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Carmarthen School Board.


Carmarthen School Board. MONTHLY MEETING AT THE GUILDHALL. The usual monthly meeting of the Car- marthen School Board was held at the Guildhall on Tuesday evening. The Rev E. U. Thomas, chairman of the Board, presided. There were also present :—Mr J. P. Carter, Rev D. J. Thomas, Mr James John, Mr R J. Jones, Rev W. W. Lewis, and Mr Adamson together with the Clerk (Mr T. Walters), and the Deputy-Clerk (Mr H. Anthony Thomas). MODELLING IN CLAY. The Chairman drew attention to the requirements" as set forth by the head- teacher of the Pcntrepoth Infant School. The Finance Committee had understood everything except the demand for a quantity of clay." As far as he (the Chairman) could make out, the infants would have to work the clay with their hands. Rev D. J. Thomas There is no lavatory there, is there ? The Deputy-Clerk said he believed there was a couple of hand-basins. Mr James John The Board does not provide towels for them to wasii their hands afterwards. Mr J. P. Carter Does it come under the head of school-work ? The Chairman said he believed it came under the head of "varied occupations." He believed the clay was required for the modelling. Mr R. J- Jones said that this particular clay was not as dirty to work as ordinary clay was. Mr James John said it was no good providing the material unless the teacher was qua1,fled to teach this subject. The Deputy-Clerk said that the teacher must be able to satisfy the Inspector of her efficiency, or she would not have undertaken that branch. Mr Adamson said he believed the object was to give a series of lessons in form so as to give children ideas of form. Unless she had some training for it, the teacher could not do the work very well. Mr J, P. Carter said he understood that jflodelhng was, under the London School 13oard, considered one of the most important parts of school work. The Clerk: One of the higher brandies Re 1), J. Thomas said it seemed the Aerials would be required for the examina- tion. ^V^u^on said he did not think the poara should supply materials merely to gatisty jjer j £ ajesty>s Inspector. If they ,Orcre necessary they ought to have been procured during the year. ha*- sa'd that Miss Thomas ought to ve been there to explain the matter. Jauies j0hn said that as the Board did frthe to cerlify f°r these things until hecee*1 lnforrnation were forthcoming, he J?;i to lT1ove that the matter be adjourned on"' the n<at meeting. Was agreed to. PIANOS FOR THE SCHOOL. recomroendation of the last meeting 1 f p Planos be hired for one year for the use oj "entrepoth Girls', Pentrepoth Boys', and Quay-street Schools was then considered. M.r E. Colby Evans sent in a tender offerIng to hire pianos at £4 IOS each per annum, or he would let the Board have them on the" hire-purchase" system for three years at £ 10 los each a year. These would be good instruments by well-known English makers. .M1' J. I). Carter said he understood the pianos were required for the purposes of Swedish drill" He had been since told that pianos were not required for Swedish drill at all. He did not know himself what Swedish drill was; perhaps some of the other members did. Mr Adamson said he could not say whether music was required for the purposes of Swedish drill or not. He remembered it being mentioned by the teachers that it would be a great advantage to have music for the drill. He did not know whether the drill was Swedish or not. Rev D. J. Thomas Was it not musical drill was mentioned ? L J. P. Carter Musical and Swedish drill were mentioned. The Clerk said he remembered it being said that the pianos were necessary but he did not think any mention was made of Swedish drill. The Chairman said he had been at one of the schools, and had seen the children doing some exercises accompanied by an harmonium. He did not know what the technical name of the exercises were. Rev W. W. Lewis said that if the Board was satisfied on the last occasion that the pianos were required, he did not see the use of re-opening the question. The Clerk—in reponse to a rcquest from the members—looked up the requirement book ot the teachers. In one case the demand was for use of piano for at least three lilonths and in another, one piano to prepare drill for the Inspector." In another instance reference was made to a certain article in the Code. Mr Adamson said he should certainly vote against the proposal if the pianos were only to be used for three months to prepare for the visit of Her Majesty's Inspector. Their educational value disappeared alto- gether in such circumstances. The Clerk read the article of the Code referred to, from which it appeared that the Higher Grade would not be paid unless "provision is made for Swedish or other drill, or suitable exercises." The Chairman pointed out that the use of the pianos for a year would only cost ios. On the other hand the teachers were willing to forego the prizes, which would cost Mr Adamson pointed out that each child in annual attendance meant an income of about £ to the Board. If the pianos, therefore, only increased the attendance by three, they would not entail any additional expenditure to the Board. That was looking at the economical side—apart altogether from the educational value of making the drill bright, and interesting to children. Rev D. J. Thomas said that the question would have to be discussed as to whether it would not be better to purchase the pianos outright. Mr J. P Carter moved that the pianos be aired for a year. Rev W. W. Lewis seconded. Mr James John moved, as an amendment, hat the Board purchase the pianos outright 0 •n the three years' system. If the Board ,vere satisfied that the pianos were required for the efficiency of the schools they ought to )C purchased outright. The amendment was not seconded; and the motion was carried. I DAMAGE TO PROPERTY. Mr Lewis Davies, of Slaiford House, Priory-street, wrote calling upon the Board to make good certain damage which they had caused to the pine-end of his property in Little Water-street by the demolition of the old buildings at Pentrepoth. It was decided to call on the contractor to see to the matter. A RESIGNATION. Miss Daffy, assistant mistress at the Quay- street School, gave a month's notice- commencing on the sSth iist-to terminate her engagement with the Board. NO SURPRISES WANTED. Miss Thomas, of Quay-street, and Mrs Watkins, of Pentrepoth, called the attention of the Board to the fact of pupil teachers leaving, etc., and the necessity of fresh arrangements being made. Mr James John said the teachers knew very well about these matters before then; and the Board ought to have some notice. There seemed to be growing up a habit of springing surprises on the Board, who were asked to make fresh arrangements in a "stand and deliver" fashion. SAVINGS BANK TRUSTEES. Rev I). J. Thomas and Mr James John resigned their positions as savings-bank trustees, and the Rev E. U. Thomas, and Mr J. P. Carter were appointed in their stead.






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