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Elementary veliools in Wales.




I Cycling. The great London Shows of Cycles, the Stanley ana the National, have hitherto escaped clashing but the Stanley s date. a, year later than their last óhow, has for next reason also been selected lrv the promoters of the National, and the effect on the jaded show-goer will bo deadly in the extreme. Compulsory rational dress is the latest triumph for reformers of the skirt to report from St. Peters- barsjh. There, an official police order baa gone f'jrth that ladies are to adopt knickerbocker co~- tume on their bicyclec, or if they do u&e a gown, it must be of that description which can be more or less mysteriously hooked into the semblance of trousers. From America, we learn, however, that in the fashionable cycle parades, "rational dress" haa been absolutely unseen, all the better class of Amer- ican women adopting skirts, without any division. The latest attempt at evasion of the cycle lamp law, was made by a rider who ventured to think that the smoking of a cigarette emitted sufficient light to come within the legal definition of signall- ing his position and approach. Needless to add, the excuse proved futile, and the new illuminanfc failed to be appreciated by the Court, and the usual line followed. Riders, who are under the impression that the chief claim for the supremacy of the Dunlop tyre is its remarkable speed powers, will be interested to know that the Dunlop possesses extraordinary strength and durability, unapproached by any other make. It is owing to this special feature that the nrm have been favoured with an order to supply a pair of tyres for a Mr. Manning, of Dublin, who weighs no less than twenty-two stone, and stands 6ft. Gin. in height. Having in mind how extensively cycling ia pur- sued at seaside places, it is not surprising to see the words Cycle Accommodation" freely posted up. Every person who spends a holiday at the seaside, manages to sandwich in a little cycling with other pleasures, and cycle stabling is more in demand than ever. Steps are being taken to regulate the cycling traffic in the streets of Northwich, as it appears that sonic misguided individuals have been riding recklessly and endangering the lives of peaceful law-abiding residents. Tho Urban District Council have been discussing tho matter, and after hearing several suggestions, have como to the conclusion that the County Council bye-laws with regard to cycling arc severe enough, and tho polico have been instructed to keep a closer watch on all cyclists riding in Norwich and the immediate vi- cinity. Cyclibts who may be traversing the country be- tween Little Blakenham and Norwich are advised to keep a good look-out for nails, generally business end upwards on the road. Idle folk about this quarter arc evidently bent on a crusade of destruct- ion as far as cyclists' tyres are concerned, for some tourists have recently encountered quite a formid- erable array of nails upon the road which had evi- dently been put there for a very obvious purpose. Other times, other manners. Now that the pas- time has taken such a strong hold upon all classes, the inn-keepers and cyclist's caterers see that in being attentive and courteous to those of the cycl- ing brigade who patronise them, that therein Use much wisdom —and a little fortune. It is not so many years ago that the traveller all wheels was regarded more as a savage invader than a fellow- countryman who should be entitled to as much res- pect as any other user of the highway who pays for his accomodation. In one or two cases the London club committees propose to deal very bummarily with cases of scorching and riding past the captain when tha club is out carrying through its official run. They invite tho co-operation of all members in putting down the evil; for such it is, as if fostered it soon upsets tho main idea of the club run which can auly mean sociability and riding in company to tho mutual advantage and convenience of all concerned. Once t-corching and "spread-eagling" becomes rampant, then your club-run is a dead letter. Koad-hoge. of whom no better applicable term could be found for these horsey pests of the high- way, are at last receiving the proper dues at tha hands of the magistrates. The justices have too long closed their eyes to the fact that because a being drives a smart horse and trap along the road tho inference ia that ho must be a gentleman. Urgo the cyclist must be to blame for getting in his way. Nice justice this However, matters ap, pear to bo on the mend and in the meantimo wo should bo thankful for small mercies, and devoutly hope for the total extinction of the road-hog." Unpaced road records have had a little attention lately, owing to the sanction of them by the Nat- ional Cyclists' Union, who, while abolishing road racing, have left the field open for their licensed riders to go for unassisted rides on the road with- out incurring the penalty of the Union's displeasure and excommunication. A. A. Chase, on a mach- ine fitted with Dunlop tyres, availed himself of this sanction, and recently essayed an unpaced fifty on the North Koad, covering ths official rout in 2 hrs. 7 lnuis. 8 sees., thereby establishing the first au- thenticated record of its kind. Twenty-three miles an hour without pacers, on a single, is marvellous guing. About the fastest single motor-cycle extant is the one built for himself by direction of M. Bollee, with motors of eight horse power. Seated on this, ho recently scorched for ü3 miles in less than a couple of hours, his pace working out at one minute and fifty-one seconds per mile. It is small wonder after this to hear of motor-cars colliding with one another during the last French autonaobilists' com- petition and causing a fatal accident to the driver of one of them.

Nature's Own Remedy.


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