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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

14 erthygl ar y dudalen hon


..-Presentation to Dr. Goodall.

The Symbol of Streny-tll.


II Carmarthen Borough Police…


II Carmarthen Borough Police Court. TUESDAY.—Before the Mayor (Mr H. B. AVhit, The Grange), and Mr W. Morgan Griffiths, Lime Grove. SLEEPING ON A HAY RICK. John James Lloyd, mason, Friar's Park, and Elizabeth Daniel, spinster, fcrhaw's- lane, were charged with sleeping out. P.C. Thomas Davies said that about 2.30 that morning he found the defendants sleeping on a hayrick in Francis-terrace. He had some difficulty in arousing Lloyd who was drunk. Llonl had two bottles with him, one empty and the other full. Witness took both defendants to the police- station. Whilst he was in the act of lock- ing them up, Daniels bolted," and was only capturod near Friar's Park. When searched neither of the defendants had any- thing on them. Superintendent Smith said that Lloyd had been convicted at that Court in 1896. The Mayor said I10 considered this dis- graceful conduct of the defendants. They might have set fire to the hayrick, and destroyed a good deal of property. They would eacn be fined 10s and costs with the alternative of 1 days' hard labour. A FAMILY TROUBLE. Mrs Mary Anno Barnett, 27, Mill-street, charged her mother-in-law, Mrs Ann Barnett, 25, Mill-street, with using threats towards her. The Complainant said that on Tuesday, the 2Gth July, her mother-in-law began to quarrel, and said that if complainant only caoie out, she would do anything to her. Complainant shut her door and wont in; defendant then came to the door, but com- plainant gave no answer as she only wanted quiet. Defendant then brought a little knife to the window and said that she would cut her daughter-in-law's head off. Mr Morgan Griffiths Was she drunk or sober ? Complainant She had had a drop of drink. The Mayor Aro you afraid of her ? Complainant I am not afraid of her but I want quiet. I have a houseful to nurse. Defendant said she was not going to ask the complainant any (luestions she was quite willing to let her have her own way. She could tell very well what the aggravation was that she had had; but for the sase of her son she would not say any- thing. If complainant did quarrel with her huo-iand, she ought to leave his mother alone (laughter). Tho Clerk asked complainant why she had brought the case 011. Complainant Because I caanot have quiet. I am only one betwoen them all. I must have quiet; I should think I am working very hard, indeed, for my living Mr Morgan Griffiths Are you afraid she will do you some bodily injury ? Complainant: I cannot tell you, sir. Mr Morgan Griffiths: If you cannot tell us, that is an end of the case. Complainant: I only want quiet. If I have quiet, I will not come here at all. The Bench adjourned the case for 14 days. SCHOOL BOARD CASE. William Evans appeared to answer the adjourned charge of not sending his child to school. As it appeared that the attendances of the child had improved in the meantime, the case was dismissed. MORE MILL-STREET lIELEES.-A SMACK IN THE CHOPS." Elizabeth Jane Davies, an eleven-year- old child, living at 25, Mill-street, charged Margaret Thomas (17), daughter of John Thomas, 29, Mill-street, with assault. The Complainant stated that she was standing in Mill-street holding her little baby-sister, when the defendant came up and struck her twice in the face. r Elizabeth Williams, wife o £ .Tohn Williams, Iriar's-park, gave corroborative evidence. Defendant: She has swore a lio against me, sir (laughter). Witness No, I am not.—As the witness said this she looked so angrily at the defendant that there was a danger of the two coming to blows; and it required all the efforts of the magistrates and the police to avert a collision. Defendant said that the story told by the other side was entirely untrue. The "com- plainant bad used the vilest laujniasre towards her. W. Barnett, a lad, living in Mill-street, gave evidence for the defence. He said he heard complainant use bad language—which he repeated—towards defendant and hit her a suaack in the chops. Defendant did not retaliate. The Bench found the case proved, and nued the defendant 10s inclusive. MOVING PIGS. David Killa, Edwinsford Cottage, Llan- stephan, was charged with moving pigs without having obtained a permit. P.C. Phillips appeared to prove the case, which was admitted by defendant. The Bench fined defendant Os 6d but dismissed the case against Thomas Thomas, carrier, Llanstephan, who was charged with causing the pigs, referred to, to bo moved without a permit.


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