ,» i'AbbAGijS, and promote the secretion of HEAfnuv these iinPf y, VITAL FLUIDS. BU,?f you 2e a martyr to INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS, and CONSTIPATION you have a SURE Remedy {S anyBowe'l Disorder, such as PILES, CONSTIPATION, FLATULENCE COT T n If you Buner can always reiy upon. U-Lao, y0UIfa^usXr from PALPITATION, and are afraid that your HEART h affected, you will find these and GIDDINESS, George's PilLwill remove these PAINS sooner than any othe^k^owi^meclic^e.TEli BATING, and feel DROWSY and LISTLESS, one Dose of George's pill, If you have AFTEII s ^«^UKNS SOUR and ri;osinto the mouth, a ow doses o this Remedy will make your trOUn1f}I'felfNERVOUS, EXCITABLE, and LOW SPIRITED, a perfect ANTIDOTE will be found in ^°IfVou have a DISAGREEABLE TASTE in the mouth a SINGLE DOSE of George'fcPile and Gravel Pills at bed time wil) clear the temguo before the dawn of another day. If SLEEP fails to give you REST try George's Pills. They will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, JL^^JSCfitfo^EXERTION, WEAK, and LIMP, thiai Remedy wi RESTORE your ENERGY ftnd STRENGTH, and will make Labour and ExcrcLe the ENJOYMEN1 of your life. If you are troubled with NAUSEA and VOMITING at the thought of eating, a bo of George's Pills will make your meat and drink both SAVOURY and PLEASANT. c it t jf your'LLOOD is impure, it will keep open all the important outlets of the body, and thus give free exit to all OlvOb^ HUmotjrs and no roore BLOOD IMPURITIES will be seen bursting through the Skin in HI>U V1^' BL,i;CHES, SORES, or BOILS. In thousands of from the Blood root and branch, RHEUMATIC, SCORBUTIC, and SCROFULOL o vkt^at had defied all other Remedies If you have a tendency to BIiopsiCAL SWELLINGS, this remedy, by its action upon the KIDNEYS and SKIN, will soon bringRelief. If you have DIiljl-l-vL/1"' 01 BREATHING, this Remedy will prove a friend to you in the hour of 1166 It will change your CONSIST ^1^0 to FE,EED0M FROM PAIN. It will change the oA L1A)^ LLXIojy to the BLOOM OF HEALTH. It will change your SlCIvLi^^o tto VIGOUR; your LANGOUIl to JAOTTVITY and your GENERAL I>EBILIT V to firmness of SINEty an<1 MUSCLE. It is APERIENT, and therefore will remove t. OBSTIPATION. c It is ANTIBILIOUS, and will, therefore, correct all inegularities of the LIVER. It is DIURETIC, and will, therefore, eep penf the WATER PASSAGES. It is TONIC, and will, therefore, 8'Zr^J1 K to the DIGESTIVE ORGANS It is BLOOD-PURIFYING and NERVE SI LENGTHENING. It is, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. THESE WORLD-RENOWNED PILLS ARE oJLO EVERYWHERE In Boxes, 1 s. qd. and 2s. 9d. eacbr By Post, is. 3d. and Ss. PROPRIETOR-J. E. GEOKCE, M.«.P.Sm UIRKAIN. Get your Printing- done at this Office. tn You will have it attractive & cheap. GREAT SALE NOW ON AT D. LL. REES, 4 'I" 14 & 15, GUILDHALL SQUARE, M: C 1-3: U -1* IT CHRISTMAS, 1897. FOR THE BEST CHRISTMAS CAKE PLEASE CALL AT GTVALIA HOUSE BAKERY\ PRIORY-STREET, CARMARTHEN. Plum, Seed, and Sultanas of the best Quality. KINDLY SEND IN ORDERS EARLY. Christmas Fruit Mill be sold at very low Prices. Currants, 2 £ cL, 3d., and 4d. per lb. Raisons 3d. and 4d. per lb. 4 Sultanas, 5d. per lb. Lemon Peel, 4d. per lb. Mixed, 6d. per lb. Take advantage of these low Prices which will be only for the Christmas Week. NOTE THE ADDRESS- G. TREHARNE, FAMILY GROCER, PRIORY-STREET. JfS[ It's from the Kitchen that all I lie creature comforts of the home may be said to emanate. Don't Ti^glect your Kitchen, nor think that any sort of old lumber is good enough for fixing it up with. You will have willing and cheerful servants if you have your kitchen nicely furnished. Davies, Towy Works, knov 3 all about it; he will be only too happy to see you on the subjo< md tupply you, for Cash or on the Hire System. DAVIES, TOWY WORKS, CARMARTHEN, I COK tlXfi HOUSE F, URNISHER, & IROXIJONG ER. ASZ; FOR THE CASTLE TOBACCO COMPANY'S SUPERFINE SHAG. SPECIALITIES CARMARTHEN MIXTURE (Medium Flavoured). 1 :@.OR KUSILEER'S MIXTURE (Full Flavoured) I NANSEN RETURNS. 1 PIPE. PICTON FLAKE. J GOLDEN GROVE—CHOICEST CIGARETTE TOBACCO ALL GUARANTEED FREE 1710H ADULTERATION. j■- MANUFACTURED FROM THE FINEST SELECTED LEAF BY THE CASTLE TOBACCO COMPANY, MANUFACTURERS, CARMARTHEN. IPORTANT IsTOTICE A CLEARANCE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE IRON BEDSTEADS, WIRE MATTRESSES, BEDDING, TOILET AND CHIMNEY GLASSES, AND OTHER GOODS AT REDUCED PRIOES NOW ON AT LLEWELLYN'S, CABINETMAKER, SAINT PETER'S-STREET, CARMARTHEN. • ESTABLISHED 1854. D- TITUS "WILLIAMS, BOOKBINDER, &c., CHAPEL HOUSE, CIIAPEL STREET, CARMARTHEN. MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, AND ALL KINDS OF PUBLICATIONS BOUND TO SUIT THE OWNER'S TASTE. All Work executed with Good Taste, and Best Materials Guaranteed. NOTICES TO QUIT From Landlord to Tenant and Tenant to Landlord, may be obtained at the Reporter Office. Price One Penny. CURRANT CARE! SEED CAKE! SILTAXA CAKE! AND EVEHY OTHER KIND OF CAKE. We supply the above BETTER and CHEAPER than any other House in the Trade. We also MAKE BREAD AXD DELIVER TO AW PART OF THE TOWN, AMD ARE AGENTS BY A P P 0 IN TM EN T VIW FOR "HOYIS" BREAD (SMITH'S PATENT). T. SMITH & CO., KING-STREET BAKERY, CARMARTHEN. HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. -t-JL The most certain and speedy remedy. STOPS COLD CURES COUGH! HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. Safe for Children. Is lict; 2 9d. ^^children^AIRT J* Hagon's CLEANSER. "<r destroys Nits, Sc., and makes Children's II Hair grow Beautiful, Curly, Soft and Strong. (SoSa^Lafi A lady writes,4' I have used HAOON S Cleanser toe yp^jSSpr?/ the last 10 years for my girls, and they now have *fj Beautiful Golden Hair in ^reat abundance. £ *1d \E3Sy by most ChrnJ..i 's, and any Chmist trill obtain if if (1,c);,d, tut inriat on HAOON'S; vothina else trill do the tcork; sl&ME&Bz* fid.Bottles, "oost free 9d., 2 for 1/4. A THE MOST NUTRITIOUS COCOA. 0, E P P SS GRATEFUL-COMFORTING; COCOA %so FOR BREAKFAST AND SUPPER. PRINTING! PRINTING! G OOD, CHEAP, AND GXPEDITIOUS PRINTING E XECUTED AT THE "WEEKLY REPORTER" PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES, 3, BLUE-STREET CARMARTHEN. I POHl bH.8 (COLOURED OR PLAIN HANDBILLS TRADE CIRCULARS MEMORIAL CARDS (IN GREAT VARIETY BUSINESS CARDS PAMPHLETS ANNUAL REPORTS PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE PROGRAMMES (BALL, CONCERT, OR SPORTS) BILLHEADS MEMO. FORMS CHEQUE BOOKS, &c. 1) RICES ON APPLICATION. Orders by Post receive prompt and careful attention. The Carmarthen Weekly Reporter PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY EVENING, Circulate" throughout South Wales generally, and has the LARGEST CIRCULATION IN THE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN PRICE ONE PENNY. POST FBEE FOR 1/9 PER QUARTER TYPEWRITING AND SHORTHAND TAUGHT BY J. R. BLAND, Reporter, 4, RICHMOND-TERRACE, CARMARTHEN. Twenty Years' Practical Expcriencc. NOTICES TO QUIT. FROM LANDLORD TO TENANT AND TENANT TO LANDLORD, May be obtained at the REPORTER 'OFFICLR, Blue-street, Carmarthen. PRICE ONE PENNY. EVERY MAN SUFFERING from NERVOUS & PHYSICAL DEBILITY S should seud for a valuable pamphlet explaining how all nervous and organic derangements may he successfully treated without stomach medication. The method is easy and pleasant, and will effect a perfect and permanent cure. Sent sealed. Post Free.—Address, E. NORTON, 24!1, HIGH HOLBORN,^LONDON, W. Established :,0 ,Y CLARKE'S B il PILLS are warranted to cure, in either sex, all acquired or Constitutional Discharges from the Urinary Organs, Gravel and Pains in the back. Free from Mercury. Established upwards of 30 years. In boxes. Is 6d each, of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World, or sent for sixty stamps by the makers, the Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Company, Lincoln. WOMEN'S AILMENTS. IRREGULARITIES, &c.-A lady, having tried .i_ in vain every advertized remedy, has at last discovered a Simple Cure, which will act in a few hours, no matter how stubborn the case. Bona-Jidc sufferers can get it FREE OF CHARGE by enclosing stamped envelope. Don't experiment with Worthless Pills, Mixtures, and Conca, and other injurious nostrums. Write at once with I-TLL II-JPE AND CONFIDENCE to Mrs F. E. ST. CLAIR, -!<», Southamp- ton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. -+- X SPECIAL TO YOUNG MEN, U JuBt Published, a Medical Work, ]\ ENTITLED "HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH," On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart' Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision. Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depresssion of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back, &c Sent post free for two stamps or by letter post a stamps "THE FEMALES'FRIEND AND ADVISER" Will be sent to any address on receipt of two stamps. Address, Messrs BARNES and Co., 4S. Lonsdale Square, Barcsbury, Loudou, N. — ————————————————————— 1 SILVER MEDAL, EDINBURGH, 1889; GOLD MEDAL, JAMAICA, 1891. GOLD MEDAL, DERBY, 1891. ALTOGETHER 6 GOLD MEDALS RECEIVED AND HIGHEST AWARD AT CHICAGO EXHIBITION COLEMAN'S WINGARNIS OR Liebig's Extract of Meat and Malt Wine. Is a Delicious Beverage and Tonic made from Port Wine, Liebig's Extract of Meat, and Extract of Malt. WINCARNIS Is a New Name, Registered to prevent fraudulent imitations. OVER FOUR THOUSAND Unsolicited Testimonials have been received from Medical Men, New Street, St. Neots, January 28th, 1^94. I have much pleasure in giving you my experience a5 to the Meat and Malt Wine received from you sometime since, and in bearing testimony as to its value as a recuperative and restorative agent. In the early part of last year my wife was seriously unwell, suffering from loss of flesh and appetite together with mental and bodily exhaustion, and sleeplessness. She was under treatment for a con- siderable time without relief, and I at last determined to try Wincarnis." The effect was marked, and convalescence com- menced from that date the appetite returned and the weight hourly increased, and in about two months the health was restored, and this result was in a great measure attributable to the use of Wincarnis "—of this I feel certain, that in many cases this preparation is a most valuable adjunot to medical treatment. T. POYNTZ WRIGHT, Medical Officer of Health, St. Neot's. WINCARNIS Is Sold by all Druggists, Wine Merchants, and Patent Vendors. Ask for Coleman's "WINCARNIS," or Liebig's Extract of Meat and Malt Wine, and see that the word WINCARNIS is on the shoulder of the bottle. Sold in Bottles, 25. 9d, and 4s. 6d. everywhere. m COLEMAN'S PURE COCOA. "GUARANTEED ABSOLUTELY PURE." Can be obtained of all Grocers and Chemists and of the Manufacturers, COLEMAN & CO., LTD., NORWICH & LONDON. COLEMAN'S "CROWN IMPERIAL" INVALID STOUT Price 2/9 per dozen bottles, Is a specially brewed Invalid Stout from Malt and Hops of the finest quality, and will be found to invigorate the system without leaving any signs of heaviness or dulness behind after drinking, as in the case of most Stouts. NUMEROUS TESTIMONIALS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED. It is recommended by the Medical Faculty as being the most nourishing Stout obtainable. COLEMAN'S CROWN IMPERIAL" INVALID CHAMPAGNE Is suitable for the Robust as well as the Invalid. Is a Sound, Wholesome, Fruity Wine. Is sold by all Grocers and Wine Merchants. Over 2,000 Testimonials have been received from Medical Men. 249, St. Ann's Road, S. Tottenham, N., August 28th, 1894. DEAR SIRS—I have great pleasure in testifying to the efficacy of your Invalid Champagne" submitted to me for trial by Mr. Cushing. I administered it to a child in a state of extreme collapse from an attack of 1 n fluenza and Pleurisy. The result was marvellous. The smouldering embers of life seemed at once to burst into flame, and an uninterrupted recovery ensued. I have no hesitation in saying that your "Invalid Champagne" is possessed of powerful stimulating and invigorating qualities, and cannot fail to be appre- ciated in all cases of debility, from whatsoever cause arising. „ I am, yours faithfully, H. CLAYTON FOX, M.R.C.S., Eng., L.S.A., Lond. Messrs. Coleman & Co., Ltd. Price, 30s. per Dozen Half-Bottles; 50s. per Dozen Full-size Bottles, Carriage Paid to any part of the United Kingdom. SOLE PROPRIETORS & MANUFACTURERS OF THE ABOVE. Coleman & Co., Ltd., NORWICH & LONDON. SOLD BY BRIGSTOCKE & SON, 54, KING- STREET, CARMARTHEN. IF you retire WEEDING CAIZD- call at the Reporter" Office. A nice selection to chooso fro on. Cheap prices.