Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



dDflttial, al, fit. 1 CARNARV ONSHIRE HILARY QUARTER J SESSIONS. N>TIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the County of Carnarvon, will be held at the County Hall, CARNARVON, on Thursday, the Third day of January, 1907, at quarter-pa&t Ten o'clock in the forenoon. The Grand and Petty Jurors, all persons bound by recognizance to prosecute and give evidence or to surrender in discharge of their bail. and all A,ppella¡¡,lts, Respondents, and' their Witnesses are to appear at the County Hall, aforesaid, on the day and at the hour before mentioned. A. BQDVEL-ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. Carnarvon, December, 1906. c673a ANGLESEY HILARY QUARTER SESSIONS. 1907. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Anglesey will be hoi den in the Shiire Hall, LLANGEFNI, in and for the said! County, on Wednesday, the 2nd day of Janu- ary, 1907, at Ten o'clock in the morning pre- wisely. The charge to the Grand Jury will then be delivered by the Chairman, and the Court will thereupon proceecT with the Criminal and Civil business. The Clerk to the Justices of the Several Divi- sions are re<jx#e^ted to transmit to me, at my Office at Beaumaris, seven days before the See- sions, all Depositions, Returns of Fines, Con- victioms, and Recognizamces which shall have been then taken, together with instructions for Indictments. JOHN RIOE ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. Clerk of the Peace. Beaumaris, 8th December, 1906. v458a MERIONETH QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next General Quarter iSes6ions of the Peace for the County of Merioneth will be held in the County Hall, Dolgelley, in the said County, on Tuesday, the 1st day of January, 1907, at 10.30 a.m., when the Grand and Petty Jurors will be called and the iCourt will proceed to hear and determine all matters brought before them in the following order.—1.—In the trial of prison- ers. 2.—In the hearnng, ot appeals. 3.-In J hearing motions and in the transaction of such other business as may be brought before the Court. And Notice is Hereby also Given that all: Grand and Petty Jurors, all persons bound by recognizance to prosecute and give evidence or surrender in discharge of th-eir bail, and all appellants, respondents and their witnesses, and all persons bound by recognizance in all civil proceedings are to appear and be in at- tendance at the time and place aforesaid. Ap- peals to be heard must be erutered with me not later than Two o'clock in the afternoon of the day preceding the Sessions. Dated this 7th day of December, 1906. RANDAL CASSON, y435a Clerk of the Peace. LLANDUDNO COTTAGE HOSPITAL. THE following Gifts have been received at the Sarah Nicol Memorial Cottage Hospi- tal during the past month, for which the Board of Management return their best Thajiks :— Flowers (weekly), Mrs Broome; vegetables (weekly), Mrs WaJnwright flowers, Mrs Bone, from flower stall at the sale for the blind fruit for the staff, Mrs Wainwright flowers, Messrs Newman and Co. papers, Mr Holden; honey, Mr Campbell Blair; vegetables, Mr Kidd; collection at the Little Orme Quarries, 18s 4d; Hospital gate box, 4d. 'Nf A. Mg FiELTON, Secretary. CARNARVON COTTAGE HOSPITAL. THE Committee begs to acknowledge with many thanks the receipt of the following contributions and donations for November :—. Christ. Church, £ 16 4s; Mrs Bodvel Roberts, .i:2 2s; Arfon C.M. Monthly Meeting, £ 5 5s; Castle-square Church, L3 IBs 8d; Drwsycoed Church, 6s 6d; Wesleyan Chapel, 2s 6d; Mrs Williams, tGwylfa, sack of potatoes; Mrs Davies, High-street, jar /of honey; Mioses Roberts, Bryn Moria, 1 doz. cocoa; Mrs Pierce, Glandwr, 21bs of tea; Miss Sampson, Marianfa, 31bs of rice; Miss Wise, plums; Mioses Hawkins, butter, grapes, biscuits; Mrs W. Abbot., Vaynol-road, lib of loaf sugar; Mrs Darbishire, piece of bacon; Nurse, Butter- worth, tin of mustard, sago, tapioca; Mrs Menzies, Menai Bank, cocoa, ground rice, sugar Miss Pugh, Bryn Menai, 31bs sago, 31bs rice Mrs Kay-Menzies, 21bs loaf sugar, ooffee, matches, soap, ground, rice, and rice; Mrs Herber Evans, Belmont, lib of tea; Mrs Jones, Minafon, 1 sack of potatoes; Mrs Edwards, Tyhen, 1 sack of potatoes and turnips; Mrs Jones, 3, Pool-street, tea, sugar; (Mi J. Wil- liams, butcher, Pool-street, chops; Dr and Mrs TayLor Morgan, flour; Mrs Morgans, Prince jf Wales, rice, tea, tapioca, pearl barley, loaf sugar; Mrs R. W. Hughes, Caefron, sago, arrowroot, small sago, rice, and cocoa; Mr W. R. Jones, Bryn Glas, tea, candles; Mrs J. Jones, Garthdderwen, tea Mr and Mrs Parry, Heulog House, rice; Mrs Ed. Roberts, Maes- incia, tea, coffee; Mrs Henry Rumsey Wil- liams, Ivy House, 61bs rice, 31bs tapioca, 21bs sago; Lady Turner, jam, syrup, cakes, biscuits, mustard, prunes, sago, Sugar, rice, currants; Mrs Gaudin, Tanybryn, arrowroot, jam; Mrs J. O. Jones, 2, Dinorwic-street, arrowroot; Miss Edwards, Arosfa, scrubbing-brush; Misses Owen, Ty Coch, tea, cocoa; Miss Wat- kin Roberts, Uxbxidge House, 1 doz. lbs loaf sugar; Mrs Ruck, Brynteg, biscuits, bovril, cocoatina, semolina, jam, sago, arrowroot, flour Mr Robert Roberts, Chemist, soap, disinfect- ing cleaner, toilet roll, absorbent wool; Mrs Hayes, Caerau, rulsks, quaker oats, loaf sugar, tapioca; Misses Owen, Bodowen, tea, tapioca, rice, crystal sugar; From the Star Supply Stores (no name), sugar, rice. Mr Dan Kelly, tea; Mr R. Pugh Griffith, sugar (1 doz.); Mr T. 0. Jones, Ucheldre, tea, currants, raisins; Mrs Finchetfc Maddock, tin of biscuits; Miss Crocker, Royal Hoteli, jam, bag of rice, bag of flour; Mrs Crispin, Sportsman Hotel, vege- tables,. applets, jam, sack of potatoes, old linen, periodicals; Mrs Newton, Ingleside, quaker oats, lifebuoy soap, white soap, loaf sugar, mustard Mrs J. Rees, Glanmenai, jelly packets corn nour Mrs Ellis Davies, Bodlondeb, tea; Mrs W. Jones, Ynys, Criocieth, butter; Mr Ed. Jones, butcher, Palace-street, sausages, shoulder veal; Miss Hughes, Claremount, apples; Mrs Jones, Llys Arfon, rice, tapioca; Mrs 0. R. Owen, Minerva, quaker oats, rioe, biscuits. "A Friend," butter, calf's foot jelly; Mrs J. Heathcote Addie, Mount Hazel, tea, currants, raisins; Mrs W. JoneLs, 24, Pool- street, fish; Mr J. Francis, chemist, tea.; Mrs Owen Davies, Cefnfaes, tea, cornflour; Mr Hughes, baker, PooLstreet, cream crackers; Mrs Williams, ^Bodhyfryd, tea; Mrs Cloes P Davies, Calstle-square, biscuits, 6weets; Mrs O'Brien Owen, tea, loaf sugar; Mr W. W. Jones, 22 Bangor-street, tin blanc mange, cus- tard powder, arrowroot, onions, cornflour; Messrs Jones and Co., The Priory, 2 packets avanoke, peas, cake flour, metal polish, table salt, provost oats, rice; Mrs Dowell, Eastgate- street, tea, jam Mrs Sitaifley Jones, tea; Mrs C. A. Jones, Bron Hendre, i sack of flour; Mrs T. M. Lloyd, Cartref, 4 boxes of biscuits; Mr Joseph Roberts, Pool-.street, tea; Mr Grif- fith Roberts, 20, (Bridge-Street, tea, loaf sugar, rice; Miss Wynn, Rug, Corwen, currants, tea, loaf sugar, Burton flour, rioe; Mr E. Lloyd1 K Williams, 15, BangoT-street, note paper and envelopes; Mrs Cousins, Eryldon, hare soup, blanc mange; iMrs Willie Williams, bed rest; Mrs Trevor, fowl; Mr Thomais Lewis, 29, High- street, tea, arrowroot, pearl barley; Mrs Assheton-Smith. Vavnol Park, 3 couples phea- sants Mrs R. D. Williams, Porth yr Aur, tea, loaf sugar; Misses Roberts. Bron Ceris, apples, vegetables; Mrs Thomas, Voelas House, Llan- rug, arrowroot; Miss E. M. Jones, GIan Seiont tea, loaf sugar; Mr H. G. Foulkes, 80, Pool- tstreet, tea, ground rice, cornflour, semolina, sago, tapioca.; Mrs Armstrong, cornflour. rice; Mr Henry Parry, Glan'rafon, sack of potatoes Mrs Richmond Brown, Llanfair Hall, 2 couples pheasantfe. A TJ ITT.T^STFF ,4, Nn TAWV ft- T.T IWKlHTII AH Billpostimg and DistribuiObig: IVmjc<Bg attended to. Offirial, JtgaI, ft. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1888. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a SPECIAL MEETING of the Standing Joint Committee of Quarter Seeskxns and County Council under Section 30 of the above Act will be held in the County Hall, DOL- GELLEY, in the said County, on Monday, the 17th day of December, 1906, at the hour of half-past one o'clock in the afternoon, when the Committee will proceed to appoint a. Clerk of the Peace and of the County Council. Each applicant for the appointment must for- ward his application to Owen S. Wynne, Esq., the Chairman of the Committee, at Dolrhyd, Dolgelley, so as to reach him not later than. Saturday, the 15bh day of December, 1906. Dated this 28th day of November, 1906. RANDAL CASSON, y435 Clerk to the said Committee. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1888. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next Quarterly Meeting of the Standing Joint Committee of Quarter Sessions and County Council under Section 30 of the above Act will be held in the County Hall, DOLGELLEY, in the said County, on Tuesday, the 1st d'ay of January, 1907, at the hour of half-past Ten o'clock in the forenoon, when the Committee will proceed to the consideration of the busi- ness relating to the application or management. of the County Stock or Rate within the juris- diction of the Committee under Sub-Section 3 of iSection 30 of the said Act, and all persons having any demand against the Committee are requested to forward particulars thereof in writing to the County Treasurer, at Dolgelley, on or before the 29th day of December, 1906. Dated this 7th day of December, 1906. RANDAL CASSON, y436a Clerk to the said Committee. Anglesey education committee. TEACHERS WANTED. I HEAD- TEACHER. LJanerohymedd C.S. Infanits' Depart- ment. Salary commencing J390, ris- ing to a £ 100. CERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. Llaingoch C.S., Holyhead. Female for I Infants'. Holyhead, Cybi C.S. Girls'. Salary, JB70 per annum, rising to aO; £5 a year less if untrained. i UNCERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. Bodedern N.S. Salary j340. Llanddona C.S. Female for Infants. Holyhead Nat. School. Girls*, £45. I Llanfaelog N.S. Female, JB40. Brynjgwraai C.S. FemMe. Llangefni C.S. Female for Infante. Aberffraw C.S. Female. Llanfaohraeth C.S. Female for Infants'. I Rhoseolyn C.S. Female. Llanfair PjG. C.S. FemaJe. Commencinig salary, where not otherwise J specified, JB45, rising to £ 55. The commencing salary may be JB10 lower in case of Applicants who have had no previous experience in teach- ing. I Applications, on Forms provided, and Testi- monials to be forwarded to me immediately. R. H. WILLIAMS. Education Offices, Llangefni. y451a Ctttfotrs. THE Merioneth Education Committee in- vite TENDERS for carrying out Venti- 'I lation Work at the Aberdovey Council School. The Plans, Specification, and further parti- culars may be obtained on application to the County Architect, A. M. HOWARD JONES, M.S.A., y419a Plas Ynys, Borth, R.S.O. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the erection of a Congregational Chapel and Schoolroom at Rhosneijjr. Plans and Specifications may be inspected at my Office, Exchange Chambers, Holyhead, on and after the 10th December. I Tenders, sealed and endoirsed "Chapel, Rhos- nedgr," to be sent in to the Rev E. B. Jones, Bryn Hyfryd, Holyhead, by not later than Saturday, December 29th, 1906. ,The lowest or any Tender not necessarily ac cepted. JOS. OWEN, F.R.I.B.A., Arrhitect. Menai Bridge and Holyhead. hl07a Siirst nnb Jpnmtr. Ymae HESPWRN GWLANOG a chlustian drwg yn meddiant Mr Owen Lewis, Fronoleu, Dolbenmaen. Gwerthir os na ddeuir brofi ha wl. y830a CAFWYD OEN bychan, gyda'r nod tori blaen a dyrnaid cyllell o dan y ohwith. Os na hawlir ef ar neu cyn Rliagfyr 15fed, 1906, gwerthir i dahi'r coetau.—G. T. Close, j Plasitirion. Llanrug. y838a I DEUFISOL: PRIS SWLLT. I TRAETHODYDD CYLCHGRAWN SAFONOL CTYMRU. SEFYDLWYD YN 1844 Gan y PARCH LEWIS EDWARDS, D.D., BALA. ERTHYGLAU GAN BRIF YSGRIFENWYR CYMRU. CYNNWYSdAD RRIFYN TACHWEDD. Ymneillduaeth. Gan y Parch T. R. Jones, Towyn. Cyfieithia^ Newydd o'r Proffiwyd Malachi. Gan y Parch Edward Evans. Plaid Newydd a Chri Newydd. Qywyddau Edward Morus. Gan Mr Arthur HAghes. Neges y Beirdd. Gan 'Mr E. Morgan Hughes. "Y Demi Gladd." Gan Mr T. Gwynn-Jones. L' Allegro. II Penseroso. Braslun-Un o Brif Bregethwyr Cymru. Gain Tecwyn. Y Gweithdwr. Gan Mr Thomaa Jones, Moun- tain Ash. Nodiadau Uenyddol. Gan Anthropos ac er- aill. Anfoner pob Archebion i SfWYlDDFA'R "HERALD," GJAERNARFW. lA/WiSA18 KILLXD.—RODINE RAT IV 'vU POISON kill! os ih« »pot. LeaTM no imell. Mr G. R. Brow* w?ite«: — "Rodim bd *xc«ll«mi re rait*. It killed Thowiasdi of Raig." Dogi and C&tt don't eat it. Rwtn Lik. It, Eat It, and Die. Price, 6d, li, h,: 3a, tm; Pott, WL T. HAH LEY, Chemist, Penh. -Apat J K. IMMtKRTS. nm.-rwa.rroB. CLARKE'S 3 41 PILLS are warranted to cure, in feither sex, all acquired or consti- tutional Discharge* from the Urinary Organs, Gravel, and Pains in the Back. Free from Mercury. Established upwards of 30 years. fn boxes 4s 6d each. of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World, or sent for sixty stamps by the Makers, The Lia- ooln wid Midland Cwytiec- Dreg Co.. Lin coin. If JACKETS, COSTUMES & MILLINERY, at Reduced Prices, This Week; at WATERLOO HOUSE, v Castle Square, CARNARVON.. y859c672 D. E V A N S & CO. have pleasure in drawing the attention of their Customers and the public generally to their GRAND CHRISTMAS SHOW OF MEAT, which has been carefully selected to meet the requirements of the consumer* Our Stock this year has been bred and, fed by the following well-known Feedens: 31 PAT BULLOCKS AND EDEIFiERSw Lord Pemfayn, Lord Stanley, Messrs Williams, Garnedd Goch; O. Jones, Plae Llechylched; T. Jones, Ty Manvr, Llangwyllog; Joseph Thomas, Ty Fry; J. Owen, Bryngwelien, Llangefni; R. Pritchard, Gaerwen Uchaf; 0. Hughes, Plas Bach, Cerrrig Ceinwen; Pierce, Cefn caerfor; Rowlands, Ty'nbiiarth; R. Treddafydd; E. W. Parry, LIed- wigan; J. Jones, Plas LilanfagdaJen; J. E. Jones, Peaigwera; W. Brooklebani, Parcdau; J. Thomas, Dafarngrisiau; W. M. Roberts, Rhosdican; H. Parry, Glan'rafon; Mrs Wil- liams, Ty Mawr, Clynnog; and University College Farm, Abet, The above include First-Prize Winners at Bodorgan, Mena-i Bridge, GLinlrafon, and Caxiiacrvon Cattle Sales. SHEEP, Oomjprisinig 5 Grand Shropshire Wethers, fed at Lord Penrhyn's Home Farm, Winners First Prize Menai Bridige Xmas Show and Sale. 10 Grand Cross Bred Wethers, fed at Lord Peoufliyn's Home Farm* 20 Cross Half Bred Wethers, fed at Lord OPenrhyn'e Home Farm, 5 Excellent Shropshire Wethers, fed at C. G. Assheton-Smith, Esq., Home Farm, Winners First Prize Glan'rafon Xmas Show and Sale. 5 Extra Quality Yearling Wethers, fed at the University College Farm* 10 Splendid! Wether Lambs, fed at the University College Farm. 10 Splendid Mountain Wethers, fed by Hmnpha-ey: Ellis, Esq., Taimeibion. 20 Sjplendid Mountain Wethers, fed by Richard Otwen, Esq., Tai 'tJodhioou, 40 SpOendiid Mountain Wethers, fed by J. Hughes, Esq., Bryngwylam, iiteungenaew. 20 Splendid Mountain Wethers, fed by (Messrs Humphreys and Owen, Pontrug. 10 Yearling Cross Bred Wethers, fed by W. Brocklebaaks- FAq. 10 Good Mountain Wethers, fed by W. iBrookletbook, Esq. Also our Annual Xmas Supply of guaranteed Home-Fed TURKEYS and flTiflasy, direct from Farmers in Carnarvonshire and Anglesey. The Meat will be on View in the Shops at OARNAiRYON on WIEDNEiSDAY, December 19th, and BANiGOiR on THURSDAY, December 20th. All are cordially invited to come and see the Stock. Every attention will be paid to all orders. With our grateful thanks for the past, pnd sincere hopes for renewed and eactendied patronage in the future, We are, yours obediently. D. EVANS & CO. VAYNOL MEAT STORES, BANGOR (Telephone 16), MEAT STORES, TURF SQUARE, CARNARVON <Telepihkxne 0173). t Branch Shops: 45, Pool Street, Carnarvon; 126, Hiigtb Street, Bangor. Parcels of Meat sent to the nearest Railway Stations in Oannarvonshir«%n4 Anglesey CARRIAGE PAID, and to any part of the United Kingdom upon, arrangement. 11685 THOMAS AND EDWARDS, MINERAL WATER MAN UFACTURBBS, CARNARVON & LLANGEFNI. SpeciaJities: SNOWDON DRY GINGER ALE. 8NOWDON SODA WATER. STONE GlNGEiR BEER. LEMONADE, ETC. C'M6 c446 W. H. P E A K E & SONS, 25 & 27, SEEL ST., LIVERPOOL. SEND T OB CATALOGUES. Ct j 'fjh i nil i.Hh-i i^i 1 T?!p'" °" 6t < I '1 j 6 8 ■naail.A. Ll.1 ■ ll iisn i|i. jiy ]ji li ¡ .a 1 Ifeiftiss THE NELSON E MPO RIUM, CARNARVON. THIS AND THE FOLLOWING WEEK, A GRAND CHRISTMAS BAZAAR AND FANCY FAIR. TOYS, DOLLS, 'GAMES, USEFUL ARTICLES, NOVELTIES, LEATHER GOODS, Etc., AND HUNDREDS OF OTHER ARTICLES SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS PRE- SENTS, SPECIAL SHOW OF FURS, SKIRTS, COATS, BLOUlSfEIS, Etc, -< DRtESSLENGTHS, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, Etc., FOR CHARITABLE GIFTS AT LOWEST PRICES. 'GENT'S UNDtERJCLOTBItNG, SHIRTS, TIES, CQIiLlAJRS, UiMBIRELLAS, BAGS, GLOVES, Etc. READY-MADE CLOTHING FOR MEN AND BOYS. LINCOLN BENNET and CHRISTY'S SILK AND FELT HATS A SPECIALITY. TWEED HATS AND CAPS IN ALL THE LATEST SHAPES* AN EARLY VISIT SOLICITED* PLEASE NOTE THAT MESSRS BRYMER AND DAVIIES WIILL, ON SATUBDAY, DECEMBER 22nd, PRiESENT ALL THEIR CUSTOMERS WITH A CLOTHES BRUSH, ON PRODUCTION OF RECEIPTS FOR GOODS BOUGHT DURING THE MONTH. T H. ENE L SON E UNdT PORIU 'Ml' BRYMER & D A V I E S, PROPRIETORS. c211 JONES AND MILLER, TAILORS AND BREECHES MAKERS, HATTERS AND HOSIERS. SOLE AGENTS FOR HENRY HEATH. SOLE AGENTS FOR SCOTT & CO., HATTERS TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING & ROYAL FAMILY. TAILORS TO THE ADMIRALTY BY APPOINTMENT, L LON DON H 0 USE, CAR N A R V 0 N. PRIVATE CHRISTMAS CARDS. BOOKS OF ALL THE LEADING PUBLISHERS. Call early in order to avoid disappointment. CHRISTMAS CARDS READY FOR FOREIGN MAILS. CHRISTMAS PICTORIAL POST CARDS. CARADOC ROWLAND, BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 17, CASTLE SQUARE, CARNARVON. cl46 PRIVATE XMAS CARDS (ENGLISH AND WELSH). 8010 DESIGNS TO SELECT FROM. PRICES RANGING FROM 1/6 TO 10/6 PER DOZ. Order Early for Foreign Postage. Sample Book sent out gratis on application. FRANCIS HIGH STREET POST OFFICE, AND « TOWER SHOP, BRIDGE STREET, CARNA R;V(J N O. EVANS & SON, OLD FOUNDRY WAGON WORKS, CARNARVON ALL REPAIRS TO RAILWAY WAGONS UNDERTAKEN BETWEEN PORTMADOC AND CARNARVON, AND CARNARVON AND RHYL. WAGONS BOUGHT AND SOLD. <673 H. EDWARDS' CYCLE DEPOT, HOLYHEAD. LARGE STOCK OF SECOND-HA IsD LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S CYCLES TO CLEAR Cash ox Easy Terms. Inspect our new supply of latest PHONOGRAPHS and RECORDS. UNDOUBTED BARGAINS. EMPORIUM, MARKET STREET, HOLYHEAD. UP-TO-DATE DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT EVERYTHING FOR LADIES' WEAR. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING (In Oharge of Experienced Hands). STOCK REPLETE WITH CHOICE GOODS FOR PRESENT WEAR, INSPECTION INVITED. > WILLIAM ROWLANDS I a, X3 The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Sour Eructations, Bilious Affections, The Physician's Cure for Gout, Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. Safest and most Effective Aperient for Regular Use. fcfegf^DINNEFORDsj r^—yj MAGNESIA | Sll IJttMix HWmgs, &r. GRAND PAVILION, CARNARVON. GREAT CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL and real FESTIVAL OF FUN, At the People's Popular Prires THIS YEAR WILL BEAT A'LJJ Hi:CORDS J Grandest, Performances ever Seen Most Sensational Feats ever attempted Interesting Stage and other Entertainments, including the very Latest and most U-p-do-Dato '7 MOVING PICTURES AND CINEMATOGRAPH E SCIENCE. Full Change of Programme Each Week. Look Out For Next Week's Announcements.. Uaaiag-er: W. BOSTOCK, c682 Steamers. SOUTH AFRICA.—Royal Mail Route.— UNION CAiSTLE LINE.—London and Southampton, to Cape Colony. Natal, Delagot. Bay, Beira, etc., calling frequently at Madeira, Las Pailiaa6, Tenerifie, Ascension and Sfc.: Helena. WeekJy Sailings. Fast Pasea^gee. Superior Accommodation. Best Route. Foe; rate of pace age money amd all further informa- tion apply to the Managers, Donald Carrie and Co., Locdom, or to Local Agents. o $latltoa £ s CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. C HRISTMAS ajid NEW YEAiR EXCUR- SIONS to LONDON, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, BIRMINGHAM, SCOTLAND, NORTH WALES, SOUTH WALES. I and I' CAMBRIAN COAST and INLAND STATIONS, Etc. Full particulars at the. Stations. Alteration of trains.—until further notice, the following alteratione in the Train Service will be brought into operation: — The 6.35 and 8.5 a.m. trains from Portmaidoo to Pwllheli wil run at altered t lies as uiader: Down a.m. a.m. Portmadoc dep. 6 50 7 45 Oriccieth 7 0 7 55 Afonwen arr, 7 8 8 5 It dep. 7 15 8 10 Abererch „ Pwllheli arr. 7 25 8 20 The 6.15 and 8.15 a.m. train.s from Pwllheli will run at altered times a6 mider: — Up a.m. a.m. Pwlilhela dep. 6 15 8 0 Aberesrch Afonwen arr 6 25 8 10 dep. 5 30 8 12 Criocieth an 6 58 8 20 „ dep 6 40 8 22 j Port,mado-c arr 6 49 8 32 Th< nee as per Time Table. The 7.15 a.m. L. and N.-W. train, from Car- narvon will leave at 6.45 a.m. arriving Afonwen 7.43 a.m., and the 8.35 a.m. from Afonwen will leave at 8.15 a.m., arriving Carnarvon 9.10 a.m. The 4.40 p.m. from Afonwen to Carnarvon will leave at 4.15 p.m., arrivag Carnarvon 5.8 p.m. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY, 1906, Train Ar. rangements.—On Sunda December 23rdj and Christmas Day, December 25th, the 2.25 a.m train Whitchurch to Aberystwyth 5.5 a.m. train Moat Lane to Brecon, 5.55 a.m. train Ma-ohynlleth to Barmouth, will run at the usual week-dav times. The 6.15 a.m. train Oswestry to Aberyswyth, 7.50 a.m> train Moat Lane to Brecon, 8.55 a.m. train Machynlleth to Barmouth. will not run. The foIJowing taadns will run at the ttsuet Sunday times 8.49 a.m. train Afonwen, to Pwllheli. 9.0 a.m. train Pwllheli to Dolgelley, 4.25 p.m. train Dolgelley to Pwllheli, 6.40 p.m. train Pwllheli to Afonwen, 5.55 p.m. train Barmouth to Machynlleth. 5.30 p.m. train Brecon to Moat Lane, 6.25 p.m. train Abery&twyth to Whitohurdh. There will be no trains between Wrexham amd Ellesmere, Welshpool and Llanfair, Llftn- gynog and Oswestry, or on the Lanfyllin and Kerry Branches. For times at intermediate stations see BPeciafl bills. ——— A MOTOR OMNIBUS SERVICE between PWLLHELI and NEVIN, MORFA NEVIN and EDEYRN. Until further Notice the above Service will I be as under:- (No Sunday Service.) a.m. a.m. p.m. Pwllheli Station. dep 6 30 1135 4 25 I Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 6 35 1140 4 30 I Turnpike, Garreg Fechain „ 6 41 1146 4 36 Efail Newydd „ 6 47 1152 4 42 Bodfean, Post OffLce 791214 5 4 Biyncynan „ 7 14 1219 5 9 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop" 7 21 1226 5 16 1, Nanhoron Hotel „ 7 30 1235 5 25 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop 7 40 1245 5 35 Edeyrn, Post Office arr. 7 45 l250 a.m. p.m. p.m. I Edeyrn, Post Office dep 9 0 2 35 Morfa Nevin,Tanyparc Shop 9 5 2 40 5 40 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel 9 15 2 50 5 50 sp GlynlIifon Shop 9 24 2 59 5 59 Bryncynan „ 9 31 3 6 6 6 Bodfean Post Office 9 36 3 11 6 11 Efail Newydd „ 9 58 3 33 6 33 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain 10 4 3 39 6 39 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 1010 3 45 6 45 Pwweli Statin arr 1015 3 50 6 50 Motor omnibus, pwllheli and NEVTN.—On PWLLHELI MARKET DAYS during December, viz., 12tih, 19th. 21st, and 26th, ADDITIONAL OMNIBUSES will run as undter: — a.m. p.m. Pwllheli Station dep. 11 0 5 0 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 11 5 5 5 Turnpike, Gareg Fecharin. „ 1111 5 u Efail Newydd „ 1117 5 17 Bodfean, Post Office „ 1139 5 39 Biryncynan „ 1144 5 44 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop „ 1151 5 51 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel „ 12 0 6 0 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop" 1210 6 10 Edeyrn, Post Office arr. 1215 6 15 p.m. p.m. Edeyrn, Post Office dep. 1230 6 25 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop „ 1235 6 30 Nevin, Namhoron Hotel „ 1245 6 40 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop „ 1254 6 49 Bryncynan „ 1 1 6 56 Bodfean Post Office ,,1 6 7 1 Efail Newydd „ 1 28 7 23 Turnpike, Gareg Fechabi „ 1 34 7 29 Pwllheli Ala Road „ 1 40 7 35 Pwllheli Station arr. 1 45 7 40 Passengers may join th" Cars at any point, except on steep hills, subject to there being room, and on payment of the Fare from the previous Station. The C mpany give notice that tihey do not undertake that the Motor Omnibuses shall start or arrive at the times specified in the bills, nor ill they be respon- sible for any inconvenient- or injuiry that may arise from delay or deten, t)n. EVERY Monday, Wedr lay, and Saturday, during the Winte- Months, Cheap One or Two Day's Tickets are aed from Pwllheli, Criccieth, Portmadoc, Batr.v.uth, etc., to CAR- NARVON, BANGOR. LLANDUDNO, HOLY- HEAD, etc. Similar Tifkfs are issued from the North Wales Coas' lions to Cainbriaa Coast Stations. WEEK-END EXOUIvS'; »N TICKETS are issued every Fridi&v and Saturday (until farther notice), to CARNATvTON. BANGOR, HOLYHEAD. and LLANDI DNO (vi* Afoa Wen), available for iptunii on the following S-anday (wt-sl'e train • A.nnitaV err Tuesday. SSmi: T- -U^ts issued in the several direction. c. fi, PEyNIRt, CJeneraJ Manager.