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Industrial School Children in Carmarthenshire. COMMENTS IN TRUTH. Last week's Truth contains some lengthy remarks on this subject of the dumping of industrial school children in Wales. We append tho following extracts A serious reflection is cast upon the industrial s-chool system by some disclosures which were recent ly made before the Carmar- then County Bench. The Bench aseer- that a oc(tl clergyman acts as agent for the school authorities, but once the situations are found practically nothing is done to keep the youngsters under proper supervision. The C'lrrtinrthen Jlejxyrter asserts, indeed, that hundreds of boys arc being yearly turned out of industrial schools in England and dumped down in the agricul- tural districts ofW alcs under conditions which "approximate to slavery" and favour the manufacture of criminals. The managers of the institutions from which the boys come do not, attempt to look after them beyond sending round an otlicial at rare intervals to make more or less perfunctory enquiries and whether they are well or ill-treated by their employers and fellow-servants is purely ja matter of chance. Nor is it only boys from industrial schools who are thus disposed of. A lady writing from the neighbourhood of Carmarthen tells me that friendless girls are similarly put out in service on Welsh farms, and that, as workhouse visitors, can testify the consequences are frequently even more distressing and deplorable than in the case of boys. A more reprehensibie state of affairs and one more discreditable to the con- ductors of industrial schools it would be impossible to conceive. It means that any good that is done to the children by their training in these institusions is being in many cases undone through the negligence and carelessness, not to say callousness, with which while still mere children they are turned adrift in the world. The scandal will I hope receive the immediate attention of the Home Secretary." No one acquainted with the facts will deny the truth of the remarks in the latter portion of the extracts. The proportion of these girls 1 who "go astray is immensely higher than s amongst the corresponding class of Welsh girls. The fact that some of the girls turn out well is not to be denied but as for the rest—the result follows wnich might be ex- pected when young girls with no home train- ing are placed in strange lonely districts where there are 110 relations—and scarcely any public opinion—to defend them. [We have curtailed the extract from Truth, in so far as it is merely a repetition of the remarks made in a previous article in the Reporter. Truth quotes a portion of the very apropos extract from the Welsh Land Com- missioners' report, which appeared in our previous article.—ED., C. W.R.]

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