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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS OOLVVYN BAY. BETHLEHEM C.M. CHAPEL.—On Tuesday and Wednesday, the annual preaching meetings -were held in connection with this church, when sermons were delivered by the Rev il). M. Phillip, M.A., Ph.u., of Tylorstown, and the Rev Joseph Jenkins, of Cei Xewydd. DÐATH OF MRS ROBERTS.—On Saturday night, the death occurred of Mrs Roberts, of Œhickfield-terrace. Mrs Roberts was an old inhabitant of Colwyn Bay, and claimed to have been born on the same day as the late Queen Victoria. The funeral took place at Llandrillo old Church on Wednesday. The Rev Thomas Parry officiated. Y.M.C.A. — Several extremely interesting discussions have been held on W ednesday evenings in connection with the Colwyn Bay branch of the Y.M.C.A., the subject being "Evidence of the existence of God." So far the meetings have been most successful and helpful in "strengthening a.nd confirming- be- lief in the existence of God. TEMlPTRANOT MEETING-—On Monday evening a tempe; ance meeting was held in S». Paul's Churchroom, presided over by Mr John Brock J P. The speakers were the Rev G. H. Lunn, .iear of St. Mary Magdalene, Liverpool, -who addressed the auv.ence m fnghfih, the Rev G Williams, rector of G.Ian Conway, who spoke in 'Welsh. A vote of thanks was accorded to the speakers on the motion of Mr Tlartlev seconded by Mr Desmond. WEDDING AT BETHLEHEM C.M. CH \'PEL.—On Monday, aft the Bethlehem C.M. Chapel. Colwyn Bay, the marriage took place of .Richard J. Williams,, son of Mr J Wil- liams J P Regent 'House, Llanrwst, and. Hughes, o^y da»ght«of M^HughM Willou^hby House, Bettwsyooed. The bride ™ given away by Mr 'W. WilUams-Jon^, of Colwyn Bav, and the best mail was 'Mr H. Wil- liams, of the firm of S. Williams. Llandudno. The bridesmaids were iM,iss Hrb.ce Jones, Freshfield, Colwyn Bay, and Miss Williams, riage ceremong was performed- by the pastor nhJ Rev T M. Jones. After the ceremony a Juncheon L at the Met.opole Hotel, the newly-married couple subsequently left for en route for-the United States The wedding present were numerous and costly. K COFFEE SUPPER.On Tuesday evening, coffee snroper wag given m the Lecture Hall, Sea View-road, under the auspices of tke^. a- tional British Women's Temperance Ass V* tion, to the women a"1dfi/1'h(d^m.e0 ,hair was [R&V The hall was well-filled. The chair was taken by the Rev Thomas Lloyd. and addresses were <nven bv the Rev John Edwards, 'Mrs [Phillip, of HaJiley; and Miss Ethel Hovey preset of the branch. A pmgrammeof music and recitation was then rendered. Miss Edith Bow en gave a pianoforte ^>lo> Gladys Beamer, aged five years, pleased audience greatly by two recitations and a song. Gordon Oulton gave a violin solo, lci a J. -J taking recitation was gwen. by Elsie Coulter, "How Jim Minded the IBaby. An- other recitation was given by Miss Mary ocou, entitled "My first Reciter, and a •was sung very feelingly by the and.Booth and the Misses D. and H. Greenfield-. During the evening. Master 'Ellis Wild enter- tained the audience by Sections on his gramo- PhCT6* PAUL'S YOUtNG MEN" S SOCTETYr The adjourned1 debate on the "Home Rule for Ireland Bill," intToduced bv the Prime Minister (Mr G. Rowlands), last week. took Dlace on Tuesday night, when there was a strong Opposition. The debate was opened by the Chief Secretary for Ireland (the Rev J. iH. Hope), who, in the course of an excellent speech, touched upon most of the points HI favour of Home Rule. Mr Leslie Morton fol- lowed from the opposite benches, but was not very convincing in his arguments against Home Rule. A good speech by Mr Gibbons came next, arnd he dealt. with the oast- history of Ireland!, showing that Ireland was most loyal when governed according to Irish ideals. Mr Cole and George Mason also spoke from the Opposition benches, points of order being raised from time to time, which the Speaker (Councilor E. Allen) dealt with in Parliamen- tary style. Finallv, the Prime Minister an- nounced that the ILeader of the Opposition fMr A. Mbirton) had agreed to the Bill being sub- mitted to a committee of the 'House, and the (Bill was accordingly read for fhe-first time. The 'Home Secretary announced that at the next sitting of the Parliament a Bill (for the (Disestablishment of the Church in 'Wales would be intrcd'uced. CAKE AND APRON SALE.—On Wednes- day afternoon the eighth annual oake and apron sale in connection with the St. John s and Nantyglyn-road Sunday Schools, was held in the St. John's English Wesleyan Schoolroom. The sale was opened at 3 p.m. by .Mrs Hum- phrey Lloyd, of Llanddulas. The object of the sale is to raise money for the following branches of foreign missionary work -A native evan- gelist in Ceylon, who is maintained by the United Sunday Schools of St. John's and Nantyglvn the hospital work in Medak, in the Hyderabad district in India Dr Elsie Waitt's medical missionary work in Mysore; and the Rev F. H. Bestalls work among the lepers of [Burma.—'Mr J1. W. Ada-mson. superintendent of the St. John's Sunday School, moved, and it was seconded by Mr H. W. Jones, superin- tendent of the Nantyglyn-road Sunday School, that a hearty vote "of thanks be accorded to MJrs Humphrey Lloydl for kindly opening the sale. This was put to the meeting, by the Rev J. Fe&ther, and carried unanimously. Tea wag afterwards served, and'in the evening Mr T. J. Linekar ^ga/ve an ornan recital, which was followed by a. juvenile foreign missionary meet- ing, when the speakers were attired' in native costumes, presided over by Master Clarence ■Ellis. Addresses were given on foreign mis- sionary work in Ceylon ibv Master Stanley Higginibottom: on the work in Africa., by Master Tom Bruce; in China, by Ma.stter Harold Ha worth and in India by Miaster John. M. Mills A chorus. "Far, far away," was sung by Miss C. Elderkin's Sunday School class. Later in the evening a coffee supper wag held. The stall-holders were:—Cake Stall: Mrs S. Jones, Mrs Adamson, Mrs iBlackwall, Mrs Wilkinson, .and Misses Campbell, M. Osborn, A. Parry. C. lElderkin, and B. Grundy. and Flowers Misses Buckley, Adamson, and Sherwin. 'Sweet Stall Misses Patrick. Wil- liams. Alma Jones, and Ida Tomkinson. Fruit and Flowers: Misses Buckley, (Adamosn, and G. Thomas. The tea and supper arrangements were under the management of Mrs William Schofield, Misses Julia Moss, J. Crump, and! Ethel M. Tomkinson. NATIONAL 'SERVICE LEAGUE.—'Colwyn and Colwvn Buy has this week been visited by Colonel W. E. 'Sturges on behalf of the Na- tional Service League, of which Field-Marshall Earl Roberts. V.C., K.G., is the president, and Sir R. Williamson Ike! ey, Bart., is the president of the North ,Wllles IBranch. which a Colwyn. Bay lady. Miss Crossfield, was largely instrumental in founding. Colonel *W. E. Sturges addressed a meetings at Old Colwyn Saturday when a former Governor of iBurma and others also spoke. 'On Tuesday evening a well-attended meeting was held ,m "t' Kail Cowvn Bav, presided over by Mr Charles Revnolds." Colonel Starrsres explained the ob- iecta of the League. which he said had been most sympathetically considered at seveal other »1nces in 'North Wales, and the movement ap- peared to be taking hold of the people. 1 he mutter was not a military one but was entirely a civilian question. The League was not ad- vocating conscription, but a form of modified com,pulsorv training in rifle shooting and drill, which would occupy about three months. At the conclusion of the lecture lantern slides were exhibited showing the training being done in iNorwav Switzerland, the United States, and camp life in England. Question were then invited, and ':11 gentleman in the audience asked if it was not 1K\ssible to form: a 'rifle club im Colwyn Bay. He was informed that the matter was under consideration with a view to the establish merit of a club.—Mr J. M Porter then moved "That this meeting considers national military training an urgent nati'otnal necessity ID order to arrest physical degenerancv, and to inspire ideals of patriotism and public duty. He thought there wa.s a Teat deal to be said in avour of what Colonel Sturge^had said, and nothing could he urged against it.—Mr George B-evan seconded the motion, which was car- ried unanimously.—Miss Crosfield, hon. secre- tarv of the North Wales Branch, then supple- mented what had been said byiCo-Ionel Sturges. and nrsed those present to join th" (Leacm*?, of which there were now five small branches in North Wale". and a sixth was being started.— On the motion of Mr Ecfwarrl Allen, seconded bv Dr Marrioft, ft vote of thanks was accorded to Colonel Sturpcis. who. in reply, mentioned the development of the boys brigade move- memit. which he considered had done a groat deal to improve the character and conduct- of the boys by makin^ them smarter Wid more -ameanable to 4isciplin. THE ROMANCE OF DIGtESTTON.—On j Friday evening, the first of a series of con- tinuation lectures was delivered in the Pier Pavilion, Oolwyn Bay, by Professor William Stirling, M.D., D.Sc., Ll.D., on "The Ro- mance of Digestion." Mr Walter Whitehead presided over an appreciative audience, and introduced the lecturer as an old friend.— Professor Stirling gave a most interesting lec- ture, profusely illustrated by means of a power- ful lantern. He traced the process of diges- tion from the lowest forms of life upwards to the "form divine," and showed that digestion; takes place in plant life as well as in animal life, and that it is carried on by a mechanical and chemical process, largely by means of for- ments—thus digestion is essiantially a process of fermentation. The lecture was followed with keen interest throughout, the remarks of the lecturer being as intelligible as the beauti- ful illustrations thrown upon. the screen.—At the conclusion of the Lecture Mr Brock pro- posed a hearty vote of thanks to the lecturer, which was seconded by Mr J. M. Porter, who remarked that Professor Stirling had' certainly given all present enough food for thought, and he hoped it would not produce mental indiges- tion.—Professor Stirling replied, <tnd a vote of thanks to Mr Whitehead concluded the pro- ceedings.




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