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MH All Sorts and Sizes." There's more scope for variety in the dressing of the youngsters than there is n that of those arrived at man's estate. Make up your mind as to the style of rig out you wish your boy to wear this time, and then give E. MORRIS & Co., a call, and have a look over their patterns and designs Morris & Co. makes Boys' Clothing a leading feature, and they are pleased to think that their efforts in this direction have been appreciated by their customers. LAMMAS-STREET, CARMARTHEN. (THE SHOP WITH THE IHf. lilT IU\(.1\(( OUTSIDE.) 7 If you want a First-class Cycle at a Reasonable Price, purchase "THE LEADER," MANUFACTURED BY D. E. JONES & CO., "LEADER" CYCLE WORKS, 61, KING ST. 0 -A.I-Z Iv.E.A- IEPJ r-D 1-1: -M. 1\1-. "The leader" has led, is leading;, and will continue to lead all other Makers, in spite of local hysterical announcements to the contrary. We do not bounce ourselves; we give the universal opinion of Riders of the "Leader" in the 3 Counties and further afield. Interrogate them. In THE BEST, PRETTIEST, AYD CHEAPEST MACHINE IN THE MARKET. Send for Catalogue, containing Prices, Designs, and Press and Public opinions, or pay the Manufactory a Tisit and select your own mount. A large Stock of Ladies and Gentlemen's Machines on view. The Large New Showroom has jitst been opened. D. E. J. & Co.'s large Riding School for Learners is now open for the use of Patrons. IMPORTANT. PUBLIC NOTICE. GIGANTIC CLEARANCE SALE AS OF Drapery and Clothing NOW IN FULL SWING A'.1 14 & 15, GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN, J. JENKINS having bought of Mr. D. LL. REES (who is retiring from business) the entire Stock-in-Trade, amounting in value to SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF POUNDS. The Valuation now being completed, and the Business transferred, 0 the immense Stock now standing on the premises will be offered for sale at such AMAZINGLY LOW PRICES never before known in the History of Carmarthen Sales. COUNTRY SHOPKEEPERS WILL DO WELL TO SECURE BIG PARCELS MUCH BELOW ORIGINAL COST. REMEMBER WHERE— J TElsTSZIlsrS (LATE D. LL. REES), 14 & 15, GUILDHALL-SQUARE, O-A-K/M-A-K/TSIEIsr. ESTABLISHED 1821. DAVIES & SONS, WATCH & CLOCK MAKERS, JEWELLERS, SILVERSMITHS, OPTICIANS, &c., 5. GUILDHALL SQUARE, SPLENDID SELECTION of CLOCKS AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. French Marble Clocks. Gilt Shade Clocks, Quarter Clocks, Alarms, and Timepieces. 10 per Cent. Discount for Cash AND SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR PRESENTATIONS. AUTUMN CROPS. Rye, Treforium, Winter Vetches, Winter Wheat, Winter Oats, Rape Seed, Mustard Seed, Italian Rye Grass, &c. Nitrate of Soda. w. S. Monnife, SEED AND CORN MERCHANT, BRIDGE-STREET, CARMARTHEN. HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. -i-<- The most certain and speedy remedy STOPS COLD! CURES COUGH! HAYMAN'S BALSAM. CASH PRICE -t-1- Safe for Children. 9d, Is, So (id. 4, ST. PETER'S STREET, CARMARTHEN. MRS. MILES EVANS I (Late of AbcrgirdiJ | Begs to inform her numerous friends and the Public generally that she has j j Opened a China & Ware I Shop AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS, And trusts to be favoured with their kind patronage. j \10 Bentall's fliaffcatter, with Safety Lever and Fly Wheel Cover, To meet the requirements of the new Chaffcutter (Accidents) Act, 1898. LYSAGlITS BEST-BRANDED SHEETS. in l, :.i¡ ,¡ 'i, I I ALPHA LAYAL SEPARATOR, BEST MACHINE SOLD. AGENT FOR RICHMOND & CHANDLER'S AND ALL OTHER LEADING MAKERS. WILLIAM THOMAS, Ironmonger & Implement Agent, Carmarthen. Implement Depots—Market Place, Carmarthen, and at Llanybyther. Telegraphic Addre JS-" Tho mag, Ironmonger, Carmarthen." I n In X ONE MOMENT. X j "Oh dear, Doctor, what will you recommend for my Children's Coughs and Cold ?" Till TI DOK WtLHAMS PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. I The most marvellous Cure for all Disorders of the Chest. Throat, and Lungs. It never fails to gi ve instant relief, and does not contain Laudanum, Opium, or Morphia. ECONOMISE YCTTR HEALTH. HEALTH IS THE FIRST WEALTH. All who are engaged in indoor and outdoor occupa- tion and are especially exposed to the ever-varying climate of Great Britain, BE WISE IN TIME. Don t tamper with danger but go straight away for TUDOR WILLIAMS' BALSAM OF HONEY. IT IS INVALUABLE FOR WEAK-CHKSTED MEN, Delicate Women, and Children. It Cures when all other remedies fail. It Curps Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Tightness of the Chest. It Cures thousands of Children of Bronchitis and Whooping Coughs. It cures for One Shilling when Pounds hive been spent in vain. DO TRY IT If you lian'e a Cctigii, try it! If you have a Cold, TRY IT If you have Bronchitis, TRY IT It loosens the Phlegm and promotes expectoration, produces warmth and comfort to the chest, and gives refreshing sleep when you have lost nights of rest, READ ON. NOW COMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. When you are distressed with a miserable cold, nose bunged up, throat sore, limbs aching, with a general feeling of smothering, a few doses of the Balsam of Honey will clear the wretched symptoms away, almost before you know it. There is nothing like it on the market; it is thoroughly up to date; it trickles into all the system. A true friend, prompt and reli- able in its action. JUST ANOTHER WORD. When you ask or send for Tudor Williams's Patent BALSAM OF HONEY do not allow anybody to persuade you to purchase something else. If you do, you simply throw off the genuine article and take on with a false one. Wonderful Cures daily. Thousands of Testimonials to hand from all parts of the World. READ O N F U R T H E R SPONTANEOUS TESTIMONY. WORTHY OF YOUR CONSIDERATION. SIR,-Aly wife desires me to say that your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey has proved a most valuable medicine in our large family (eight children). As soon as a cough or cold makes its appearance, a dose of Tudor's Balsam is it once administered, and this treatment is followed up until the cold dis- appears. Before using the Balsam in our family the children have been prostrate with colds for several weeks, but now, by taking doses as directed, they seem to suffer very little inconvenience. During the short time the cold is upon them, the action of the Balsam is marvellous, and the little ones take it readily and ask for more.—WALTER J. BRETT, C.M., Headmaster, Severn Tunnel School, March 16th, 1892." READ ON STILL FURTHER. A Cardiff Chemist states :-1 have a larger sale for Tudor Willims' Balsam of Honey than any other Cough Cure. That's the opinion of all Chemists. PUBLIC MEN SPEAK HIGHLY OF IT ALL OVER THE WORLD. Sold by all Chemists ana Stores all over the World in Is ljd., 2s 9d., and 4s. (id. bottles. Sample bottle sent (post paid) for Is. 3d., 3s., and 5s. from the inventor, D. TUDOR WILLIAMS, R.D.S.L., Medical Hall, Aberdare. A FEW WORDS TO THE WISE. READ THIS. IT WILL REPAY YOU It does not pay to sell your Customers an inferior Article when they can get a better at the same price. Try these and you will find that Quality and Price are right. HAMS, Little Beauties, 5id. per lb COLOMBO TEA, 2s. per lb. Z. D. JONES, COLOMBO STORES, CARMARTHEN. BASS & CO., BURTON-ON-TRENT Casks of 9 Gallons & upwards. PRICE FROM 1/- PER GALLON. AGENTS: W. S. PHILLIPS & Co., Wholesale IVno awl Spirit Merchants and Bottler*, CARMARTHEN. Carmarthen County Schools. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEADMASTER E. S. ALLEN, M.A. (CANTAB COUNTY GIRLS' SCHOOL. HEADMISTRESS Miss B. A. HOLME, Late Open Scholar, Girton College, Cambridge; Senior Optime, Mathematical Tripos. FEES.—Boys 91 15s. Od. Girls, JE1 8s. Od. per term. (Three Terms only in the year). Reduction for brothers or skters. Boarders received at both Schools. The Old College (Yr Hen Goleg), CARMARTHEN. Head-Master: Rev. JOSEPH HARRY, Under- graduate of Victoria and London Universities, 1st Division Certificated Science Master late Technical Scholar of Cardiff University College. Assistant-Master Mr. EDWARD WILLIAMS, Undergraduate of London University; late Exhibi- tioner of Cardiff University College. For Terms, &c., apply to the Headmaster. CARMARTHEN SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND ART. 7:7- The SCHOOL will RE-OPEN for the Session on Monday, the 26th ot September. Evening Classes-7 to U, Morning Classes—Mondays and Thursdays, 10 to 1. Wednesday Afternoon Class-2.30 to 4.30. Saturday Class—10 30 to 1 and 2.30 to .O. FFES.—Night Class, 5s. Day Classes, 7s. Gd. and 12s. (id. per quarter. W. JONES, Headmaster. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN. THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1888. PARISH OF PEMBREY. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the IX Committee of the County Council of the above- named County appointed to enquire into and consider an application made by the Parish Council of Pembrey, in the said County, to the said Council to form the Burry Port Wara in the said Parish of rvmbrey into an Urban District, in pursuance of Section 57 of the Local Government Act, 1888, met at the New Infants' Schoolroom, Burry Port, in the said County, on Wednesday, the 7th day of September instant, and the said Enquiry stands adjourned to Monday, the 20th day of September instant, at 10.30 a.m., when and where all persons interested may attend and be heard. THOMAS JONES, Clerk of the County Council. County Council Office, Llandovery, September Hth, 1898. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a MEET- i.1 ING of the FINANCE COMMITTEE of the Council of the said County will be held at the Shire Hall, Carmarthen, on Monday, the 10th day of October next, at 12.30 p.m. All Persons having any Claims against the County are requested to send in their accounts to the Clerk of the Council, at his offices in Llandovery, on or before the 29th instant, and the persons making such Claims respectively must attend, if called upon to do so, before the said Finance Committee, on the said 10th day of October next, for the purpose of having such Claims audited. THOMAS JONES, Clerk of the County Council. County Council Offices, Llandovery, September 13th, 1898. CARMARTHEN UNION. CO N TRACTS. Lo Flour Dealers, Butchers, Milkmen, Grocers, Coal Merchants, A-c. THE Guardians of the above Union will, at their Meeting to be held on the 1st day of October next, receive TENDERS from such persons as are willing to Contract for supplying the Car- marthen Workhouse with the following articles from the 1st day of October, 1898, to the 30th day of December, 1898, viz :— Spiller's "Fines Flour, and Scotch Oitmeal. Rounds of good Fat Ox or Heifer Beef (without the Leg-bone and the Sticking Piece), Legs of Mutton, Veal and Pork, Ox Heads and Sides of home-cured Welsh Bacon (a sample of latter to be produced). Best Welsh Cheese, Best Welsh Butter, Fresh and Skim Milk, and good Welsh Potatoes. Tea, Coffee, Epps's Cocoa, Sugar, Split Peas, Rice, Treacle, Pepper, Starch, Soda, Blue, Pale Yellow Soap, and Candles. The best Stone and Soft Coal. The above to be delivered at the Workhouse at such times and in such quantities as the Guardians may equire. The Guardians reserve to themselves the power of contracting separately for each article, and do not bind themseh es to accept the lowest or any tender. Printed forms of Tender may be had on application to the Clerk, who will also show the forms of contract and bond to be entered into by the contractor. All proposals must be sealed (marked Tender for ■"), AND DELIVERED TO THE CLEHK ON OK BEFOHE FRIDAY, THE 30TH DA? OF SEPTEMBER INSTANT. Samples must be produced, as the quality of the articles will be most rigidly enforced, and no con- sideration as to price will at all weigh as an excuse for the same not being of the quality contracted for. The Tenders will be opened on the let October. By Order of the Board, ROWLAND BROWNE, Clerk to the Guardians. 7, Hall-street, Carmarthen, 19th Sept., 1898. £60 TO BE GIVEN AWAY, Among thjwa taking part in the following FREE CASH PRIZE COMPETITION. I NO ENTRANCE FEE WHATEVER. 1st PRIZE £ 25. 2nd PRIZE £ 30. 3rd PRIZE £10. 4th PRIZE ?. The above money prizes will be given away as an advertise- ment amongst the competitors who can re-arrange the following 24 letters to represent the names of four well- known trades, selected by us, TUBREHCKAREBROCEGRPARDER Scud in your solution at once, and we will inform you if correct, and givo you lull details of the Competition with conditions and date of closing. If you cannot solve all four do as many as you can, as there are four prizes to compete for. No solution can be received after October 17th, L.SUS.— Address, "COMPETITION MAXAUEK, 117a. Seven Sisters Road, Loudon, N. TO LET, WITH immediate possession, the FARM of TV CASTLE HOWELL; One Mile from Carmarthen, on the Talog Rroad. Apply to Mr. David Jeremy, Lhvynderri, near Carmarthen. HOUSE TO LET, 15, UNION-STREET. A CONVENIENT House, large Rooms, and fitted with Gas. Newly decorated throughout. Immediate possession can be had.-Apply 2, Queen- street, Carmarthen. CARMARTHENSHIRE CONSTABULARY. rpHE STANDING JOINT COMMITTEE are JL prepared to accept TENDERS for the supply of the following Articles of Now Clothing for the Carmarthenshire Constabulary for the years 1899, 1900, 1901 3 Superintendent's Tunics and Great Coats. (j Pairs of Superintendent's Dress Trousers, 4 Inspector's Tunics and Great Coats. 8 Pairs of Inspector's Dress Trousers. 10 Sergeant's Tunics, with Chevrons. IIi do. Great Coats, with Chevrons. 16 do. Serge Jackets, with Chevrons. 59 Contable's Tunics and Great Coats. 59 do. Serge Jackets. | 75 Pairs of Sergeant's and Constable's Dress Trousers. 75"" Undress 71)"" Serge 82 Cloth Capes 82 Pairs of Leather Leggings. 3 Superintendent's Caps. 4 Inspector's Caps. 75 Sergeant's and Constable's Helmets and Caps. Separate Tenders may be sent for Leggings. Patterns can be examined at the Chief Constable's Office, Llandilo. Tenders must be in the hands of the Chief Constable not later than the 12th October. 1898. WILLIAM PHILIPPS, Chief Constable. RE JOSHUA JAMES, late of Jo. Guild- hall Square, Carmarthen, Chemist and Licensed Victwdler, deceased. ATOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons j -LI having any claim against the Estate of the above deceased, are required to send me particulars of their claims on or before the 11th day of October next, after which date the Assets will be distributed having regard only to the claims then received. Dated this 21st day of September, 1898. T HOS. WALTERS, 31, Quay-street, Carmarthsn, Solicitor for the Executrix. DISSOLUTION OF THE OLD COLLEGE SCHOOL CO-MASTERSHIP. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I, the Rev. ..&- 11 JOSEPH HARRY, have severed my connection with Mr. WILLIAM ROBERTS in the above co-partnership; and that, from September 10th, 1898 I intend conducting a School at Bridge-street, Car- marthen, named "THE OLD COLLEGE" (YR *-I^'LJiiLi) on my own responsibility and entirely under my own management. I beg, also, to inform the Public of the Town and the District generally that SIXTY PUPILS have already VOLUNTARILY enrolled themselves as my Pupils. JOSEPH HARRY. The Old College (Yr Hen Goleg), Carmarthen, September 10Lh, 1898. 3DA.3STOI2sra-. IVflSS AYLING'S EVENING CLASS will -LTA commence on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th at 8 p.m., at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS. CA.RMAR- £ ™™JUVENILE- CLASS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1st, at 11.15 a.m. For terms apply to Miss Ayling, Cardigan. DANCING & PHYSICAL TRAINING. MISS BAGNALL is now arranging Children's and Adults' CLASSES for the Autumn Season. Ball-room, Skirt, and Faacy Dancing taught, lerms on application.-15, The Parade Carmarthen. REGI TRADE MARK DIWYDRWYDD-Y-CYMRY." PARRY & ROCKE, WELSH WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS, SWANSEA. Manufacturers of Guaranteed Welsh Hosiery Flannels, Knitting Yarns. a**™* Should there be any difficulty in your obtaining our Manufactures, please drop us a postcard, and we will at once send you address of nearest draper or dealer. SUPPORT YOUR HOME INDUSTRIES. WHOLESALE ONLY. To be had of Retailers in every Town in Wales. H. E. AIREY. ARISFSI. CARMARTHEX Tradesmen's Books made up Balance Sheets and Profit lid Loss Accounts prepared. Routs and Debts collected. Insurances of every desertion effected. Mortgages arranged. Private Address No. 30 I LAMMA3-STREEI, CARMARTHEN. SALES BY MR. BEN. EVANS. 1898. Sept. 23-Craohgellyfach, Llanfyuydd, Stock, Crop, „ 24-Salach, Gwernogle, Stock, Crop, &c. „ 26-Brynceir, Rhydarg,-™, Stock, Crop, &c. „ 27—Pantycerrig, Brecl !a, Stock. Crop, &ry. „ 2S—Dan yea pel, Llaneler, L-ve cihck, Machinery, Imp.-ments, ore. 29—Caeaugwynion. Mansadvm -'■ock Machinery, Irapl-ments, &u.' 30-Llether, Llanpump-aint, Stock, Ctop, k-c. Oct. 1-Green Vale, Pen.ader, Cattle, Sleep Cobs, Mountain Ponies, and Crops, &e. :-At 3 p.m. Clynbach, Corwil, Srock, Crop, &c. » 3-At 11 a,m., at Llanybytner Monthly Markec, Pure-brpd Shorthorn Cattle. o—Byrgwmbach, Brnchfa, Stock, Crop, Implements, &c I „ li-Rhydlydao, Cayo, Cattle, Horses, Cheviot Sheep, &0. 0' 7Tyllwyd, Veling-will, Llanegwad, Stock, Crop, &c. 8~Rhydyfallenisaaf, Fsgerdawe, Stock, Crcp, &0. ll-Blaencornafon, Pencader, Stock, Crop, &c. 12-Penybank, Llanfvnydd, Black Cattle, Cart Horses, Fillies, Sheep, Implements, &0. „ 13-Gwarallt, Brechfa, Stock, Crop, &o. UPenrhiwgolen, Llanegwad, Stock, Crop, &0. „ IS-Hendrefadog, Gwernogle, Stock, Crop, &e. Brithdir, Gwernogle, and 4, Priory- street, Carmarthen. CAEUGWYNION, LLANSADWRN. MK' EVANS is instructed by Mr. D J Williams to SELL by AUCTTOV nf above place, on September 29th, ISflg the "whole of the valuable STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c ° Full particulars will duly r-ppear in posters. &c. Brithdir, Gwernogle, and 4, Priory-street, Carmarthen. SALE FIXTURES BY LLOYD & THOMAS, AUCTIONEERS. tnday, Sept. 23rd-Stock and Implements at Saturday, „ 24th-Du:;?re^S^h Monday, „ 26th-Di^Kmd w y f ran, Tuesday, „ y, „ i dd, „ Conwil, Tuesday, „ 27th-St- ok and Crop. Tybach- J J .vrhos, ( onwil. Wednesday, „ 28th-S»o.-k ard Implements, m, A/lais, Kid well i.- Thursday, „ 29th—Diao., Jjlanwinio. r riday, ,,30th-f,!ito. Bryniwl, Mvdrim Saturday, Oct. lst-Steck and Crop. Green- i\r„ i „ Llangendeirne. Monday, „ 3rd—S^ook and Implements. Tueodav Jtfe ^enybedd, Burry Port, luesday, „ 4th-Diu*o. Ditto. Wednesday „ oth-Ditto. Ditto. Thursday, „ (ith-Svock, Crop, Implements. Pencaerau Bach, Trelech. T- ■ i -R- ar-Bettws. Friday, i th-D.,tto. PeDallt Fawr m j Kidwellv. YVednesciay N,aa^ci> Merthyr. vv eane&aay, „ l^th— Stock and Crop. Llan- Thiir«<1iv ioa a.ney Mill, Llanarthney.. Friday Meddiffam Conwil.. l*th Stock, Crop, Implements. Cryganissa, Llan. T defeilog. Monday, „ 17lh-Stock and Crop.. vrr j i PwllwvnkrwgJ,onwil Wednesday, „ 19th-Cat:le, Horses and cSti" Riggins Hill, Miifordi Haven. Thursday, „ 20th-Coits ar,d Sheep. Blaen- anthu, Cilrhedin. GOLDEN GROVE ARAIS, LLANARTIiXEY. FRANCIS is instructed t-y M* Williams (who is giving up a larM the Farm) to SELL by AUCTIO Vat tC f pl„»,«1 o'clock m TiiurS'Juy Se^b?, the undermentioned very valuable Stock „ f SMrthor"' Black Milch Cows two-year-old Steers, Y >arW Steers and Heifers, Steer ar-d Heifer Calves 3 useful Cart Mares two-year-old Cart Filly by McGreior Yearling do. by do.. Yearling do., by Grand Express, two-year-old Cob by do., Sucker by Young Blagdon, Sucker by McGregor," useful Piny, 10 Store Pigs, o0 Mows of Oats, 10 To,is of Pri-n^ Hav ments°&c °f Mango!ds a,so Machinery Imple'. DYNEVOR CASTLE FARM, LLANDILO. SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL SALE. MR, JOHIs 1RANCJ S is favoured with in structions from the Right Hon T to SELL by AUCTION at I>|ne^r Ca^ 55?evor luesday, October 11th, 1898, 20 CATTLF iS iH"°n Bullocks, Heifers, and Ccws; 30 Wether Lambs Ewe Lambs, and 1 Boar. ^amos, #>■ Three Months'' credit Mil be on approved security. CWMDWYFRAN, BANRYFELIN. MESSRS. LLOYDTTHOMAS are favoured with instructions from Mr David Evan* i. leaving, to SELL by AUCTION™^ th° itow Jy! °? th ™a.a)'i,nr'' 2'^h 1808. the whole of the Stock, Crop, &c., comprisiug 40 Sh»rt- horn and Cross-bred Milch Cows, Yearling In-Calf Heifers, Heifer and Steer Calves, 2 Cart Mares, buckling Colt, Sow in Farrnw, ] Open Sow, 2 Ricks of Hay, 42 Mows of Oits, the whole of the Implements, and other effects. Luncheon at 11. Sale to commcncc at 12 o'clock. CARMARTHENSHIRE. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF A RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. RHOSMAEN ESTATE, ONE MILE FROM LLANDILO. DAVJD I.LOYD(DMOR^N, ESQUIEE| C.B. MR. W. N. JONES is instructed to OPFvn l PUBLIC AUCTION n FliR by Hotel, Llandilo, on Saturday 'the Sfh Arms 1898, at 2 o'clock p.m. (in oiie or mnP«f? °f 0(itober' the time of Sale be decided) the as 8 a11 at rich Pasture and Accommodation Land in the Vale" of Towy. Plans, Particulars, and Coiiditions of v obta,„oil from the Auctioned,, or of Mr. T. GEORGE WILLIAMS, Solicitor, LlaadOo. "Jpr* SALK OR TO LET, with immediate POAr^&r"6"16"1 STABLES and two COACH-HOUSES, situate in Woods-row, Carmar- then, formerly in the occupation of Mr Stephen Morgan.- For further particulars apply to Miss Lewis Fern Cottage, Johnstown, Carmarthen. To LET' CROFr COTTAGE, Springside, Brewery, Carmarthen, from September 29th. instant.-Apply, Carmarthen United Breweries Limited, Carmarthen. HOUSE TO LET, NO. 3, Kose-terracT R.w town, Carmarthen.—Apply t(, Mr !vv?r Davies, Bookseller, Johnstown, CarriLia-theo. "SWss,» Richards, Solicitor 3! (!7"?f'* to ¥' J- H • 0:>> vuay-street, Carnynthen. FBSIE0M"A,FINE LOT OF Y"JUDG >r nlilVf P°lecat and wliite, either fas -rar6inf Lrfl i" C,ean aad 'lihy, and wit ?-Ur?e Xets- a dozen.-AFX \v "hituey, oi, Lammas-street, Carrr.artht;D, • WANTED, a good GENERAL SITftVA Apply at tha of this paper. WANTED a f^.OOD PLAIN CODK' Anj Mrs Cad'.e, Half Moon Hotel. PP 7 -==