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I Abergwili Horlicultnral and Agricultural Society* SUCCESSFUL SFOYv" ON THE PALACE GROUNDS A highly i.'UO'Jossiuj snow was liekV fit ^cergwiii OG Thursday, August llth, on the grounds of the Palace. kiiidlv lent for the ooca-ion by tho Lord Bishop of St. David's. After being dead for some time --hmec1 by internal strifo and jealousy— this society has been successfully resussita- uteu, and now that that difficult feath.s.a been accomplished, it is to be hoped that hotter counsels will prevail, and that Ahergwili | show will continue in the future as it has dcxie in the past—to bo an eVUllt veil worth | looking forward to by the hoitiralturists of Carmarthen aud acighboxtrhood, k very commodious tent accommodated the exhibit of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, Bath in the cottagers and the open class, there was good competition for the prices oA'erod for window plauta. Fuchsias call for a special word of praise, as they were shown in a pleasing variety of colours, and the plants were wo vigorous and well, trained that many ul thorn bore thirty or forty healthy bloouix, Geraniums also funncd a good class, although a little moro vitrioly might have hcon usefully imported into the character oi t ;.j exhibits. Some of the other piauts shown, included a number of pretty flowering" begonias, and several specimens of tlfe same family, whoso rich, dark, variegated leaver formed a pleasing feature of the exhibits, and prove -their great capaoihtub i<¡0U cultivated solely as a foliage pIa. t. In some of the cut-flower classes there was a lamentable lack of competition. The cottagers' section showed so few exhibits in these that the first prize waa not awarded in many of the classes. A fine lot of dahlias and asters v. ere shown but for some of the other prizes offered tho competition was more or less nominal. There was not a single entry in what ought to have been a pretty section—that for eix varieties of roses. This is not by any means du6 to the fact that Ahergwili people do not cultivate roses, but is probably attributable to the circum- stances that they So not give sufficient attenhon to these pretty flowers to have varieties caPahle of showing good blooms in the autumn. "With the exception of the two classes of plutus aii(i ted currants, there was a pretty good show of fruit, although here again the cottagers' section was fcv^C!1 lOa evident. The vegetable how ever, can scarcely be too highly spoke11 -*n these the cottagers showed ■very a_u^ to tome extent retrieved their denciencss III the other departments. The both spring and autumn sown— were of tho typioai exhibition sue; and were good soiled bulbs considering the excdiDgly early date of the show. There was a° 0XCedent show ofpeas and beans in fact, there was good competition in a.11 the the cl8Bse> V71^1 two exception of those for celery H^n,a iaarrow?>, •which. is easily andar8l00tt> tho date of the show into accent. A couple of cau.liflo?7oi3 hepo to nee any^f-ere '^•T1 3 jsp J'i ?ncw-Hto •weil-fomcd Ion- ;• Eaxaer. Ag is TLBIU-I ai sbotfS H/*5'. tho parsnipa spjdory." Some of them diowa were h^tweea and three Test in length jammed It would. be found, that oh?- b*>jp?> the fosfe ongbt or hjche;; was *,iUa ar'" tisread-Iike to bo of an," value- A #?, c8tmg competition was that ■■or thp six win/Iov? plants la six and fuchsias, and the begonia? vroro exhibited in ja» ? .0.<: W Mr t>&f id -Dafies, Juaetion rlfftjir, uie iV credit of rro'Wir..g out *<> !• eaten tra^\ ,y-j .us-Uo clcc Tlio tl ir .'f variegated, loaves, terrain at- hig tha/f v-; Hi "leedlfiE; gave visitors a of tho 6apabih* cf h.-s h'v gave xAors teeubV, ':c 'gn itho ~wy\ avo?: tbr-?o » v G: :.1- o. mar =-: •: rn v..u. -¡ •; as it docs t" In the open clas&, o ha-gs ex xra- petitore entered from various cf Sag- land, and a most instructively olose oom- petitioa was the result. The jt?.dg~- afterwards declared that in bis experience— which it may be remarked is e very extensiTe one—he had neve;* experienced greater di^c'jlt.y in awarding tho prises than he did that day. There ware many good exhibits in the poultry clashes, and Mr S. W, Price exhibited somewhat of a curiosity in the iorni ox a pair of Chinese gee so, whose fawn-coloureol feathers and. swan-like- nooks attracted a good deal of attention from the visitois. The judges were — Garden Produce Mr Spriggs, Llysonen and Mr William Ihvie3, Church-street, Oarmarthen, Live poultry Mr Hopkins, Llandilo. Stockings, etc. Mrs Morris, Bryumyrddin and Mr Parkinson, Castle Pigyn. Honey: Mr Harric", Jilandilo Bridge. Dairy Frounce and Tonltry Lewis. (dandygwynet, Pern- Thf pavillion Il which the garden produce was Othibited was nicely ornamented with r. riuttbx of hot-house plants lent from the palace and irom the Castle Pigyn gardens. A namber 01 orotc-ns tl:c.m the Palace ^SjiGCiihv produced a magnificont effect. M»' S' "W* Francis, Penygraig, is the vrresidjnt of tlie committee; and Mr .T ohn JOlleB7 GriiTQ Gardeno, performed the secre- tariat Suties In a highly satisfactory manner. v t the visitors to the show during {-1Jj div were The Lord Bislion oi St. Davids and Mr* Owen; the j&ght j&a? The Bishoj of 8wanr_ea and1 the Misses. Lloyd Mr a^ Mrs Morris, Brynmyrddin, m:td.J. party j Mr and Mrs Parkinson, Castle Pigyn and p^W; Mrs Jiath, Alityferin and party; (job -Qlangwili, and party: Mrs L&wrejce. Middleton Hall, and party Hov gnd MazucheUi, Ailtygog: Mr and Mrs ) Vvhito, Tho Grange, Carmarthen; jj0y aft* Mra Thomas, Abergwili; Mv and ,f' ^tradwrallt; Mrs Stacoy Jonea, Cai"LTi? ,eJl' ^d pa?ty: Mrs Lester and 7^ev Mr, Dayies, Llaa- im#mz.xor show_ wero kindly lent fry La'jhr Ai*tyferm • pbilUjPlf a^d Uie Carmarthen XJnHed ^rewct-s. Tho Band of the Carmarthen lioyal Arfcill<* (under the hadership of Baud" raster uaikin) was present during the day. J. l' 1 bi and enVened the proceediagG considerably by an |>;icoilent and well arranged pro- grivtorr, of tausic. Applied is the '.PRIZE' um-: CLASHi. pel cons excepting nurserymen, prj- feaDioa jEen, market and jobbing gardw.ers, and anatssj eo>p3oying regsiar gardeners, Window PLANTS, -"uchni^ 8 varieties—1st, 2s, J Jones, Gifre barren# ia <54, W Lswis, Parky ricks, -rt r."n!z v a r 1 eti ae I a t, W Lewis, ?eik>w- 2-a-d, Is Gel, W Miles. -• 5^iid, ¡ 13 64, W :crd-' Peiuoi!?, o, :"n pj. VI Lcvic.: I £ 6i<5e:il3;r font-1st, 2p, W TjGV,IC ? £ .-i«2. is 6c, O.Datjtf^.ybiia Mil?, 4 I CUT FLOWERS, j Asters, o varieties, 1 bloom- eaoh—1st, 2s, B Lea-is, CilU'fwr j- 2nd. Is 6b V Lewis. Dihiia, 6 varieties. 1 bloom each—1st, 2s, W 1 -wia 2nd, Is 6J, I> Lewis, Police Station. 1 -wia 2nd, Is 6J, Ü Lewis, Police Station. Hollyhocks, 3- v:ir;r-tic" —lot. F.C. Lewis. Snapdragon, S varieties— 1st-, C!s; W T.i&n'ia. Phloxes (hardy), 4 varieties. 1 Bpiko 1st, ^.0. T,c" Stoc;!ii; 3 2 2s, W IV: wi-? 6d, E L Zttitiias (doable), 6 ^anc-tiee, < bloom c&cli—let, 2s, \V Lewis 2nd, Is fid, P C Lswis. Best collection of cut flow ere, 6 vr,dAtie3--1 tt. :s, W Lswia 2nd, 2s, PC Lewie. FRUIT. aotirig, a,—lfifc. 2s, WLo'vi? j :p.rt, li- '^d, F E CauUelni'ell. App'cc. aotirig, a,—lfifc. 2s, WLo'vi? j :p.rt, li- '^d, F E CauUelni'ell. App'c3, baking, 6—1st, Zp. W hwie. is i-4, ] T Jer?nay, Merha'f Grove. Peats, eating-, 6-1!$: 2fi, D I>&via,, "VVerJidrcft 2nd, Is Gd, T E Da visa. Plump, 6-2r.d, Is Cd, W Miles. Gooseberries, 12 berries—1st, 2s, D Lewis, Post (Hiiro, Llau'jgwad 2')d, Is (-;d,-D J Harries, Tht? Uiii. Currants, red, in biinubes, 1 dish--2iid. Is oil, W Lewis. Currants, black—1st, 2P, D J Harries 2uu, IsCd, D Lcwifi, IV-st Office. VEC. MARLED. Beaas, riiiuiaro, 12. II lUmef, Llatidilo ¡;ù, 15; kI, \^Let?is, Carrots, long, G rootR-let, 2s, E Lcvviu, Gi.Uet\vr; 2nd. Is ttf, T E Davits, Caetlchowoll. Oirrois, aliort, 6 eoois — 1st, 2s, JG Lowis; Is Gd, II Itamer. Celery, 2 sticks—2nd. Is 6d, W Lewis, Cauliflower, 2 heads — 1st, 2s, IX Harner 2r.d, Is 6J, W Lewis. Cucumber, a brace—let, 2s, W Lewis 2nd, Is (5.1, PC David Lewis. Onions, Opting tiown, G—1st, 2s, II Hamer 2nd, Is 6d, W Lewie. Onions, Autumn-sown, G-lst, 2s, W Lewis 2n;l, Is 6d, J E Daviep. Lcctroot, 3 roots—1st, 2s, Edwcul Lowis 2nd, Is 6d, W Lewis, Lreks, 6 — 1st, 2f«, D Lewis, Post Olliee, Lifri- egwad 2nd, Is 6d, W Lewis. Parsnips, 6-Ist, 2s, H llariJer; 2nd, Is Gd, W Lewis. Poiatoes, vshite. round, 12-let, 2s, PC D Lcwi"; 2i:d. 3s 6d, W Lsviis. Potatoes, white, kidney, 12-htJ, 2il, W Lewis 2nd, Is 6J, D J Harries. y Peas, 1 dish, 24 pods-Ist, 2ts. W Lewis 2nd, le 6d, E3 Lewis, Vegetable marrow, 2-2nd, Is 6d, W Lewie. CLASS II. Open to Cottagers in thp Parish of Abergwi'i, excepting tlioeo who have obtained 15 prize.? at tha previous Shows. YI'IKDOW PLANTS. Puchiia, single Epecimen 1st, 2:3, J ,10 11 e8, Gifre Gardens 2nd, 18 6J, J Davies. Mill Line. Gsraniam, single specimen 1st, 2a, J Davies 2nd, is 6d, P.C David Lewis. Bsponsft (lfowering) 1st, 2s, W Lliier, 2nd, Is Gd, J Jones. Petunia (flowering) 2nd, Is Oti, J Daviee. Best specimen Plant of any other variety: 1st, 2s, W Miles 2nd, Is Gd, J Jones. CUT FLOWERS. A 6 rarictks, 1 a o m- Li wis. Snapdragon, 6 varieties, 1 apike each hi eJ P.C. D Lowis, Pbloxc-s (hardy), variBUrs. 1 spike 2:.(" is 6d. Stocks, 3 varietisfi, 2 epiki mwh: 2ad. 6d: P.C. David Lewis. Zinnicfi, 6 varieties, 1 bloom c&cli iad, tn d F.C. L-iiviE. 'FrlTrIT- Apnl^Sv -iiiAag-, (eaue varies*) nl7 W jovea," Nelson OetHgo S«c., V 6d, W ".li'in. A.pples, baking, 6, do. Tr. fid, IV X-'lie*. Qaasobsznao, beet d:sh, 12 beizif- '■?*- ns, 'v' J: 1.' >-v •-tr-- T- ■ IZ ;);£J .:)'1' ,l,. ,L \7 Mika. • i .A "i. JieaaG, Brcfid- ?.? pen:-»s. W nfi'cr> la S4, P.C. L^vth- t:'e?-n3; ¥'raaoh, \9- pods: .*9t, 2g, J Ridi&vus. r-roTsra Atmr,, Abcrgwili 2nu, le 64. Lswio, Beans, 'itnayors, 1? pods<, '4ar ■! .Kivh&xde 2ad, John DRV^SS, Penirek-wic. .Beetroot, 3 rooto-: Ist. Se, "VV" «'}'nht;f Ne>3o-j Cottago 2nd, J.s 64, •)', Ciifk G-ii-iisn-a,' Carrots, fntermcidiat.0, G rooto 1st' 3a, J -k/nea 2ad, J s 6dl W Miles. Cabbage. White, Jsfc ^-8, V' Miles j is Cd,-J Kiohard; lied, 2 Xtid: li? 6ds J Ktchasdf;. Lstt'K??, Cabbsgo, ?.: frf- ?.a? \V tTon<« S re. •: rvl. Jcbi; ];>1.r:, VsTitrf-kv^^o. OniOii^, fcpziiig-sovviij 0 t ifft- ."r. .< <e-v'o fp.d- lo.^d, r?' 3ej3te3: ?rd. la..T. Bimes, Mill Omo~s, AvUirun ^v; 6 Barer- Mi}' LR:IO A-nd In ?d, P.C. Xs^is. Ocioae, rct-ntoe, r> ist; 2s; -J 5>R?:O: fhitagz j 2nd* la C>d, -J kiclifji-is, Zmk3, 'S 9.-i$. Is fid, J Eva-.e- re-r-0, 7i. Y~ -u 'r. 'k r.r r.r O .0 '.•• •• ■■j "7. rcil- !ik:n .J. *r; liv Fobatpss, itiidnay, n- k! J ,D&v:e- Mi'il Iic-32 '.kidt W Joaos Srd.-Icr Lew Pea?, ir-.pc^n T/ ■ '3? i>u. W fnttti- kuubarb. rit">'rt;? k /!d. John I>avk^ Pccfcralswin. TrttJinn. > r-'siy, !'c, -r -<>v!ea; Mill hvAa'. Shallots. I'm kk '\fk :•'•>k '■■■ c>, '<?. C-d; j J Davies, Mill Lace-. CLASS L Cpoa ii I- yz a Ocoup&ta c.2 -d, MftB^olds, 6 of any varit-iy 1st, 3a, D J Harries, The Mill j 2nd, 2e, S Lewis, CiiJsfwr 3rd, Is, T E Da vies, Gsotlebowel. Swedes, 6 of apy variety 1st, Sg, T E Dekiic-s 2nd, 2s, W Hugh* Tykwed t 3rd, ls, B Xlavi^G, White Min Farm. < Tnrnipa, 6 of any variety 1Gt fj, T 7; r-ij'fks 2nd, 28, D J Hnrriec. The Mill: Tom Jeremj, Mrtrlia's Grove. Carrots. 12, viz, ii whifce 6 ¡3d :_r;<L T F. DIHies -&nd, 2s, R Davies W Hinds. Brst basket of Eg-gs, 12 in number (open) 1st, 2s, W I-linds H W Pryse, Ystradwralit. Poiti.tkv (?. A n .vx n Tkussko). Conpk of "Ik" k, igt, "Is. W Hindss. !Tovi-:v ri?iz:;s Open to the Parish of Abergwib, (Givan by Mrs E H Mortis, ikyn. Hjxddin). Best throe lib bottles of Pnn. Hcney 1st, ck, T Parkiuoou, Casfk Pigyn 2nd, 2s, D Davit* Whits Mill; 3rd, Is, W PKillipg, Whifce Mill, Beet six lib sectioas of Comb Heney: 1st. 3s, D Lewis, White Mill 211(1 and 3rd divided between John -Tones, Garaeasj aad I> »/ Harnes, "the Mill. p,n 3lb ecations of Comb Hoasy—let prkc, it'If en by Mrs Bath, AUiyfsrin, 5s, W Phillip*?; Whito Mill ) 2nd, glvec by Mis Tfeotaac, Aber- gwili Via^?ajre; D Daries, White MliL Opsr, to .all Cokorf?, issflv. lid -jar ox noney (appxccsitaa'w wsignt)—1 sit- prise, given by Mrs Yangban, Lian- goedroore, 1O3, D Williams, Tilaawffcyfi Wells; 2nd, gives by Mrs Sohombs;#, Efist Sheen, London, as, Evan ],10yù, Dolygsvreg Lodge, Llanwrd.» 5*D, given by Mre Harrks, Bryfi SIJ. A Hintsn. aa-str<»efc, Gwnn Anns. BP230.UL PKIZES. OpiiK (;LLbb8 I S. KO II., t/KLlv^b ':i}3F: ^XHKRWj.fcf. SrEOI'FIB->. Mi- J G Mcrgati, Xsontao'hg'jr, C^sia&rthea (cpea to famiHS). For the besl (ilbe of Frsah Butfcer, ral any chaoe or prttern let i:mJZ8r Est 'Mrs .3S Banyrhivr 5 2nd, 3s 6d, Lhvvn.fortr.ns Srd; k, Mrs Roes, Peuybcnt, Given by Mr Jamas Davies, Iroacacage?, Tcwy Works, Caresastban (opaa fco farmers' daughters). For the bsst 61be of Better, made in Ray rc-Bps oy oise; let prise, one dozen Neveda silver DOOOSB, Miss Ree8,*Llivyrsforlune 2nd, hc.lf-D-do;ej\ ditto, "iiss Jane Lodwick, Bpitsro. Giveu by Mr "William Thoisas, Irc-aiscngar, URII- sti-eat-, Carmarfchea (opsn to farmers only). i c-r tho best G Mangold 1st, one dozen..Silvern spoons, D o IIarrlcs Mill, White Mill Had* a mmlnrc fork. I Louwiek, Yeiindre. Giv" by J C WhaelerA Sou. ^rowsra, i Gloucester. Po: *:ic 3^ ^hoct:on of T«'egotrsbFo3, C 'arie'iieo (the, product) of seeG3 Bupplied_ by xfam dirocfe in IB88) J-:avjd Lewis.. Norwich. Gi-veu by Me^or" .Osaisi Bro.8-: Niirsaryriicja, Norwich. I;or v o b':af; 6-vA second -"63;. coMejiiQa.-of Vegsiablea in 6 dtetir.ot ejrtc 1;<;1)(1 proenrrd f'iroc5 ficn iacm i" '&*■) '• Is' 7e 6d, jVvrb;f!p Kill; 2~d, -t'sV Given by Mr C E Davies, Chemist, King-street, I Carmarthen. For the best collection of Vegetables, in 6 distirct sorts (the produce of seeds supplied by him in 1895); 1st, 3', W Lewis, PMkyricks; 2nd, 2a, W Miles. (rivf-n by MrWalt^r Lloyd, Chemist, Luiamas street, I Carmartheu. For llie' bee.t collection of Vegetables in f) distinct Jiorta. (the -picatieo of seeds supplied by him in 1898) let, 3c, David Davies, White Mill' Given by Mr Thomas Jonas, Mansel'strest, Car- marthen. J'or the beet collection of Pansii' 12 distinct biooiaii: ISl, 25 6d, David liewi«, Llanegwad 2nd, ç Ji X-evvifi, Cillefwr j 3rd, la, W Lewie, p,.rtr jrickr. Jst ptfce F:v:i: b. Mr II Eeevc«, Jeweller, Carmur- ■; 2nd by the Society. 0. besi- lection of 6 Window PJants'ÍIJ 6 varieties: 1st, valas oi, W Lewis, Parkyriv-bs; 2nd, 2s, David Davies, Junction House. by D Jonoa & S ma, House Decorators, 15, King-street, Carmarthon 2nd by Mr D ? Joncis, Cycle Depot, Kiug-btrett, €»r»TfjaTt-hen. For the beat dishes of Colour?! Potatoes (6 Iti'cv. oaoh) is-idn?y and iioond 1st, 8 5 ieoos of -y 'psper, uc 5a 4d, J Davies, Mill (Lane.; 2nd, | value "B fid, W Miles. by iurs TJ arries, The Mill. White Mill. the best pair of Hand-knitted .Stockists let, 2s O i, David White Mill 2nd, is (id, Mrs-Harries, Palace Ljdge. TO PERSONS AMATEURS JOBBING UAIU'IWI?; N'JPSSTLYJIEN AD PKOL'ESSIONAL ISCLiiDKO. Given by llr William Daviee, Gardener, Church- street, Carmarthen. For tÍJ<; !¡. l.-ank of Spring-eown Oiiions, not to 40 in number (onions to be named): 1st, 3s, W Lewis. Fi. kvricke; 2nd, 2e, J Thomas, 132, Priory-street, Curanorthan, POULTRY (LIVE). OPEN TO ALL COMERS. Given by the Society. Druko or Duck 1st, 5s. E.Lewis, Cillefwr 2nd, 2; J Kisid-, Tvllwy-i. Wyandotte, Cock or Hen 1st, 58, and 2nd, 2s 6d. T Parkinson. 1st prizo given by Mr D Thornf.s, Starling Pti-rk, Carmarthen 2nd by the Society. Minora. Cock or Hen 1st, 5s, D Warren Lewis, OaTtuartbca; 2nd, 2s G l, J Duvies, Pentrelewis. 1st prl;:e given by Mr W Y Howell Thomas, Car- marthen; 2ud given by Mr E Evans, Coal Tif Merchant, Priory street, Carmarthen. Dorkiag, Cock or lien: 16t, 5s, and 2nd, 28 6d, W Vincent Howell Thomas, Carmarthen. 1st izy given by Mr Warren Lewis 2nd by Mr Winter. Hamburg, any variety, cock nr hen 1 1st, 63, D WnrrcM Lewis 2nd, 3s, D Davic3, White Mill Parni. let prize given by Messrs Spratte, London 2nd by the Society. Plymouth llucl, Cock or Hen 1,t, value 108 6d, 2 •• 2s C I, D Davies, White Mia Farm. j p-iss by Messrs Joseph Thorley, London 2tid by the Society. or Mainy, any variety, Cock or Hen ls-t, a of (hum, value 6s, and 2nd, 2s 6d, J Sivell, Tcegib. 0 p.Men, Cock or Hen let, a case of Ovum, vr,txi(i 6s, Thomas Barret, Cross Vale, Alltywallis 2IJt1, :8 fief, T Daniels, School House, Golden Grove. I ijri (j given by the Old Calabar Biscuit Co. 2ud by the Society. or: Hen of any other Breed 1st, 561bs of I n; Poultry Food, D Warren Lewis 2nd, r 7 II Tliomss. t tfs;;rs D end A Davies, Myrddin Poultry Yard, Abergwili. Ty;; tee be- JMvd hatched and bn d from ogcr -oHtohased-from 'hem in 1898: Prix?, 5s, D Davies, V-'eradte/i:. 2fd, J M Harries, The Mill. I ,a Bpco-al of a case of Electro-plated Teaspoons sad value 15s, ptvs.:ated by Messrs Lever i I rc- 13 Put Sunlight, for the best exhibit in Okr^o ?00 to 108, both inclusive David Davios, Wh:t- j isl, f g;w. :I tho Society 2nd by Mr Petior D -wis, Carmarthen. 1 GdSder ivnu Goose: 1st, 5s, and 2nd, Gibs of j y-aib'is H'W'PjcifcT, Ystradwralit,

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. Regatta at Ferryside. -

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