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PAMAPC FOR CRICKET AND UmflAuC TENNIS OUTFITS. LEADING THE WAY AS USUAL. CHEAPEST AND BEST HOUSE, Write or Call for Comprehensive Catalogue for the Season, Post Free to any Address, m CRICKET BATS. LEG GUARDS. HI Youth?" Willow, Cane Handle, Sizo i, 3 61 Molwdun:youths' 3 3 m SizeS, 211; Sue&3/& & Jfe rh.m, lilS "36 ra Youths' TVillow, all Owe Handle, Size 4, 3/6; = = h f^t; I I ft Gt8S^,te: 311 1 Size5.4 3; Sue6,411. W 1 fit all Men's, aU Cane Handles, 411, 7.6,0.6. k ? Jr. 'If ,'i I V> lute Buck: Y otitis' 59 la The Yorkshire Driver, Patent Spring Han-,Us, 9 6,3 M Warranted, price 146. WIGKIT-KEEPING pJL STUMPS" WITH BAILS. r j, !l | BLOVEd. IJ polished ASH. A Lit-* -,l *!r—l! Cte:'a,I^atiOTvCa!l*« 6l^U4«4 &3in.,15; 28 in., 1/11. Men's Size. 2«. f^r,' !l n°tCCted: U « With B««s Ferrules, 36 to., JMO; 2 £ i»., j B! !v t 'I iP White Buck- Youths 2? YORKSHIRE Mens, 3-. -I |f !| Men ? 11 ™ B"6S.S^?6|iZ9- BCSt QU#Wt>' «•. I !j! J;. !!•■ BATTING GLOVES, PRIFIfFT WCT6 1, V lute L.'ather (Tubular Witlllftfc 1 lib I 5. r I EstuQuftli'tWi 3,9'4/" With toes Top0 and Bottom, roles, complete, M t; f li! 'if 4.9,5 0,6/8 V.'itl) Lines T"|i and Bottom, Poles iviUi lllSi « CRICKET TROUSERS. | if ||if "sassn- FLANNEL SHIRTS. (I (j' ttfH ill A1IWC1 FIUHMI 311,41I.SU I 1; }i S1 ?U7 iV0So"i i 10 c Heavy Mat Shirt? 2 8 3 6 Hi (White, l ink, or Blue). CRICKET SHOES. CRICKET BALLS. I CRICKET BAGS. E^CanraS.Sowa Leather Pa^S-seam Match 5^ Tl.e "All Englautl," with Br«n Calf Shoes „ 4 g damage's B.('.B.*3-wam "46 -r^ sU} Estra Quality, -Fine Calf ..6'11 Composition Balls (Touths') 8d. v^VraOltr T ci>n'ie l-ilottoms r 11 „M White Suck «. (match size) Si.'Z. 10id. Jr^l BoMwg? 6-11 ^5889' Spikes, 6d. extra. Postage,<34.' "Eclipse;'(matrt. sue).. 19 aji Lo;J!r.V tliau,isome Ii4"'26.l K«.iaiifl5^Sg§Pp AafiSRSSAa ROLLER SKATES. Th* I'liion r.xionMnii, to fit rr-i n'}y.^vo' f'x-t. y.rice 2/6 4.Lct fjjoi, \v j. u-ifh hnbbor rill ri.'f-S A'6 ItayiiK.iHl's Stf.-j I'r.-meM. ex. vw le: i«»tj fM«r ?i7.o r. 5'A Niciicik'd lN-ti.^hed Raj-nvjixfl'd Ball Reaiiuc, 25!- Postage on f'kn1 es below 10/ lid, pair. LAWN TENNIS BALLS. tchhis e&rvm At all prices from 4/- per Doti tWWIO Rtfr JlVS 1 POSTS ANO NETS. .rr RACKET CASES. 1/6,111,26 Cl,,b 1-i7o RACKET KESSIS. Fish Tail — The" Holhorn Champion" 1 C-9 Cl..I,1 33 TEMUIQ UABVEBC Arres Champion" 13 3 i EnRlw mAnlVCndi Tiie"Pem^n" 116 8 6 10 6 12 6 The "damage" (Cuarantecd) 17,6 All Orders over 10s. Carriage Free. A. W. GAMAGE, 136,127,1S3, & 129, Holborn, London. E.C. IN HALF-HOOP, MARQUISE, GIPSY, and all other Designs, Set with BRILLIANTS, EMERALDS, PEARLS, RUBIES, SAPPHIRES, OPALS, yy% TDRQUOISE, Sc., &c. /0Z& Ayjw Of PujiEST Qltality. S.OOO /0ik SIZE m X/' S /JfJft&x CARDS To Choose from at Maker's M^/W SJ&M SENT FBEE. Cash Priccs. iM j&y/fo AA? APPROVAL. TAKCN EXCHANGC- oor ,ifj -y$k, LARGEST STOCK OF $$RINGS IN THE wom-D- <4 Selections of Watches or Jewellery sent ^rce 0,1 C/' referencct M<C IF IF W All CI OODS NOT ALTEOVED w ILL BE EXCHANGED. ,#w WATCHES and JEWELLERY iott free, at my rick, to :ill parts of the "NVorld for Draft, Ca-jh, or P.O.O., payable at Jfajw; 3 ^ff/ Ci.r.o. SEND for BENSON'S BOOK of Watches from £ 2 2s. to £ 500. ^3? CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT KINGF. EUOOCHES, PLATJS, &c„ &v. Sent lost Free by— J. W. BENSON ( Watchmaker & JeweJler) m Foclnry Adjoins 62 & 64, LUDGATE HILL, And 2S, HOYAL rXCHANGS, E.C.. and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. J..I.:T;:2LE¡:3. Chiu'clic-s, ScJJOOJs, l'u'L.iic Buildings, etc., from lv-i iriates Free. G G' Avu PTIiE AND GRAVEL PILLS. THE GREATEST SUCCESS OF MODERJV TtillES1 Wero all the Testimonials published that have been received in avour of this Kemedy, they would fill Volume of nearly One Thousand Pages of the ordinary size. "TIlEY ARE MOtiE THAN GOLD TO MB,-THEY SAVED MY LIFE." If you suffer PAIN in the BACK and LOINS, or between the SHOULDEPiS, thia Remedy wil -ff^tr.nnv rctuove them. t vou are troubled with IRRITATION of the BLADDER, SUPPRESSION aad RETENTION of the w,Sjjo STONE, or GRAVEL, the ONLY SAFE and EFFECTUAL REMEDY OFFERED TO THE wnBTBis GEORGE'S PILE and GRAVEL PILLS. Water is HIGH COLOURED, THICK, and depositing much SEDIMENT, lose no time, procure of GEORGE'S PILLS, and you will soon bo RIG H T again. a J £ vour KIDN EYS and LIVER arc sluggish s,<u i. at of order, this Remedy will gently STIMULATE theBe important organ?, open up their CLOGGED PASSAGES, and promote the secretion of HEALTHY t>tt tt nnd other VITAL FLUIDo. If you are a martyr to INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS, and CONSTIPATION you have a SURE ^Tf^HuffeSn any Bowel Disorder, such as PILES, CONSTIPATION, FLATULENCE, COLIC won have here a Remedy you can always rely upon. If YOU suffer from PALPITATION, and are afraid that your W.EART is attested, you M-;1! find these Pills au EFFICACIOUS RE ME D Y. If you suffer from H EADACHE and GIDDINESS, George's Pills will remove these PAINS sooner than If yTO^rePAIN^VFTEE, EATING, and feel DROWSY and LISTLESS, ono Dose of George's Pills will act like a chaiin. If your FOOD TURNS SOUR and ri.^stnto the mouth, a aw doses o this Remedy will make your troubles a thing of the past. Trn, If you feel NERVOUS, EXCITABLE, and LOW SPIRITED, a perfect ANTIDOTE will be found in George's Pilla. I* a DISAGREE ABLE TASTE in the mouth, a SINGLE DOSE of George' u Pile and Gravel Pills at ,t wp3? clear the tonguo before the dawn of another day. If JrrxTTr falls to give you RBsT try George's Pills. Thcv will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, »ndKEviyE,yT^Tl^NGTH. and F, If EXERTION, WEAK, and LIMP, tl»'*3 Eomody wi RESTORE your ENERGY tad STlvENG. H > ♦ make Labour and Exercise fche EN J OYM1? NT of your life. If you are trouoiLea with Nausea aud VOMITING at the thought of eating, a bo of George's Pills will make your meat a-nd dnnk both SWOURY and PLEASANT. p If your BLGOI' 1 ''J T[-p^ keep open allthe important outlets of the body, and thus give free exit to all GROSS A\LV -;rii;b, ^n^no ,JQ°re BLOOD IMPCUITIES will be seen bursting through the Skin in PIMPLES, "f BOILS. In thousands of ca?e:, it has removed from the BioJd root and braach, RHEUMATIC, SCORBUTIC, and SCROFULOUS TaUN all other Remedies If you have a tenaency w f/*1 J SWELLINGS,thit: remedy, by its action upon the KIDNEYS and SKIN, will sooa bung f v () rAT„.Vn If you have DlFFICULiixOi this Remedy will pro,-o a friend to you in the hour of needIl will change your CONSTANT F3.10M PAIN. It will change tho oALLOVvr LEAIO.N t.j tho BLOOM OF HE YLTH. It will change yo,ir SUJKLl-NJiJiS to. Vi y0„r LANGOUR to ;A01TVJ.TY and your GENERAL DEBILITY to fknmeiw of -,n(i It is APER1EIST, aud theteforc- will reuovo L-Oi'.o ill A HON. It is ANTIBIT ilO U S, and will, therefore, corraotail m«Ue8 of the LIVER. It is DIURETIC;, and will, therefore, keep open Üll) AVATE, n PAySAGEa. It is TONIC, tved will, therefore, give TONE aad VlG^UKto tho DIGESTIVE ORGANS It is BLOOD-PURIFYING and NERVE STRENGJ HEMfSG. It it?, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. HF-SE WORLD-RENOWNED PILLS ARE b.JLO EVERYWHERE: In Boxes, lB. ld. and 2s. 9d. ouctir By PC-ST, Is. 3d. and 3s. PROPRIETOR—J. I. CEOROE, gl.K.P.S., IlIRWAIi\, Get your Printing done at this Office. You will have it attractive & cheap. r* GWALIA no USE BAKERY, PRIORY-STREET, CARMARTHENI. y CURRANT, SULTANA, AND SEED CAKE MADE AT THE ABOVE fiAEER-Y ARE OF THE F I UST E S: rr QUALITY. SPECIAL TERMS FOR TEA PARTIES HOME-MADE BREAD, WlIfiATMEAfj RHEA D, AND HOVIS BREAD. FAMILIES WAITED UJ)OV DAIL}T. NOTE THE ADDRESS- G. TllEHARNE, GWALIA HOUSE, CARMARTHEN. ASK FO THE CASTLE TOBACCO COMPANY'S SUPERFINE SHAG. SPECIALITIES :—CARMARTHEN MIXTURE (Medium Flavoured). | FOR FUSILEER'S MIXTURE (Full Flavoured) V NAN SEN RETURNS. | PIPE. PICTON FLAKE. J GOLDEN GIiOVE-CHOICEST CIGARETTE TOBACCO ALL GUARANTEED FREE FROM ADULTERATION. MANUFACTURED FROM THE FINEST SELECTED LEAF BY THE CASTLE TOBACCO COMPANY, MANUFACTURERS, CARMARTHEN. WILLIAM LLEWELLYN, I Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, and Undertaker, ST. ]?33TKR'B STREET, I.J" ESTABLISHED 1851. D- TITUS WILLIAMS, BOOKBINDER, cfec., CHAPEL HOUSE, CHAPEL STREET, CARMARTHEN. MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, AND ALL KINDS OF PUBLICATIONS BOUND TO SUIT THE OWNER'S TASTE. All Work executed with Good Taste, and Best Materials Guaranteed. NOTICES TO QUIT From Landlord to Tenant and Tenant to Landlord, may be obtained at the Reporter" Office. Price One Penny. I^CHIldrei Hagon's CLEANSER. n^efrovs Nits, Sc., and makes Children s Halrkrov/ Beautiful,Curly, Soft and Strong. f A Ldv writes," 1 have used HAG ON S Cleanser tot fhe1iuuj%» 'or ny^ls, andttaymw have Beautiful Golden Hair m great.abundance. Sola THE MOST NUTRITIOUS COCOA. ■ 1 E P P s' S GRATEFUL—CO WFORTINQ. COCOA FOR BREAKFAST AND SUPPER. CL YlvKE'S B; U PILLS are warranted to cure, in cither sex, all acquired or Constitutiona Discharges from tbfi Urinary Organs, gravel and Pains in the back. Free from Mercury. Established upwardB of 30 years. In box^ ts bd each, of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World, or sent for sixty stamps hy the makers, the Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Company, Lincoln. FREE TO MEN. WHEN vou MO tirod of taking nauseous nud in.stcriou3 prescriptions and coiupoumVs, vbjch do >01? no but ouly ruin your digoative orgaus, vrrite to i nend. a book which describes a QUICK and CS.T'iJ* CURE for lost strength, v-astius weakness, &c., lrorn wuai- erer causo arising. No Stomach Mediumc, 110 Eluctncxty. J. Leigh, n aud V;)IGreat rtussell-strect, London, W.O. EVERY MkN OUFFERlNti fr,.m NERVOCS &PHirSiCAL DEBILITY O should send for a valuable pamphlet osplaiuiug how all nervous and organic derangement may bo Buccessfully trea'ted without stomach r^sdicrttn'U Tao uictho i is easy aud plcasaut, and will eS> 'i il pori J^t uad psrmrvaont i Sent sealed. Post Frco.—Address, 1< NORTON, 53 & 60, CHANCERI L.'iMi, LL-XD-jy, W.C. Establish»d ,;1) Vosri. CIRKAXT CAKE! SEED CAKE! SULTANA CAKE! AND EYEllY OTHER KIND OF CAKE. We supply the above BETTER and CHEAPER than any other House in the Trade. We also MAKE DUElD AND DELIVER TO ANY PART OF THE TOWN, AND ABK AGENTS BY APPOINTMENT ION "HOVIS" BREAD (SMITHS FATENT). T. 8 J1 I T 11 cfe CO., KING-STREET BAKEKY, CARMARTHEN. X SPECIAL TO YOUNG MEN. V J us t Published, a Medical Work, ENTITLED "HOW TO ENSURE HE ALT FT," (lu the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases depeudiug on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility, Mental nnd Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, DepressBiou of Spirits, Loss of Enerj.'y and Appetite, Pains iu the B:ick., &c. Scot post free for two slumps or by letter post 3 stamps "THE FEMALES'FUIEND AND ADVISER" Will be seat to any address on recoipt of two stamp", AddrofcE, BARNLS aud Co., 1, Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, London, N. WOMEN'S AILMENTS. J KKECULARITIES, &o.—A lady, baviu- tried in vain every advertized remedy, has at lust discovered a Simple Cure, which will act in a few hours, no matter how stubborn the case. Bo i-, sulferers can get it FUEK 01" CHAHG E by enclosing stamped envelope. Don't, experiment with IKOJ^WCSS Pills, Mixtures, and Cones, and other injurious nostrums. Write at once with FULL IJOFE AND confidence to Mrs F. E. ST. CLAIR., 40j Southaoip ton Buildiug*, Chrtticcry London. Carmarthen County Schools. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEADUAeiER E. S. ALLEN, M.A. (CANTAB). COUNTY GIRLS' SCHOOL. HEADMISTEESS Miss D. A. HOLME, Late Open Scholar, Girton College, Cambridge; Senior Optiaie, Mathematical Tripos. The Head-Master and Head-Mistress will be pleased to see Parents of now Pupils Saturday, January loth, 11 to 1, and Monday, January 17, 3 to G. £1 los. 0d. Girls, £1 :S:>, uJ, per term. (Three Terms only in the year). Reduction for brothers or sisters. Boarders received at both Schools. Old College School, Carinartlieii. Co-McsLrs Mr. IV. ROBERTS, Undergraduate of London L'jjnet-sitj and iate Herman Scholar, Presbyterian College. Mr. T. WEDROS JONES, M.A., late Dr. Williams' Scholar, Glasgow University. Rev. J. HARRY, Undergraduate of Victoria and London Universities Certificated Science Master, late -Technical Scholar, Cardiff University College. ASSISTED BY 1h. EVAN ANTHONY, Queen's Scholar. The number of Students at the end of the last Term was 8G and the number of Successes at various Public Examinations during the last 18 months, 31, besides many Science and Art Certificates. For Terms apply to either of the Co-Masters. J. B. ARTHUR, WHOLESALE GROCER, CORN, FLOUR, j AND SEED MERCHANT,1 PRIORY-STREET, AND THE Qpj'JtJlT STORES CARMARTHEN. Barley, Round and Flat Corn, Flour, Barley Meal, Indian Meal, Middlings, Bran, Ac., at lowest possible Prices. THOMAS PHOSPHATE THOMAS PHOSPHATE I A LARGE CONSIGNMENT JUST ARRIVED PlaCES YEllY MODERATE. SOLE AGENT FOR THE DUBLIN & WICKLO W CELEBRATED MANURES. ""SPECTACLES." WE CAN SUIT YOUR SIGHT; IF NOT, WE RETURN YOU YOUR MONEY. Send Post Card, with address, and we will scud you Test per return. II. FRIEDMAN & SON, COLLEGE-SIREET, SWANSEA. ESIACLI^HEU 1SGJ. S r E C I A L I T Y Gold Filled Frainf u, Folder. and Spectacles—10i. <> J. per Pair. Steel rr3.me8- Cd. and os. C'd. ¡ HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. The mosL certain and speedy remedy. STOPS COLD UUlES COUGH! HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREllOUND. Safe for Children. Is l^d 2s 9J. THE CARMARTHEN BILLPOSTING COMPANY, 1J, BRIDGE-STREET, CARMARTHEN. BILLPOSTING aud ADVERTISINtr, in all its BILLPOSTING aud ADVERTISINtr, in all its Branches, throughout the Counties of Carinar then, Pembroke and Cardigan, R. M. J AMES, Manager. J PRINilN GMPRINTIN G! GOOD, CHEAP, AND EXPEDITIOUS pRINTING "piXECUTEDj AT THE "WEEKLY REPORTER" PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES. 3, BLUE-STREET CARMARTHEN. POSTERS (COLOURED OR PLAIN HANDBILLS TRADE CIRCULARS MEMORIAL CARDS (IN GREAT VARIETY BUSINESS CARDS PAMPHLETS ANNUAL REPORTS PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE PROGRAMMES (BALL, CONCERT, OR SPORTS) BILLHEADS MEMO. FORMS CHEQUE BOOKS, &c. PRICES ON ^P PLICATION. Orders by Post receive prompt aud careful attention. The Carmarthen Weekly Reporter FUBLISHED EVERY TUUIiSDAY EVENING, Circulate- throughout South Wales generally, and has the LARGEST CIRCULATION IN THE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN PKICS ONE PENNT. Foa l FKEE FOK l/u x ONE MOMENT. "Oh dear, Doctor, what will you recoiiunfjii for my Children's Coughs and Cold ?" TRY TUDOR WILLIAMS' I'ATF.-N-V T DALS ,i ¡.; 0-111 I J- -a pa.OF The most marvenous Cure for all Disorders of the Chest, Throat, and Langs. It never fails fco give instant relief, and dujs not contain Laudauum, Opium, or Morphia. ECONOMI.E Yuur HEALTH. HEALTH IS THE FIRST WEALTH. All who are erifpgc l iu induoi tnd outdoor ctfeupa- twn and are cspeci.-J!y e>.pj>ed to the ev«r-v»ryiojj climate of Great Britain, BE WiSli IN TIME. Don t tamper with lhuger but go straight away for TUDOR I V I L L I Aid S' BALSAM OF I10N EY. IT 1:, T- rVH Wi \K-C:iE..i'ED MEN, DeJil;atù\V'JlIloU, a.¡oJ C!,¡:],I. Wilttl RII other remedies It Cima Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, As<!iti:a. Tigii!-n • of the Chts'. It Cures thuimud* Childwii of Brouehitis and Vvhoopiiig C.i'ighs, );. eures f-r < >.io S!ii!Hu<f when Pounds hive beeuspcet i:¡ vain. DO THY IT If you have a Cousrii, (ry it If you have a Cold, Tn nil If you have Br-oucliitis, THY IT It loosens the Phlegui and ]>roinoles expectoration, produces warmth and comlort to the chest, and pi*, es refreshing sleep when you have lost ni-hts of ret, u- READ OX. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. "U hen you are distressed with a miserable cold, nose bunged up, throat sore, limbs aching, with a general feeling of sir.otheiing, a few doses of the Balsam of Honey wdl clear the wretched symptoms away, almost before you know it. There is nothing like it on the inaiket it Is thoroughly up to date; it trickles into all the system. A true friend, prompt and reli- able in its action. JUST ANOTHER WORD. When you ask or send f,)r Tudor Williams's Patent BALSAM OF HONEY do not allow anybody to persuade you to purchase something else. If you do, you simply throw oil the geiiuine article and take' on with a false one. Wonderful Cures daily. Thousands of Testimonials to hanl from all pnt; of the World. READ ON FURTHER. SPONTANEOUS TESTIMONY. WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERATION. SfR,—My wife desires me to say that your Tudor Will Balsam of Honey has proved a most valuable medicine in our Jarye family (ci^rht children). As soon as a cough or cold makes its appearance, a dose of Tndor's Balsam is it once administered, and this treatment is folio,ved up until the cold dis- appears. Before using the Balsam in our family the children have been prostrate with colds for several weeks, but now, by taking doses as directed, they seem to suffer veiy littlu inconvenience During the short time the cold is upon them, the action of the Bilsam is marvellous, aDd the little ones take it readily and ask fur more.—WALTER J. BRETT, C.M., Headmaster, Severn Tunnel School, March Kith, lEn." READ ON STILL FURTHER. A Cardiff ChemiJ states I have a larger sale for Tudor Williuis' B.v'.nni of if iney than any other Cough Cure. Thtt", the opinion of all Chemists. PUBLIC MEN SPEAK HIGHLY OF IT ALL UVElt THE WORLD. Sold by all Chemists ana Stores all over the World in 11; 1 d:, 28 9d., and 43. 6d. bottles. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for L. 3d., 3s., aud os. from the inventor, D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, RD.S.L,, Medical Hall, Aberdare. 51H. ERNEST COLLIER, M.S.A., AUOUIIECT AND SUKVETOT, i, '4vax SrHEFT, c EMAlifHEN. r-: r ,-=- Why waste vour Time by sticking to the old-fashioned, antiquated ways of performing your domestic duties, when labour- saving appliances arc to be had so cheaply, and can be depended upon to do the work far more effectively and in far les3 time thin in which it could be per- formed by hand ? All the new-:st ideas in such Machinery are-kept in stock here. Just drop in and inspect the different articles we are offering on sale. We have no wish to press things upon you thr.t you don t reaby require, but we feel assured that there are many ot our appli- ances that will commend themselves by their own intrinsic merits. DAVIE-?, TOWY WORKS, CARMARTHEN. IGW English ^American Unrivalled A.RTI ri c i AL TEETH I P. 6 SmwinJ.Exiarain^^csiir^^CleaMjn^MsdawDwF5 u n Pr, cr L sts Ptiit frtc ^jjpr IT Rcij'N'3725. Attend C.tit,IIAIITIIE.N TUESDAY at Mr. T. C.DA VIES', King. t 12 till Attend LLA\D0VLttV Every FRIDAY at Mr*. MORTENS, Enkine 1 louse, Broad-stieet. Hours 11 tul Attend ll.AMMIO I | Cr; ctcut-ioad. Hours 3 till c oJ l .iu.