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IN HALF-HOOP, MARQUISE, GIPSY, and all other Designs, Set with x KS/Wm BRILLIANTS, EMERALDS, PEARLS, £ 'iy k RUBIES, SAPPHIRES, OPALS, TURQUOISE, Sc., &c. M$0 OF PUREST QUALITY. 5,000 Mi &>/ jflfr To Choose from at Maker's SENT FREE. Cash Prices..e&ksrf SELECT TOYS i0W X$&S °!d JCW"ery bELLtriOMs xfdStto /vy andWatclies SEAT ON Taken in Exchange. APPROVAL. 3Qy fJy^k LARGEST STOCK OF MaSm RINGS IN THE WORLD, Baring. fp^ |ggf Selections of Watches or Jewellery sent Free on receipt of reference. MX^TW J^/&L F ALL GOODS NOT APPROVED WILL BE EXCHANGED. WATCHES and JEWELLERY post free, at my risk, to all parts of the World for Draft, Cash, or P.O.O., payable at J^T^lfjr G.P.O. SEND for BENSON'S BOOK of Watches from jE2 2s. to JE500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHES, PLATE, &c., &c. Sent l ost Free by— J.W. BENSON CWatchmaker & Jeweller) Steom Factory Adjoins 62 & 647 LUDGATE HILL, And 28, ROYAL EXCHANGE, E.C., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. JUBILEE TITRTiET CT.OCKS—For Churches, Scliools, Public Buildings, etc.. from £15. Estimates Free. IGAMAGE, CYCLING OUTFITS. LEADING THE WAY AS USUAL. CHEAPEST AND BEST HOUSE. Write or call for comprehensive Catalogue for the Season, Post Free to any Address. THE" SHORLAND." I /?/).>- I THE SHORLAND." )'i'" 4/11 -C;: ¡i 1'* Cut all in oas piose. Horscskin. Extra Quality, 6/6, f/6, IC/6. Black or Tan. Postage on SllO', 4H. Send size with Order. Latest registered Design for Ladies' 8/6 and Gentlemen's Shoes. 8/6 B t(T ) I Inserted MonMoiI KuM'cr B.i's, which prevent, slip- ping and reduce Tihrat'on, and arc specially rccom- lnomlwl for Ilnt-t-rap Po/luls. Made in all Sh.-ipcs nt 8,'6 and upwards. Sfciul sisw when ordering. The LADY'S SHORLAND," JTorps-PJrin or Tan French Calf, 8/6, 10/6 and £ 1216} ili-p.),14 6. Extra Fine, §S IS 6. F.\tm II"rid «k-«-n, 21 |i CVCLiHG SKOE i IN ENDLESS VARIETY. $11 < ic in 1 Cyc¡}¡;g Cap. It ^||gK^r;' X./6 Postage, 3d. 1/6 Waterproof Cycline: Capes. I Good Friends in Foul Weather. All Prices from (Men's) 3/3 TO 16/6. 101 TITE NORTH I ROAD Shoe, 8/6. THE RIPLEY Shoe, 6/6. Ladies' Cycling Waterproof CAPES AND PONCHOS e_% 6/6 TO 25/- 1-. TIIE Holborn Shoe, 4/11. -,r I i- I I THE "REFEREE" Men's Cycling Shoe, Best in the I y/SUi World. Cycling Suits. (Racing) Wool lilled J'WOM rltOM 9/5 26.- RAIN BUT NOT AIR PROOF 31/6 & 40/6. IPyrVf who have re<ra-(l for their hcaMi should wear o?tly (iaii'iaTe'w Kererec" Sanitary Wo l-lined Cloih- ;nsc. pijffem ft mid TxnJea of Self Wctifuvement sent Pree to any aihlre#?. OntcrA over 10 carnagc free. t £ k '••• f v? i* y I ,f F 3 Thiel Legs aDd Thin Feet kl'(,I, SIIOOTINO AND CYCLING 1IOMEKNIT STOCKINGS Free from all Seams. Pure toiiq staple! Scotch Wool, full hurih, brood rib.\ dovUe heels and rues, most comfort- uú,1c. Colours: I blue, bj jolt, light ami daik jricy, Leathers and fan- cy mixl urea. T!;ick Lo" & Thin Toei. The Highland Checf-, I HrujiM.iii!:>:i, Thick Tegs & T/ The Highland Checf-, HrujiM.iii!:>:i, Thick Tegs & T/ h i'tt, *|H. A•' 7ration, 5 G, B Usual Feet, 3/6; 4/6. 7W.J ,v. 37. Ifr P„ir 2 »•«»»•». 4</7 LA. W. GAMAGF,, 126, 127, 128 & 129, Holborn, London. j G E 0 R G E S PILE AND GRAVEL FILLS. THE GREATEST SUCCESS OF MODERN T¡MIS! Were all the Toitimonials published that have been received in avour of this Ilamedy, they would fill a Volume of nearly One Thousand Pages of tho ordinary size, "THEY ARE MORE THAN GOLD TO MB,-THEY SAVED MY LIFE. If you suffer PAIN in the BACK and LOINS, or between the SHOULDERS, this Remedy wil effectually h niIlITATiON of the BLADDER, SUPPRESSION and RETENTION of the watVr STONE or GRAVEL, the ONLY SAFE and EFFECTUAL REMEDY OFFERED TO THE WOPT/D'is GEORGE'S PILE and GRAVEL PILLS. Tf the Water is HIGH COLOURED, THICK, and depositing much bLDI^IEVx. lose no tiiuo, procure 1 pFORGE'S PILJ^S, and you will aoon be RIGHT again. 8 T^vour KIDNEYH and LIVER are sluggish a;c» <.at of order, this Remedy will gently STIMULATE M. • _„rHnt orcar«, open up their CLOGGED PASSAGES, and promote the secretion of HEALTHV these impoi^ ^ITAL FL1ITDS BII<If you are a^martyr to INl)UiESTION, BILIOUSNESS, and CONSTIPATION you have a SURE ^UyonSlS^mt^Bowel Disorder, such as PILES, CONSTIPATION, FLATULENCE, COLIC, y°u and are afraid that your HE ART to afield, yon will fmj these ™li ySSer^rom lIEADAClIlfaad G IDDINESS, George'* Pilkwill remove these PAINS sooner than ^ift^vrPAlfSTER EATING, and feel DROWSY and LISTLESS, one Dose of Gecr^'a Pills WiUlTy^r%^D TURNS SOUR and ri.-isinto the mouth, a ew doses o this Remedy will make your Ii yoVfeel'NERVOUS, EXCITABLE, and LOW SPIRITED, a perfec t ANTIDOTE will be found in George'a Pilla. you have a DISAGREEABLE TASTE in the mouth, a SINGLE DOSE of George's-Pile and Gravel PUIS at will clear th« ton«me before the dawn of another day. ? i,\ vfvv fails to give you RliST fcrv (ieorge's Pills. They will ma*e your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and REV iv-hj your sTREistiTH ^DVWrTTT* £ or KXERTION, WEAK, and LIMP, this Remedy wi RLSl ORE your ENERGY Mid STKB^|H» and will make Labour and Exercise tho ENJOYMEN f of your life. Xf you are troubled with NAT!SKA and VOMITING at the thought of eating, a bo of Gere's Pilla will make your meat and[d«nk both SAVOURY and PLEASANT. If your 31^ I ,^re? it wiU keep open all the iniwrtant onllots of the body, and thus give free exit to all GJ^ .Vr rlVMVi'. aui1 n'> Uiore I'LOOD IMPURIT1KS will be seen bursting through the Skin in PIMPl' or iiOlLS.. ,rnr, „ In thousands of ca^ y virno f?tI10Ved from the Blood root and branch, RHEUMATIC •, JjCOKKUTIC, andSCROFULOLb ;had_defied all other Remedies If you have a tenaen } k *^AL SWELLINGS, this remedy, by it^ action upon the KIDNEYS and SKIN, will BOODibnng.{F R { BEJ? If you have DI11 iCULi jATIHKQ) tLia Remedy will prove a frierd to you in the hour of It will change your CONST A>' T f«PllE3JDOM FROM PAIN. It will change the SALLOW COM! the BLOOM OF H15ALT1L It will cliange your SICKLIi^E-^ /J^OUii y<mr I.ANGOUR fc0 JAtrJ'TVITY ami your GENERAL DEBILITY to firmness ot blN bW ami MUSOLK. It is APERIENT, and therefore will remove U^TIPATION. It is ANTIBILIOU S, and will, therefore, correct all Regularities of the LIVER. It is DIURETIC, and will, therefore, keep open toe WATEB, PASSAGES. It is TONIC, and will, therefore, give TONE &a<i i*to DIGESTIVE OKGANS It is BLOOD-PUR1F YING and NERVE STivENGrilENlNG. It is, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. ——— THESE WORLD-RENOWNED PILLS ARE L. JLu EVERYWHERE. In Boxes, Is. 12(1. and 2s. 3d. each. BY 1. ost, b. 3d. and 38. PROPRIETOR-J. E. fcEOBKE, UliJtt lIï. your Printing done at this Office, to,) y uu will have it attractive & cheap. GIVA-LIA HOUSE BAKERY\ PRIORY-STREET, CARMARTHEN. CURRANT, SULTANA, AND SEED CAKE MADE AT THE ABOVE BAKERY AlE OF THE FINEST QUALITY. SPECIAL TERMS FOR TEA PARTIES HOME-MADE BREAD, WIIKATM15AL 15UEAD, AND HOVIS llREAD. FAMILIES WAIT'■) UPON DAlLY. NOTE THE ADDRESS- G. THEHARNE, Q-WALIA HOUSE, CARMARTHEN. WILLIAM LLEWELLYN, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, and Undertaker, ST. PETERS STREET, JfcT. ESTABLISHED 1851. ID. TITUS WTLLIAMS, BOOKBINDER, &c., CIIAPEL IIOUSK, CHAPEL STREET, CARMARTHEN. MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, AND ALL KINDS OF PUBLICATIONS BOUND TO SUIT THE OWNER'S TASTE. All Work executed with Good Taste, and Best Materials Guaranteed. NOTICES TO QUIT From Landlord to Tenant and Tenant to Landlord, may be obtained at the Reporter Office. Price One Penny. ClilinANT CAKE! SEED CAKE! SULTANA CAKE! AND EVERY OTHER KIND OF CAKE. We supply the above BETTER and CHEAPER than any other House in the Trade. We abo MAKE BREAD AND DELIVER TO ANY PART OF THE TOWN, AND ARK AGENTS BY APPOINTMENT ( FOR "HOYIS" ERE A. D (SMITH'S PATENT). T. SMITH it CO., KING-STREET BAKERY, CARMARTHEN. HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF IIORE HOUND. The most certain and speedy remedy. STOPS COLD CURES COUGH! HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF IIOREHOUND. Safe for Children. Is 1^1; 2s 9d. CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS are warranted to cure, in either sex, all acquired or Constitutions Discharges from the Urinary Organs, Gravel and Pains in the back. Free from Mercury. Established upwards of 30 years. In boxes. 4s 6d each, of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Venders throughout the World, or sent for sixty stamps by the makers, the Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Company, Lincoln. WOMEN'S AILMENTS. IRREGULARITIES, &c.-A lady, having tried 11 in vain every advertized remedy, has at last discovered a Simple Cure, which will act m a few hours no matter how stubborn the case. Lora-kdc sufferers can get it FBKE OF CHARGE by enclosing stamped envelope. Don't experiment with Worthless Pills, Mixtures, and Cones, and other injurious nostrums. Write at once with FULL IIOFK AND CONFIDENCE to Mrs O. ST. CLAIR, -Hi, Southamp- ton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. X SPECIAL To YOUNG MEN. Just Published, ft Medical Work, X ENTITLED HOW TO ENSURE HEALTET," On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE, and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of tho Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight aDd Memory Indigestion, prostration, Lassitude, Depresssion of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the Back, &c Sent 1)(,3t free for two stamps or by letter post 3 stamps "THE FEMALES'FRIEND AND ADVISER Will be sent to any address on receipt of two stamps. Addrets, Measrs BARNES and Co., 48. Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, London, N. FREE TO MEN. WHEN von are tired of taking nauseous and mysterious prescriptions and compounds, which do you no good but oulv ruin your digestive organs, write to moandl'vill send a book which describes a QUICK and CK.l'TAIN CURE for lost strength, wasting weakness, &c., from wLat- ATer cause arising. No Stomach Medicine, no Electricity. Sent in envelope on receipt of two stamps for postage.—A: J. Leigh, 92 and 93,Great Russell-street, London, W.O. EVERY M A.N ri-oni & PHYSICAL DERI LIT Y W ,lffll|d send for A vakvlbi.' pamphlet explaining li JW all ,7c »rnl organic derangement may he successfully treated' withom stomach medication. The methol is easy and pleasant, and will Care- Sent scaled. Post Frce.-Add. ess. E. NORTON, 5:1 & GU, CHANCEIU LAKK, LONDON, W.C. LSTAUISHEI SO YE:U'S. DENTAL NOTICE. MR. J. MACPHA.IL, Vte.sideul Surgeon 19, KING-STREET (jPPOaiTK LLOYD'S BANR), CARMARTHEN, Continues to Rnpply ARTIFICIAL TEETH, with all the latest improvements, at Moderate Prices, Vcelh extracted under Nitrous Oxide Gas, quitf. sat tvd hantUcss, CONSULTATION fKEK. ESTAF.LISHED ovfu 15 YEAllS ] Alit. ERNEST COLLIER., A., ASCHIIJCOT AND SDRVKTOF, 4, QUAY STREET, CARMARTHEN. PRINTIN (^PRINTING"! G OOD, CHEAP, AND jqiXPEDITIOUS pRINTING E XECUTEDI AT THE "WE EKL YR" BPO RTE It" PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES, 3, BLUE-STREET CARMARTHEN. POSTERS (COLOURED OR PLAIN HANDBILLS TRADE CIRCULARS MEMORIAL CARDS (IN GREAT VARIETY BUSINESS CARDS PAMPHLETS ANNUAL REPORTS PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE PROGRAMMES (BALL, CONCERT, OR SPORTS) BILLHEADS MEMO. EORMS CHEQUE BOOKS, &c. p n ICE SON P P 1, 1 C A T 10 N. Orders by Post receive prompt and careful attention. The Carmarthen Weekly Reporter PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY EVENING, Circulate" throughout South Wales generally, and has the LVROF3T CIRCULATION IN THE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN PRICK O:,v. PKNNY. POST FltEE FOU 1;'J PKRQUABTSR W. T. ItOGER,81 p j umber, Q as-fitter Wire & Electric HelMiaifger, HOUSE DECORATOR, &c., 9, NOTT-SQUAUE, CARMARTHEN. Repairs executed on the shortest notiec- SPECIAL ATTKNTION PAID TO ALL CLASSES OF COUNTRY WORK. GOOD WORKMANSHIP COMBINED WITH REASONABLE CHARGES. Stores 81: CA THERINE-STliEKT. Black and White Seed Oats, Seed Kurley, Clovers, ilsike, White Dutch, Cowgrass, Cocksfoot, Trefoil, Ribgrass, etc., SPRING WHEAT, SPRING TARES, COTTON AND FEEDING CAKES AND MEALS, NITRATE OF SODA, THOMAS' PHOSPHATE POWDER, Superphosphate, Bone Manures, AT LOWEBT POSSIBLE PRICES. SOLE AGENT FOR CARMARTHEN AND DISTRICT FOR VIVIAN'S Celebrated L\NJJ BES, W. CROSSMAN, CORN & SEED MERCHANT, 19 & 21, Blue-street, Carmarthen. JAMS! JAMS! JAMS! CHEAP AGAIN. 1 lb Plum and Apple 3^d. 2 do 5d. 3 do Sd. 4 9, do 10W. 1 Blackberry and Apple 4d. 2 do 6d. 3 do 9d. 2 Raspberry and Apple 7id. 4 do Is. Od. 1 UarnuJade 4d. 2 "do 7d. 3 "do lOd. 4 do Is. Id. Damson Jam, Loose, 3d. per lb. Tumblers, Marmalade, 4d. each. -I SMITH & Co., KING-STREET BAKERY, CARMARTHEN. J. B. ARTHUR, WHOLESALE GROCER, CORN, FLOUR, AND S I l]) MERCHANT, PRIORY-STREET, AND THE Q,TSTORES CARMARTHEN. Barley, Round and Flat Corn, Flour, Barley Meal, Indian Meal, Middlings, Bran, ie., at lowest possible Prices. THOMAS IIIOSPHATE THOMAS PHOSPHATE! A LARGE CONSIGNMENT JUST ARRIVED PRICES VEIiY MODERATE. SOLE AGEXT FOR THE DUBLIN &WICKLOW CELEBRATED MANURES. ^ookes- ^llggy Enflish frAmerican Unrivalled J-7) 2 6 Stopping. Extracting.Scaling &-Cleaning«t Mo derate Char|a recon;: 38 TASTLE Street PnccLisrs PcsrFrcc Pr,e Lisrs Post Fr;c V P.:qdrr37i5. Attend CAiniAKTHEX Every TUESDAY at Mr. T. C. DAVIES', 5, King street. H ;urs 12 till G p.m. Attend IXWDOYEin Every FRIDAY at Mrs. MORTONS, Erskine House, Broad-street. Ilotirs 11 till fi p.m. Attend LUXDILO Every SATURDAY at Mrs. REES', Crescent House, Crrsceut-road. Hours 9 till 3 30 p.m. SPECTACLES. WE CAN SUIT YOUR SIGHT IF NOT, WE nITUHN YOU YOUR MONEY. Send P ),t Card, with address, and we will send you Test per return. H. FREEDMAN & SON, OPTICIANS, COLLEGE-STREET, SWANSEA. ESTABLISHED 18G1. S PECI ALITY. Gold Filled Frames, Folders, and Spectacles—10s. lid p",r Pair. Steel Frames—2-. lid. and JS, Gd. SILVER MEDAL, EDINBURGH, 1889. GOLD MEDAL, JAMAICA, 1891. GOLD MEDAL, DERBY, 1891. ALTOGETHER 6 GOLD MEDALS RECEIVED AKD HIGHEST AWARD AT CHICAGO EXHIBITION. COLEMAN'S WINCARNIS OR Liebig's Extract of Meat and Malt Wine. « Is a Delicious Beverage and Tonic made from Port Wine, Liebig's Extract of Meat, and Extract of Malt. Is a New Name, Registered to prevent fraudulent Imitations. OVER FIVE THOUSAND Unsolicited Testimonials have been received t from Medical Men in favour of The following; Important Testimonial has been received from Dr. FLETCHER. AppJecross, Ross-shire, N.B., July 2nd, 1897. Dear Sirs,-Please forwaid quarter-of-a-dozerf "Wmcarnis" immediately as my patient's supply is about done. I trust there will be no delay, as he takes no other nouiij-hnxnt, and has been sustained and gained Etrength by "Wincarnis" for twelve weeks. Yours faithfully, DUNCAN FLETCHER, L.R.C.P. Is Sold by all Druggists, Wine Merchants, and Patent Vendors. Ask for Coleman's WINC ARNIS," or Liebig's Extract of Meat and Malt Wine, and see that the word "WINCARNIS is on the shoulder of the bottle. Sold in Bottles, 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. everywhere. Sample Bottle of Sent Post Free on receipt of Full Address to WINCARNIS WORKS, Norwich. COLEMAN'S COCA WINE A Splendid Tonic. Can be obtained of all Licensed Grocers and Chemists and of the Manufacturers. COLEMAN & CO., LTD., NORWICH & LONDON. Sold in Is. 6d., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. Bottles. COLEMAN'S LIEBIG'S EXTRACT of MEAT This is a genuine article at a moderate price, and is strongly recommended by the MEDICAL PROFESSION. Sold in loz., 2oz., 4oz., Soz.. and lib. Jars by all Chemists and Grocers. ■ Ask for COLEMAN'S and have no other. COLEMAN'S CROWN IMPERIAL" INVALID CHAMPAGNE Is suitable fer the Robust as well as the Invalid. Is a sound, Wholesome, Fruity Wine. Is sold by all Grocers and Wine Merchants. Over 2,000 Testimonials have been received from Medical Men. 249, St. Ann's Road, S. Tottenham, N. August 28th, 1894. DEAR SIR-,—I have grent pleai-ure in testifying to the efiicacy d your Invalid Champagne submitted to me for trial by Mr. CusLing. I administered it to a child in a state of extreme co'L-ip-e from an attack of Influenza and Pleurisy. The result was marvellous. The smouldering embers of life seemed at once to burst into flame, and an uninterrupted recovery ensued. 0 I have no hesitation in saying that your Invalid Champagne" is possessed of powerful stimulating and invigorating qualities, and cannot fail to be appre- ciated in all cases of debility, from whatsoever cause arising. I am, yours faithfully, H. CLAYTON Fox, M.R.C.S., Eng., L.S.A., Lond. Messrs. Coleman & Co., Ltd. Price, 30s. per Dozen Half-Bottles; SOS. per Dozen Full-sire Bottles. Carriage paid to any part of the United Kingdom. SOLE PROPRIETORS & MANUFACTURERS OF THE ABOVE, Coleman & Co., Ltd., NORWICH & LONDON. THE MOST NUTRITIOUS COCOA. E P P SS GRATEFUL-COMFORTINOó COCOA FOR BREAKFAST AND SUPPER.