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A Llanelly Coachman in Trouble.


! The Anglo-Vmerican Alliance.

Shocking Snieide near Llandilo.

Carmarthen Chamber of Commerce

I, L A N F Y N Y D D .


Gnn Accident at Pembroke Dock.

The Welsh Colleges, j -

The " Agony " Column in n…


IThe Proposed Carmaitlien…

Opecing of the Cardigan County…

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COFFINS AT A HALFPENNY EACH —It was stated at the Edmonton Board of Guardians on Thursday that the master of the workhouse is in habir, of sending postcards to relatives in case of an inmate's death, adding that if they wanted a private funeral, M was the undertaker. This was I done, it was stated, for the benefit of the union. Contractors for paupers' funerals naturally expected to get the private ones, and what they made out of the latter enabled thL'rn to cut prices, some even supplying coffins at halfpenny each. THE (3 LDE: T MAGISTRATE I.V BKITAIN.—Ths death is announced of Major-General li. G. Hughes, of Llynon Hall, Anglesey. lIe had arrived at the ripe age of OS years, and, having been nominated to the Anglesey Bench in 1817, was consideied tne oldest magistrate in tie kingdom. He was the elder brothir of the late Mr W. Bulkeley IIugs, for many years Liberal member for the Carnarvon Boroughs, And the father of the late Captain Bulkeley Hughes, formerly chit;f c mstahle ot Augle-ey. SUNDAY CYCLING — Ihe Nonconformist ministers end deacons in the Va'e of Llangollen issued a public manifes'o against the desecration of the Sabbath day which they asseit took place on the occasion of a church cycle parade on Sunday at Llantyssilio Cnurch. Dining his sermon the vicar, the Rev J S Jones, said the parade was not & desecration of th3 Sv-bath, but lather the reverse. Cycle parades had taken such a string hold on the country that it was useless to preach against them. Wlsoom lay rither in welcoming cyclists to God's house. THE BATTLE OF OMDURMAN.—LORD WOLSELET AND A BEREAVED PARE-VX.L'<rd Wols?ley his written the following letter to Mr Luke Doyle, of Nenagh, whoss son was kiiied at 0.xdur:nan :— Dear Doyle,-l have just read of the dea!h of Corporal I)\>y!e, ot the'Northumberland Fusiliers, in the paperp. His L S3 will, I know, be a sau blow to his old and gallant father, but I hope these few linei may assure you of my heartfelt sympathy at this trying moment. That God in His inliuite mercy may assuage your grief is the prayer of yours faithfully, YW>I.SELFY." Mr. Luke Doyle served through the Indian Mutiny at Cawnpore, and saved the life of Lord Wolseley, then Eneign Woseley. A NOVEL TIUKE: SWAXSEA WORKHOUSE INMATES LEAVE A IIELIGIOUS SERVICE—"A novelty in stiikes," says the Swansea Daily Li oiler, has ju-t been experienced at Swansea Workhouse, the inmates of which have revolted agc-inst attc dance at religious service on Sunday evening. The morning and afternoon services were taken by a clergyman or proper'y ordained minister, whilst the evening meetings are conducted by a layman Tiio administratorAS of the latter seem not to have been accep'able to some of the inmates, and they fostered a spirit of I revolt, with the result that on Sunday week, when ayouns lay preacher eought to expound theGospe. his audience rose in a body and left the room.

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