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r; HAS IT ZED "V IE JEl> STRUCK YOTJ When purchasing Goods why they should be marked in private figures If an article is to be sold at 4/LI, and that is the only price it is to he sold at, 110 more, 110 less, what benefit is it to the shopkeeper to lnark it in such way that 110 one understands it but himself. Now We eaa show you the largest Stock of Men's. Youth's & Boys' Overcoats and Mackintoshes in the Town, all marked in Plain Figures. EVAN IMIOIE^IR/IS Sz 00_7 THE CASH CLOTHIERS, LAMMAS-STREET ( HANGING OUTSIDE )• 1. 6- I- i::r OATJTIOIM. Husbands! Study your 1.77ives, Ease and Comfort by Purchasing one of THE "AITOHOR" T IMPROVED WASHING M AC HIKES. li.L. l ,x 1,1 t} l; i_j j, r lo. -'P" LAI ESI AN J! 11 ESI OTJI, 11 J.¿'" ..L .fl.L _£-l (:J 1. WHICH REQUIRES NOTHING BUT HOT "WATER AND SOAP. By simply working a Lever the \s ashing is done. It is so simple that a Girl of Ten can do a Fortnight's o Washing in half a day. GUARANTEED NOT TO DAMAGE THE CLOTHES PRICE, with Rubber Wringers, complete, THIHJ GUffcX FREI §3g° JONES &7oNES. Ironmongers, GOLDEN ANCHOR, CARMARTHEN IMPORTANT NOTICE. Misses LEWIS & CLARE AUK NOW SHOWING A Choice Assortment of Ladies Mob and Dress Caps, Gloves, lace Fichus, Hair Ornaments, etc., FOR EVENING WEAR. A Visit of Inspection will be esteemed. CATBITDISH: I-IOTJS E7 KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN. "C r ESTABLISHED 1 S21. I DAVIES Ss SONS, WATCH & CLOCK MAKERS, JEWELLERS, SILVERSMITHS, OPTICIANS, &c., Õ UUILDHALL SQUARE, p SPLENDID SELECTION OF CLOCKS AT LOWEST1 "POSSIBLE PRICES. French Marble Clocks, Gilt Shade Clocks, Quarter Clocks, Alarms, and Timepieces. 10 lJer Cent. Discount for Cash AND SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR PRESENTATIONS. SPECIAL OFFER FOR JANURY, 18#8. THE REMAINING STOCK OF Ladies and Children's Winter Jackets and Furs of every description will be offered TTSSTIDIESIE, COST FRICE. To ettbet a complete Clearance. E. H. EVANS, ANCHOR HOUSE, CARMARTHEN. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Clearance Sale before Disposing of the Business. A LARGE STOCK OF FURNISHING- & GENERAL IRONMONGERY At Greatly Reduced Prices. x j ALSO, A LARGE STOCK OF BAr,g SHEET, AND HOOP IRON, AND NAIL loDs, A. T very low prices, ACCORDING TO QUANTITIES. NO REASON ABLE OFFER REFUSED FOR SPECIAL LOTS COME AND SEE. BUSINESS FOR DISPOSAL. j NOTE THE ADDRESS— :F:R/:E]:D:E::R,IC:K: JOES, 16, GUILDHALL-SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. | | W. T. ROGERS, | Pi umber, Gas-fitter Wire & Electric Bell-hanger, I HOUSE DECORATOR, &.C., 9, NOTT-SQUARE, CARMARTHEN, Repairs executed on the shortest notice. SPECIAL ATTENTION I'AJI) TO ALL CLASSES OF COUNTHY WOUK. GOOD WORKMANSHIP COMBINED WITH REASONABLE CHARGES. Stores-ST. CATHERINE-STREET. ^*00 English Unrivalled A R T ir,i c: i AL TE ETH ?-/6 Ielfurif- ar..13reron 38 CJ\T1..£STRE¡T Pncctisrs PoitFrts Pmc Lisrs Po,' free IT Attend CARMARTHEN Every TUESDAY at Mr. T. C. DAVIES', 5, King- street. Hours 12 till 6 p.m. Attend LLANDOVERY Every FRIDAY at Mrs. MORTON'S, Erskine House, Broad-street. Hours 11 till 0 p.m. Attend LLANDILO Every SATURDAY at Mrs. REES', Crescent House, Crescent-road. Hours: 9 till 3.30 p.m. Slop Y MODRWYAU. WILLIAAIS.-Wttches, Clocks, Jewellery, r f Silver and Electro-Plate. The Largest and Choicest Stock in the United Counties. WILLIAMS.-English Silver Lever, Capped and TT Jewelled, Crystal Glass at oos. Best value obtainable. ILLIAMS.-Wedding and Keeper Rings. w Every size, shape, and weight kept in stock, and sold by weight. WILLIAMS.—Diamond, Engagement, and other vT Rings. Many hundreds in stock to choose from at marvellously Low Prices. WILLIAMS.—Clocks for Cottage, Villa, or TV Mansion, from OS. each. Every Clock warranted. WILLIAMS.—Wedding Presents in solid Silver YT and Electro-Plate. ILLI AAIS. -Spectacles, all hts. from Is. per TV pair. Real Pebbles, guaranteed, in Steel Frames, at 2s. Gd.; in light Nickel Frames, at Ss. (id. and best quality made at 4s. (id. per pair. JOHN WILLIAMS, WATCHMAKER & JEWELLER, 9, LAMMAS-STREET, CARMARTHEN. J. B. AR HURF WHOLESALE GROCER, CORN, FLOUR, AND SEED MERCHANT, PRIORY-STREET, AND THE QTT-A-IT STORES CARMARTHEN. Barley, Round and Flat Corn, Flour, Barley Meal, Indian Meal, Middlings, Bran, &c., at lowest possible Prices. THOMAS PHOSPHATE THOMAS PHOSPHATE! A LARGE CONSIGNMENT JUST ARRIVED PRICES VERY MODERATE. SOLE AGENT FOR THE DUBLIN & WICKLOW CELEBRATED MANURES. X ONE MOMENT. X. "Oil dear, Doctor, what will you rcommend for my Children's Coughs and Cold ?" TRY TUDOR WII,LIAIIIS" PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. The most marvellous Cure for all Disorders of tbe Chest, Throat, and Lungs. It never fails to give instant relief, and does not contain Laudanum, Opium, OR Morphia. ECONOMISE YOUR HEALTH. HEALTH IS THE FIRST WEALTH. All who are engaged in indoor and outdoor occupa- tion and are especially exposed to the ever-varying climate of Great Britain, BE WISE IN TIME. Don't tamper with danger but go straight away for TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. IT IS INVALUABLE FOR WIJAK-CHKSTED MEN, 1 Delicate Women, and Children. IT Cures when all other remedies fail. It Cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest. It Cures thousands of Children of Bronchitis and Whooping Coughs. It cures for One Shilling when Pounds have been spent in vain. DO TRY IT If you have a Cough, try it If you have a Cold, TRY IT If you have Bronchitis, TRY IT It loosen3 the Phlegm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and comfort to the chest, and gives > refreshing sleep when you have lost nights of rest. READ ON. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. When you are distressed with a miserablo cold, nose bungad up, throat sore, limb3 aching, with a general feeling of smotheiing, a few doses of the Balaam of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away, almost bofore you know it. There ia nothing like it on the market; it is thoroughly up to date; it trickles into all the system. A true fiiend, prompt and reli- able id its action. JUST ANOTHER WORD. When you ask or send for Tudor Williams's Patent BALSAM OF HONEY do not allow anybody to persuade you to purchase something else. If you do, you simply throw off the genuine article and take on with a false one. Wonderful Cures daily. Thousands of Testimonials to hand from all parts of the World. READ ON FURTHER. SPONTANEOUS TESTIMONY. WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERATION. Sin,-My wife desires me to say that your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey has proved a most valuable medicine in our large family (eight children). As soon as a cough or cold makes its appearance, a dose of Tudor's Balsam is tt once administered, and this treatment is followed up until the cold dis- appears. Before using the Balsam in our family the children have been prostrate with colds for several weeks, but now, by taking doses as directed, they seem to suffer very little inconvenience. During the short time the cold is upon them, the action of the Balsam is marvellous, and the little ones take it readily and ask for more.—WALTER J. BUETT, C.M., Headmaster, Severn Tunnel School, March Iljth, 181)2." READ ON STILL FURTHER. A Cardiff Chemist states :-1 have a larger sale for T'udor Willims' Balsam of Honey than any other Cough Cure. That's the opinion of all Chemists. PUBLIC MEN SPEAK HIGHLY OF IT ALL OVER THE WORLD. Sold by all Chemists ana Stores all over the World in lsl-id., 2s 9d., and 4s. Gd. bottles. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is. 3d., 3a., and 5a. from the inventor, D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, R.D.S.L,, Medical Hall, Aberdare. MODERN HANSOM CAB & TRAPS TO LET ON HIRE. i Apply—MORGAN, 2, Blue-street, Carmarthen. SPECTACLES. WE CAN SUIT YOUR SIGHT; IF NOT, WE RETURN YOU YOUR MONEY. Send P )St Card, with address, and we will send you Test per return. H. FREEDMAN & SON, OPTICIANS, COLLEGE-STREET, SWANSEA. ESTABLISHED 1801. SPECIALITY. Gold Filled Frames, Folders, and Spectacles-10:3, Gel. per Pair. Steel Frames—2s. 6d. and 5s. (id. SPECIALITIES. Pure Ceylon Tea. Very choice quality, Is lid per Ib Lead Packets Most economical for large Consumers. Pakthorpe's Royal Cambridge Sausages; Finest Made. Every pound bears Trade Mark Label. Prime Home-cured Bacon and Hams. Beach's Celebrated Jams. Agent for the Mazawattee Tea Co. Ltd. W. S. MORRIS, CORN AND SEED MERCHANT 25, BRIDGE STREET, CARMARTHEN. -!¡- JAMS! JAMS! JAillS 1 CHEAP AGAIN. 1 lb Plum and Apple 3d. 2 do 5d. 3 "do Sd. 4,, do 10d. I Blackberry and Apple 4d. 2 „ do (jd. 3 do 9d. 2 Raspberry and Apple nd. 4 do Is. Od. 1 Marmalade 4d. 2 „ do 7d. 3 „ do 10d. 4 do Is. Id. Damson Jam, Loose, 3 id. per lb. 2 Tumblers, Marmalade, 4d. each. SMITH & CO., KING-STREET BAKERY, CARMARTHEN. BASIC SLAG. THE GENUINE Alberts Thomas Phosphate Powder The Stanner ROSE" with 9,000 BAGS has just arrived. SOLE AGENT: THOMAS RICHARDS, The Quay Stores, Carmarthen. MACHINES FOR SOWING LENT TO PURCHASERS. DENTAL NOTICE. MR: J. MACPHAIL, Resident Surgeon Dentist. 19, KING-STREET (OPPOSITE LLOYD'S BANS), CARMARTHEN, Continues to supply ARTIFICIAL TEETH, with all the latest improvements, at Moderate Prices. reeth extracted under Nitrous Oxide Gas, quite saf and harmless. CONFSULTATION TUBE. ESTABLISHED OVER 15 YEARS THE CARMARTHEN BILLPOSTING COMPANY, 15, BRIDGE-STREET, CARMARTHEN. BILLPOSTING and ADVERTISING, in all its JD Branches, throughout the Counties of Carmar then, Pembroke and Cardigan. R. M. JAMES, Manager. I "yhe SE3T and ° TEMPEF?AN^^V £ RAGE r IL F> trf-.ct rr;a es Beer it. k, vi!. S,,Id in 6d., i and 21- BotLias. SmaM~"Tais-ting Sample Frea on receipt of :1, Stamps to cover Postage. Factory- Bloomsbury Works, LEEDS. EAD! After all, We spend a good part of our lives in our bedrooms. Then why shouldn't they be prettily furnished and fitted up ? They certainly ought to be, and we can supply you with the requisite Furniture to make your bedroom the prettiest in Wales, at very low prices. HERBERT JONES & COMPANY, j 49, KING-STREET, C A ltA,,l A It P I -t EN. MR. ERNEST COLLIER, M.S. A., ABCHITECT AND SUBVEYOB, 4, QUAY STREET, CABMABTHBN. OTHERS TALK BUT WE ACT (" It's never the Hen which cackles the most that lays the largest Egg.") AND DO ACTUALLY GIVE UNQUESTIONABLE VALUE, Tea that cannot be beaten at 1/6 per lb. New Raisons—2d, 3d, and 4d. per lb. Currants—3d and 4d. Sultanas—4icl and 5d. Fine Clusters Muscatels—Gd per lb. 200 Hams. 5^d. per lb. 2 Z. 13. JONES, COLOMBO STORES, CARMARTHEN. BKIGSIOCKB & SON, IMPORTERS OF JjlOREIGN WINES AND SPIRITS, 54, KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN, NVITE attention to their carefully-selected Stock JL of Wines and Spirits, including A VARIED STOCK OF PORT WINES FROM THE WOOD & OLD VINTAGE PORTS. PALE, GOLDEN, AND BROWN SHERRIES. CLARETS, BURGUNDIES, MARSALAS, HOCKS, MOSELLES, &c., And other Wines. LOCAL AGENTS for Messrs. MOEr & CHANDON'S CHAMPAGNES and other Brands. MATURED SCOTCH AND IRISH WHISKIES. SAMPLE CASES MADE UP AND ASSORTED. Single Bottles Supplied. Carriage paid by Goods Trains on quantities of One Dozen and upwards. ESTABLISHED OVER IFALI" A CENTURY. I(Ð r- -JOS* c- lrr- Why waste your Time by sticking to the old-fashioned, antiquated ways of performing your domestic duties, when labour- saving applianceo, are to be had so cheaply, and can be depended upon to do the work far more effectively and in far less time than iu which it could be per- formed by hand All the newest ideas in such Machinery are kept in stock here. Just drop in and inspect the different articles wo are offering on sale. We have no wish to press things upon you that you don't really require, but we feel assured that there are many of our appli- ances that will commend themselves by their own intrinsic merits. DAVIES, TOWY WORKS, CABMAETHEN. Carmarthen County Schools. THE GRAIMAR SCHOOL. HEADMASTER: E. S. ALLEN, M.A. (CANTAB). COUNTY GIRLS' SCHOOL. HEADMISTRESS: Miss B. A. HOLME, Late Open Scholar, Girton College, Cambridge; Senior Optime, Mathematical Tripos. The Head-Master and Head-Mistress will be pleased to see Parents of new Pupils Saturday, January 15tli, 11 to 1, and Monday, January ^FKES.—Boys £ 1 15s. Od. Girls, £ 1 8s. Od. per term. (Three Terms only in the year). Reduction for brothers or sisters. Boarders received at both Schools. i „ c One External Scholarship for BOYS and one for GIRLS will be competed for January li)th and 20th, 1898. For full information, apply Headmaster or Headmistress. NEXT THRU BEGINS FOR Bors, JANUARY 21ST FOR GIRLS, JANUARY LBTH. ¡ r- ISmall Tasting Sample Free on receipt of 2d. Stamps to cover Postage. I THE BEST BreaRfast Fo-MiHions & Ask 2,6, 51- i Bloomsbury Warks, LEEDS. Old College School, Carmarthen. Co-Masters Mr. W. ROBERTS, Undergraduate of London University, and late Berman Scholar, Presbyterian College. Mr. T. WEDROS JONES, M.A., lato Dr. Williams' Scholar, Glasgow University. Rev. J. HARRY, Undergraduate of Victoria and London Universities Certificated Science Master, late Technical Scholar, Cardiff University College. ASSISTED BY Mr. EVAN ANTHONY, Queen's Scholar. The number of Students at the end of the last Term was 8G and the number of Successes at various Public Examinations during the last 18 months, 34, besides many Science and Art Certificates. For Terms apply to either of the Co-Masters. CARMARTHENSHIRE INFIRMARY. TRAINED"NURSES FOR PRIVATE PATIENTS may be obtained on application to tiie Matron, Infirmary, Carmarthen. CARMARTHENSHIRE INFIRMARY CALICO FANCY DRESS BALL. AT the ASSEMBLY ROOMS, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 12lh and 13T,h inst, the TWO ANNUAL DANOKS will b" held in connec. tion with the above institution, to the aid of which the proceeds will also be devoted. Evening Dress optional. Tickets-Adults, 7s. 6d. Children, 2S. Gd.—may be obtained from the Secretaries, Mrs. Dr. Bowen Jones, Mrs. Dr. Parry, Mrs. Adamson, Miss G. White (22, King-street), or the Matron. Platform Tickets for Children's Dance on Thursday, 2s. Gd. Dancing-Adults, 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. Children's, 6 p.m. to 12 p.m. All contributions towards the Refreshments, whether in money or kind, will be thankfully received by the Matron. BOROUGH OF CARMARTHEN. THE BOROUGH FUNDS ACT, 1872. OTICE is HEREBY GIVEN that at a MEETING JLI of Owners and Ratepayers in respect of pro- peity in the Borough of Carmarthen, held at the Guildhall, Carmarthen, on the 20th day of December, IS!)7, the following resolution was passed "That in the Blll which the Town Council intend promoting in the next Session of Parliament, pro- vision be made for the following matters — (1.) The inclusion in the Borough of the District sometimes known as the Pariah of Saint Peter's Without. (2.) The provision of a Recreation Ground. (3 ) The Extension of the Cattle Market-place and the provision of Accommodation for CATTHI Fairs there." H. BRUNEL WHITE, Mayor. Carmarthen, 21st December, 1S07. BOROUGH OF CARMARTHEN. THE BOROUGH FUNDS ACT, 1872. "VT"OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special O3L Meeting of the Town Council of Carmarthen will be held in the Council Chamber at the Guildhall, Carmarthen, on Wednesday, he llth January, at 11 a, lU" to confirm the promotion of the Bill which has been deposited iu Parliament for the extension of the Borough BOUNDARIES, the improvement of the Water Supply of the Borough, the provision of a Recreation (5round, tho improvement of the Cattle Market, and other matters. R. M. THOMAS, Town Clerk. Carmarthen, Zitti January, 1898. HOUSE TO LET, 15, UNION-STREET. A CONVENIENT House, large Rooms, and fitted -AL with Gas. Newly decorated throughout. Immediate possession can be had.—Apply 2, Queen- street, Carmarthen. TO LE1\ HOUSE with large GARDEN at rear of Parky velvet Chapel. Apply—Principal Evans, Green Hill, Carmarthen. PREMISES WAN CED. WANTED, PREMISES in Carmarthen, suit- able for good class Drapery must be a good position.—Reply (letter only in first instance) Draper, Reporter Ottice. WESTON-SUPER-MARE.—Houses (Furnished TV and Unfurnished), Businesses, Shops. Printed lists free from Laloudo Bros., House Agents and Removal Contractors, Weston-super-Mare. WANTED a respectable YOUTH as tV APPRENTICE to the DRUG TRADE, where every facility is offered for acquiring a thorough knowledge of the business.—Apply, J. P. Richards, Manufacturing Chemist, Carmarthen. AGENTS WANTED to push first-class Machinery Oils. Liberal commission.—Box 31, Post Office, Liverpool. WANTED respectable girl as UNDER- CHAMBERMAID.—Apply Mrs D. E. Williams, Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen.