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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



#f6riai, JtgaI, ft. EDWARD ROBERTS, Deceased. Preliminary Notice. ALL Per&ona having any Claims against the estate of Edlward Roberts, late of Re- cord House, Ruthin, Solicitor, are requested to send particulars of the same forthwith to the undefr&igned. Dait,ed this 23rd day of November, 1906. D. GRIFFITH DAVIES. Bank Chambers, Bethesda. y829 Re Captain THOMAS GEORGE KENDALL, J.P., Deceased, Llynon, Llanddcusaxit. N OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AIL Creditors and other Persons having any Claims or Demands against the estate of the late Captain Kendall, should send particulars in writing of such Claims or Demands to me, the undersigned, the Solicitor for the Executors. and Trustees under the will of the baove-named deceased gentleman, on or before the 31st Dec. ember, 1906. T. R. EVANS, Solicitor, Holyhead. 26th November, 1906. h99 COLWYN BAY DISTRICT NURSING ASSOCIATION. THE Hon. Secretary begs to acknowledge the following Gift's on behalf of the Com- mittee-—Mrs Howarth, house linen for the Nurse's Cottage; Mrs Sohill. grapes; Miss Cros&ley, old linen; Mrs Charlton-Jones, old linen; Cambrian Needlework 'Guild, clothing; Mm Pearson (Biryniodol), old linen; Mrs Lum- ley, pillow cases for Nurse's Cottage. MERIONETH COUNTY COUNCIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next Quarterly Meeting of the Merioneth County Council will be held in the County Hall, at DOLGELLEY, on Thursday, the 6th day of December, 1906, at 11 a.m., and the Council will thereupon proceed to the considera- tion of the business relating to the Assessment, Application, and Management of the County Stock on Rate and all other County business, pursuant to the 15 and 16 Viot.. C 81. Dated this 13th day of November, 1906. ROBT. JONES, yl34a Clerk of the Council. ANGLESEY ElDUOAT ION COMMITTEE. A TEACHERS WANTED. CERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. Htollyihead Cybd C.S. Infarifs'. L'laner chymedd C.S. Infants Salary, JB70 per annum, rising to £ 80; B5 a year less if untrained. UNCERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. Llanddona. C.S. Female for Infants. Holyhead National School. Female. j345. Llanfaelog N.S. Female, j340. Bryn.gwran C.S. Femate. Llangefni C.S. Female for Infante. Aberffraw C.S. Female. Rhoscolyn C. S. Female. Llanfachraeth C.S. Female for Infants. Llanfair P.iG. C.S. Female. Commencing salary, where not otherwise specified, JB45, rising to £55. The commencing salary may 00£10 lower in case of Applicants who have had no previous experience in teach- ing. Applications, on Forms provided. and Testi- monials to be forwarded to me immediately. R. H. WILLIAMS. Education Offices, Llangefni. y451a ANGLESEY INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION SCHEME. THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE HOLYHEAD COUNTY SCHOOL. ELECTION OF GOVERNOR. NOTICE. TO the Managers of the following Public Elementary Schools (not provided by School Boards), which are within the district of th* Holyhead County School, viz., the Na- tionial Schools at Holyhead. Llanlfiaelog, Tref- draeth, Bodedtern. Llangadwal'adr, he Catholic School at Holyhead, and the Partial School at Llantrisaaut. I. the undersigned, hereby give you: Notice, that the seat of the Governor elected by you is now vacant. You will now proceed to the electiton of one Governor, whose term of office will be 15 years. The name of the Candidate noi- tej by each School for, election must be sent to me in writ- ing, on or before Saturday, the Ist day of December, 1906, together with each such Can- didate's written Consent to serve on the "Gov- erninig Body, if elected. Forms of Nomination Paper and Consent may be had from the undersigned. Dated this 24th dav of November. 1906. T. R. EVANS, 3, Victoria Terrace, Holyhead, h98 'Clerk to the Governing Body. Qttnbtrs. SALE OF WRECKAGE. MERCHANT SHIPPING ACT, 1894. Oh. 60, Sec. 530. TENDERS are hereby invited for the pur- chase of certain wreckage ex wrecks, "Oria," "Foam," "Theda, and Fishing Boait (unl^.own), now lying at Trinity Store, Holy- head. where it may be seen, and full paa-ticulars obtained. Teardere should be addressed to the Super- intendent. Trinity Store, Holyhead, and marked *'Tenderfor Wreckage." EBy Order, A. OWEN, Secretary. Trinftty House, London, 26th November, 1906. h97 Itcrst anb fiaunbr. Ymae HESPWRN GWLANOG a chhistiau drwg yn meddiant Mr Owen Lewi6, Fronoleu, Dolbeaimaen. Gwerthir os na ddeoiir brofi hawl. y830a BRYNHER Arms, Criccieth. — Yma MUL diarth: os na ddaw ei Berchenog neu ei Berchenogion i'w ymofyn, gwerthir dalu y srost.—R. R. JONES. y839 CAFWYD LLWDN gyda nod hollti'r dde a stwmp o dan y chrwith. Os na hawlir cyn Tachwedd 30ain, gwerthir i dalu'r treul- iau.—Edmund Robearts, Bronmeiriom, Rlhytd, Llanfroithen. y789 CAFWYD OEN bychan, gyda'r nod tori blaen a dynnaid cyllell o dan y ohwitih. Os na hawlir ef ar neu cyn Rh)agfyr 15fed:, 1906, gwearthir i dalu'r coetau.—G. T. Closs, Plastirion. Llanrug. y838a Assurancf ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS. SICKNESS. EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY BURGLARY AND FIDELITY GUARANTEE RISKS Insured against by the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASBURANOI COMPANY. ■ Capital (fully subscribed) £1,000,000. Claiuw paid .£6,000,000. 84, CORNHILL, LONDON. A VIAN, Secretary. Mt N. O. Jones, Cambrian Rail-way, Dolgelley. Mr E. Edwards, Goods Station, Holyhead. Mr B. Williams, Cambrian Railway, Oswestry. Agenta required in unrepresented districts. Liverpool Office: 41, North John Street. .1M R. G. Humphbkm AUCTIONEER, VALUER, HOU8* AND ADVERTISING &G"T. PORTMADOO. All Auctions and Valuations promptly Attended to and settled. R 1 A D T H fa". CORNS! CORNS!! CORNS! P«*iirriely^ And Quickly Removed wifhowf P»i», by the new DiKXrrary TP8SENCE OF HOUSE-LEEK mU THE ONLY INFALLIBLE REMEDY. Kn entirely New Preparation, free from ('Mt,lc, or anything causing irritation to the Akin. Has been tried by many persons well-imowt *r th* Proprietor, and has not yet failed to f-t a perfect removal of Corm and Warta. Scoped* where all other plamiare aad cangtif FAILED, Price 6d and is; not per pos* for 7 sal 11 FTFAUOIM. HAMILTON and JONZ8, Ghsmiaia, BafW. HuWir gMinp, ft. PIER PAVILION, LLANDUDNO. — JL The T.I.A. Lecture Committee has en- gaged Lecturers for a Series of Four Lectures to be given in the Pier Pavilion. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1906. MR RICHARD KEARTON ("NATURE AT WORK A-N-D PLAY.") Ghlairman, J. M. Afrchej: Thomson, Esq., M.A. The first, second and fourth Lectures will be illustrated by powerful Oxyhydrogen Lanterns. Prices of Admission are:—1st—Subscribers of 10s 6d will receive One Ticket, and Subscribers of 21s Three Tickets for Numbered Reserved Front Seats for each of the above Lectures. 2nd-Reserved UmnumJbered Seats, 5s for the Series. 3rd-Remainder of Pavilion,. including Gallery, Is for the Series. All Tickets are Transferablei. Doors open at 7.15 p.m. for Ticketholders only. At 7.35 p.m. Single Tickets may be only. At 7.35 p.m. Single Tickets may be obtained at the doors only should Se-atsbe then available, the prices in that event only will be —'Reserved Seats 2s, others 6d. Children un-' der 14 years of age will not be admitted except under the change and1 absolute control of adulits. "tto reduction is made for children. Each Lecture will commence at 7.45 p.m. Tickets for the whole Seriecs. may be obtained through Members of the Commitee, local Shop- keepers, or from the Hon. Secretary, A. J. OLDMAN, 26, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. r121 LLTOIG. A RIAN ar Log i'w rhoddi allan ar sicrwydd .L-3L bodkxhaol.—Ymofyner a Lloyd-George a George, Cyfueiifawyr, CricciEth. y8000 LOANS "GRANTED ON THESE TERMS. — £ 5 to £ 500.—Loan £ 5, repay, £ 5 12s 6d; loan £10, repay, JB11 5s; loan JB20, repay, JE22 10s; loan JB50, repay, JB35 156; loan JB50, repay, JB56 5s; loan J3100, repay JB112 10s.— Applv W. JACKSON, 70, Plymouth Grove. MANCHESTER. c547a CHRISTMAS COMES BUT ONCE A C YEAR, and it's everyone's delight to keep it up. What's that? Got no money? Then apply to the B. F. Co., and they will ad- vance as much as you require without delay. No repayments expected during the holidays. No loan office routine. Lowest Interest and Repayments. Monthly payments taken. No sureties or bondsmen. Caglh brought to your house and existing loams paid off. Immediate '¡ attention to applicants from this district. Send for prospedts^FREE.—BRiITTSH FINEsTOE CO.. 82. Market St., Manchester. cll8 OO(\ TO £ 5000 ADVANCED by Private Lender on Simple Promissory Notes. No Bills of taken and absolute privacy guaranteed. First letter of application receives prompt attention and intending borrowers are waited upon by a representative who is em- powered to complete transaction on terms mutually arranged, NO CHARGE beimr made unless Business actually completed. Special Quotations for Sort Loans. Write in confidence to C. WELLS, Corridor Chambers, Leicester. 63a A NY Person requiring Cash Assistance from £ 20 to £ 5000 can be accommodated OB their own note in any part of England: or Wales at one day's notice, without loan office formalities, and in strict privacy, by applying to me, the actual lender, W. C- A MER 0 N, 50, Lord Street, LiverpoI. Telegrams "Finance." Telephone 1197. y35c30 NO PRELIMINARY FEES. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY In large or small sums (not low than £10) ON BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. Established Thirty-five Years, and now lending UPWARDS OF £ 70,000 ANNUALLY. Proapectuaes, terms for advances, or any in- formation desired, will be supplied free of I charge on application either personally or by letter to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, ft, ORIBUENT ROAD, HH R L, Established 1870. esia THE CHARING-CRQS8 BANK, Sat. 1878 CARDIFF BRANCH :73, ST. MARY ST,' Assets, £1,136,249. Liabilities, JB796,788 Surplus, £ 339,461. LUAN& of JB60 to £ 5000 mllllt 018 any iltii e! security. TWO-AND-A HALF per cent I iatweii allowed 08 CUR rax I tccoottt. Depolik of fJ19 and wpwardt reoaircd 08 MrllDl M DtadtM t— II pec cent, per as a., te 8 moatiu' uotios «f witkdrawal. V M A special terms foe longer period*. Intererta paid quarterly. The Terminable Depoiii Bonds pay uearly in-a per cent., and we safe inreit- meat.— Inatead of paying large Divider to Shareholders, we pay fair rates of Interest to our Depositors, and by 10 doing have earned the. poeitiOll. that we undoubtedly hold ia the Publie ooaAdmtM. W. have bom established fc-r 36 yMun, and our aaique posi- tion im the Banlmg World to-day testiflea to the snooesi of our bitineai metlkods and to the satisfaction of our CMtomeM.—Write or call for Prospectus.—A, WILLIAMS, H. J. TALL, Jei»* Managers aWl (Established 1887.) TEE NATIONAL LOAN SOCIETY is ex- pressly Established amd Registered pur- suant to Act of Parliament to make Private Advances without Loan Office formalities, to all Classes (Mal. or Female), from JB10 to JB1000, ON SIMPLE WRITTEN PROMISE TO REPAY, for any immediate want: to Start Business, Furnish your House, to Pay Rent or Rates, or for any Private use. The advance can be paid back by easy instalments, or caa remain out from One to Five Years, by paying the Interest only. Having a large Capital always ready fofr investment, we can lend quickly and cheaply. Distance no object. Interest and Repayments lowest in England or Wales. The Money is ad- vanced at Applicant's own House if required, thus savimcr them the trouble and expense of a journey. Strict privacy and straightforward dealings guaranteed). It will cost you nothing, it will save you pounds by applying cither per- sonally or by letter for our Free Prospectus to THE NATIONAL LOAN SOCIETY: 41, Corporation-Street, MANCHESTER: or to our North Wales District OSce c]B9a 11. Dean-Street. BANGOR. Kt> Tl a V J a, Jtj. S BiTJ/POSnTR BELLMAN AND — RTISTNG CONTRACTOR, HIGH STREET, BLAFNAT-T FESTINKKJ. I JUSTNESS JONES AND MILLER, TAILORS AND BREECHES MAKERS, HATTERS AND HOSIERS. SOLE AGENTS FOR HENRY HEATH. SOLE AGENTS FOR SCOTT & CO., HATTERS TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING & ROYAL FAMILY. TAILORS TO THE ADMIRALTY BY APPOINTMENT LON DON HOUSE, CARNARVON. t PRIVATE CHRISTMAS CARDS. BOOKS OF ALL THE LEADING PUBLISHERS. Call early in order to avoid disappointment. CHRISTMAS CARDS READY FOR FOREIGN MAILS. CHRISTMAS PICTORIAL POST CARDS. C A R A D 0 C RO WLAND, BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, IT, CASTLE SQUARE, CARNARVON. 0146 THOMAS AND EDWARDS, MINERAL WATER MANUFACTURERS, CARNARVON & LLANGEFNI. SpeciaJitiee SNOWDON DRY GINGER ALE, BNOWDON SODA WATER. STONE GmGEiR BUSIER. LEMONADE, ETC. c446 O. EVANS & SON, OLD FOUNDRY WAGON WORKS, CARNARVON. ALL REPAIRS TO RAILWAY WAGONS UNDERTAKEN BETWEEN PORTMADOO AND CARNARVON, AND CARNARVON AND RHYL. WAGONS BOUGHT AND SOLD. .'1J H. EDWARDS' CYCLE DEPOT, HOLYHEAD. LARGE STOCK OF SECOND-HA 3TD LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S CYCLES TO CLEAR. Clash at Easy Terms. Inspect our new supply of latest PHONOGKRAPHS aDd RECORDS UNDOUBTED BARGAINS. T" EMPORIUM, MARKET STREET, HOLYHEAD. UP-TO-DATE DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT EVERYTHING FOB LADIES' W E A B. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING (In Charge of Experienced Hands). STOCK REPLETE WITH CHOICE GOODS FOR PRESENT WEAR, INSPECTION INVITED. WILLIAM ROWLANDS W. H. PEA K Ê & S C) N S, 25 & 27, SEEL ST., LIVERPOpL. n ■■ ■ Jt SEND FOR CATAL 0 G U B S. c FFI'S R^&I I I^F 11 IJK LL5J ii • I \M J \1 i ii -.J iliPl i s U S tllfr "c*~ 3&i £ 6t, S'AMIC l&iMb Spmmmik I I a I mo The Physician's Cure for Gout, Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Regular Use. DINNEFO,it MAGNESIA wv k LETTER-PRESS PRINTINCi GOOD and CHEAP at the "HERALD" OFFICE, CARNARVON. 3ousinisss avvrtssts. THE NELSON EMPORIUM, CARNARVON. LEADING LINES THIS WEEK. I MAGNIFICENT SHOW OF SMART FURS. ) CHOICE STOLES AND MUFFS IN SABLE, MINK, FOX MARTEN, BEAVER, SHUNK, PEKSIiAN LAMBS, &c, o" !————— LADIES OUTFITTING & OHULDiREN'S WOOLLEN UNDERCLOTHING. LADIES BLOUSES AND SKIRTS A SPECIALITY THIS WEEK. EXCEPTIONAL PURCHASE OF HOUSEHOLD LNillEN, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, SHEETS, Etc., Etc. GENT'S OUTFITTING AND READY MADE CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, ALL AT POPULAR PRICES. TAILORING. LAIRGEST SELECTION IN NORTH WALES OF TWEEDS, Etc., Etc., FOR OVERCOATS, SUITS, BREECHES, Etc. FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEED, I THE NELSON EMPORIUM, BRYMER & DAVIES, Proprietors. c211 PRIVATE XMAS CARDS J (ENGLISH AND WELSH). I 1300 DESIGNS TO SELECT FROM. j PRICES RANGING FROM 1/6 TO 10/6 PER DOZ. Order Early for Foreign Postage. Sample Book sent on application. 0 ¡ F RAN CIS, HIGH STREET POST OFFICE, i AND I TOWER SHOP, BRIDGE STREET, ¡ CARNARVON. -I SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, PRACTICAL PAINTER, I PAPERHANGER, DECORATOR, GRAINER & WRITER. ALL WORK CONTRACTED FOB. ESTIMATES FREE. JOHN H. REES, STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD. I A Large Assortment of NEWEST PAPERHANGINGS Always In Stock. Pattern Books sent to any Address. I All Kinds of PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, &o., kept n the premises. h I H. GWYNEDD WILLIAMS, I WATCHMAKER. JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN, STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD. GOLD BRACELETS, GUARDS, GEM RINGS, AND ALL KINDS OF JEWELLERP. Visit the obove Old ESTABLISHMENT. 12 Carat QOILD WEDDING BXNGS a Speciality. Private Room for fitting. MAKING IT PAY YOU TO COME HERE FOR YOUR CLOTHES HAS GIVEN US THE LARGEST TAILORING BUSINESS IN THE COUNTRY. GIVE US A CHANCE TO COMPETE WITH YOUR I FAVOURITE TAILOR. If he wins, we'll oheerfally doff our I hat to m. WE MEAN TO KEEP OUR REPUTATION. Style,^Fit, Quality and Prioe prove our power with the Public. power with the Public. A great Shout of Approval. R. W. WILLIAMS, I THE PEOPLES' TAILOR, THE EMPORIUM, OLD COLWYN b2 I, I T DON'T HURT YOUR FEET I and tear your stockings by wearing old style Boots and Shoes, but buy those branded on sole. Made by the new patent "Tackless System "-entirely without the use of nails or tacks in the inner sole. Ask for the EEZEE-ON TACKLESS BOOTS & SHOES I ► and you will obtain a perfectly flexible ])) boot, and comfort such as you have never /y M known, making walking a pleasure. tt Ladies' Boots 15/6, Shoes 10/6. I[^\ v' V Gentlemen's Boots 15/6, Shoes 13/6. Ijf V\\ Tan i /-extra. Jfif ^4*^ I For Illustrated Descriptive B.v Booklet and name of nearest 6RAPH OF OLD STYLE B Agent, send post card to SEWN SHOE. BOOT LEI C AKGRAPHU DA A R HAD YN SWYDDFA'R II HERALD," CAERNARFON I Sttamxrs. SOUTH AFRICA.—Royal Mail Route— I k3 UNION CASTLE LINE.—London and I Southampton, to Gape Colony, Natal, Delago* Bay, Beira, etc., calling frequently at Madeira, Las Palmar. Tejieriffe, Ascension and St. Helena. Weekly Sailings. Fast Passages. Superior Accommodation. Best Route. For rate of passage money and all further informa- tion apply to the Managers, Donald Carrie and Co., London, or to Local Agents. c LLAILTOASS CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. I BIRMINGHAM Cattle, Poultry, and Dog JLF Show, December let to 6th; National Dog Stiow, December 3M: to 5th Jr;md Clirys" I:mtlhemum ajid Fruit Show, at Lewis's, Bull I Street.—On Moridiay, Tuesday, and Wednes- day, Deeemlber 3axi, 4th, and 5th, Cheap I Day; I and 2 or 3 Days Tickets will be i&iued to BIR- j MINOHAM. QJMITHFTELD Club Cattle Show, Royal Ag- k3 ricultural HaiU, December 10th to 14th. —Oti: December 10th to 12th, CTHEAP EX- CURSIOXS to LONDON from Afon.wen. etc. ALTERATION of TRAINS.—Commencing .<CTL on Saturdlay, December 1st, the follow- ing alterations in the Train Service will be brought into operation: — The 6.55 and 8.5 a.m. trains from Portmadoc to Pwllheli wil run at altered times as under:- Down a.m. a.m. Portmadoc dep. 6 50 7 45 Criccieth „ 7 0 7 55 Afonwen arr. 7 8 8 5 „ dep. 7 15 8 10 Abererch Pwllheli arr. 7 25 8 20 The 6.15 andi 8.15 a.m. trains from Pwllhelf will run at altered: times 116 under:- Up a.m. a.m. PwilTaeii dep. 6 15 8 0 AbereTch Afowwen arr. 6 25 8 10 dep. 6 30 8 12 Criccieth arr. 6 38 8 20 dep. 6 40 8 22 Portmadoc arr. 6 49 8 32 Thence as per Time Table. Thfc 7.15 a.m. L. and N.-W. train from Car- narvon will leave at 6.45 a.m. arrivinc Afonweni 7.43 a.m., and the 8.35 a.m. from Afonwen will leave at 8.15 a.m., arriving Carnarvon 9.10 a.m. The 4.40 p .m. from Alonwen to Carnarvon; will leave at 4.15 p.m., arriving Carnarvon 5.6 p.m. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY, 1906. Train Ar- rangements.—On Sunday, December 23rd, and Christmas Day, December 25th, the 2.26 a.m train Whitchurch to Aberystwyth 5.5 a.m. train Moat Lane to Brecon, 5.55 a..m. train Maohynllet-h to Barmouth, Tfill run at the usual week-dav times. 'Ilhe 6.15 a.m. train Oswestry to Aberyswyjbh, 7.50 a.m> train Moat Lane to Brecon, 8.55 a.m. train Machynlleth to Barmouth. will not run. The followinig- trains will run at the usuel Sunday times: — 6.49 train Afonwen to Pwllheli. 9.0 a.m. train Pwllheli to Dolgelley, 4.25 p.m. train Dolgelley to Pwllheli, 6.40 p.m. train Pwllheli to Afonwen. 5.55 p.m. train 'Barmouth to Machynlleth. 5.30 p.m. tram Btrecon to Moat, 6.25 pOm. train Aberystwyth to- Wihikhurch. There will be 110 trains between Wrexham and Ellesimere, Welshpool and Llanfair, Llan- tgynog and Oswestry, or on the LanfyJlin and Kerry Branches. For .times at intermediate stations see speciall bills. -——— A MOTOR OMNIBUS SERVICE between ^PWLLHELI and NEVIN, MORFA NEVIN and EDEYRN. Until further Notice the above Service will be as under:- (No Sunday Service.) a.m. a.m. p.m. Pwllheli Station dep 6 30 1135 4 25 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 6 35 1140 4 30 Turnpike, Garreg Fechain" 6 41 1146 4 36 Efail Newydd „ 6 47 1152 4 42 Bodfean, Post Office 7 9 1214 5 4 BTyncynon „ 7 14 1219 5 9 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop „ 7 21 1226 5 16 „ Nanhoron Hotel 7 30 1235 5 25 Morfa Nevin, Taoyparc Shop 7 40 1245 5 35 Edeyrn, Post Office arr. 7 45 1250 a.m. p.m. p.m. Edeyrn, Post Office dep 9 0 2 35 Morfa Nevin,Tanyparc Shop 9 5 2 40 5 40 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel 9 15 2 50 5 50 Glynllifon Shop „ 9 24 2 59 5 59 Bryncynan „ 9 31 3 6 6 6 Bodfean Post Office „ 9 36 3 11 6 11 Efail Newydd „ 9 58 3 33 6 33 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain 10 4 3 39 6 39 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 1010 3 45 6 45 Pwllheli Station arr 1015 3 50 6 50 MOTOR OMNIBUS, PWLLHELI AND NEVIN.—ON PWLLHELI MARKET DAYS during December, viz., 5th, 1219th, 21st, and 26tb, ADDITIONAL OMNIBUSES will run 36 under:— a.m. p.m. Pwllheli Station dep. 11 0 5 0 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 11 5 5 5 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain. 1111 5 11 Efail Newydd „ 1117 5 17 Bodfean, Post Office 1139 5 39 Bryncyna.n 1144 5 44 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop 1151 5 51 Nevin, Naniionon Hotel. „ 12 0 6 0 Morfa Nevfn, Tanyparc Shop „ 1210 6 10 Edeyrn, Poet Office.. arr. 1215 6 15 p.m. p.m. Edeyrn, Post Office dep. 1230 6 25 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop „ 1235 6 30 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel „ 1245 6 40 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop 1254 6 49 Bryncynan 11 6 56 Bodfean Post Office „ 16 7 1 Efail Newydd 1 28 7 23 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain. „ 1 34 7 29 Pwllheli Ala Road 1 40 7 35 Pwllheli Station arr. 1 45 7 40 Passengers may join the Cars at any point, except on steep hills, subject to there being room, and on payment of the Fare from the previous Station. The Company give notice that they do not undertake that the Motor Omnibuses shall start or arrive at the timee specified in the bills, nor will they be respon- sible for any inconvenience or injury that may arise from delay or detention. EVERY Monday, Wednesday, and-Saturday, t'J during the Winter Months, Cheap One la Two Day's Tickets are issued from Pwllheli, Criccieth, Portmadoc, Barmouth, etc., to CAR- NAiRVON, BANGOR, LLANDUDNO, HOLY- HEAD, etc. Similar Tickets are issued from the North Wales Coast Stations to Cambrian Coast Stations. CTTTEEK-END EXCURSION TICKETS are T ▼ iesued every Friday and Saturday (until further notice), to CARNARVON, BANGOR, HOLYHEAD, and LLANDUDNO (via Afoa Wen), available for retum) on the following SUNDAY (where train service permits). MAD DAY or Tuesday. Similar Tickets issued in the several direction. TOURIST TICKETS are issued from the JL Principal Cambrian Stations to all HEALtH RESORTS on the Cambrian Rail- way" also to watering places in England, North Wales, ENGLISH Lake District, North Eaaf Coatt, etc. Pull particulars of any of the FCB-JVE Excursion* on application to Mr W. H. Gough, Traffic Superintendent, Orfwestry. C. S. DENNIS8, General Manager. Established 1847. 0 Evans and ^oN• 'COLLIERY AGENTS AND COAL MERCHANTS. ..•> sgerTa for the noted "Mees Hall." "Bam- furlong," ana "Westminster Coals." Track loads to any Station at Colliery Prices* All kinds of Coals always kepc Stock. to His Majesty's GoverEmect, TFCS Carnarvonshire County Council, JCO, J Wharfs: Railway STATION, Camarvo*. OSes: Slate Quty, CMtmrvoe. c840