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LLANDILO. THE GALLANT SIXTEEX.-It would look as if thee was friction somewhere in cornection with the Volunteers judging by the small number in attendance at recent parades. The public were highly amused to find that at the parade on the 27th ult., only sixteen—exclusive of the band- turned up, and that amongst the spectators of the movements of the Gallant sixteen," as they were dubbod, were several Volunteers. Surely rot" has not set in, in a company that has more than held its own for the la&t 39 years. DEATH OF A POST-IIA-N.Ifter a brief illness, Mr W Morris, the postman, died on the 27th ult. at the age of 77. He was the oldest rural postman j in the service at Llandilo, and was always faithful and diligent in the discharge of Ms duties, and will be missed by many on his rounds. SCHOOL BOARD.-The monthly meeting of the School Board was held on the 28th ult., and was attended by Mr L N Powell (chairman), Revs lowyn Jones, and John Davies, and Messrs H Peel, Morgan Davies, J Rees, J R Jones, and Rees Jenkins.—It was proposed by Mr H Peel, seconded by Mr J Rees, and resohed, that the resolution passed on the 20th of September, 1897, with reference to the meetings of managers at the separate school, be rescinded —Tabernacle School'. Three applications for the post of assistant-master (Art 50) at this school were received, and it was resolved that Mr Evan Thomas, Talley, be appointed at a salary of £ 50 a year, subject to three month s notice. Tenoers for the supply of school books, stationery, A;C., were considered, and it was proposed by the Re* John Davies, seconded by Mr J Rees, that those of thy local stationers, who at present have the contracts, be accepted. Dettws School II. M. Inspector's report, with reference to Hettws evening school, was laid before the boaid and read, by which it appeared that the grant earned in was £ 20 2s Cd. Brynallllllan School Jinprocement.i: A contract with Mr J D Howelle, for alterations and additions to this school, were laid before the board, and the common seal affixed thereto. Two tenders for the supply of iron railings for this school were received, and it was resolved that the tender sent in by Mr D Evans, at £ 27 5s, be accepted.—For the pest of headmaster of this school, 52 applica- tions were received, ard it was proposed by the Rev Towyn Jones, and seconded by Mr J Rees, that Mr Edwards, the master of Cwm I Tor School, be appointed.—It was proposed by Mr Peel, and seconded by Mr Powell, that Mr W D Lewis, of the Swansea Higher Grade School, be appointed On the votes being taken there were for the latter the proposer and seconder, and for Mr Edwards the rest of the member.—The Clerk and the master wer, entrusted with getting the necessary books. ^s.c. (jrlanamman School: A tender was accepted rron Bennet. of Glasgow,for the supply of 40 dual desks for this school. Schawl The quet iion of providing iron railings for the Bryn- amn-41, School was entrusted to the architect and wanners-otiee of resignation was received from Mr Edwin Williams, aesigtaiit-njaster at thi school,