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CONTINENTAL INNOVATIONS. WHEN it comes to concocting a revolution commend us to the House of Lords! The Lords have sent the Ccmmons a bill which will enable accused persons in all cases to give evidence on their trial. The bill, how- ever, does not meet with much favour in the Commons. Mr Lloyd Morgan summarised the case very neatly when he pointed out that it would gradually have the effect of throwing the burden of proof on the accused. Some of our good fnends shriek at Radicalism as Continental Liberalism the phrase is a fine one and it does not matter a brass farthing that it means absolutely nothing. But it is essentially Continental to turn a judge into a cross- examining advocate, and to call upon the accused to prove his innocence. It is English to consider a man guilty and to throw the burden of proof on the prosecution. A measure is nothing the worse of being Continental Christianity is Continental—whether it came to us from Rome or Ephesus is a deta] To be pre- judiced against foreign ways is essentially insular and intolerant but that is no reason why we should copy Continental vice, and Continental blunders. Our present judicial system is, after all, the best for innocent people and that it is so is proved by the fact that our French neighbours have during the last few months reformed their own procedure in criminal cases with the view of restricting the inquisitorial system which is such an instrument of torture to the innocent. But England is in the hands of a reactionary party at present and we arc pretty safe, as long as it is not proposed to revive the window-tax, the corn-laws, or the press-gang. Backward is the motto of our present rulers

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