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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS 1 COLWYTT BAY. NO LIGHT.—At the Llaurwst Police Court, on Monday. J. Humphrey Jones, Minera. ETskane-road, Colwyn tidy, was fined Is and costs for Tiding his bicycle without a light after the prescribed hour. 'COtLWYN BAY HLECTRIOITY WORKS.— The report of the manager, Mr A. R. Tud- BOan, for the paat month shows that 26,869 suits were generated, an increase of 3,369 units on the corresponding month last year. The cumber of consurnem was 282 against 242 last fear. OuLWYX REFUSE TIP.—1The Colwyn Ifev Urban Council has considered a letter from Mr John Jones, Tyrdan Hall Farm, offering to re- new the contract for cartage (and tip) of refuse from Oolwyn, at the rate of £ 130 per annum— an advance of £) 10, 'and has agreed to accept the offer, subject to tile site of tip being satis- factory. RIEFUSE TIP AT RHOS.—At a meeting of the Colwyn IBay Urban Council., on Tuesday, the Sanitary Committee reported that serious complaints had been made by several of the inhabitants of Rhos of the nuisance caused by the burning of the refuse heap on iBryn Eiuryn field.—It was decided that the present tip be discontinued and a Site near the northern boaudarv wall of the above land be uti'ised, and that a cart road thereto be formed at an estimated cost cf £ 20.. A SUDDEN ATTACK.—On Saturday night, as Mr Hugh Roberts, of BetltWE, Abeigele, was driving along Abergele-road, towards the direc- tion of home, he suddenly fell out of uh» trap. He was instantly picked up and taken into Dr Ross' houise, where it was discovered that he was suffering from cramp of the stomach. He jras eventually removed to t/he Cottage Hos- pital. where he now lies, and from the latest information received he is making saftisiactory ^°THE CONVERSION OF BRITAIN." — On Tuesday evening, the first of a series of lantern lectures was held in the Church-room, L,landrill<vyn-R'%5, tHe subject being "The Conversiom of Britain. The lecture should have. been given by the Rev Meredith J. Hughes, vicar of Brynymaen; but owing to indisposition he was uniable to attend. There was a good attendance, and the chair was taken by Mr Grant., of Rfoos College. The vicar of the parish, the Rev James Evans, M.A., read the lecture, which was illustrated by 50 lan- tern slides, the lantern being efficiently mani- pulated bv Mr Robert Barlow. COLWYN BAY B UTGHEIR "BOYS" v. SHOP ASSISTANTS. —On Wednesday after- noon the Ooiwyn Bay butcher "boys" met the shop assistants in friendly conflict on the Pen- rhos football^ ground. The teams presented a miscellaneous appearance, but they meant busi- ness, the butchers particularly. Their smocks adorned the boundary rails, and when the re- feree's whistle hew the butchers made a smart attack upon the assistants, which was kept up (fairly well all through the game. However, the assistants were not to be beaten easily, and eome members of the team played very good football. The game ended in a draw of one goal each. ST. PAUL'S YOUNG MEN'S SOCIETY.— A mock Parliament has been inaugurated under the auspices of this society, and the first de- bate took. place on Tuesday evening, a "Home Rule for Ireland Bill" being introduced by the Prime Minister, Mr G. Rowland. There was a large attendcince. The Speaker was Councillor Edward Alien Deputy-Speaker, Mr H. Col ley, and clerk to the House, Mr R. 0. Davies. The Prime Minister submitted his bill in a long and eloquent spleeoh, in the course of which he pointed out the advantages of granting, Home Rule to Ireland. The Leader of 4ne Opposition, Mr A. Morton, in an equally eloquien't spetach, dwelt upon the disadvantages of Home Rule, and expressed the opinion that it would be dangerous to the peace of tins country if Home Rule was granted to Ireland. After some further discussion, the debate was adjourned. EN1GEDI AND RHTW (LITERARY DE- BATING SOCIETY.—On (Monday, Mr T. R. Owen, of Western! Stores, opened a debate on "Religion in 'Every Day Life." He referred to the duty of acting religion in every sphere of every day life, and saia true religion was not faith in creeds or attending niaces of worship, but was the living of a righteous, life. The chief features of true religion, he said', were oourage, conviction, sincerity, gentleness, mo- desty, ,ard purity.—[.Messrs Hugh Davies, IHenry Morris, Hugh Owen, Francis Hughes, and the chairman, the Rev Robert Roberts, took part in the debate, which followed.-Oii Monday week the Society is to discus^ "Disestablish- ment," and there is gTeat expectation of an interdicting debate. The Society will resolve itself into an amateur House of Commons. The Speaker will be the Pastor, the Prime Minister, Mr T. R. Lewis, who will introduce the sub- ject supported by Mr Rowland Jones, school- master, Colwyn. The Opposition will be ledl by Mr M. L. Burrell, supported by Mr W. Williams-Jones, of the Council office. DRAINAGE AT LLYSFAEN.—At the Colwyn Bay Urban Council meeting on Tues day, it was reported thut the 'Conway Rural Council! had not yet complied with the request for the (Council to be supplied with particulars and plans of the sewer extensions now being carried out in Llysfaen. The Surveyor pointed out that sufficient diligence was not being ex- orcised in seeing that roof water, etc., was con- nected to a surface water sewer.—iMr Heenan asked the Council to do all that possibly could be done to meet the wishes of the Llysfaen Council in this matter. B*y allowing the Llys- faeti) Ofuncil to join u~> t tHe Colwyn Bay sewer at the boundary it would save tlie Utysfaeh COUJl- oil from B50 to JB100 and would tend to pro- mote gfjod feeling bet <•• the two fcotiiie' Is, "The derksaid that if t 'e Llysfaen Council trid to forco their sewer through the Colwyn Bay area it would be his drt-y to advise, the ic;ciull.cil ta abject.—'On the motion of iMir Bevan, it was decided to instruct the surveyor to inspect the plans on view at the Conway Rural Council's office, <aaid to report to the next meeting. I-NTFRESTLNG WEDD -M AT VLLAN- DRILLG-YN-RHOS.—On Monday, at Llan- drillo Old Church the marriage took place of Mr Hugh Gale, butcher, of the Promenade, Rhos-on-Sea (second son of Mr Joseph Gale, of Manchester), and Miss Sarah Hughes, daughter of the late Mr Evan Hughes, 'Rhos- hirwaen. The ceremony was performed by the vicar, tbelbrev James Evans, M.A. The bride, who fe a trained nurse and was formerly engaged at a Nursing Pome in Llandudno, has for the past three years 'been practising her profesion in the United states. She was given away by Mr H. Reeves Hughes, of Llandudno, Miss Catherine Hughes., sister of the bride, acting as bridesmaid, and Mr Sydney Francis Gale, brother of the. bridegroom, efficiently performed the duties of r>est man. The bride's dress was of white silk, trimmed with laoe, she also wore a wraat h of orange blossom covered with a lace veil. The bridesmaid was dressed. in grey voile arid white picture hat. After the ceremony the organist, Mr David Hughes, pliayed Mendelssohn's Wedding March. The wedding breakfast was held at Bryn Defaid, the of Mr Isaac Hughes, cousin of th ridtyrroom. The bride arid bridegroom were -he recipients of many I useful and handsome presents. BNOLISH PEESDY ERIAN BAZAAR.— The bazaar held in connection with the English Presbyterian Church, at the Public Hall, Col- j wyn May, and reported in last week's "Herald" was continued on Thursday, Friday, and Satur- i day, and resulted in a sum of over JB450 being raised to pay off the debt of .£370. The open- I ing of the second day's proceedings was to have been performed "by Miss Hovey, B.A., Principal of Penrhos ( allege, but she was un- able to attend, having met with an accident in the hockey field the previous day. Her place Principal of Penrhos ( allege, but she was un- able to attend, having met with an accident in the hockey field the previous day. Her place was taken by Miss Leothley, B.A., the senior mistress of the coile, Mr Joseph Dicken, deputy-chairman of tr Urban Council, pre- sided.—On the proposa. of Mr S. Glynne Jones, seconded by the Rev wis Williams, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Miss Leathley and to Mr Dicken.—0'< Friday, the pastor, the Rev Johai Edwards, y, resided at the opening ceremony. Mr Uavid Lewis, of Hafryn, who Opened the bazaar, c. ■gratulated the church cfr the success which iiad attended its efforts, alid complimented th young people on the ■way they had worked or the bazaar, particu- larly in connection v. i h the entertainments. tHe said it was not often that the Presbyterian Church appealed to the public of Colwyn Say, the last appeal beina i' tde ten years ago, but when it did appc il all classes and creeds re- sponded and helped to make the bazaar suc- cessful.—Mr Toward 'oyd, in proposing a vote of thanks to th° -t->r and to- Mr David (Lewis, mentioned th- the treasurer had re- ceived from Mr Lew: 'i cheque for £ 50, and that Mr Lewis h'd >i -ring the previous days Satronised the stalls largely.—Mr William ones, C.E., second 9 the yote of thanks, which was heartily a< ordcd.—Oa Saturday, the bazaar was continued, and in the evening ftq young people gaive their entertainments, I Y..M.C.A. LITERARY AND (DEBATING SOCIETY.—'On Friday, Mr Rowland Jones presided over a well-attended meeting of this Society, when Mr Fred Griffiths read a. paper entitled: "Aspects of Citizenship." Mr Grif- fiths retened to the importance of young men interesting themselves in local affairs, and pleaded for more thought and care in the beautifying of towns, as there was no excuse for ugliness in town life. He also touched upon the desirability of providing public parks and pleasure grounds for the benefit of the rising generation.—The paper provoked a spirited and interesting discussion, in the course of which references was made to many matters of local interest, particularly the system of rate assessment in vogue at Colwyn 'Bay. It was stated that the system was most unfair and pressed heavily upon the shopkeepers, who, in some cases, had been compelled to reduce the wages of managers and assistants on account of the heavy burden imposed by rates and rent. Among others, the following took part in the discussion: --Messrs P. R. Herbert, D. Greenfield, J. W. Adamson, — Summers, S. Johnston, and the chairman.—At the conclu- sion, of the discussiom a cordial vote of thanks was accorded to Mir Griffiths. ASSAULTING AN OLD MAN—Thomas Foulkes, labourer, of Carlvle House, Old Col- wyn, who was summoned to appear .at the [Petty Sessions on Saturday but did not at- tend, was on Monday brought before a special Court on a warrant, and charged with assault- ing an old man named William Jones, of Coed Coch-road, Old Colwyn, on October 31st.-De- fendant pleaded "not guilty."—Complainant stated that he was passing the Ship Hotel, Old Colwyn, when a naoadful of dirt thrown by defendant struck him in the face and eyes.—. In reply to the magistrates, complainant said he had not spoken to defendant and defendant did not speak to him.—P.C. Owen stated that shortly after 10 o'clock on the morning in ques- tion complainant came to him with his face all dirty and smeared with blood and expressed his wish to take out a summons against Thomas Foulkes. 'He (the constable) had repeatedly warned defendant about molesting the old man. 1 The youths of Old Colwyn were continually molesting oomplainant.Defendant. on oath, stated that on the morning in question he was throwing a tennis ball on to a roof and it caused the dirt. to fall on complainant's face.- Complainant, in reply toi the magistrates, said he did not see any ball but he saw the de- fendant with the dirt- in his hand.-The Chair- man (Mr James Wood) said the complainant Would not come to the Court, without having been assaulted in someway by defendant, who would have to pay a fine of 2s 6d and costs, or go to prison for seven days with hard labour. He warned defendant that as this was his first appearance the magistrates were dealing leniently with him, but that he would be much more harshly dealt with if he assaulted the old man again. DEATH OF MRS GRIFFITH OWBN.The death occurred on Thursday, at her residence, 'Newlyn, York-road, Colwyn Bay, of Mrs Grif- fith Owen, aged 80 years, widow of the late Air Griffith Owen, Greenwich House, .Llanrwst, who was deacon of Zion Chapel, Llanrwst. for about 40 years, and well-known throughout North Wales. Ün the death of Mr Owen, his widow and daughter, iMiss Janet Owen. re- moved to Colwyn Bay. Mrs Owen had a long and painful illness after coming to Colwvn Bay in response to what she firmly believed to be her duty. She was a brave old lady of strong characteristics. It required not a little courage at nearly 80 years of age to cut away tum all her most sacred associations in Llanrwst, where she had resided for nearly 60 years. Yet she broke away and formed new associations in a new home. Mrs Owen was very kind to the poor and took great interest in every cur- rent question. She was a fond mother and much respected in religious circles. She has' left fo. soths and four daughters Mr 'Hugh i Owen, Greenwich House.; Mr R. G. Owen, Greenwich Houie, Llanrwst Dr Wil- liam Owen, America; Mr Tom Owen, iLiver- pool; Mrs Owen Jones, America,, wife of the Rev Owen Jones, M.A., formerly of Newtown, North Wales; Mrs Owen Owen, Pwllheli, wife of Mr Owen 'Owen, manager of the North and South Wales iBank; Mrs William Rogers, of Wrexham; and Miss Janet Owen, Colwyn Bay. While at 'Colwyn Bay, Mrs Owen attended at Engedi C.M. Chur h.' The funeral took place at Llanrwst on Saturday, where the remains of Mrs Owen were buried in the grave of her husband, t. Zion Chapel, the Rev Robert IRo- berts, pastor of Engedi, and Mr William Tho- mas officiating. NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVEN- TION OF CRUELTY TO CHILDRIE,-N,On Thursday afternoon, the first annual meeting of the Colwyn Bay ana Old Colwyn branch of the N.S.P.C.C. was held in the Council Cham- !ber, Comway-iroad;. The president of the branoh, the Hon. Mrs Lawrence Brodrick, oc- cujpied the cliair. Mr George Otsborn, on be- bJaJf of his wife. the treasurer, read the finan- cial statement for the year 1905, which showed receipts amounting to JB69. The subsoriptions the previous year amounted to £ 23 13s 3d, and there had been an increase of £ 5 2s 3d in the subscriptions during the year under review. —The financial statement, which had been audited by Mr Alfred G. Pugh, on the motion of Canon. Roberts, seconded by Mrs Reynolds, was accepted.—The President moved, and it was seconded by Miss Crossfield, and carried unanimously, tlKat a hearty vot« of thanks be accorded to the hon. secretary, Mrs Francis Nunn, the hon. treasurer, Mrs George Osborn, and the lady collectors.—'Miss Aylmer, from 1 the head office of the Society, addressed the meeting on the work of the Society, which she said was of national importance rather than of merely local interest. She pointed out that the Society never refused to look after a suf- fering child because the district in which it Jived did not contribute to the funds of the Slociety. So far as Colwyn Bay district, was concerned, mor«* money had been spent in Iook- ing after children than had been, subscribed. Tjast- year the Society looked after 108,225 children, and helped 10,000 little ones every day of the year. In Colwyn Bay district, 13 cases, involving 62 children, had been attended to by the Society. Twelve of those cases were neglect and starvation, and on& was a. prosecn- tion for illtreatment aJid assault, with the result of 6 months' imprisonment.—.Mrs Brod- rick moved, Mr Francis Nunn seconded, and it wa6 agreed, that a letter of sympathy be sent to the founder of the Society, the Rev | Benjairdn Watngh, expressing regret at his ill- ness, and a sincere hope that he be spared to continue the work.—Votes of thanks to the president, Mrs Brodrick, and to Miss Aylmer concluded the business of the meeting, Mrs Brodrick, in reply, making an earnest appeal for the Society to be loyally supported. CONWAY THE MAYOR AT CHURCH.—On Sunday, the Mayor (Dr R. A. Prichard) accomfpanied by the Volunteers, members of the Fire Brig- ade, a posse of police, and a large number of the general public and some councillor attended the morning service at the old Church, where the Vicar delivered a practical seTmon on the true duties of a citizen. LLANDUDNO BRIGHT SUNSHINE.—(Bright sunshine dur- ing the past week was 15 hours and 36 minutes. "MANNERS" was the subject of an in- teresting and suggestive paper Tead by MT Barnet, of to the members of St. George's Literary Society, on Tuesday evening. Mr Stevens (the vice-chairman) presided. TALHAIARN."—The Rev D. Gwynfryn Jones delivered, on Monday evening, to the members of Shiloh Literary Society, an nstruc- tive, interesting^ snd eloquent lccture on the late (Welsh poet, Talhaiarn." The Rev H. [Barrow Williams presided. •OHRSANT-ffEiMUM SHOW.On Wednes- day and to-day (Thursday), Mr John Walker gave a chryanthemum show at the Town Hall, | the proceeds being in aid of the funds of the Y.M.C.A. Musical selections} etc., were given I at intervals under the direction of iMr Emest Jones. THiE LLENORFA.—(Monday evening's meet- ing of the Llenorfa took the £ orm of a scrip- tural class, the subject under discussion bein<* John the Baptist," according to Esiah and St. Mark. The Rev Tom Davies was the leader. LECTURE.—To-nizht (Thursday) Mr Frank T. Bullen is delivering the first of a series of lectures promoted by The T.I.A. Lecture Com- mittee, at the Pier Pavilion. His subject will be Romance and ReaKty at Sea." Colonel the Rkr'ht. TTon. H. Lloyd Mostyn is announced to preside. to THE GRAND OLD MAN.—iMr Henry Wil- liams, Trvphena H'-use, delivered his interest- ing lecture entitled "William Ewa't Glad- stone," nt the Ebenpzer Wesleyan Chapel on Thursday evening. The discourse was illus- tnted with limeli7h'i. views. Mr O.W. Ro- berts presided over an appreciative audience. FOREIGN MJSSTON1S.—A public mretin- was held at St. Johr's'English Wesleyan Chapel on Wednesday evenins- to promote the claims of the Weslovan Foreign Mission. An eloquent address oh ndfsinnn^v work was deliver.d by the iRev 'E. Stmley Edwards, who has beeai a missionary at Mvsore: Rev J. W. Whitmore, etc. Mr John IBellis presided. ^CONSTITUTIONAL .HISTORY.-Mb- A. ( G. Pugh presided over a well-attended meeting of members of St (Paul's Church held on Mon- dav evening, when Mr J. J. Marks, M.A., read an elaborate paper on "Constitutional Histcry. Complimentary references were made by Grenbalgh, Mr Hallmark, Mr Laniet, Mr Winter, Ml' 'Wilson, and Mr Cocker, who was inclined to be critical. rv,c,+„^ HOCKEY.—A much one-sided hockey match. was played on Saturday afternoon, the visitors be in- the representatives of Bangor University, \vho°were beaten by five .goals to nil. SO the local club have played five matches, of which four were won and one lost. They have stored 25 goals, with seven points against them. Shou'd they retain their present position the club will do well.. „ LECTURE.-The Rev. D. J. Lewis B.A., delivered the first of a, se-ies of lectures to the members of the Rehoboth L'terary Society on Tlmrvlav e-voiiin0'. They ure based on S DSmofd's book entitled Natural Law in the Spiritual Work." In thecourseof^ first lecture Mr Lewis dealt with Life, and its Origin," in an intelligent, instructive and Tiractical manner. Observations were made by P^ W S. Williams, Mr Robert Luther Ro- P{rr W. S. Williams, Mr Robert Luther Ro- ib»rts, Mr David Davies, the Chairman, and Mr J'sPECllnL SEWERAGE RATE.The Coun- cil met in committee on Tuesday evening, undeTthe presidency of Mr J.L ALrks when a deputation attended on behalf of the r dents of St, Mary's-road to ask the Coundl to rescind the special sewerage rate, which ha-d been levied upon them. Mr 0. W. Rober s (Bodeuron^ was the chief spokesman. Alter the deputation had retired an animated dis- cussion ensued, and on a division the voting was equal. The Chairman declined to give his casting vote. We understand, however, that a deputation is to wait on Lord Mostyn to ask him to bear the whole rate. OBITUARY.—After two or three years' lingering illness, Mrs 'Mary Anne Evans, the wife of Mr Adoniah Evans, manager of the Llandudno iBranch of the Metropolitan Bank, died on Wednesday evening. Mrs )Evans, who was 56 years of age, belonged to an old Llan- dudno family, being the youngest daughter of the late Mr Reuben Jones. and Mary Jones, of the Graig. Mrs Evans was originally a member of the Welsh branch of the Congregational Church, but became a member of Christ Church on her marriage in December, 1896. While m o-ood health she was most active in Church work and the promotion of a.ny good cause. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon in St. Tudno's Cemetery, the funeral being of a private character. Much sympathy is felt with Mr Evans in his bereavement. THE WIDENING OF MOSTYN-STREET. 10 n —The question of widening- Mostyn-street from Lipton's cori-ter as fa.r as Gloddaeth-street, came under the consideration of the Council in committee on Tuesday evening. The pro- posal was to add a poriion of the footpath on that side of the street to the carriage road, at an estimated expenditure of about JB600. At first, it was decided by a majority, on the motion of Mr James McMaster, seconded by Mr F. J. Sanson, to proceed with the work. The Engineer asked for instructions to prohibit the Light Railway Company from laying the rails down in the street until the work had 'been completed, or else it would cost C200 or £ 300 more. Upon that the previous resolu- tion was rescinded, and no ac'tion taken. A LOCAL LAWSUIT SETTLED. -4 The action of Mr Bonnalie, dental surgeon, v. IP,ake,r was set down for trial on Monday before Mr Justice Parker in the Chancery Division, the plaintiff and, defendant respectively living near [Llandudno and Llangollen.—Mr iBuck- master, K.C., M.P., for the plaintiff, said this was essentially a family dispute, and he was glad to say the parties had come to terms. He need not trouble his lordship with full details as to the terms of settlement. Plaintiff was claiming an interest in two estates, one the estate of a woman named lEliza Jones, and the other an interest in the estate of a man called Robert Baker. Questions had been raised as to the construction of the will. the rights to ar- rears of income and arrears of maintenance, all of which had, been settled on the terms that the defendant, Mrs Arthur Baker, should pay to the plaintiff £ 2650 within six months, with interest at 4 per cent. upon that sum, from that day until the end of the six months. That would purchase this interest in both estates. Then there would be a stay of all further pro- ceedings except for the purpose of carrying out the terms.—Mr Romer, K.C., for the defendant assented.—.Messrs Chamberlain and Johnson, instructed Mr IBuckmaster for the plaintiff, OONVEIRSAZIONiE.—Under the auspices of the LIandudno and District Field Club, a con- versazione was held at Neville Hydro, on Wed- nesday afternoon, when an address was de- livered by the president, Mr Willoughby Gar- dner, F.L.S., F.R.G.S., his subject being, "Two local antiquities: a plea for their preserva- tion." The address was illustrated by about 50 views and plans shown by oxy-hydrogen lantern. The two local antiquities referred to were the Croonlech and the stone at Bodavon. The following took part in the musical pro- gramme :—'Miss Lilian Wright (violin), Miss Margaret and Miss Eva. Thomas, Miss Mary Rome, and the Apollo Quartette. Refreshments were served at intervals. The following had sent exhibits:—Miss Broome. Sunnyhill, geo- logical specimens Miss Eva Thomas, botanical specimens and shells Mr F. Ohiaipman, Pen- rhytnside, local birds; Mr Alec Hughes. Mos- tym-street, Llartdndtno, photographs: Mr F. Holland, Llovd-street. old photos, prints, etc. Mr Harry Thomas, Craigydon, botanical and ot!her .spefcimens; Mr R. J. Gresley-Jonee, Llandudno, local lefpidqptera and other speci- mens; Mr John Owen, Aval Ion, local birds; Mr Rickets., photographer, rxhotogirapihs, THE Y.M.C.A.—The i/nat.'trura-l social gather- ing in connection with the Y.M.C.A. was held at their rooms in Upper Mostyn-street, on Thursday evening, Mr 'G,. A. Hxnwhreys, chairman of the committee, presiding. There were about 75 present. Music was provided bv Mr Cocker (County School), Mr Cocker andi Mr W. R. Brookes.—The Rector, in the course of an interesting address, said he would not like the place to become a lazy, lounging, place, where the young men could come night iafter niight to dawdle tjhei-r existence away, buit a man was created to be a social being, and the institution could be a great blessing to those who were starting life. Thev should not. make the Y.M.,C.A. another chapel or a-notiher church (applause). There were plenty of dhapels and churches in Llandudno, and he hoped they would take full .advanf a"1 of them, In the Y.M.C.A. they wanted to bring Ohris- tian influences to bear upon the things they did. The Y.M.C.A. was not intended to be a rival to the churches and chapels, but a. rival to the public-houses. In that respect he honed it would be the means of broadening and widen;]' nig the outlook of all the members.— Mr Humphreys said that the committee were endeavourinoj to proceed on lines which would co-incide with the general principles so elo- quently laid down by the Rector (applause). LLANRWST THE POLICE OaURir.- There were only six or seven cases down for hearing at the Police Court on Monday, but as many as twelve justices were present to see that full justice was meted out' to the offenders. HOREB LITERARY SOCIETY—Tlhe Rev Ph,illip Price presided over a meeting of the Hotreb Impro-ve,ment Society held on Monday evening, when Mr Arthur Owen read a paper on "Immigration," and Miss Lizzie Jones, The WUlks, on "Self knowledge." .SMELLING CHRISTMAS FROM AFAR. -The MalStET and Matron of the Workhouse have been requested to give the usual Christ- mas dinner to the inmates. The next meeting of the guardians will be held on the llth,?proxi- mo. On thiat day they will partake of their Christmas dinner. It is only 14 days before time! UNSEASONABLE SALMON. — At thb Police Court, on Monday, before Colonel John- E/fone and other justices, Supt. Woollam charged' David, Jones. Scotlandnstreet, who did not appear, with being unlawfully in pos- session of unseasonable salmon. Defendant's wife appeared, and pleaded guilty to the offence, on behalf of her husband, who, it was stated, was working in South Wales. It was decided to hear the case in his absenc.—Srpt. Woollam 'then stated that about six o'clock on the evening of October 24th, he was on the highway near Brynderwen, when he saw the deefndant. Noticing that his -pockets were bulky witness searched him, and found inside the lining of his coat two salmons. 0 r,, weighed two pounds and the other over a pound.—Defendant said that he had caught them with his haird at Cilcenus brook.-A fine of 30s and costs was imposed, the Chairman observing, "And a very light fine, indeed." "-LINSEED COMPOUND" cures Coughs and Coidft- Gives immediate relief. 91d and 13!d. THE NURSING ASSOCIATION.—The Rev H. Rawson Williams proposed, at Tuesday's meeting of the Board cf Guardians,, that only £ 5 5s "per annum be subscribed in future to the funds of the district nurse, as her services were not now required in the house.—'Asked for his opinion whether they ought even to subscribe C5 5s, Mr O. Evans-Jones (the reliev- ing officer) said that he knew of one pauper case which the nurse attended all the year' roifnd. She might be attending other cases unknown to him. In fact, the nurse went everywhere where her services were required. —Mr John Berr^ stated that the nurse was doing excellent work. and her services to the poor were much more than the L5 5s.—Mr John Lloyd Morris (Peiwnachno) said that it was a case where the town should pay, and not to draw upon the general body of ratepayers. The country got no benefit whatsoever.—Mr 0. E. Parry "(Dohvyddelen) seconded the motion of the Rev Rawson Williams.—The Rev John. (fewer stated that- he sympathised much with what Mr Lloyd Morris had .said, but it was well that somebody looked afteT the poor jpedple who crowded to the towns, as if they had fallen from the moon. In the country, people lilad either relatives or friends to attend to them during illness.—The motion was then passed.






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