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MR W. T. SAMUEL, the well-kuown tonic solfaist, is about leaving Swansea to t;,kc np his residence in Cardiff. THE MONTHLY MAKKET was held at Carmarthen on Wednesday. The supply was small; and the demand fairish. S(1cep of which there were few sold at 7d to ¡,I.d per Ib (dead weight). Cows and calves fetched 1: i2 to £ 15 each a few fat cattle sold at 8a 4d to 9s 2d per score. Suup KITCHEN.—The Mayor (Mr Brunei White) begs to acknowledge the receipt of the following :— Miss White, 22. King-street, el IF Mr Thomas Thomas, Disgwylfa, 109 Gd Mr William J Williams, Cambrcy House, £ 1 Is Principal Evans, Greenhill, 103 6d ;"total, £ 3 3s. CARMAUTUEN MAKKET^.—The Market ou Saturday was quite of a holiday character. Very few caska were brought in, being New Year's Day, which has always been kept a holiday at Carmar- then. Price paid for best quality, from lod to Is per lb. Choese nil. CARMARTHEN POULTRY MARKET,—The new year's market was held on Friday, and was fairly large. Tho demand was not so great, however, as that at the Christuirs market on Wednesday week, but 'le prices were just as high. In the morning, about U.30 o'clock, geeso and turkeys could be purchased for Hd a lb. At noon the figure went up + to Is and Is 2d. Ducks realised about 3s each, and iwls -3s to 5s 3d a couple, some early in the day at 2s to 2s 3d each. POISONED BY COCKLES AT TEHBY.—On Friday afternoon Mr Herbert Price, coroner for Pembroke- shire held an adjourned inquest at Begolly, near Tent' into the cause of death of Susannah Nich das, who died on the 23rd of December. Tne decoded child purchased cockles in Tenby, and had partaken of some, which must hare been unsound.—After hearing the medical evidence, the jury returned a verdict to the effect that death had resulted from ptomaine poisoning through accidentally eating decomposed cockles. MTIS COLBY'S GENEROSITY.—In accordance with a custom which is likely to be a heritage fcr benevolent-minded successors, Mis Colby, of Ffynone, Cardiganshire, has presented each of her dependents with 20lbe. of beef, a flanuel shirt, and half r. sovereign. In addition this benefactress of the neighbourhood has made presents of flannels, blankets, dress materials, and money to many of the toor of the district, and to some of the children attending the Manordcifi Upper School, which has, by the way, been maintained at her expense since it was opened in 1873 A GIGANTIC GUARD.—Private M'Cullough, who has just joined the 3rd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards, is the tallest man in the Army, deposing Captain Ames, who led the Jubilee procession, and who at that time held the proud position. Private M'Cullough was born in Ireland, in the village of Rathnestris, County Louth, and is now at Chelsea Barracks. His height, is Gft. 4 in stockinged feet; weight, 15st. Gib. chest measurement, 40:. in. age, 22 years. 11 months. GERMAN MEASLES AT LLANEM.Y.— A peculiar type of measles is raging in Llanelly hundreds of cases being now under treatment. So serious has the outbreak become that several of the largest board schools in the town have been closed. The doctors describe the epidemic as ona of German meaBies the symptoms differing from those usually present in ordinary cases of measles. The visitation is 3specially present in the Lakefield and Greenfield districts in almost every house there are children being affected. "Sr. PETER'S BOYS" IN CARDIFF.—A committee meeting was held at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, on Monday night, Dr J LTrehnrne, J.P., being in the chair. Arrangements were made for a reunion dinner to be held on Thursday, January 13th, at the Angel Hotel. Sir Lewis Monia, Sir John Jones Jenkins, M.P., Mr J Lloyd Morgan, M.P., Mr Alfred Thomas, M.P., Rev J It Buckloy (Llnubff), the Mayors of Cardiff and Carmarthen, etc., etc., have signified their intention of being present. The secretaries have sent circulars to all the boys" they have been able to find out, but should there be any who have not received them the secretaries, Messrs W J Needle and T 0 Edwards, 18, Albany-road, wiil be glad to hear from them. THE REPRESENTATION OF PEMEUOKESIIIIIE —The Press Association learns officially that Mr W Rees Davies, M.P., has been selected by the Colonial Secretary for appointment as Attorney- General of the Bahamas. This will necessitate another bye- elsation, the eighth now pending. Mr Uses Davies is the Liberal member for Pembrokeshire, and has rerresmted the constituency since 1892. At the last nera^ electi; n the figures were — Roes Davies (L.) i.550 A. S. Davies (U.) 3,970 Majority 5 SO I In i832 Mr Rses Da'ies's majority was 1,100, and in 1886 end 1885 the Liberal majorities were 116 and 261 respectively. TEMPERANCE,—The annual meeting in connec- tion with the Carmarthen Total Abstinence Society was held on Now Year's evening- at Water-street Chap schoolroom, Mr Jehu Stephens, Water- street in the chair, and supported on the plat- form i y the Revs T. Job, D.D Cotiwil D. S. Davies, Union-street and Edward Davies, Priory- street Messrs William Davies, bookÐcllcr, Johns- town Thomas J. shua, John street Thomas Edwards and Llewellyn Evans, Priory-street. The attendance was good. After a few suitable remarks by tho Chairman, Mr Llewellyn Evans, Ticwoiks, read -•i excellent paper on tho duty of th? working clar,, in regard to temperance. Afterwards Alies Besfi*e Jones, Warer street, rendered a nol) with mark I effect. Then came Dr Job, of Conwi1, who r presented the Alliance. Although Dr Job is 73 years old, he spoke for fully an hour, and denounced the traffic in a very able manner. Revs Edwaud Davies and D S Davies also made a few remarks, after which tho latter closed the meeting by pi fiyer. PENUEL SCHOOLROOM.—Last Tuesday a literary meeting was held in connection with the Young People Society, and from the large number present it is to be seen that the meetings still retain their popularity. The chair was ably filled, in th-, absence of the president, by Mr Llewellyn Eviiiis, Towy View. The accompanist's duty fell upon MUB F May Richards, who carried out her duties in a very efficient manner. The following is the pro- gramme Recitations by Misses Beatrice Thomas, 8,.rall Anne Lewis, Jennie Evans, Masters Johnny and Alwyn Evans, and Johnny Morgan dialogue, xtliBees Elizabeth A Evans and Mary Evans; solos, Cymru fy ngwlad," Mr George Rees Heavenly sing," Miss A M Lewis Llwybr yr Wyddfa," Mr John Rees; Ora Pro Nobis," Miss Susie Jones duett, Flow, gentle Deva," Messrs John and George Itees. It should be added that the two ladtes and gentlemen sang exceptionally well N-xt Tuesday, Mr Jacob Samuel, Vgent's Park College, Londoa (negative), and Mr George James, Little Wixter-street (affirmative), will read papers on the following subject Is war consistent with the teachings of thb New Testament ?" 8-r DAVID'S G F.S.-The annual festival of the St. Dadd's branch of the Girls's Friendly Society was held on Tuesday, the 26:h ult. The St. David's members were joined by those from LInn. stephan, and at 5 o'cock all met at Christ Church for the special festival service, conducted by the Rev L. Davies. Tea followed at the Model Schoolroom, of *;er which Canon Williams gave the members a most prsomical and helpful address, which was attentively listened to by all who heard him. Tie rest of the evening was taken up with the distribution by the vicar (the Rev T. R. Walters) of the premiums, bonuses, and cards. Three members received curds for "faithful duty'" *or aQ^ years respectively, Dram- employer; two members received years'U^- (°r ^0Ur »'ears> RE(^ 7 members for two received h k*16 eamo employer; 41 members membe^hin11"868 B3Vi"gs- Eigl^ '• faithful were also giverToS6 °in>d "ght "W(dding cards" premiums, bonuses D ^,ttwc?n the distribution of Llanstephan lhe.S^ Davi(i,'a an(J som'0 prepared £ or \evy nicely carols and admitted, with The Vicar new members, and four by death, during the past yeur, which thi L L has sustained of a much valued associate3 ns^well as of a member of 16 years standing. te' ns *eli LAMMAS-STREET YOUNG h 8 MUXUAI iMpurvF MENT SJCIETY. —On Monday, the 3rù inst a meeting of the above Society was held at Latnnaas- street Chapel .scboolroom, when an excellent paper was read by i!1;s Jones, Gate House, en" Morched thagorol y Beibl." The chair was taken by Lewis, Jol:ii3 own, who, with wit and humour, interested thp meeting throughout. At the introduction a sacred song was rendered, after which the chairman, among other remarks, said he reg fetted that there were not more young people present, and pressed upon them to make much of their precious time P.IKI golden opportunities, by taking interest, in such meetings. Mrs Jones, in ret,lpotic,c, came forward to read her paper. It was The ?°anP'i.niente(l ar-~ appreciated by all present. re. -lowing made appropriate remarks in to the paper Aiice JGnea (Chnpel- lliss n -S8 E8ther Jo:1C8 (Reporter Office), CW1ES (Pantteg), Miss Ann Tibbott, j\Ir!!r4 tlrice and Mrs Jones (ficton-terrace). and ilorris ,Parry. James Thomas, Henry Wr.;idtn» nn^rtl.r.,|oina8' Richard Jones, D II wer? aceo'tdefi f '!a!n Jones. Votes of thanks to the Chairman° rtat*er l^ie PaPer» also I; rendered, which to^e-r which a sacred song was c terullllated the meeting. THE OARMAKTHE.N.MIIUE FCXIIOI'NFS will mret on Tuesday. January llth, Uanbdùy. and on Friday, January ltih, at Pontaatwn each day at 10.45 a.m. NEW YEAlt SERVICE.—The usual watch night service was held at the English Wesieyan Chapel or Friday night addresses wero delivered by the Rev J. Greenland and Mr H. J. Jones.—A prayer meeting was held at U"ion-etr*efc the same evening. The llev D. S. Davies delivered an appropriate address to the congregation. LOCAL SUCCKSS.—We notice with pleasure that Mitis Cooke (daughter of Mr C. A. Cooke, organist of Christ Church), haa recently passed the examina- tion at the Royal Academy uf Music and gained the diploma of Liceutiate (L.1IA.M.). We believe she is the first in this town or county to win the diploma. Miss Cooke is organist of St. David's Church in this town. I LORD EILYN AND Lli-E.NT. --Lord Em'yn, who will stand for the Cricklade Division of Wilt- shire, is undoubtedly a strong' Unionist candidate. Full of good humour and spirits, he can make an admirable platform speech, and is very hard to heckle. If any Unionist can retain this difficult sent (says the Evening Nav*) Lord Emlyn is the man. It must be remembered, however, that he is known as a strong Churchman, and there arc a good many active Nonconformists in the division. SEASONABLE GENEI-,OSTTY.- -NI r Lynch, late propietor of Tartan y Gnvilhitrr, distributed a large quantity of tea amongst the poor and aged in the parishes of Tremain and Biaenporth, Car- digan, as has been his annual cuatjm CIl New Year's Day. He, further, entertained all the members of the Blaenporth Church Sunday School at hie residence, Brynhyfryd, on Monday, the 3rd inst., to tea and supper, followed by 80ngIJ and recitations, and a-i extremely enjoyable evening was spent. Mr Lynch is an old ",St Peter's Hoy," b: iu7 a brother to the late Mr T Lynch, Water-street, and Mr Walter Lynch, Spilairai- street. DEATH OF 1R STACEY JONES.—Wc sincerly regret to announce the death of Mr J. 1> Stacey Jones, which took place sudlenl v at his residence, Picton House, on Saturday, The deceased was a member of an old Carmarthen family. Bis father at one time kept the Mackworth HI tel, Swansea and his mother was a daughter of the late Dr Stacey, of Carmarthen. His death will be a sad loss to the causa of local charity, as although he had no public aspirations, he could always be counted on to subscribe to any deserving object. The greatest sympathy is felt for the widow—who is a native ot Chepstow-and the family in their sad aiilictiou. The funeral took place on Wednes- day, the interment taking place at Carmarthen Cemetery. CHILDREN'S MGETINO AT ZION-Tho usual New Year's entertainment for the children attending Zion Sunday School was held on Monday, for the convenience of the occasion. Tea was on the table at 5 p.m. The tables were presided over by Mrs W \V Lewis; Mrs Roberts, the Parade; Miss Frances Davies (in place of Mrs D Maurice Jones) the Misses Thomae, Disgwylfa Miss Miller, Clyde House and Mrs D N Jones, Watei-street. A miscellaneous entertainment followed. Competi- tions in singing, reciting, and essay-writing were included in the programme. Appreciative service was rendered by the Male Voice Party (conducted by Mr W Rees), who won laurels for themselves at the Assembly Rooms recently. Their singing of The Little Church was such as to give delight to all. Mr Thomas Thomas, Diegwylfa, presided over the proceedings and with the assistance of the officers of the church and school, everything paBscd off to the evident delight of the children and seniors present. There was a crowded attendance.

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