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Carmarthen Borough Police…


Carmarthen Borough Police Court. MOMMY.—Before the Mayor (Mr H. B. White, tho Grauge) Messrs T. E. Brigstoeke, Iiing-strect Ileiuy Howells, The Studio and David Williams, Priory-street. THE YOUTHFUL PIRATE. (Stephen Evans ( 1G\ was brought up on remand charged with larceny. The Clerk said that enquiries wade. had coniirmed'the^truth of the boy's story. His aunt ill Bristol .was willing to take hin(back. The Mayor gave the boy some sound advice, and closed by telling him he would be sent home to his aunt. He was asked to sit down until a way:of sending him devised. This speech was received with applause by the public. GAME TRESPASS. John Thomas,Paris' House, 'wa,a charged with trespassing in pursuit of game. Defendant said he admitted being on the land. He hoped the magistrates^would do the best i'or him they could. Alfred Thomas,'Maesyprior, said On the 4th February, I was going along the road leading from my house to the turnpike, road. I lieti-d some voices, and after a bit I saw Mr Thomas coming across my fields with some greyhounds. I spoke to him. He said he was not trespassing in "pursuit of game that lie was simply following the dogs. I told him he would get into trouble about it. Defendant IVero the two dogs tied when you saw me 1 Witness Yes I believe they were. And there was one loose. Defendant Didn't I show you that the hare was in the rabbit hole ? Didn't I show you a bit of the fur ? Witness 1 believe you did. Defendant Don't say vou believe I did. You know I did. Witness, in answer to the Cleric, said ihat defendant alleged that he had started a hare on a neighbouring farm and had chased it, into a rabbit hole on Maesyprior. Witness then told him that that did not matter,—that he was on the land without having .had permission. Defendant There is no need to go into that at all. I have admit'ed I was there. I go llU further that that. The Mayor It would be better for your- self if you did go further. Mr Alfred Thomas said that the land of Maesyprior belonged to Sir James Drummond and Mrs Stepney. J. R l'ereival Thomas, Derllys Court, said he saw defendant looking for a hare on Pcnilorddlas, accompanied by three or four greyhounds. Witness was GOO or 700 yards off at the time. Defendant Well, you have got most wonderfuPeyesight. Defendant said lie had raised "the hare on Cwmmau-bach. Ho could show the form of her there now. He would pay the expenses of the whole party down to the spot (laughter). Mr J. B. Perceval Thomas' had promised to back Mr Alfred Thomas up, because he had himself tried to have him up but was not sure of him. Mr J. B. Percival Thomas repudiated having ever said anything of the kind. He had come there to speak the truth. Thomas Jones, Cwmmau, said he saw some man all Maesyprior land crossing tho field with three or four greyhounds. He raised a hare on Maesyprior. The hounds chased her to the adjoining fields out of his sight. He was four fields off. He could not say who the man was. Tho Mayor Do you wish to ask the witness any questions ? Defendant, No, I never knew ofj his existence before. Supt. Smith"said that the defendant had been convicted of a similar offence before another court. Defendant said he was extremely sorry. He admitted being oil the land but he had not raised the hare there. He had not prepared his case at all. The Bench fined defendant 10s and 14s 6d costs.

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