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Sudden Deaths at Carmarthen.

Carmarthen Borough Police…

Llandiio Petty Sessions.


Llandiio Petty Sessions. SATURDAY.—Before Messrs J. L. Thomas, L. X. Powell, and W. Griffiths. THE DRINK. Evan Morris, Cae Eryn-terrace, Llandebie, was charged by P.C. Morgan with being drunk and disorderly at Llandebie. Defendint did not appear, but sent his brother as substitute, who, however, the bench declined to accept, and adjourned the case for a fortnight for defendant to make his appearance. P.C. Davies, Cothi Bridge, charged Daniel Jones and Henry Vaughan, Penygroes, with being drunk at Cothi Bridge on the l'.tth. The latter for some time declined to give his address.—Each fined 158 iucludiug costs. William Jones, collicr, Prince Albert-road, Garuant, at the instance of P.C. Roberts, Cwm- amman, was convicted of bciug dtuuk and disorderly ou the 21th ult.—l ined IUs, including costs. POACHING. Henry Thomas, better known as Harry Gwaddofwr, was charcf d wish the above offence. Mr J W Nicholas prosecutcd. Defendant did not appear.T ames Jessup, game-keeper, Tregib, said that on th :Jh of June he saw traps set in a wood in the occupation of Mr t I wyune-Itugher,, Tregib. He watched until the next morning, and at 3.15 a.m. saw the defendant, Henry Thoruos, come tip, and take a rabbit out of the trap. Previous con- victions were put in.—Fined 10s and costs. NO LIGHT. E. Thomas was charged with driving without a light at Bettws on the 18th June—P.C. Roberts depcsoo that he heard a horse coming along full trot. When he j,ot near the railway crossing defendant got down end led the horpc by the head. Defendant told witness lie had taken more time than he expected, else would have had light.— Defendant combaited the constable's statement, and said it was impossible for him on such a road to distinguish that the horse wss trotting. The constable, he alleged, had asked him to plead guilty to pass it off easier.—This the Constable denied.—The case was adjourned lor the pro- duction of additional evidence. •'WOULD NOT MAIUlY THE MAN." John Brooks I. Anne Juuss.—Mr T G Williams apppared fur the complainant, and stated, in answer to the Bench, that it was a South Bank row, which he described a a horrible place, and wished the whole of the residents were before the Bench, to see if something could be done to put a stop to what went on there.—John Brooks said ha was a labourer, and formerly lodged with Mrs Davies, South Bank, where the defendant lodged. As he passed by Mrs Davies's house, defendant rushed out and hit him a blow ou the side of his face that felled him. "Hooert" and Mrs Davies were at once on to him. As fast as he got up hh was down s^iin. Mrs Jores hit him on the ground, and was present when he was kicked. Defendant cried out for help. W Yittles picked him up. He (complainant) made no attempt to strike anrune.- Defflitlaut declared that she had refused to marry defendant nine months P-go. She had witnesses to prove he had offered to marry her, and because she refused he was now always calling her names (laughter). Being asked, she said she was willing to ktep the peace if he did, and if he did not he would soon be there p^ain (more Jaughter).-Beiug asked if she WHS willing to pay 12s., and he bound over to keep the peace she said she was, but must have Mrs Davies as bail.—Mrs Dav its was then called in, and said she would bail, but had not the money then. Can you get it," asked the Clok Yes," 6he said, I shall fetch the money, but that man ought to be put in the Asylum. He will be jubt the same to-night again Defendant added, He is not right in the head." Mrs Davies then left the Court to fetch the money, with which she presently returned. Ater it had been paid, and defendant had entered into an obligation to pay the Queen E-5 :f she broke the peace within six months, the Clerk said, You betU-r try some other means to get him to irarry you." Defendant, smilingly, 11 AN-hen he gets wiser, eir." Cimplainant was, however, wise enough to hold his tongue.

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