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St. David's Church, Carmarthen,I…


St. David's Church, Carmarthen, Conversazione and Dance. The annual conversazione and dance in connection with St. David's was held at the Assembly-rooms on Thursday evening in last week, and proved a most enjoyable function. The hall had been most tastefully decorated with plants, flags, baniierettes, and drapery of variegated colours, principally by Mi- David Rogers, plumber, Lammas-street, and presented a very gay appearance. The attendance was very large, and the various dances were indulged in with much zest by the company. The orchestra was occupied by Messrs Jones' well-known string band —Miss Cooke presiding at the piano— and, therefore, it is hardly necessary to state that the music supplied was of the newest and best. The proceedings commenced at 7 o'clock, and terminated at midnight. In the ante-room refreshments were provided by the ladies of the church, and the variety and quality of the viands were such as to please the most fastidious palate. Besides, the ladies were most attentive in looking after the want of those who visited the tables, and their courtesy and affable manner are worthy of the greatest praise. It would, therefore, be out of place if we were to omit to mention the names of the ladies who had tables. They were :—Mrs T. R. Walters, The Parsonage; Mrs Olive, Boar's Head Hotel Mrs James Davies, Towy Works Mrs Richards;, Miss Lewis, and the Misses Richards, Picton- terrace Mis James John, Picton-terrace Mrs R. M. Thomas, Picton-terrace Mrs E. Colby Evans, (JuiJdhall-sq. Miss Hancocke, Troedybryn; the Misses Bland Davies, Quay- street Miss David, Picton-terrace; Mrs Hughes, Lammas-street Mrs Wm. Davies, Lammas-street; Miss Pooley, Picton-place; Mrs B. A. Lewis, Morfa House; Miss Thomas, Morley-street and Miss Rodda, Moiloy-sireet. The programme of (lances was as follows, all of which were indulged in most heartily :—Polka, waltz, lancers, pas-ae-(luatra, polka, waltz, lancers, schot- lische, waHz; Washington Post"; lancers, polka, waltz, pas-de-quatro, lancers, polka, highland schottische, waltz, lancers. The highly respectoll Vicar (the Rev T. R. Walters) acted as M.C. lie was most iodofatigablo in making the affair as pleasant and enjoyable as possible to all. To his efforts and those of his curates—the Rev J. D. Evans and the Rev Lewis Davies—ably assisted by Mr T. Bland Davies, Quay- street; Mr William Davies, Lammas-street; Mr C. J. Davies, "Shoaf"; Mr Henry G. Lewis, Magazine-row; Mr David Rogers, Lammas-street; Mr William Leonard, Spring Gardens; Air B. A. Lewis, Morfa Houso; Mr Frank Walters and Mr Arthur Walters, The Parsonage; Mr William Lewis, saddler, Lammas-street; Mr D. N. Evans, Picton- place and Mr 0, II. Scott, Bluo-street-the unqualified success of the ail'air is mainly due. But without a thoroughly practical man at the liolm-iii the form of a good secretary—no movement can be expocted to turn out suCCOSflllly. In Mr J. D. Evans, Tabernaclc-tcrraco, the committee found such a one, and he worked unre- mittingly with that object. To him, therefore, the greatest; praise is due. Amongst those present at the dance were the Mayor and Mayoress (Mr and Mrs Brunei White), and a large number of ladies and gentlemen from dissenting places of worship in the town. On the Wednesday evening a children's dance was held at the same place, the same ladies and gentlemen taking part in the proceedings. The affair proved most success- ful, and the little ones enjoyed themselves to their hearts' content. Over £ 30 was made as a result of both day's proceedings.


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