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k (Diftdal, Jltgal, & £ A SEPARATE BUILDING, duly Certified for Religious Worship, named Jeru- salem Independent Chapel, situated at Pentre- castell, in the Civil Parish of Llanberis, in the County of Carnarvon, in Carnarvon Regis- tration District, was on the 21st October, 1908, registered for solemnizing Marriages therein, pursuant to 6th and 7th Win. IV., c. 85. Dated the 22nd day of October, 1908. J. HENRY THOMAS, 0534 a Superintendent. Registrar. BOARD OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES. COMMONS ACT, 1876. REGULATION OF TOWYN TREWAN COMMON. THE WARD OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES hereby give Notice that a Meeting of the persons interested in TOWYN TREWAN COMMON, situate in the parishes of L!anfihangel-yn-nhowyn, Llechylched, and Llanfaelog, or some of them, in the County of Anglesey, will be held on FRIDAY, the Thir- teenth day of November next, at the hour of Eleven in the forenoon, at the Council School, Bryngwran, for the purpose of appointing a Valuer in the matter of the Regulation of the said Lands, under the provisions of the Com- mons Act, 1876. And they further give notice that the ma- jority in number, and in respect of interest of such persons may, at such Meeting, resolve upon instructions to the Valuer, not inconsis- tent with the termp and conditions of the Provisional Order made by the Beard in the matter of the said Regulation. T. H. ELLIOTT, Secretary. 3, St. James's Square, London, S.W 20th October, 1908. h50a "URBAN SANITARYDISTRICT OF COLWYN BAY AND COLWYN. PRIVATE SIREET WORKS ACT, 1892. DINGLE HILL ROAD, COLWYN BAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Urban District Council of Colwyn Bay and Colwyn (being the Urban Authoi ty for the above-named District), on the 11th of August last, resolved that the above street shall be sewered, levelled, ppvef\ metalled, flagged, channelled, made good and provided t "with proper means of lighting, in pursuance of Section 6 of the above Act, and further re- solved "That the Specification, ,rIan and Sec- tion, Estimate and Provisional Apportionment as now produced by the Surveyor in respect of such street be, and the same are, hereby ap- proved." The said Specification, Plan and Section, Estimate and Provisional Apportionment will ba deposited during one month from the Twenty-third day of October inst., at the Office of Mr William Jones, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., Surveyor to the Council, at the Urban District Council Offices, Colwyn Bay, and will be open to inspection from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, except on Saturdays, when the same shall be open to inspection from 10 a.m. to P.M. All information mpy be obtained, and inspec- tion given, by the Surveyor to the Council, at his Office aforesaid. By Order, JAMES AMPHLETT, Clerk to the said Authority. Dated this 21st day of October, 1908. Council Offices, Colwyn Bay. b5 OOLWYN BAY AND COLWYN URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. THE above Council invite Tenders for the widening and forming of new footpaths on the Abergele (Main) Road at Colwyn within this District. Plans and Specification may be seen, and Bill of Quantities obtained upon application at tho Office of Mr William Jones, Assoc.M.Inst. C.E., Engineer and Surveyor, Council Offices, Colwyn Bay. Tenders endorsed "Footpaths Main 'Road, Colwyn," to be delivered by 12 noon on Tues- day, the 27th instant, addressed to the Clerk of the Council. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily aocepted. By Order, JAMES AMPHLETT, Clerk to the Council. Council Offices, Colwyn Bay, 14th October, 19C8. h3 THE HOLYHEAD WATER WORKS COMPANY. A (Incorpoialed 1866). SALE 0IT SHARES BY TENDER UNDER THE HOLYHEAD WATER ACT, 1906. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it IS the intèiltion of the Directors of this Company to Sell by Tender not more than 700 Shares of the nominal value of L10 each, which will rank for dividend up to a maximum of seven pounds per centum per annum. Forms and conditions of Tender may be ob- tained. from the undersigned and will be sent by post on application. Sealed Tenders must be delivered at the Office of the Company not later than 8 p.m. ii Monday, the 2nd day of November next- By Order of the Board, J. C. LAWFIELP, Registered Omces Secretary. 17, Stanley Street, Holyhead. Dated this 14th day of October, 1908. h4S ^parfmxuts j ANGOR, OLD LONDON HOUSE, High- .»3 street, (C. T. C.). Every accomodation for Visitors, Cyclists, Tourists. APARTMENTS in Cottage. Comfortable A Bed and Sitting Room for winter months. Quiet Country. South Carnarvonshire. Terms moderate.—No 661, "Herald" Office. y661 APARTMENTS.—Comfortable Apartments. A Good cooking. Moderate terms.-Apply to Mrs Roberts, Islwyn, Mostvn A.enue, Llan- dndno. rl51 Ap ARTMENTS.-Comfortable Apartments. A Parlour and Bedroom. Moderate Terms. -Apply. No. 585, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y585a ] EWIS CAFE, COLWYN BAY.—Accpm- J modation for Cyclists, Commercial Tra- vellers. Special Terms for Sunday School Trips, Picnic Parties, etc. Well Aired Rooms. Billiards.—OWEN LEWIS, Proprietor. b48 H J ILL, AltNARV OjN. I ORDINARY DAILY. TOM. ROBERTS, Proprietor. emu LIVEHPOOL Shaftesbury Hotel, MOUNT PLEASANT. FOUR MINUTES' WALK FROM LIME ST. AND CENTRAL STATIONS. Cars from Landing Stage stop at the door. CAB FROM ANY STATION, Is. A First Class Temperance House with Moder- ate Charges. WELSH SPOKEN. Telegrams: Shaftesbury Hotel, Livproool ■ -J MR H. O. PARSONS, (Solo Violinist), from Queen's Hall, 'Efcehstein Hall, and other London and Provincial Concerts, is open to ;t:x-ep', ENGAGEMENTS for Concerts or At Homer, during the Christmas vacation. SOUTH HOUSE HOLYHEAD. TO SECURE THE GREATEST PUBLI- CITY. ADVERTISE in the "HERALD.- mtttings THE ANGLESEY HUNT MEETING, 1908. POINT-TO-POINT STEEPLE- p CHASES (to be held under and eubjeci to National Hunt Rules 5 and 164 to 168 as to corrupt and fraudulent practices) Will take place near BEAUMARIS, on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4th, 1908, a,nd will include Ladies' Cup (Open Race), Welter, Light and Farmers' Raoee. Full particulars on application to MR. WILLIAM GRIFFITH, Assistant Secretary, Beaumaris, MAJOR LAWRENCE WILLIAMS, y688a Hon. Secretary. THE ANGLESEY HUNT, 1908. Comptroller: G. L. T. G. MEYRICK, Eaq. Deputy-Comptroller: A. H. VIVIAN, Esq. Lady Patroness: I MISS HOWARD. THE ANNUAL BALLS will take place at tha TOWN HALL, BEAUMARIS, en TUESDAY, the 3-rd, and THURSDAY, the 5th NOVEMBER, commencing at 9.45 p.m. The LADIES' ORDINARY will be held on WEDNESDAY, the 4th NOVEMBER, and the GENTLEMEN'S ORDINARY (provided a sufficient number book Tickets by Twelve p.m., Tuesday, 3rd November), on THURSDAY, the 5th NOVEMBER, at 7.30 p.m., at the WILLIAMS-BULKELEY ARMS HOTEL, BEAUMARIS. The PROCESSION -will be on THURSDAY, the 5th NOVEMBER-, at about 3.30 p.m. Vouchers to be obtained from any past or present Officer of the Hunt, and Tickets issued thereon by the HON. SEC. or MR. WM. GRIFFITH, Assistant Secretary, Beaumaris. It is requested that early Applications be made for Tickets to facilitate the Management. ERIC J. W. PLATT, Hen. Sec. Bryn Mel, Menai Bridge, October, 1908 c528 The Twenty-Sixth ANNUAL MEETING of the NORTH WALES HOME TEACHING SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND, will be held at the GUILD HALL, CARNARVON. ON THURSDAY, the 29th day of OCTOBER, 1908, at 3 p.m., the LORD BISHOP OF BANGOR in the chain. Spookers MISS GRIFFITH, FORTMADOC. REV. J. PULESTON JONES, M.A. REV. R. T. JONES, M.A., GLANOGWEN. At the olose oi the Meeting there will be a Sale of Mats, Baskets, Knitting, Rugs, etc., mado by OU1! Blind Workers; the entire pro- ceeds of this "Sale" will be paid to the work- ers for the Articles made by them. ADMISSION: FREE. Tea, 6d. Fruit and Flower Stalk Cake Stall. Hon. Sec. Carnarvon Branch, MRS. NORMAN DAVIES. c521 Quellyn, Carnarvon. RHYDYEEN SECOND ANNUAL SHEEP DOG TRIAL will take place at RHYDYFEN, BALA, (Five Minutes' Walk from Arenig Station), on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1908. Judges: E. JONES-JARRETT, Esq., Plasyn- faerdref, Corwen; R. SYLVANUS EDWARDS, Esq., New Inn, Llangwm, Corwen. EVENTS. 1. OPEN STAKES. Open to all comers. First Prize £4, and a vauable Silver Cup, -to be won three times, given by D. Washington Davies, Esq.; Second Prize, £2; Third Frize, J31. Entrance fee, 4s. 2. LOCAL STAKES. Open to Wales, to Dogs not previously won First Prize. First Prize, £ 3; Second do., J32; Third do., £ 1 lOa Fourth do., JB1; Fifth do., 10s; Sixth do., 5s. Entrance fee, 3s. For the beet command in the Open Stakes, a Silver Medal (given by Mr O. H. Hughes, Jeweller, Bala. For the best penning in Local Stakes, a Bottle of Morris Evans Oil. Entries close October 24th. Admission to' Grounds, 6d. Tea 6d., and Meat Tea, 9d, will be pro- vided at Rhydyfen Hotel. Schedule of Prizes, Entry Forms., etc., to be obtained of 1. V. JONES, Celyn, Bala, and E. N. ELLIS, Bochrhaiadr, Celyn, Bala., Hon. Sees. y700a Hysbyeiad RhagbaratoawL EISTEDDFOD GADEIRIOL Y PTAANT, .fj yr hon a gynnelir yn TOWN EQALiL, FWLLBOELI, Dan Nawdd Oapel M.C. South Beach. Coir manylion pallach oddiwrth R. O. JONES, Linton, J. ROWLANDS, Trevor Stores, y683 Yegrifenyddion. ¡ -I- t 'llwct PAHAM Y TALWCH RENT? í Cynnygir Mortgage Policy gan y SCOTTISH TEM- PERANCE LIFE OFFICE ar eiddo cymeradwy, a bydd yr ad-daliadau yn Had fel rheol na rhent. Os digwydd marwolaeth daw yr eiddo yn rhydd i'r teulu. Telir cost- au y cyfreitbwyr gan y Cwm- ni. YsgrifeneT am fanylion at T. J. AINSWORTH, Resident Sec., 14, New Street, Birmingham. y294 Steamers. w OUTH AFRICA.—Royal Mail Route.— O UNION CASTLE LINE.—London and Southampton, to Cape Colony, Natal, Delagoa Bay, Ðeira, etc., calling frequently at Madeira, Las Palmas, Teneriffe, Ascension, St. Helena, and Lobito Bay. Weekly Sailings. Fast Pas- sages. Superior Accommodation. Best Route. For rates of passage money and all further information apply to the Managers, TV,rinId Carrie and Co., London, or to Ilwa-I Agents. g 9 >. jtohtegg gldteseg, IN LIQUIDATION THE NORTH WALES MUSIC COMPANY, LIMITED A CLEARANCE SALE OF RIANOS, ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, VIOLINS, BICYCLES, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, MUSIC STOOLS, & SHEET MUSIC AT GrEEATLY REDUCED NRICES THE WHOLE STOCK MUST BE CLEARED AT OXCE. GREAT BARGAINS. VALUABLE COPRIGHTS TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY. All Accounts owing to the Company to be paid to, and all particulars to be had on ap- plication, from The Liquidator, W. J. PARRY, F.C.A., Chartered Accountant, c535a Ooetraor Yard, Bethesda. BERESFORD HOUSE, CARNARVON. I beg to announce to my numerous Customers and Ladies generally that I have a Large Stock of all the Latest and Newest Shades in Dress Mater- ials and specialities in Fabrics for Evening Wear. Also a Well-selected Stock of Novelties in Trimmings always on hand. I shall be pleased to send Patterns of Dress Materials, &c., for Ordinary and Evening Wear to any address on application. Yours faithfully, MRS DUNLOP, Costumier. Remodelling a:Speciality. Orders by post promptly attended to. ROBT. WILLIAMS, PAWNBROKER, JEWELLER, &c, JBANGrCXR, MONEY LENT to any amount no -I I 111;\ GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, JEWELLERY, CLOTHING, &c I IS" LARGE MILNER SAFES FOR THE CUSTODY OF J%n £ LLERY NEW AND SECOND HAND CLOTHING IN GREAT VARIETY. BRANCHES— HOLYHEAD, BANGOR, AND FLINT. BRADLEYS GREAT SALE HEAD OUR COMPETITION FOR 5s. PRIZE, S'OjVIE OF THE BARGAlNSf SEE WINDOWS FOR LOTS MORE. ^otMen's Trousers, all skee, at 2s lid, Piles of Strong Tweed Serge Knickers, 10,d, 3s 61d, 4a 3d, 56 3d. Is 3¥i, Is & » u2 > Everyday Wear Men's Suite, 12s lid, 15s lid, Plan's Suit to Measure usual price 21s for 18s lid. ISalld. v Youths' Suits, all sizes, grand value, Be lid, ^°YS Fancy Suite, the Popular Styles, Belted, 10s 6d, 12s 6d. 4e 6d, 5s 3d; Thames, 4s lid, 5s lid. A v > RN N n v L.I Men's Blue or Brown Overalls, ls 3d, 2s 4d. A bi& pile of Youths Trousers, 2s 7d, 3s 6d. Big gtock of Boys' Odd Jackets, is 9^d, Rugby Suits for Boys 12 to 15, Band and But- 2s Sid- ton Knickers, 8s lid, 10s 6d. Working Men's Cord Trousers, 3s lid, 4s 5d, Boys 3-Garment Suits, school wear, 3a 7d, 5B 5d. -rv- File of Boys' Cord Knickers, all sizes, Hid, Big Stock Boys' Sailor Suits, Tweed end Blue, ls 5d. Is 9!d, 2s 4d, 2s 8d. Boys' Washing Wooises at lOd, Is Iqd. Men's and Boys' Caps, big variety, 3!d, 4id, Boys' Washing Suite at 2s 7d. o. %10^ „ Fancy Jerseys, 10^d, ll{d, Is 3d, ls 6d. Stack of Men a Collars, Froni6,Ouffs, 5^d each; Boys Cricket Shirts at ll^d, le 4d. ■MT < 3i°r,le cij ou <«.j' BoyB* and Girls' Stockings at 4^d, 5^d. Men s Stockings, 6*d, 8^d, lO^d. Boys' Washing QveraMe for Suite, 5id, 7Ad. Boys Cricket Belte at 2d. Men's Pants and Singlete, Is 9^d, 2E 4d. SOILED STOCK WILL BE CLEARED REGARDLESS OF COST. i«r FOR 10 DAYS ONLY 1 NOTE ADDRESS: BRADLEYS. I TURF SQU ARE, CABNABVON. a OiRhe Physiciaisi's Guie for Gout; jRheumatic Gout and Gravel. • The Universal Remedy for Acscuty of the I Stomach, Headache. Heartburn,, Indigestion, Salest and mos. SOTHE Ercctationse Biliooa AfEectiona, Effective Apcnent 01 tise. DINNEFORDS H. EDWARDS, THE CYCLE AND MOTOR DEPOT VICTORIA SQUARE, HOLYHEAD. Fine Selection New and Seoond-Hand Cycles. Cycles for Hire. Perambulators and Go-Carts. Accumulators Charged. Tyres and Accessories. GARAGE AND INSPECTION I T. Repairs, Vulcanising, Petrol and Best Motor Oils, Phonographs and Records. LETTER-PRESS PRI^TIFU &OC?D and CHEAP at the" HEHAr.o" OFFICE., CARHARVOSL S«sfates» THE BEST KNOWN DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT IN NORTH WALES I THIS WEEK I A W GRAND EXHIBITION t OP AUTUMN AND WINTER FASHIONS Our Show Rooms are now Replete with all that is New and I Fashionable for the coming Season. Special value in Furs, Paletots, Mantles, Costumes, Skirts, Blouses, &c SMART NEW MILLINERY, &c. Ladies' Outfitting and Baby Linen a Speciality. DRESS DEPARTMENT.-Every New Material and Colours is to be seen here. Dressmaking Quotations given. Our prices at all times Moderate. THE NELSON EMPORIUM, CARNARVON BRYMER AND DAVIES, Proprietors. EYESIGHT SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED %). il- C l 0 Pi C, ic -4 0 0- 1 11 ap4t sOr" "WW- -ct;, OF. a axt I- f cl C, *4- 0 1 0 ip 1) ,trl- 0 The Testing of Eyes Is not a matter of guess I work. It Is a Science, which none but persons having studied the ANATOMY OF THE EYE can understand. WE TEST SCIENTIFICALLY AND OUR WORK IS GUARANTEE W. JONES AND SONS, Jewellers, Silversmiths, and Qualified Opticians, COLWYN BAY AND OLD COLWYN. The Sights Testing Department, under the personal supervision of J. EYFFIN JONES, F.S.M.C., F.I.O., and LLKW. T. JONES, F.S.M.C., F.I.O., Holders o Highest Diplomas for Proficiency in Sight 1 esting. SPECTACLES AND EÎE GLASSES FOR ALL DEFECT OF VISION. LL. T. Jones attends CARNARVON every MONDAY at BEE HIVE RESTAURANT Turf Square. Hours 12 30 to 5-30. CONSULTATIONS AND ADVICE FREE. Do not lose the chance. J R. PRTnTc HARD'S PKE 8E NTATION WATCH_SCHEME THESE SPLENDID WATCHES GUARANTEED BY THE MAKERS FOR 12 MONTHS, WILL BE GIVEN IN EXCHANGE FOR 100 COUPONS. REPAIRS FREE EXCEPT POSTAGE. N.B.—J. R. P. only acts as Agent and cannot undertake repairs or responsibility, and in case of a Watch needing repairs, it should be sent direct to the Makers London Office, in accordance with the terms of Warranty which accompanies each Watch. We are distributing among the Users of the following Goods, a quantity of Gentle- men's Size Watches in handsome Gold Plaite finish cases, reliable timekeepers, free for 100 Coupons; also Ladies' Gun Metal Finish Watch free for 200 Coupons. SPECIAL COUPON GOODS: Yellow Flower Tea Is 6d per lb., counts 4 Coupons. Delicious Fresh Churned MARGARINE 8d per Ib., 1 lb. counts for 2 Coupons, i lb. for 1 Coupon. 3 lb. Jar Strawberry and Gooseberry Jam 90 per Jar, counts 1 Coupon. Large Tin Best Baking Powder, 4d per Tin, counts 1 Coupon. Large Bottle Worcestershire Sauce, 31d per Bottle, counts 1 Coupon* Yellow Flower Soap, 21d per Bar., counts 1 Coupon. Best Flour, 9 lbs. for in (every Is worth) counts 1 Coupon. < Watch am 100 0 9P Coupons. ONLY TO BE HAD FROM J. R. PRITCHARD, TEA MART & EAGLE STORES, CAR N A R VIO N. WARRANTY. 29Q f THIS WATCH IS GUARANTEED as follows: FIRST.—To be in perfect running condition when it leaves our factory. SECOND.—To be correct in material and workmanship. THIRD.-We win make repairs, not I necessitated by carelessness or abuse, during one year from above date, FREE of charge, if watch is returned to us with 3d enclosed for return post- age, or if desired we will ex-change for a new watch, post paid for ls. C03ZN-BCTKXTT WATCH CO., LONDON & NEW YORK. ailfChndlt £ £ & 4t:& 4t:& LARGE STOCK OF FUR TIES, FUR MUFFS, FUR JACKETS & UR EATS. t THE LATEST IN COSTUMES A LARGE ASSORTMENT AT GOLDEN GOAT, CARNARVON NO PRELIMINARY FEES. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY la large or email sums (cot less than £10) ON BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. Established nearly Forty Yeare, and now lending UPWARDS OF J670,000 ANNUALLY. Prospectuses, for advanoee, or any in- formation desired, will be supplied free of charge on application either person^JIv or by letter to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, 3, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Established 1S70. czim CASH ACCOMMODATION. JB10 :t1) m.OOO on these Terms. & £ > e. d. £ £ g d. 10 Repay 11 5 0 400 Repay 450 0 15 „ 16 7 6 500 „ 542 10 • §» «J2 2 600 675 0 9 30 „ 33 15 0 700 „ 786 10 • 50 „ 56 5 0 800 ..900 ON 100 „ 112 10 0 900 „ 1012 10 9 200 „ 225 0 0 1000 „ 1125 0 • 300 „ 337 10 0 NO BONDSMEN OR SURETIES REQUIRED. Existing loans paid off. Prospectua wnf free per return of post, apply to Manazer 24. BANGOR STREET, CAi&AEVOX MONEY LENT PRIVATELY AT FIVE PER CENT PER ANNUM FROM £ 10 TO £ 5000. ON MORTGAGE and Life Policies, also on Simple Promissory Notes, at a very low; Rate of Interest, repayable by Monthly. Quar- terly, or H^ilf-Yearly InstelmeBt^, Capital may remain at Intereet on'y. Strict privacy guaranteed. JJiti-ance no object. Genuine ap-, plications never refused.—Write for free Pros- pectus to the actual lender. JOHN RUSE, 29, BUCKINGHAM ROAD, TUE BROOK, LIV- ERPOOL. Branches: 148, E1GK STREET, BANGOR, and BRISTOL HOUSE. 67, MOB- TYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. Established 1887. r-1 AT0 £ 5000 LENT PRIVATELY at Any oO-LV/ Distance to Householders. Tradesmen, Farmers, Hotel Keepers, and All Classes, for Business or Private Purposes, on Note of Hand. No Security Required. Lowest In- terest, on the fo'iowiiig rU-paymente :—- J310 Loan from 3s Weekly. je20 Loan from 6s. Weekly. £ 50 Loan from 12s 6d Weekly. £ 100 Lean from 25s Weekly. Monthly and Quarterly repayments arrang ed. Before going elsewhere you "KiLl save Pounds by dealing with an Oid Eetabiiih-ed Firm, where you can rely on Pri-vacy and Straight- forwardness.—SAMUELS and" CO.. 5, loim Dal ton Street, MANCHESTER. clo8a EXPECTATION'S UNDER WILLS, Deeds, E Marriage Settlements, Liie interests, etc.. Persons entitled can have an advance to any amount from 0 per cent, per annum speedily negotiated. If preferred loan and interest can be repayable when legacies axe padd. No pre- liminary charges. E. EDWARDS, 24, Venice Chambers, 61, Lord Street,Liverpool At Manchester daily. y224a I iHA It i :<i Gr C ROSS BANK J ESTABLISHED 1870. LIVERPOOL ERAXCB 8. Fj T 5TRiTT.- HEAD OnJCE3: 2S, ST:&ejla, SX2.A>D, IXJNBCX, W.C., Aifl O9, BISHCFSSATB SSSM* WITHIN, LCXDOX, E.C. Branchos Cardiir, Leeds, Bradford, Dublin,Ac- Assets, X Liabilities, £ 1,236 871;; Surplus, £ 371,078. LOANS of £3C1 )1.) £.2000 granted at a few hours no^tt m Town or Country, on personal security, ievreiiery, precious stones, stooom aaares, and furniture, without removal. btocu, and Shares bought and sold. 21- per went, allowed on Current Account Balanoom. Depoe:ts of JSIO and upwards received Subject to 3 monthe' notice of withdrawals o p.c. per annum. Subject to 6 montuo' notice of wit,hdrawal" 6 p.c. per ancuni. Subject to 12 icontht notice of .withdraw* 7 p.c. per annum. Special terms for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly. Owing vo :be nature of our investments, we are able to Day rates of interest on deposits that will compare favour-, ably with dividends raid 011 almost any ciast of stock ox Bcareaoiding i-afurum tl- sa'ety ci capital. "t\ c have been ostabli^hed fa" 38 vears, and our position in the banking v.:orid to-day testifies to tte succes? of oar business methc-d?, and to the t.a.tÜ¡facti\ll oi our puy-tofner' vV ? prospectus.—A WILLI a3 £ S and ±1. J. I ALL, Joint Manayers. ]^/J ONEY LENT PRIVATELY £ 3 :o £ 1COO. Loan. Reps-. L02.:1. Reuav. £ 3 7" 6 £ 20 £ 22 10* 0 £ 0 £ 5 12 6 £ 30 £33 15 9 .£10 £11 5 0 £ 50 £ 56 5 9 p a r t given on anpiiaticn. W. JACKSON, "iiona Yiew," 1. Row-and Street, St. L'v:d'e Eoad, Carnarvon. EstahW-hed 20 years. J £ 26a