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Carmarthen Rural District Council. ] THE FORTHCOMING ELECTIONS. | Nominations for scats Oil this Council were handed in at the otiicc of Mr Rowland Browne, returning officer, as follows until noon on Thursday, the 17th inst. :— UNCONTESTED SEATS. LATGUAUNE TOWN. WilUam Thomas, Minorva H"use; proposed by William David seconded by B. R. Thuwall, Raven House. MEUXHYU "David Evans, Tynewyd proposed by William Evans, Llech'wyd L'cvlldrd by John Evana, Cwmduhen. Eran Jones, Glancorrwg, farmer pyopl-sed by T Davies, Waunyrhelfa ssconded by David Lewis, PlaBweDgroes. LLADDownoR. "Kev T Jones, ticar proposed by John Morgan, Forest land seconded by Thomas Evans, Foretit Villa. LL KDEFEILOG .r Hess, "Vstri.lferthyr proposed by Morris Jones, Capel socjnded by David Davits, Eithonmau. 1 ,LAXGl'NSUli. Herbert Uiiffiihp, Pcmcl iaullwynganol pro- posed by John Bonvhle, Pant seconded by C E Morris. Petsbryn, L John Tho-al, Tri -iypwlie, proposed by J T Stephens, Greenbill, seconded by David Thomas, Penpouipren. Ihooias, »roedyrhiw Eagair, shoemaker proposed oy Josiah Thomas, Pentroty seconded by David Thomas, Panlyctrdin. NKWIHUISCH. David Evans, Esgrvir-hir-isaaf proposed by John Jeremy, LKynteg seconded by William iatr. Davies, Goitre-uehah ST, Lnm EL, Miss E M Gwyn proposed by D W Diummond seconded by J Voyd Tarilan. LLANDAWKE AND LLANBADIYKN. S Morse proposed^by Wileymond eecoL-d.d Raynaor.d, LLANARTHNEY. *W J Thomas, Gilfaehyrhiw proposed; by vraV omap. Llwynhal seconded by William Morgan, The Cottage, Llan.uhney. Tnhfoe^eQ Stephens, Cwm, proposed by John CloBglag ^'os§^a8J seconded by James Maddocks, *T LAUGHARNE PAHICSH. AfttPo J°hn, Brixou, proposed by T S Morse, LloydWr<3a' 8CC0nded b>' JaiaeS Llewell?u. Castle LLAINOAIX. T T V ?m Williams. Llangain Factory, proposed by Penycly lli0mas'Gilfacb' Beoorded James Jones, LLANLLAWDDOG. *Evan Daniel, Ffoshelig, proposed by D L Jones, eriw>"n, seconded by H L James, Llwyuglas. MYDIUM. J°hn Anthony, Cefncrwth. proposed by Howell ^*les. Danygrai^, seconded by W Howell lhomas, Dyrheol Saw Mills. ABEKXANT. Thorny Pugh, Pwlldyfnrch piopoeed by John Pantbugail amended by William Phillips, etlparcel. LLANSTEPllAN. T *G Barret Evans, Ferry Farm proposed by T 6Wls. Moar seconded by W II Nicholson. CONTESTED. PAUISH OF ST, CLEARS. (One to be eloctcd). Ar,ne Skyrme, the Ivit tF» House, spinster £ r°poeed b julu; \yaStCrg, GarddeFarm seconded y 11 W Jenkins, Brook field House. Elizabeth Phillip?, Danygraig. spinster proposed Jt'hn Voy'e Morgan, S.urta Clara seconded by av>d How'cil Sit ith, Biidgf street. p John Jo)USi Wl,ol8tr,riCi farmer proposed by •^hdlip Thomas, Uurse seconded by Benjamin Davies, Graigwcn. I.LA.NGl:r.u,a. (One to to elected.) l)»*id Lewi^ Ffvni onhvyd, farmer; proposed by ■j^vi John, Lih viM r-n seconded by Jonah John, Mount Pleasant, Juhn Johr Wheelobout, fanner jpropùsed by D.,V h,^as» Ooedlive-ucho seconded by Morris ee> "beelabcut. Wiiliaa,6, Grove Farm; proposed by Caleb Fenian Aber'> »'C->ndid by Herbert Williams, J»hn Willi tn;e, Wheclsbout, has since withdrawn TKELLCH-AR-BETT W E. (two 10 le elected.) Th bv i.^w Howells, junr Cefnelcch proposed tiLii?mes Darii's, BbenpMit seconded by John Idai.,las. hy^°l\n Feet Oilice, Gellywen proposed -\vrjii. Lewis, \Vraunolrufaeh seconded by 10lU Kiebards, Panlyrh'dyn. I[J ^ylvanns Williams, schoolmaster ptopesed by rpDayieg, Bla>°npai t; seconded by William Tieparke. rw R'chards lus ei .ee 'withdrawn there will, Uieiefore, be noccntest. LLANDDAEHOG. (One to be elected). *John Davies, Llandre proposed by James William Lewis, School House j seconded Henry Harries, Glanville House. Johu Jenkins, Llwyuybrain proposed by John Hughes, Mynachlog seconded by Ebenezer M Davies, Llwynbach, LL AK VIH A K G K L A K E RC 0 ^WIN. (One to be elected). *David Thomas, Cleifan Mill proposed by Simon W lhomas, liuehmoor seconded bv Thomas II Thoma*, Glasbryn Villa. Benjamin Jones, Pwllygravel; proposed by David Evans, Penlan seconded bv William B Davies, Wern. The d attcr having withdrawn, there will consequently be no contest.) LLANWINIO. (One to be elected). *John Phillips, Caerlleon proposed by William Williams, Cwmfelin Shop seconded by Thomas Howell, Esgaiiddaugoed. David Griffiths, Pantymaen proposed by Richard Lewis, Gilfach seconded by J W Thomas, Brin- llan. LLASGUNLOCK AXD LLAINDILO-ABEKCOWI^. (One to be ejected). James Evans, Ardderhn proposed by John Williams, Penycoed; seconded by W Ll Rees, vicar. *Dftvid Harries, Nantyihebog J W Harries, Llandilc Abercowin seconded by James Griffiths, Talybolit- LLANGEXDEIHXE. (Two to be elected.) Thomas Edmund, Court, sculptor proposed by John Davies, Llwynbryn-gauaf seconded by Thomas Davies, Pencelly. Gomer Davies, Macsllhuf, mason; proposed by John Jenkins, Plasybach seconded by W Griffiths, Coodwgan-tach. Herbert Howells, Cvvmcyrdeyrn; proposed by Hsnry Rees, Pantteg seconded by T Williams, Limestone IlIlI. *William lhomas. Van Farm proposod by John Jones, Wert", eecundtd by Joshna Jones, Torooed- uchaf. •Thomas Williams M^ensant-issaf proposed by Grorge Williams, Mmke-mawr; 8econdeFd b f GieviUe, Glangwendrseth. C- The last mentioned has withdrawn. ABLRGWIU. (Two to be elected). ■"David^Davies, Rhiwaywyll proposed by John Simon. Brynberllan seconded by David JoneF, Penycnwc. *John Griffiths, Nantmeillionog proposed by John Lloyd, Penybank seconded by Ben Jeremy, Garregllys. Thomas Lewis, Panttig House, carpenter; proposed by T Davies, Gwili Houec; teconded by T Evans, Rose Villa. The last-named huB withdrawn so there will be no contest. CARMARTHEN GUARDIANS. (Six to bo elected.) "William Thomas, minister of the Gospel, Park- glos proposed by Ghailes Davies, Fountain Villa seeooded by D Parcell Reee, Priory-street, Car- marthen. •Thoma? Thomit,, Wel ne'd proposed by H Brunei White seconded by T W Barker. Ako propo-ed by Thomas Williams, 103. Lammas- etrret, avid seconded by J T Lewis, City House. *J Patagonia Lewis. 7, Jsekson's-lane, insarance- aijviU proposod by David Williams, 6, Lammas- street, and seconded by J:inos Davies, 109, Lammas-street. ^Jonathan Phillips, YF-guborstone proposed by C W Jones, 10. Picton Tertace, and seconded by John Lewis, 12, Glannunt-road. -Edith Mary Haucocko, Tioedybryn, spinster proposed by Edward Lewis, Ciliefwr, and seconded by Robert Footman, HIPoJwen. Also proposed by James Philipps, 14, Picton Terrace, and seconded by Henry G Lewis, 3, Mogazine-row. I *Isabol Gertrude Thomas, 21, Picton Terrace; proposed by George Bagnall, and seconded by Henry Iloweli, The Studio. D Cadvau Joaes, Towynfa, Carmarthen, minister of the Gospel proposed by Professor D E Jones, and sccondtd by W S Morris, Bridge-street. James Phillips, 13, Picton Place, Carmarthen, retired farmer; proposod by J T Lewis, City House, and seconded by David Evans, 21, Picton Terrace, Carmarthen. The latter two have withdrawn so there will b° no contest in the Borough. Indicates a former member. The eleotions take place next Monday. Appended we give the attendances during the past year of the members. The Board of Guardians during that period held 25 meetings and the District Council 17. Every District Councillor is, of course, a Guardian of the Poor. Few indeed 01 the members have a good record of attendances :— District Guardians Council. John Griffiths, Abergwili 12 7 David Davies, Abergwili 17 13 David Bo wen, Abernant 13 7 David Griiffths, Conwil 7 3 David Thomas, Conwil. 21 14 William Thomas, Laugharne 2 3 J It John. L:mgharne. 8 5 Stephen Stephens, Llanarthney 9 9 William Thomas, Llanarthney 15 6 J II Thomas, Llansadwrnen 2 (j John Davies, Llanddarrog 19 3 T Rees, Llandefeilog 12 6 David Harries. Llangunnock D 11 Rev T Jones, Llanddowror. 9 11 David Thomas, Llanfihangel 22 15 J Lloyd Thomas, Llangain 15 10 William Thomas, Llangendeirne G 2 Tho3. Williams, Llangendeirne 7 6 Roger Davies, Lhmginning". 3 5 Henry Thomas, Llanguunor.. 9 3 E Daniel, Llanllawddog 17 7 David Evans, Llanpumpsaint 16 11 G B Evans, Llansteplall 15 13 John Phillips, Llanwinio 8 15 David Evans, Merthyr 19 .oo 15 Howell Davies, Mydrim 19 12 D E Stephens, Newchurch 14 6 Phillip Thomas, St. Clears (j (j Miss Gwyn, St. Ishmael 20 12 James Davies, Trelech 16 9 John Davies, Trelech 13 11 CARMARTHEN GUARDIANS. (Out of a possible 25.) No. of attandances, Miss Hancocke lo Mr Jonathan Phillips 22 Mrs R M Thomas. 13 Rev W Thomas 22 Mr Thomas Thomas 13 Mr J Patagonia LewisJ 25 Mr D. E. Stephens, the retiring guardian for Newchurch, fully intended to come out and contest the seat; but rh rough some mis- understanding his paper was not delivered in time. Had this mistake not occurred, his return would have been practically a fore- gone conclusion. A second candidate was also nominated for Llanstephan; but the paper was rejected on account of a very evident irregularity. The following is a copy of a letter forwarded by the Rev D. Cad van Jones to Mr Rowland Browne, Clerk to the Carmarthen Board of Guardians: Re LIST OF GUARDIANS. DEAR MR. BROINI-.NE,-Being an old inhabi- tant, and having always taken some interest in public affairs,! am occasionally approached with a view to throw myself on the suffrages of the town to become their servant. I was under the impression that vacancies should occur in the list of guardians for this year and, therefore, I readily acquiesced with the request of friends to become a candidate. Seeing, now, that a contest might endanger the seats of friends who have already won the confidence of the public, I quite as readily beg to withdraw my candidature. At the same time I offer my sincere thanks to kind friends who, no doubt, intended to invest me with this honour of being their representative on the Board of Guardians. Very respectfully, D. CAD VAN JONES. Towynfa, March 22nd, 1898.

Mewclmrch Parish,

Sudden Death at Abergwili.

Llaudilo Board of Guardians.



Dydd Pen Bhvydd fy Hun. I

Funeral of lev. Dr. Job, Conwil.


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