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LAST Saturdaj'' was the forty-sixth anniversary of the opening of the railway at Carmarthen. ARRIVALS.—The S.s. Tivysids arrived from A. VON mouth on Fridav, Septemh-z-i' lGth, and the Mcrthvr from Bristol on Saturday and Wednes- day, September 17th and 21st, fov Mr J B Arthur, aie.-chrnt. Success.—We are pleased to l^arn that Master David Morgan Hopkins, son of Mi It Hopkins, '^urwcn House, The Avenue, ano a pupil at the Pei.trej<oth Board School, has yist succeeded in securing a scholarship at the Carmarthen Grammar School LAST Saturday was the forty-sixth anniversary of the opening of the railway at Carmarthen. &ItRIVALS.-Thp 8.8. Tivysids arrived from A. VON mouth on Fridav, Septemh-z-i' lGth, and the Mcrthvr from Bristol on Saturday and Wednes- day, September 17th and 21st, fov Mr J B Arthur, aie.-chrnt. Success.—We are pleased to ]"am that Master David Morgan Hopkins, son of MI It Hopkins, 'U! wen House, The Avenue, ano a pupil at the PeLtepoth Board School, has yist succeeded in securing a scholarship at the Carmarthen Grammar School I (Mr Howell Howells) begs respectfully to acknowledge the following :—Flowets from Mr John .'Tiller, Parade, and Mr Richard M James, Biia^e-strtet; apples from Mr J \V Potter, The Gro^e, Iilanstephan. Ax AMBULANCE CLASS is being formed ir. Car.Tiaithen, and will be started in October. All those \\ho intend joining are requested to send in their names to Mr J II Phillips, Model School, or I CARMARTHEN SHIRE INFIRMARY.—The Secretary attend the preliminary meeting, at St, Da'iu's Guild on Thursday next, 29th inst. MARKETS, Saturday.—A much better supply, both quantity and quality, was shown at our Market to-day. Prices opened high, but flattened before the close. Wo quote no change in price.— Cheese: Again only very few lots on offer Demand also slow. Price paid, 20s to 23s per cwt. KKVISION COURT.—Mr W Denham Benson sat at the Shire-hall on Tuesday to revise the list of voters t. r the parishes of St Peter's, Abergwiii, i-dangain, Llangunnor, Llanstephan, Llangunnock, Llandilo-Abercowin, Merthyr, and Newchurch. Mr Evan Jones and Mr James John represented the Un-t-niiati; and Mr H Anthony Thomas, the Radicals. LAMMAS-STREET INDEPENDENT CHURCH, CAR- MARTHEN.—The half-yearly meetings in connection with r,h s church were held this week. On Sunday morning and the sermons were delivered to congregations by the R, v E Richards, ro-jy;;andy. fheie was also a g(}C; attendance at the meeting on Monday evening, < Elections were taker ui; at all the services on beh-dr of the debt on I the schoolroom. Mi< ROWLAND PHILLIPS, ot th? North British Store., Lammas-street, made a lar;o and tasteful disc !->y of th, many specialities of Messrs Lever on Wednesday This so ondid piece of ^in^w-dresring was afterwards photographed by flur Henry Howeli in order that it », ght be entered for tO competition conducted by Messrs Lever Broth jrs, PFCNUEL BAPTIST CHURCH, CARMARTHEN. The anniv-rsjry services in connection with this church Was jsold on Sunday and Monday. The attendances at iU services were uiiiieually The Rev O G:fuiis, Rhymney, pr-ached at all t,JHl three on fuuday, as Well as at mat on Monday. Messrs D J Lewis, D Williams, and the Revs Robe: t James and William Hughes introduced the Bfirvices The collections have been very good ones. the sum already amouuting to nearly L40. MARTHA DAVIES, one of Swansea's "famous women (she has been convicted 43 times), was before thr Dench again on Monday. Let me go home to Car carthenshire," said she, and I shall stay there tb: reiminder of my and be happy wish i he only sister of my por'r d('ur mother, near Conwil." She was sent to the workhouse, end her country Hunts opinion on IEr pro; o ed arra ge- aunt will never be known.Il(iil. GAZKTTE NEWS. —Friday night's Gazette contains 'he following -Bankruptcy Acts, 1883 anl 1800— Receiving Orders Thomas Griffiths, of Pant- feillionen, Penbryn, Cardiganshire, farmer John H Jones, of Glanamman, Bettws, Carmarthenshire, grocer —Tuesday night's Gazette Daniel Davies, of New Cross, Llanegwad, Carmarthenshire, licensed victualler and farm labourer Hector D I M'lntyre. of Putney, Surrey, trading as the Glanamman Colliery Company, at Glanamman, Carmarthenshire, colliery proprietor and electrical engineer. CARMARTHEN FOOTP.ALL CLUJ:. A committee meeting of this club was held at the Nelson Hotel on Wednesday evening. The Picton Rovers were acoepted as the second team for tne town. A great many fixtures were arranged, including those cf South Wales Borderers, Lampeter College, v Haverfordwest, Hospital Rangers (Llanelly), Llandiio, and others, while it is very provable that 33en Davies, Llanelly, will captain a scratch team to play Carmarthen durjng the season. There are a few open dates, which the Secretaries would like to arrange for. DEPUTY-LIEUTENANTS FOR CARMARTHENSHIRE. -The Lord-lieutenant of Carmarthenshire (Sir jaL Drumtnond) has appointed the following g, eenti ^UJea deputy-lieutenants, viz. The Rieht i**04 Viscount Emlyn, Golden Grove; the Hon Will '<4cri Fitz-Uryan Rice, D'/nevor Cistle big H,-UOU,r -fudge J(IIID Bishop, D,)Iygarrcg Mr Francis Dudib Williams-Drummond, Portiscliffe Colonel wiiHnm (Jwynne-Hughes, Glancothi Arthcr Howell «*ooe8' Pen™ Llandyssul THE «• EIFFFI TO-• M TOP NOTE.—Miss Yevv t.'np '« £ who is now singing ftt the nrnm voca. 'n London, can boast of pM8esfdn» fi? i!- }' known. Miss Svbil Sani iVTCe pott! introduced >ou Sandersons Eiffel Tower j { n wth such effect in » Esclarmo 14 phenoSSed iby nCarly fiTe f"U "t cording to teording to Pienomenai upper register is, a ri-aogemtnt medical research, due to an abnormal A w}jo can r the vocal chords. The list of siog&r^. 6lng Mozart's Angel d'inferno ant^ fh« p capace," which introduce again raid in alto, is a short one, and this note is ne, rlj octave lower than Miss Yew's E in altfsBimo. ZION PRESBYTERIAN CUURCH, The anniversary services in connectioll, with tins thurch — ivhich had been widely ad'-verrk'sed—had to be postponed at the last moment » QI .telegram "Was received to the effect that owing, laxir sudden ^tnesfe, the medical adviser of Rev H/ias f^lwards, M.A., Vice-president of Baoigw thought it would be impossibleforthy revg-antlemazi o ^eeP hia engagement. Rsv W. S. Jones, p&stof of Pt nuel, kindly consented to fill t>»e vacancy J*1 the pulpit, and created a very favoa: able impres.-aon by his sermons in the morning AHO eveninz. The Monday meeting was, of coarsa, at>a—doned. ThEl anniversary services will be h(ilddi, a date which has noi yet been fixed. DEATH OF MR. JAMES MORRIS, — We regret to announce the deaih of Mr James Morris, carpenter "Jid Tjilder, which took plica at his residence in nion-s:reet on Tuesday. D»;eased, who had been .u* -°r some time, was af5;cted iy a paralytic when working at. the !fnfirmt»ry on Wednes- day week, and was ioonediately conveyed home. He scarcely, however, reciwered consciousness but m spi'^o of all care and attention, gradually sank jintil the time of hi% death. M r Morris was well- nown and respected in Carmarthen, where he had g^ate* Part of his life, although he was Pembroke at H. M. Dockyard at of /ion Pr«h ,aa.been for man y years a member | of Zion Presbyterian Church The greatest sympa-.hy is felt with his "Sow, five sons, and | four daughters in their sad afHictiJa.. The funeral I tskes place on Saturday at Xjlanliwcl v at 2 30 p.m. I Public for men only. 1 SALVATION ARMY,—On Sunday* ths harvest j thanksgiving serviaes were held at the Salvation Army Citadel. The interior of the ibuilding was j nicely decorated, thanks to the Itamours of the I Members.—On evening a concert was held at the same placQ.. The chair was occupied by the iayor (Mr H li White). There was an excellent Attendance. Tne following progcamcoe was well i gone through :—Part I Chairman's address ■overture, La Souveraine," Meaetrs Jones' Band «olo, "XUe Toilers," Miss Pollv solo. "If ^ith ail K,ur Hearts," Mr A Arthur; solo, "The ^hUdrew-qHome," Mr D J Jeremy recitation, f}T J -Vlfred Jones solo, Thou sball break i&r D N Jones t solo, It 8noU8h;I. Mr | Evans; instrumental selections, Messrs r^"80 ?lnd quartette, TheVillage Blacksmith, I, ISS'S Lott'eLloyd and Polly Jones, Messrs D J Je. 'emy^uid D N Jones. Part II Selection, Messrs Jon "JjI -B--d dueb, Brin,, me the Bowl" (by Qesir, lolly Jones and Mr D J Jeremy solo, "I'll E?ng9 of Araby," Mr A Arthur; solo. «^ooawin Sands," v!r j) J Joremy Ifcitat \QID, Mr Hodge! pianoforte solo. Mr A J Hodges H solo, Ora pro Nobis," Miss Polly Jones; duet, » Ihie two Patriots; Messrn D N Jon?s aud D J Jer aaiy solo, 'Vhy d) the iSfations ? Mr T Conwil lEvaw. Mr A J Hodges acted as accompt moot in a highly satisfactory manner. THE EMOPRESS AUSTRIA—At the ENGLISH Bapciet( Tiiurch last Sunday eveniug the Rev A Puller M li'jS-delivered an impressive sermon to a large oi legation from Deliver us from bloodgail tiiies«?" and also Exodus xx., 13, and Matthew *r" —He said that of late striking J Stents hau followed one another in such quick ) Accession hr. t one hardly knew whether to touch J^Pon, or pe a» £ i^em ^5' ^ith the contempt bred ot Ity- Th 0 slaughter of thousands of savages the Souc'5 tan. A*"1"5 the assassination of the Empress •AD JUSV Y TERXED PUBLLC througl:out the CIVilised wi arid. j. "n, woman, and children had Ul?xted in &i i (0ut'au««t °* horror against the poor soiaina1, PF rihaps a man.iac- ^VHEN doing uiet ubrer wnnber tfce expansion of the Mosaic I,fcy Christ. Jn o«r land respectable r their prosperity through dnving ~Li V^ite Slaves of Jintam to their daily toil 8a^i„n-1ch Crushed out of them the very life, to ?heT« ^8 their capacity for hapless At C H • i r would not these stand at the bar ot God w^Jisi he! in conclusion, Mr Mills that if fe^erinon caused one to be more cave, t of his feeling towards his fellow men, he ould not r spret-having gucktfJl on tho gruesome subject of » ^Lardsr." PRIORY-STREET BOYS' SCHOOL.—Master W iilie Davies, son of P.C. Thomas Davies, Richmond- terrace, has grined an entrance tcholarehip into the Carmarthen Grammar School. Towx COUNCILA meeting of the Carmarthen Town Council was held at the Council Chamber at the Guildhall on Thursday, under the presidency of the Mayor (Mr H. Brunei White). A full report of the proceedings will appear in our next issue. NEW MAGISTRATES FOR CARMARTHENSHIRE. j — Official information reached Llanelly on Friday that Mr J Allen Wiiliams, editor and proprietor of the Llanclln Guardian, and Mr Robert Margrave had been elevated to a position on the commission of the peace for the couuty of Carmarthen. The honour conferred upon these gentlemen, who are very enthusiastic Llanellyites, has proved as popular as it is merited, and both J.P.'a will receive the congratulations of their numefous friends. 1ST Y.B, THE WELSH REGIMENT H COMPANY. -Orders for the week ending Saturday, October 1st, 1898. Officer for the week, 2nd Lieut. James John, Company orderlies, Sergeant J W Davies and Corporal Thomas Davies. Orderly bugler, C L T Jones. Parades, &c. Company Drill on Monday, at 7 30 p.m. plain clothes. Class firing Monday, Friday, and Saturday, from 2 pm. Recruits' drill on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 7 30 p m. Club Shoot on Thursday commencing at 2 p.m. Parade for non-commissioned officers on Wednesday at, 7.30 p m. By order (signed), A E 0 NORTON, Lieut. Commanding H Company. I THE WIDE WOULD MAGAZINE (Gd) for September —Messrs George Newnes, Limited—contains the continuation of the narrative of that extraordinary man, Louis de Rougemont, besides besides other remarkable adventures and thrilling narratives. The contents ib as follows :—Frontis- piece, I Overbalanced, and, my Rifle going off, descended in a heap on the top of the Ti^: Souie Curiosities of Tiger Hunting A Lt"p nf a hundred and twenty feet Muishkin's Mission Picturesque Petroleum A Race for a Gold Mine I Humours of Monntain-Climbing In the Bat- Caves with a Camera The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont Forest Fires How our Baby was stolen by Baboons A Zulu Wedding Bnvlf-.y No. 416 The Romance of the Mission Fi' ld Cradles The Arab's llaee for Life Odds and Ends. The Arab's llaee for Life Odds and Ends. ASYLUMS MAINTENANCE.—During the year dod March 31st, 1897, all the County Asylums in the Principality thowed a receipt balance on maintenance accounts over expenditure. Thui- I Re; pts, Rec'pts. xp c; over Expen. Glamorgan, Cardiff, and £ £ Swansea 31,732 i,Ih>7 Carmarthen, Cardigan, and Pembroke .oO" 13,221 1,059 Denbigh, Anglesey,Car- narvon, Flint, and Merioneth 15,952 14,900 1,052 The Monmouth County Asylum, on the other hend, had an excess of expenditure over receipt?, as f,,)Ilows Receipts. 421,417 expenditure, £ 23,145 or 11,728 on the wrong side. PRISON MISSION WOPK. Au eight-days' Mission has just been conducted in Maidstone Prison by Captain Davey, the senior Prison Missioner of the Church Army. The Governor and the Chaplain have reported that the Mission has been eminently successful Captain Davey, from the beginning, won the sympathy and confidence of the prisoners." Similar Missions are to be con- ducted during the n°xt three months in Dartmoor, Portland, Hull. Lancaster, Kuutsford, Bristol, Birmingham, Ipswich, Winchester, Bodmin, Warwick, Dsvizes, Nottingham, Northallerton, and other Prisons. These Prison Missions of the Church Army have the warm approval of the Prison Commissiorers. and the Missioners invariably receive the greatest kindness and help from all the officers of the Prison. His UNLUCKY DAY.—Probably the rrost wonderful story of a man's unlucky day that has over been told appears in the Lancet. A patient, at the ftg- of ten years, fractured his righ index finger. It happened on August 2Gth. When thirteen years old he fractured his left leg below the knee, through falling from horse-back, also on August 2G.h. When fourteen years of age he fractured both bones of the left forearm by stumbling, his arm striking the edge of a brick (August 2Gth) In another year, oa August 26th, when fifteen years of age, he had a compound fracture of both legs through a pit accident. After this he did not work on August 26th for twenty- eight years, but in the year 1890 he forgot his fateful day and went to work, with the result that he sustained a compound fracture of the left leg. After this he has studiously avoided working on August 26th. BRECON CONGREGATIONAL COLLEGE. This week a special meeting of the Executive Committee of the Brecon Memorial Congregational College is to tf;) held to consider further the question of the appointment of a principal for the college in succession to the late Rev Dr J Morris. The sub- committee appointed at the last annual meeting of the executive recommend that the post of principal be offered to the Rev David Rowlands, B.A. (Dewi Mon), who has filled the post of vice-principal at Brecon for over a quarter of a century. The meeting this week will have another important question to consider, namely, that of the appoint- ment of a third member of the teaching staff, for which the following names have been mentioned Rev D W Vaughan, M.A., of Kentish Town, London; Mr John Thomas Miles, M.A., of Mansfield College, Oxford the Rev John Evans, B.A., of Brecon the Rev J Lloyd Williams, B.A,, of Tenby and Mr Wm Charles, M.A., of Treorky. A SPLENDID TABLE GAME —Messrs Raphael Tnck and Sons, the well-known fine art publishers, Coleman-street, City, London, have just issued a little novelty, entitled The Game of Fable Cricket," which we have no doubt will be much called for both by young and old. It is an excellent medium for young beginners to become acquainted with the rules of the national game, of w hich it is the exact indoor counterpart. Table Cricket will be found quite a pleasant pastime to the enthusiast and amateur alike, more particularly in the winter months when "out-of-door" cricket cannot be indulged in. Despite the multifarious articles of which the game is composed, comprising as it does fifteen well- pi-inted figures, fifty balls, plan of the field, scoring Sheets, rules, etc., the price has been fixed at the tow limit of one shilling, which figure will deubtless ensure its lasting popularity. CHRIST CHURCH, CARMARTHEN.—The harvest thanksgiving services were held at this Church on Tuesday. The Rev W H A Walters, Treffgarn, preached in the morning; and the Rev C F Harrison, Haverfordwest, in the evening. The musical portion of the service included Marbecke's Communion Service. At the evening service Mr E Colby Evans rendered in excellent style the solo I of \Vhy do the nations rage" (Handel). Messrs Jones' string band added greatly to the musical portion of the service. The decorations were carried out by the following Miss Hancocke, Mrs James Davies, Mrs Brunker, Mrs James John, Miss Rogers; Mrs John Jones (Nott-square), Mrs Colby Evans, Mrs B A .Lewis, Miss Evans (Francis- terrace), Miss Gwladys Evans, Miss Pooley, Mr E Collier, Miss Hearder, Mr, Mrs and Master Wilford, the Misses George, Miss Reed, Miss Agnes Reed, Mr W Griffiths the Misses Rogers, Sergt and Mrs Larkin, Miss Harries (Llanelly). OfferingR were sent by the following -Miss Lewis, (20, Picton- terrace), Mrs T D Lewis, Mr T Bland Davies, Mrs King, Mr James Davies, Mr D N Evans (Picton- place), Mrs Bushel, Miss Jones (Morley-street), Mrs John Jones (Nott-square), Miss Evans (Picton- terrace), Mrs Bowen-Jones, Mrs Thomas, (Castle Hill Cottage), Mrs Thomas (Lammas-street), Mr and Mrs David Thomas, Miss Jones (Abercothi), Mrs Brunker, Miss Olive (Boar's Head), Mrs B A Lewis, Mr J D Evans, and Mrs Hughes (Mason's- yard).

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