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Carmarthen Rural District…

Mewclmrch Parish,

Sudden Death at Abergwili.

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Funeral of lev. Dr. Job, Conwil.


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Publications. Magazine (oi.) —C Arthur Pearson, Limited, Henrietta-street, Strand. Striking illustrations are again to be found lavishly dis- played throughout an excellent number of Pearson's Magazine. In the issue for March, just published, 11 Altists and their Work "-the firfct feature of the iiiagazinc- superbly illustrated with reproductions from pictures of well-known artists, while the photographs illustrating the next article, on Mountaineering in England," are particularly good, showing as they do the nardy mountaineers in all sorts of uncomfortable and perilous attitudes. The stories throughout are well told and well illustrated. The Ileal GhObt Story by Messrs E and H Heron, Captain Kettle's latest adventure by Mr Cutclitfe, lIyne, and a particularly striking story by Mr George Griffith, entitled A Corner in Lightning," and another very pretty old-world tale by Mr James Workman, are perhaps the best of a good batch. As for the articles ot general interest, they are of a very varied lnture, and are all well worth reading. In iddition to those above mentioned, there is an mthorhative account of Dr Emmens' startling liscuvery by wh: ch he is actually enabled to turn silver into gold. "The Playing-Cards of the World is another interesting subject, 2xhaustiveiy treated the ditlerent methods of aarrying the hands whilst walking provides some curious photographs while the clever tricks of trained cats and dogs are described and amusingly illustrated in yet another article. And, finally, Mr J Ilolt Schooling contributes a popular statistical paper on The Wealth of the World." Altogether this number of Pearson's is over-flowing with good illustrations and interesting letterpress. L-CJIILLA'S MAG-AZINE (IS )—Macmillan and Co., Limited. St, Martin's-etreet, London—for March is a splendid number, and contains The Diary of a Private Soldier in tho Campaign of New Orleans." edited by Lieut.-Colonel Willoughby Yerner, late Rifle Brigade Novels of University Life," by George Saintebury A Philosopher's Romance," by John Berwick The Evolution of the Sikh Soldier," by Major Pearse On Lake VYfilWY," by A G Bradley Gavarni," by Tighe Hopkins The Familiar of Megat Pendia," by Hugh Clifford The True Military Policy," by David llannay. THE CENTURY MAGAZINE (IS 4d) fur March.— Macmillan and Co Limited, London.—As a superb number and contains With the Dead," by I Zangwill The Itiver Trip to the Klondike," by John Sidney Webb The Mammoth Cave of Kentucky," by John It Procter Portrait of Vesdi." frontispiece Ai)dre-e," by V- P Foster Good Americans," by Nlri Burton Harrison The Rush to the Klondike over the Mountain Passsc, by S Curtis Gallops 1, Chalmer's Gold Piece" The Bishop's Missionary Meeting," by David Giay Andres's Messenger," by Jonas Stadling; "Mexican Society in Maximilian's Time, 18:16." by Sjra Y Suevenson "-Songs of American Birds," by John Buiroughs "The Adventures of Francois IlL," by S Weit Mitchcll Cole's old English Masters Richard Wilson," by John C Van Dyke Ein Nixnutz," by the author of "ladnme Butterfly," by J L Long; At Twilight," by G W Carry; "A Man without a Past," by John D Ruff Colonial, by R E Lee Gibson Women Composers," by Rnpert Hughes; The Wanderers," by G E Woodberry Fraterualisul vs. Paternalism in Government," by R T Ely General Grant's Des Moines Speech," by J S Clarkson Departments Topics of the time Open Letters la Lighter Vein." ST. NICHOLAS (IS).—Macmillan and Co.-will be found of great interest for the youngsters, as it is full of splendid stories, articles, and illustrations. The contents for March include: —Frontispiece, A Milk maid of Dordrecht, Holland," drawn by George Wharton Elw&ros "The Great Lakes," illustrated by Howard F Sprague The Snail's Dream (verse), illustrated by 0 Herford Katharl nc t3 Tea-party"; "The Ballad of the Maid and the King," illustrated by R B Birch "Lewiô Carroll Through the Earth-III." illustrated by Wm A Mackay "Leaves from the Sketch-book of an Animal Artist.' illustrated by the Author ".The Buccaneers of our Coast," illustrated by G Varian A Day Dream," illustrated by Albertine Randall Wheelan The Lakerim Athletic Club," illustrated by C Relyea Reference Books," for bova ard girls Going too Far (-crc-e), illustrated by the Author A Question of Spelling" (re-se) Two Biddicut Boys," illustrated by W A Rogers A Year with Dcnise and Ned ToodloE," illustrated by C Relyea A Giant Candle "A March Fantasy," drawn by I Taber Truzzlcs Editorial Notes The Letter Box The Riddle Bux." THE SIRAND MAGAZINE" for March (6d)— G-orjje Nev.r.cs, Limited—is a grand number and contains the following i'he Brotherhood of the Seven Kings," by L T Meade tiiaI Robert Eustace "Glimpses of Nature," IX—"A Fiozon World," by Giant Allen A Woman's Chance of Marriage," by John H-:t Schooling; "The Admiral's Mis- adventure," by Gilbert Heron "A Metal Balloon," by Jnvnes Walter Smith For thr- Boy's Sake," by J C lligginboihain "Od Jest Books" "From Cairo to Cataract, by Sir Georgo, Bart. •• Portraits of Celebrities ft Different Times, of their Li,,es Mies Cayley's Adventures," by Grant Allen Frora lit hind the Speaker's Chair, XLI," viewed by Henry W Lucy A Shifted Cargo," by Alan Oscai A Procession of Giants," by .Emile .D sssix Ciudarella's Daughter"; Cuiiosities. THE NAVY AND ARMY ILLUSTRATED (Od weekly}—George Nsi-ncs, Ltd.—edited by Com- mander Charles X Robinson, R.N., continues up to its standard of excellence. The letterpress and illustrations are grand. THE :o.,y Rnd Army Iilustratea Library, or Stories cfuur National Heroes (6d fortnightly) — George Newnrs. Limitc-d.-AVe have received Parts 1 and 2 of Wellington an"; Waterloo," by Major Arthur Giiffiths, with an introduction by Field Marshal Viscount Woistky, K.P., Commander-in- Chief ot the Army. This publication is a work of art in itself, the priming being superb and the illustrations grand. The stories will certainly be eargerly welcomed. THE WINDSOR MAGAXISE (Gd)-for March -NVard, Lock, and Bowden, Warwick House, Salisbury-square, London-1H a superb number, and contains articles and stories of a most varied description. The contents include :-Frortiepic-ce, "Marian Beheld again the World of Islands"; Kronstadt." Chapters XII.-XVI, by Max Pemberton; "England r Australia," by George Giffen; "Who goes Home?" by Spcneer Leigh Ilughe6 "Sunset on the West Coast," by W A Ear;); How I do my Punch Picture? A Talk with Mr E T Reed," by Raymond Blathwayt; Dr Contarini's School, by K H Strain A Bull Bison," from a photograph by Gambicr Bolton, F.Z S. How Animals come to the Zoo," by C J Cornish Rising Stars," illustrated from photographs; "Jennie Baxter, Journalist." No. III., by Cottrel Hos Three Propr ietary Islands," by Arthur II Girdlestone "The Greatest of Acrobats: I 'Iaryclious Crrggs' by Robert Machray; The Shepherd." by William B Robinson Poor Marinaduke," by Fox Russell "The Imperial Heritage" Part III., by Ernest E Williams The Emperor's Detective. III., by Percy Andrew; The Editor's Scrap-book —" The Mahogany Suite," by R Arthur. The magazine is profusely illustrated and a plate of the Ciicket team Engla"nd t-. A-os:ralia-is given with this number. BEFORE J03EPH CAME INTO EGYPT is the title of a little political skit, published at 6d, by Janebis ar.d Sons, 10 and 11, Warwick Lane, London. The wcik ha3 been compiled bv Mr W iltiam Sykts, tnci consists of spceclics of the Right Hon. Joseph C; nmberiair from the tiire of his entering political "life down to the present time. The work is of special interest just now and will be read with amusement, es it shows the complete somersault whicii "Joe has effected in recent years. WE have received No 27 cf The Church of England A History for the People," by De&n Spence (pri'.e 7d.), from Mitsrs Cassell and Co., the well- known publishers and this number is equal to the preceding p..rts, both as regards print- ing and paper. We cannot but again recommend this popular edition to our readers.