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Carmarthenshire County Council.


Carmarthenshire County Council. MEETING OF MAIN ROADS COMMITTEE. The quarterly meeting of the Carmarthen- shire County Council, sitting as a Main Roads Committee, was held at the Shire Hall on Wednesday. Mr W. N. Jones, Chairman of the Council, presided. There were also present:—Lieut.-General Sir James Hills-Johne?, V.C., G.C.B. Rev W. Davies, Llandilo; Professor D. E. Jones; Sir James Drummond, Bart.; Dr Howell Rees, Glangarnant; Rev W. Thomas, Whitland Messrs W. O. Brigstocke, Parcygorse J. W. Gwynnc-H ughes, Tregib W. J. Buckley, Penyfai; D. C. Parry, Llanelly; John Beavan, Llansadwrn T. Jones, Llanelly W. S. Marsh, Penybedd J. U. Thomas, Tanlan John Williams, Penlan, Llanginning; Ernest Trubshaw James Rees, Talgarth T. Watkins, Llandovery John Rccs, Dolgwm, Daniel Stephens, Kidwelly; John Johns, Parcel thin T. Jones, Penrhonw; John Phillips, Caerlleon; John Lewis, Meiros Hall; R. W..Stephens, Cocdybrain Thomas Thomas, Peuwern J. D. Morse, Llandawke; A. E. Jeremiah, Gilfach-Gweision D. L. Jones, Derlwyn W. Jones, Canton T. R. Jones, Pantglas; C, E. Morris, Penbryn Henry Harries. Pfrvvd J 1. J. Thomas, Llanfynydd John Thomas, Thornhill; John Lloyd, Penybank H. Jones Davies, Glyneiddan; Bonville, Llanelly; the Clerk (Mr T. Jones) and the Surveyors (Mr Daniel Phillips and Mr Bowen Davies). DAMAGED BY THE FLOOD. The Surveyor (Mr Daniel Phillips) reported that the road between the Red Roses and Llanddowror had been ovcrflowed during the recent floods and the metalling had been carried away. Since the Hood had subsided however, the metaling had been ZD replaced. WITHOUT PREJUDICE. The Clerk said he had received a cheque from the owner of the traction engine near Narberth, for £5 in payment of the damage to two culverts which had been smashed. The money was paid without prejudice but (said the Clerk) no man can pay money without prejudice." CONFIRMATION REQUIRED. Mr John Lloyd raised the question as to whether the proceedings ofthesub-committecs for the Eastern and Western Division required confirmation by the Main Roads Committee. He believed he had at the last meeting moved a motion to the effect that they be confirmed. There was nothing of importance in them this time; but there might be some day. The Chairman said that as there were sub-committees he thought it well that they should be confirmed. Mr John Lloyd said that except the minutes ot the sub-committees came up for confirmation, a good many important matters would be lost sight of. He moved accordingly. Mr W. O. Brigstocke seconded the motion which was carried unanimously. IMPROVED MILESTONES. The Chairman said he thought attention ought to be paid to rc-lettering the milestones. As one who drove about a good deal, he noticed that it was difficult sometimes to see the stones much less the lettering. THE BRYNAMMAN GUTTER. The Surveyor (Mr Bowen Davies) reported that the pillars for water supply had been removed from the centre of the gutter at Station road, Brynamman, to convenient recesses. He recommended the curbing and pitching of the present gutter at an estimated cost of ^59 Is 3d. Mr John Lloyd said this would be creating an important precedent. If they curbed and channelled gutters here, they would have to do it in every village in the county. The Chairman said that they would only have to do so in those villages where there were main roads. The water out of this gutter would damage the main roads, and so entail expense on the County. Mr James John asked how this road had been madaged before. The Surveyor said that the case was different now. There were more houses there now. Mr John John said he believed that was so; and that this gutter was wanted for the sanitary purposes of the houses. The Chairman asued the Clerk what the law was on the point ? The Clerk I don't think the county is bound to do it. They may do it if they like. Mr John Johns said that Dr Bowen Jones, the medical officer for the Carmar- then District, had asked the Main Roads sub-committee to do toe same thing for Bankyftlin and the application was not attended to. The Chairman said that the main road was liable to damage by the gutter. He thought the Council ought either to do it themselves or to have it done by those who were bound to do so. Mr John Lloyd moved and Mr John John seconded, that some money be allowed for the purpose. Rev W Davies moved that the Clerk be instructed to make enquiries on the subject. Mr W 0 Brigstocke seconded. The Chairman The matter has been before us for the last eighteen months. After some fnrther dircussion. The Clerk stated in answer to further questions, that if the gutter had been made by the County, the Council was bound to maintain it as a good and proper gutter. Rev W Davies then moved that the work as recommended by the Surveyor be done. Mr W. J. Buckley seconded. Only 9 voted for the motion of Mr John Lloyd; and the recommendation of the Surveyor was therefore adopted. DANGEROUS PLACES. The reports of the Surveyors on the dangerous places on the roadside were then brought under consideration. Mr W. O. Brigstocke said it appeared to 0 him to be perfectly monstrous and without cither rhyme or reason to ask the Council to undertake a liability which was not imposed on it by either common law or statute. He hoped the Council would pass a resolution that it would not undertake this liability. This was an endeavour to place upon public shoulders a burden which properly belonged to private individuals. He therefore, moved that no steps be taken in the matter. It was only during the previous three days that the report had been circulated. The Chairman said that he did not wish to burden the county with £ 4,000 or 5,000 for fencing these spots. lIe ruled that the matter would have to stand over until the next meeting by which time the committees of the councillors representing the various petty sessional divisions—as already agreed upon by a previous resolution -would have had an opportunity of moving in regard to any particular spot which they desired. The Chairman, however, stuck to his rulin,, and the matter dropped. THE DRYSLWYN BRIDGE. The Chairman then brought before the meeting the report of the commsttec which had been appointed to enquire into the subject of building a bridge over the ford a Dryslwyn. The committee were unanimously of opinion that a bridge was wanted; but they recommended that the building should be only undertaken conditional on £800 being forthcoming locally instead of the ^500 offered. Since that time, Lord Emlyn had offered to subscribe £ 200 and the locality had consequently undertaken to find the required £ 800. The plan was then produced (drawn by Mr Jenkins, Llandilo) of the bridge recommended. Mr John Lloyd said that the committee had taken too much on themselves to pass over Mr Daniel rhillips-who had most efficiently built several bridges in the county. By so doing they would incur a heavy expense for architect's fees and would be casting an unnecessary slur upon their own surveyor, who was thoroughly competent. Mr Brigstocke said he believed Mr Jenkins was most competent at building houses, but he did not know what his experience was in the matter of building bridges. lie was old enough to remember the Jiasco at Llandilo, where a bridge was estimated to cost £ 5,000, and which eventually cost £ .20,000. The Clerk £ 23,000. Mr Brigstocke said that they had much better have the bridge built by a man under their own control, and who was thoroughly competent. The Chairman said that the ford was not in Mr Phillips' but in Mr Davies' district. The building of the bridge was so important, and required such unremitting attention, that it would be unfair to expect the work to be done by the Surveyor, who had other work to look after. Mr John. Lloyd sa'.d he did not see why they should deviate in this case from their usual practice. If they were going to take work out of the hands of the Surveyor, he would ask them to advertise for plans and tenders for Dryslwyn bridge. This motion was carried by 17 votes against 8. It was, therefore, decided to advertise. THE DIFFICULTY WITH THE ANCIENT BOROUGH. A letter was read from the Local Govern- ment Board declining to appoint an arbitrator with regard to fixing the sum to be jiaid for the Main Roads until the period for which the payment was required had expired, PIBWR WEN BRIDGE. On the motion of Mr R. W. Stephens. it was unanimously resolved to carry out some small alterations at Pibwrwen bridge, with the object of preventing the road being flooded.

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