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< Mdal, ANGLESEY UNION. I the Undersigned, hereby give Notice, that the AUDIT of the Accounts for the ihalf-yeaT ended the 29th day of September, 1906, of the said Union, and of the several [Parishes therein, will commence at the Board [Room of tihe Guardians of the Poor of the said Union at Llanerchymedd, on Monday, the 8th day of January, 1907, at 10 o'clock in the fore- poon. Dat,ed this 5th day of December. 1906, (Signed) WILL LAM GRIFFITH, District Auditor cf the c668 North Wales Audit District. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. I LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1888. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a SPECIAL MEETING of the Standing Joint Committee of Quarter Sessions and County Council under Section 30 of the above lAot will be held in the County Hall, DOL- IGEIiLEY, in the said County, on Monday, the 17tih day of December, 1906, at the hour of hailf-past one o'clock in the afternoon, when the Committee will proceed to appoint a Clerk pf the Peace and of the County Council. Each applicant for the appointment must for- rward his application to Ovven S. Wynne, Esq., fcbe Chairman of the Committee, at Dolrhyd, Dolgelley, so as to reach him not later than Saturday, the 15th day of December, 1906. Dated this 28th day of November, 1906. I RANDAL CASSON, y435 Clerk to the said Committee. A COMMITTEE. TEACHERS WANTED. ANGLESEY EDUCATION COMMITTEE. iHEAD- TEACHER. LJanerohymedd C.S. Infanlts' Depart- ment. Salary from JB90 to £ 100. CERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. Uaingoch C.S., Holyhead. Female for Infants'. Holyhead, Cybi C.S. Girls'. Salary, .£70 per annum, rising to £ 80; L5 a year less if untrained. UNCERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. Llanddona C.S. Female for Infants. Holyhead Nat. School. Girls', £ 45. Llanfaelag N.'S. Female, JB40. Bryngwran C.S. Female. Llangefni C.S. Female for Infante. Aberffraw C.S. Female. Llanfachraeth C.S. Female for Infants'. Rjhoscolyn C.S. Fernale. Llanfair P.G. C.S. FemaJe. Commencing salary, where not otherwise specified, £ 45, rising to £ 55. The commencing Balary rray be £ 10 lower in case of Applicants who have had no previous experience in teach- ing. Applications, on Forms provided, and Testi- monials to be forwarded to me immediately. R. H. WILLIAMS. Education Offices, Llangefni. y451a Re ELLIS PRIT CHARD, Deceased. Pursuant to the Act of Parliament 22nd and 23rd Vic., Cap. 35; Intituled "-An Act to further Amend the Law of Property and to "relieve Trustees." NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ail Creditors and other Persons having any Claims or Demands upon or against the estate Of Ellis Pritchard, late of Llwyn-oelym Farm, Aiber Road, nea.r Bangor, in the County of Car- narvon, Retired Farmer, Deceased (who died on the 22nd day of August, 1906, and whose will -was proved in the Bsungor District Registry of the Probate Division of His Majesty's High Court of Justice on the 11th day of Septem- ber, 1906, by me, the undersigned, John Evans Jotnes, of Prince's Terrace, High Street, Ban- gor, aforesaid, Sol,icitor, the Executor therein named), are hereby required to send the parti- culars, in writing, of their Claims or Demands to me, the undersigned, on or before the 30th day of January, 1907, after whidh date I will proceed to distribute the Assets of the said Deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, baring regard only to the Claims and Demands of which I shall then have had notice; and I vM not be liable for the Asset's of the said Deceased, or any part thereof, so distributed, to any person or persons of whose Claims or Demands I shall not then have had notice. Dated this 28th day of November, 1906. JOHN EVANS JONES, Solicitor. 3, Prince's Terrace, High Street, Bangor, N. Wales. yc845 MENAI BRIDGE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. STATEMENT of RECEIPTS and ESPEN. 0 DITURE of the above-named Counoil during the year ended Tist March, 1906. Receipts other than out of Loans. B s. d. General Distinct Raite 1762 1 5 ?Wiater charges (other than domes- tic) 31 17 6 Pier Tolls 47 8 4 Baths, open balfihinjg places, etc. 7 8 6 Riant of Stalls on Fair Days 13 6 3 Tolls, Dues, and Duties 492 16 9! Other receipts 145 14 3 public Buildings Rents 6 14 0 do. Other receipts 0 17 8 County Council: Main Roads 157 5 10 do. Moiety of SaJary of Medical Officer of Health aaid Inspector of Nuisances 25 10 10 Fe" 6 7 4 Miscellaneous Receipts 13 5 1 Total Receipts 2710 13 9! Otenerall Balatnce carried forward to next Financial Statement 820 17 11 3531 10 11 Payments other than out of Loans. 2 s. d. Maintenance and Repair of Main 'Road 123 8 7 do. other Roads 110 7 10 Improvement of Other Roads 0 16 7 £ Sewerage 20 7 34 Scavenging < 28 3 91 Pleasure Grounds, etc. 3 4 2 Waterworks 47 0 11 "Pwblic Lighting 48 3 10 Biaths. open Bathing Peaces, etc. 21 19 1 Midwives Act 0.13 6 Fire Engines and other Appli- ances, etc 2 12 11 Infectious Disease Notification 5 3 6 Piers. Wharves, and Quays 379 19 7 PufbJic Offices and Buildings 9 14 8 Interest on Loans 610 10 10 Principal of Loanu repaid 933 4 4 ■ Contribution to Beauimarie Port Sanitary Authority 10 0 0 Salaries of Medical Officer of Health and Inspector of, Nuis- ances 45 11 8 do. other Officers and Assistants 103 8 7 Establishment charges 48 15 3 Election expenses 12 -5 9 [Legal expenses 4 13 2 Sea Wall and Promenade 44 18 81 Miscellaneous 20 2 4 Total Expenditure 2635 6 1'1 • General iBalance brought forward from last Financial Statement 896 4 0 £ 5531 10 11 A "Total expenditure as shown above 2635 6 11 Less amo-unrt dis- allowed at audit 49 4 9 .■Amount allowed at audit 2586 2 2 I hereby certify that I have compaired the En- tries in this Financial Statement with the Vouchers and other Documents relating there- to, and that the Regulations with resipect to such Statement have been duly complied with. I hereby further certify that I have ascer- tained by audit the correctness of such State- ment, and that the Expenditure of the Urban District Council during the year ended the 31st day of Miarch, 1906, included in such State- ment. and allowed by me at the Audit is Two thousand nve hundred and eighty-six pounds two shilling and' two pence. As witness my hand this 20th day of Novem- ber, 1906. WILLIAM GRIFFITH, District Auditor. "Thos. Hushes, Clerk to Urban District Council. y844 D. W. wcLLPornoi LLANVAIMFBC!KAN. AS Bdllpoiting and Distributing Personally Attended to. (Dfprial, Suegal, tfa. EDUCATION ACT, 1902. SECTION 8 (1). CARNARVONSHIRE LOCAL EDUCATION AUTHORITY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with the provisions of Section 8 (1) of the Education Act, 1902, that the County Coun- I cil of Carnarvonshire, beirug the Local Educa- tion Authority for the purposes of Part III. of that Act, propose to provide a new Public Elementary School for about 40 children at Drwsycoed, in the Parish of LlandwTOg. The School wil be available for the following area —The Parishes of Beddgelert, Llandwrog and LIanllyfni. EVAN R. DAVIES- | Secretary to the Local Education Authority. Carnarvon, 4th December, 1906- c664yr EDUCATION ACT, 1902. SECTION 8 (1). CARNARVONSHIRE LOCAL EDUCATION AUTHORITY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordcunoe with the provisions of Section 8 (1) of the Education Act, 1902, that the County Coun- I oil of Carnarvonshire, being the Local Educa- tion Authority for the purposes, of Part III. of that Act, propose to provide a new Public Elemental^ School for about 200 children at Garmel, in the Parish of Llandwrog. The School will be available for the following area.; —The Parish of Lland wrog. The Council propose to convert the existing Infants' School into a school for children of all ages, so as to provide accommodation for 200 in the Mixed Department, in addition to the nmnber for which the existing School is re- cognised. EVAN R. DAVLES, Secretary to the Local Education Authority. Cunty Education Offices, Carnarvon, 4th December, 1906. c665yr In the matter of a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of Creditors executed IOn the 17th day of September, 1906, by WILLJAM JONES, residing at Bangor House, Church Walks, Llandudno, in the County of Carnar- von, and carrying on business at 3, Back Glanymor Terrace, Llandudno, aforesaid. Coal Merchant. T HE Creditors of the above-named William 'Jones, who hiave not already sent in their Claims, are required on or before the 31st day of December inst., to sent in their names anid addresses, and the particulars of their Debts or Claims, to John Henry Jones, of Grange House. Lloyd Street, 'Llandudno, aforesaid, the Trustee under the said Deed, or in default thereof they will be excluded from the benefit of the dividend proposed to be de- clared Dated this 5th day of December, 1906. CHAMBERLAIN and JOHNSON, Llandudno. Solicitors for the above-named Trustee. r137 In the matter of a. Deed of Assignment for I the benefit of Creditors executed) on the 2Otj. day of September, 1906, by JlESSiliE WALLES, of the Oxford Arms Hotel, Olon- mel Street, Llandudtno, in the County of Car- narvon (wife of Thomas Oiilwell Wiallis). TTTIK OreditoaTs of the above -named Jessie Wtallis, who 'have not already sent in their Claims, are required on or before the 31st day of December inst., to send in their names and address, and the particulars of their DeWs or Claim to John Henry Jones, of Gtrange House, Lloyd Street, Llandudno, aforesaid, the Trustee under the said Deed, or in default thereof, they will be excluded from the benefit of the dividend proposed to be declared. Dated this 5th day of December, 1906. OHAMBERLAIIN and JOHNSON, Llandudno. Solicitors for the above-named Trustee. rl38 In the matter of a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of GnedYtors executed! ion the 25th day of September, 1906, by CATHE- RINE OORBETT, of The Towers. Trinity Street, Llandudno, in the County of Carnar- von, Boarding House Proprietor. THE Creditors of the above-named Catherine Corbett, who have not already sent in their Claims are required on or before the 31st day of December inst., to send in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their Debits or Claims to John Henry Jones, of Grange House, Lloyd Street, Llandudno, afore- said, the Trustee under the said Deed, or in J default thereof they will be excluded from tihe benefit of the dividend proposed to be declared. Dated this 5th day of December, 1906. CHAMBERLAIN and JOHNSON, Llandudno. II Solicitors for the above-named! Trustee. r139 I In the matter of a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of GnedSfcors executed! on the 27th day of September, 1906, by WILLIAM OWEN. of Llys Madoc, Charlton Street, Llandudno, in the County of Carnarvon, Boot and Shoe Maker. THE Creditors of the above-named William Owen, who have not already sent in their Claims, are required, on or before the 31st day of December instant, to send in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their and addresses, and the particulars of their Debts or Claims, to Thomas William Griffith, of the Town Hall Chambers, Llandudno, afore- I said, the Trustee under the said Deed. or in default theteof they will be excluded from the benefit of the dividend proposed to be declared. Dated this 5th day of December, 1906. CHAMBERLAIN and JOHNSON, Llandudno. Solicitors for the above-named Trustee. rl40 Printing. "HERALD" Printing. Printing. OFFICE, Printing. Printing. CARNARVON. Printing. DEUTISOL: PRIS SWLLT. y TRAETHODYDD CYLCHGRAWN SAFONOL CYMRU, SEFYDLWYD YN 1844 Gan y PALRCH LEWIS EDWARDS, D.D., BALA. ERTHYGLAU GAN BRIF YSGRIFENWYR CYMRU. CYN NWYSIAD RHIFYN TACHWEDD. Ymneillduaefch. Gan y Parch T. R. Jones, Towyn. CyfieitlAa<V Newydd o'r Proffwyd Malachi. Gan y Parch Edward Evans. Plaid Newydd a Chri Newydd. Qywyddau Edward Morus. Gan Mr Arthur Hughes. Neges y Beirdd. Gan 'Mr E. Morgan Hughes. "Y Demi Gladd." Gan Mr T. Gwynn-Jones. L' Allegro. II Penseroso. Braslun-Un o Brif Bregethwyr Cymru. Gan Teowyn. Y Gweithiwr. Gan Mr Thomae Jones, Moun- tain Ash. Nodiadau Llenyddol. Gan AnthrOpos ac er- aill. Anfoner pob Archebion i OW X DPA'-R HERALD," CAERNARION, I JOiNE8 AND MILLER, TAILORS AND BREECHES MAKERS, HATTERS AND HOSIERS. SOLE AGENTS FOR HENRY HEATH. SOLE AGENTS FOR SCOTT & CO., HATTERS TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING & ROYAL FAMILY. TAILORS TO THE ADMIRALTY BY APPOINTMENT, LONDON HOUSE, CARNARVON. PRIVATE CHRISTMAS |CARDS BOOKS OF ALL THE LEADING PUBLlffitERS. Call early in order to avoid disappointment. I CHRISTMAS CARDS READY FOR FOREIGN MAILS. CHRISTMAS PICTORIAL POST [CARDS. CARADO C R O WLAND, BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 17, CASTLE SQUARE, CARNARVON. Cl46 THOMAS AND EDWARDS, MINERAL WATER MANUFAOTURBBS CARNARVON & LLANGEFNI. Specialities:— SNOWDON DRY GTNG35R ALE. > SNOWDON SODA WATER. STONE GINGER BEER. LEMONADE, ETC. c446 O. EVANS & SON, OLD FOUNDRY WAGON WORKS, CARNARVON ALL REPAIRS TO RAILWAY WAGONS UNDERTAKEN BETWEEN PORTMADOO AND CARNARVON, AND CARNARVON AND RHYL. WAGONS BOUGHT AND SOLD. e673 liD H. EDWARDS' CYCLE DEPOT, HOiLYHEAD. LARGE STOCK OF SECOND-HA LADIES' AND GENTLEIMEN'S CYCLES TO CLEAR. Claah or IDasy Ternu. ( Inspect our new supply of latest PHONOGHRAiPHS and RECORDS UNDOUBTED BARGAINS. EMPORIUM, MARKET STREET, HOLYHEAD. UP-TO-DATE DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT. EVERYTHING FOR LADIES' W B A B. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING (In Charge of Experienced Hands). STOCK REPLETE WITH CHOICE GOODS FOR PRESENT WEAR, INSPECTION INVITED. WILLIAM ROWLANDS W. E PEAKE & SONS, 25 & 27, SEEL ST., LIVERPOOL. BEND FOR OATAL 0 G U E S. fk s if^i i i^I.i r^i i "6jpf [i I ¡ S < 4JI!8' M +0i<mtd,4uSeVOiaumiie T6í- i £ &WL '.1.t R'.U. S. The Physician's Cure for Gout, Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Sour Eructations, Bilious Affections. g Safest and most Effective Aperient for Regular Use. ItapfVlNNEFORDSl AGNESIÀ MEA b M LETTER-PRESS PRINTING GOOD and CHEAP at the "HERALD" OFFICE, CARNARVON. ffittshttsss THE NELSON EMPORIUM, CARNARVON. LEADINQ LINES THIS WEEK. MAGNIFICENT SHOW OF SMART FURS. CHOICE STOLES AND MUFFS IN SABLE, MINK, FOX MARTEN, BEAVER, SHUNK, PERSIAN LAMBS, &c, • ———————— LADIES OUTFITTING & CHILDREN'S WOOLLEN UNDERCLOTHING. LADIES BLOUSES AND SKIRTS A SPECIALITY THIS WEEK. EXCEPTIONAL PURCHASE OF HOUSEHOLD LNHEN, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, SHEETS, Etc., Etc. GENT'S OUTFITTING AND READY MADE CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, ALL AT POPULAR PRICES. TAILORING. LARGEST SELECTION IN NORTH WALES OF TWEEDS, Etc., Etc., FOR OVERCOATS, SUITS, BREECHES, Etc. FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEED. THE NELSON EMPORIUM, BRYMER & DAVIE S, Proprietors. c2ll PRIVATE XMAS CARDS (ENGLISH AND WELSH). 800 DESIGNS TO SELECT FROM. PRICES RANGING FROM 1/6 TO 10/6 PER DOZ. Order Early for Foreign Postage. Sample Book sent ootjgratis on application. .gr F RAN CIS, HIGH STREET POST OFFICE, AND TOWER SHOP, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON. H., GWYNEDD WILLIAMS, WATCHMAKER JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN, STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD. GOLD BRACELETS, GUARDS, GEM RINGS, AND ALL KINDS Oil JEW JSTJiTCRP. Visit the obove Old Establishment. 12 Carat GOLD WEDDING RINGS a Speciality. Private Room for fitting, SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, PRACTICAL PAINTER, PAPERHANGER, DECORATOR, GRAINER A WRITER. ALL WORK CONTRACTED FOR. ESTIMATES FREE. JOHN H. REES, STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD. A Large Assortment of NEWEST PAPERHANGING8 Always In Stook. Pattern Books sent to any Address. AU Klnda of PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, &o., kept n the premises. h X- Mangles from 35e. la, Sweepers from 10s 6d. W. A JONES, GENERAL AND FURNISHING IRONMONGER ABERGELE ROAD (TOP OFlDINGLE). COLWYN BAY. ——————— Tel.:18y4. ALL KINDS OF USEFUL:HOUSEHOLD GOODS. ENAMELLED AN D .TINNE D, HOLLOW ARE. PAINTS, VARNISHES, PETROLEUM, ALL KIND;OF;OILS. GARDEN GOODS, TRELLIS, AND VIRGIN CORK. WRINGING, MANGLING, & WASHING MACHINES, At Lowest Cash Stores Prices. GRATES AND RANGES. — ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS DONE. — All Orders Promptly Executed. Estimates Free. b20 DON T HURT YOUR FEET and tear your stockings by wearing old style Boots and Shoes, but buy those branded on sole. Made by the new Patent "Tackless System"—entirely without the use of nails or tacks in the inner sole. Ask for the EEZEE-ON" T ACKLESS BOOTS & SHOES ► and you will obtain a perfectly flexible jfer—JJJ boot, and comfort such as you have never Jy | known, making walking a pleasure. ju/ l| Ladies' Boots 15/6, Shoes 10/6. v^\ || Gentlemen's Boots 15/6, Sho;s 13/6. \]f W\ |j Tan 1 extra. jffl It II For Illustrated Descriptive ^rem Booklet and name of nearest BRAPH^^LD^TYLS ;B Agent, send post card to SEWN SHOE. t 0 0 T FACT 0 RY, 'rE I C E S T E ARGRAPHU DA A imAD | YN SWYDDFA'R « HERALD," CAERNARPON, Sftamtts. SOUTH AFRICA.—Royal Mail ltoute.- k3 UNION CASTLE LINE.—London and Southampton, to Cape Colony, Natal, Delagoa Bay, Beira, etc., calling frequently at Madeim, y 11 Las PaJirbae, Teneriffe, Ascension and St. Helena. Weekly Sailings. Fact Pa.s6aIgte8. Superior Accommodation. Best Route. For rate of passage money and all further informa- tion apply to the Managers, Donald Carrie and Co.. London, or to LooaJ Agents. a Jiarltoags CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. SMITHFIELD Club Cattle Show, Royal Ag- ricultural Hall, December 10th to 14th. -Url December 10th to 12tn, CHEAP EX- CUR-SIONS to LONDON from Afortwen, etc. ALTERATION of TRAIXS.—Commencing on Saturday, December 1st, the follow- ing diii/eraiioiis an IJle Irani service WIll be brought into operation: — The 6.35 and 8.5 a.m. trains from Portmadoc to Pwllheli wil run at altered times as under Down a.m. a.m. Portmadoc dep. 6 50 7 45 Criccieth „ 70 7 55 Afonwen arr. 78 85 » dep. 7 15 8 10 Abererch Pwllheli arr. 7 25 6 20 The 6.15 and 8.15 a.m. trains from Pwllheli will run at altered times as under: — Up a.m. a.m. Pwllheli dep. 6 15 8 0 Abereirch Afonwen arr. 6 25 8 10 I I dep. 6 30 8 12 Criecieth arr. 6 38 8 20 » dep. 6 40 8 22 Portmadoc arr. 6 49 8 32 Thence as per Time Table. The 7.15 a.m. L. ana N.-W. train from Car- narvon will leave at 6.45 a.m. arrivine Afonwen 7.43 a.m., and the 8.35 a.m. from Afonwen will leave at 8.15 a.m., arriving Caernarvon 9.10 a.m. The 4.40 p.m. from Afonwen to Carnarvon will leave rut 4.15 p.m., arriving Carnarvon 5.8 p.m. CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR EXCUR- SIONS, to London, Liverpool, Manches- ter, Birmingham, Scotland, North WaJes. South Wales, and Cambrian Coast and Inland Sta- tions, etc., etc. Full particulars at the- Sta- tions. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY, 1906, Train AT. rangements.—On Sunday, December 23rdf and Christmas Day, December 25th, the 2.25 a.m train Wliifohureh to Aberystwyth 5.5 a.m. train Moat Lane to Brecon, 5.55 a.m. train Maohynlleth to Barmouth, •will run at the usual week-dav times. The 6.15 a.m. train Oswestry to Aberyswyth, 7.50 a.m> train Moat Lane to Brecon, 8.55 a.m. train Machynlleth to Barmoutih. will not run. The following trains will run at the umiel Sunday times: — 8.49 a..m. train Afonwen to Pwllheli. 9.0 a.m. train Pwllheli to Dolgelley, 4.25 p.m. train Dolgelley to Pwllheli, 6.40 p.m. train Pwllheli to Afonwen, 5.55 ,p.m. train Barmouth to Machynlleth. 5.30 p.m. train Brecon to Moat Lane, 6.25 p.m. train Aberystwyth to Rlutchurch. There will be no trains between Wrexham and Ellesmere, Welshpool and Llanfair, Llan- gynog and Oswestry, or on the Lanfyllin and Kerry Biranohes. For times at intermediate stations see special bills. ——— A MOTOR OMNIBUS SERVICE between PWLLHELI and NEVIN, MORFA NEVIN and EDEYRN. Until further Notice the above Service will be as under:- (No Sunday Service.) — a.m. a.m. p.m. Pwllheli St3tion. dep 6 30 1135 4 25 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 6 35 1140 4 30 Turnpike, Garreg Fechain „ 6 41 1146 4 36 Efail Newydd „ 6 47 1152 4 42 Bodfean, Post Office 7 9 1214 5 4 Bryncynan „ 7 14 1219 5 9 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop „ 7 21 1226 5 16 H Nanhoron Hotel „ 7 30 1235 5 25 Morfa Nevin,Tanyparc Shop 7 40 1245 6 35 Edeyrn, Post Office arr. 7 45 l250 „, a.m. p.m. p.m. Edeyrn, Post Office dep 9 0 2 35 Morfa Nevin,Tanyparc Shop 9 5 2 40 5 40 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel „ 9 15 2 50 5 50 „ GlynlIifon Shop" 9 24 259 5 59 Bryncynan „ 9 31 3 6 6 6 Bodfean Post Office.. „ 9 36 3 11 6 11 Efail Newydd „ 9 58 3 33 6 33 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain „ 10 4 3 39 6 39 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 1010 3 45 6 45 Pwllheli Station arr 1015 3 50 6 50 MOTOR OMNFBUS, PWLLHELI and NEVIN.—On PWLLHELI MARKET DAYS during December, viz., 5th, !2tJ.. 19th 21st, and 26th, ADDITIONAL OMNIBUSES M will run as under: — a.m. P. M- Pwllheli Station dep. 11 0 5 0 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ n 5 5 5 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain „ Inl. 5 11 Elail Newydd 1117 5 17 Bodfean, Post Office „ 1139 5 39 Bryncynan 1144 5 44 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop. 1151 5 51 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel. „ 12 0 6 0 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop „ 1210 6 10 Edeyrn, Post Office arr. 1215 6 15 Edeyrn, Post Office dep. 1250 6 25 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop „ 1235 6 30 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel „ 1245 6 40 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop „ 1254 6 49 Bryncynan „ 1 1 6 56 Bodfean Post Office „ 1 6 7 1 Efail Newydd „ 1 28 7 23 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain. „ 1 34 7 29 Pwllheli Ala. Road „ 1 40 7 35 Pwllheli Station arr. 1 45 7 40 Passengers may join the Care at any point, except on steep hills, subject to there being room, and on payment of the Fare from the previous Station. The Company give notice that they do not undertake that the Motor Omnibuses shall start or arrive at the times specified in the bills, nor will they be respon- sible for any inconvenience or injury that may arise from delay or detention. TjtVERY Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday E during the Winter Months, Cheap One or Two Day'& TickBts are issued from Pwllheli, Criccieth, Portmadoc, Barmouth, etc to CATi x NARVON, BANGOR, LLANDUDNO, HOLY- HHiAD, etc. Simfer Tickets are issued from the North Wales Coast Stations to Cambrian Coast Stations. \\I EEK-END EXCURSION TICKETS art ▼ T issued every Friday and Saturday (until farther notice), to CARNARVON, BANGOR, HOLYHEAD. and LLANDUDNO (via Afon Wen), available for return on the following Sunday {where train service permitt). Monday or Tuesday. Similar Tickets issued in the several direction. TOURIST TICKETS ore issued from tha Principal Cambrian Station* to •!] REALTH RESORTS on the Cambriaa Raffl- ways, also to watering places in England, North Wales, English Lake District, North Eua Coatt, etc. ^yuli particular! of any of above Exonnfomai off afqdioatun. to Mr W. H. Gough, Traffle Superintendent, Ovwesbry. C. S. DENNIS., General Manager. READ THIS. CORNS CORNS!! CORNS! Positively and Quickly Removed withovl Pail, by the new Discovery, XpSSENCE OF HOUSE-LEEK THE ONLY INFALLIBLE REMEDY. New Preparaiion, free front Oatwtwj, or anything eaosinf irritation to the 1m., Has be«B tried by many pergoni well-knowit In the Proprietor, and hM not yet failed to \Id a perfect removal of Corn. and Wtrtt. 0acoeedt where all other pla»^>«ra and cauati* feave failedt Price 6c) did 1*; oeoat Mr poafe for 7 ill 11 ftSUBpt. KA MILT OK JONI8k Ohexni*i>r f