Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



Itgal! &t NORTH WESTERN COUNTIES AUDIT DISTRICT. COUNTY OF CARNARVON. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that William Dewse Easterby, 'Esquire, District Auditor, has appointed the Audit of Accounts of the County Council of the above-named County, and of the County Treasurer and other Officers of such County Counfil, tor tne yeai ended 31st day of March, 1908, to commence, on Tuesday, the First Day of December, 1908, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, at the County Offices, Carnarvon, when and where the several Officers of such Council who are bound to ac- count at such Audit are severally required to attend and produce all Bocks of Account. c Bills Accounts, Vouchers, and other Docu- ments, containing or relating to the Accounts then to be Audited in the custody or power of each pei-,on respectively. A Copy of the Accounts duly made up and balanced, together -with the Account Books Deeds, Contracts, Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipts mentioned or referred to in the Ac- counts, will be deposited in the Office of the Countv Council, Carnarvon, for seven clear days before the First Day of December proximo, and be open during office hour." to the inspec- tion of all persons interested, who will be at liberty to take copies of or extracts from the same without fee or reward. Dated this 5th day of November, 1908. J. T. ROBERTS, I cy268 Deputy Clerk of the Peace. —— COLWYN BAY. NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES, 1910. GENERAL SECRETARY Required. Salary £ 100, with £ 5 per cent, commis- sion on Subscriptions, and prospect of an hon- orarium from surplus profits (if any) of the Eisteddfod. Office accommodation and out-of- pocket expenses found by the Eisteddfod Exe- cutive. Term of engagement, Iron date of ap- pointment to close of the whole transactions c the Eisteddfod. Applicants mrust be thoroughly acquainted both with the Welsh and English languages. Apply with copies of three testimonials, stating qualifications to Lhe Honorary Secretaries, National Eisteddfod, Colwyn Bay, endorsed on the envelope "Gene- ral Secretary," on or before noon on Wednes- day, the 18th day of November. Canvassing a disqualiifcation. b7 Re MAURICE THOMAS MORRIS, Deoeased- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that aii Persons having Claims or Demands against or upon the Estate of Maurice Thomas Morris of Bronmenai, Carnarvon, Esquire, J.r. who died on the 28th day of October, 1908, are required to send to the undersigned full par- ticulars of such Claims or Demands on or be- fore the 12th day of November next, so that the same may be examined by the Executors of the said Maurice Thomas Morris, and if found correct duly discharged. Dated the 2nd day of November, 1908. R. PUGHE GRIFFITHS, Solicitor for the said Executorq. 31, 'Btangor Street, Carnarvon. cy554 ANGLESEY. TEACHERS WANTED. CERTIFICATED TEACHERS. Head-Mistress, Infants' Department. Llangefni Council School, Salary £90, rising to £100, Assistant Master, Holyhead Park (Boys'). Salary -680, rising to £ 95. UNOERTIFICATED TEACHER. Male, Llangefni Council School (ex- perienced), JB55, rising to £70. SUPPLEMENTARY TEACHER. Trefdraeth School (Female), Salary JB20 to JB50, according to experience. Welsh indispenrable in all appointments. Applications, on forms provided, and testi- monials to be forwarded to me immediately. R. H. WILLIAMS. monials to be forwarded to me immediately. R. H. WILLIAMS. 11 y Education Offices, Llangefni. y546a .2], Cutter*. COLWYN BAY, NORTH WALES. SEASON 1909. ALFRESCO ENTERTAINMENTS. Tt WANTED from Proprietors of Minstrel j W and Pierrot Troupes offers for sole privilege of performances on three separate of Promenade, viz. (a) RHOS. From opposite Rhos Abbey i Hotel to Llannerch Road, including the plot of ground known as Gombermere Gardens. (b) OOLWYN BAY. From opposite Llan- nerch Road to Marine Path (not including The Green). (c) COLWYN. From opposite Marine Path to the eastern boundary of the District. Also offers for the Rooms in Combermere Gardens, Rhos, and the sole right of selling refreshments, etc., in the said Rooms and Garden*?. PLOT OF LAND, adjoining section (b) of the Promenade also to Let, for Cinemato- graph or similar Entertainments. BEACH CHAIRS AND BATHING. Offers are also invited for the sole privilege of placing (1) Chairs for Hire, and (2) Bathing Tents for Hire on Beach or Foreshore adjoin- ing each of the three sections of the Promenade above stated. Offers to be sent in before the 26th of Nov- ember, marked "Tender for and addressed to Mr James Amphlett, Clerk to the Urban OouncU, Colwyn Bay. b6 ANGLESEY CONSTABULARY. TENDERS FOR POLICE CLOTHING. THE Standing Joint Committee hereby in- vite TENDERS for supplying the Police Clothing for 1909. Tenders to be received at the Chief Con- stable's Office on or before 2701 November instant. Forms of Tender to be had on application to L. PROTHERO, Llangefni, Chief Constable. 3rd November, 1908. h53 TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. NORMAL COLLEGE, BANGOR. BUILDERS desirous of Tendering for new Hostels at the above are invited to apply for Bills of Quantities to the undersigned, ■enclosing a cheque for L5 5s, 'which will be returned on receipt of a bonar-fide Tender. Applications to bo made not later than Satur- day, November 7th. The Committee wih not be bound to accept the lowest or any Tender. (Signed) EVAN R. DAVIES, Secretary. Normal College, Bangor, 26th October, 190a c542a CARNARVON UNION. TENDERS Wanted for supplying 30 Men's Readymade Suits, as per samples to be seen at the Workhouse. Tenders sealed and endorsed, to be received by the undersigned not later than 10 a.m. on Wednesday, the 11th of November next. Samples of the quality and style actually required ONLY to be sent to the Workhouse. J. HENRY THOMAS, Clerk to the Guardians. Carnarvon, Octr. 28th, 1908. c548y707 DWT ~R OBERTS, VV B BILLPOSTER Aii Hillp«w»ting aud niatTihntinR Personally attended to. TO SECURE THE GREATEST PUBLI- CITY, ADVERTISE in the "HERALD" 0 ;p admtttts O ANGOR, OLD LONDON HOUSE, High- 3JI street, (C. T. C.). Every accomodation for Visitors, Cyclists, Tourists. APARTMENTS in Cottage. Comfortable Bed and Sitting Room for winter months. Quiet Country. 'South Carnarvonshire. Terms moderate.—No 661, "Herald" Office. y661 A PARTMENTS.—Comfortable Apartments. L Good cooking. Moderate temns.-Apply to Mrs Roberts, lslwyn, MoStv- A.enue, Llan. dudno. r151 Ap ARTMENTS.-COmfortable Apartments. A Parlour and Bedroom. Moderate Terms. -Apply, No. 585, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y 585ft APARTMENTS in Carnarvon, with or A without board, for two young persons. —Apply, 556, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. c556 j EWIS CAFE, COLWYN BAY.—Ac com l_i enodation for Cyclists, Commercial Tra- vellers. Special Terms for Sunday School Trips, Picnic Parties, etc. Well Aired Rooms. Billiards.—OWEN LEWIS, Proprietor. b48 QAS TLB HOTEL, CARNARVON. ORDINARY DAILY. TOM. ROBERTS, Proprietor. nail LIVE KPOOL Shaftesbury Hotel, MOUNT PLEASANT. FOUR MINUTES' WALK FROM LIME ST. AND CENTRAL STATIONS. Cars from Landing Stage stop at the door. CAB FROM ANY STATION, le. A First Class "yemperauce House with Moder- ate Charges. WELSH SPOKEN. Telegrams: Shaftesbury Hotel, Livercool Suolastix OHOOL FOR GIRLS, RIVERSTEAD, WATERLOO, Near LIVERPOOL. THOROUGH EDUCATION AND HAPPY HOME. TENNIS, HOCKEY, Etc. Terms: Moderate and Inclusive. Principald THE MISSES PALMER. Term begins September 14. Reference kindly permitted to the Rev W. Wynn Davies, Upper Bangor; the Rev W. Henry, Waterloo, and P. Davies, Esq., Belvidere Park, Crosby. cl54 cSttamtrs. 80UTH AFRICA.—Royal .Mail Route.— UNION CASTLE LINE.—London and Southampton, to Cape Colony, Natal, Delagoa Bay, Beira, etc., calling frequently at Madeira, Las Palmas, Teneriffe, Ascension, St. Helena, and Lobito Bay. Weekly Sailings. Fast Pas- sages. Superior Accommodation. ttest Route. For rates of passage money and all further information apply to the Managers, Donald Currie and Co., London, or to Local Agents. a (Snierfammmte PAVILION, CARNARVON. FOR 6 NIGHTS AND 2 MATINEES ONLY, commencing MONDAY, NOV EM B E R 9. Every Evening at 8. Doors open at 7.30. 'Early Doors at 7, 3d extra to all parts. Matinees Wednesday and Saturday at 3. Doors open at 2.30. THE HARRY AND FRED POOLERS NO. 1 COLOSSAL MYRIORAMA One Whirl of the Latest Events of the World. Expensive Engagement of RICHARD KARSY'S GIANT MYRIOPHONE t 2,000 Strings in Revolution. Greatest of all Musical Novelties. MR. BERT GATES, Guide and Ventriloquist. HARRY DOWSETT, Eccentric Comedian. The Great and Original GEO. FRENCH TROUPE, Marvellous Cyclists and Comic Experts. MISS PHYLLIS ( ST. CLAIR, Operatic and Ballad Vocalist. L E A R T 0 and his clever dog "Babs," in a Comedy Musical Act. Starring Engagement of THE SNOW F A M I L Y, Eccentric and Expert Skaters. The Royal Animated Picture Company's Latest BIOSCOPIC REVELATIONS, Including all the latest Comic and Sensational Subjects. •Prices of Admission 3s, 2s, Is 6d, Is and 6d. Reserved Seats may be booked at the usual place. ORCHESTRAL BAND OF SOLO PERFORMERS, under the direction of Mr Fred Bescoby. c559 M!M!) (fcUtloral CONWAY MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1908. TO THE ELECTORS. LADIES and GENTLEMEN,— Kindly accept our best Thanks for the hearty support accorded us at the Election on Monday, the 2nd inst., by placing us at the Head of the Poll, and for the unmistakable expression of your confidence. We will do our utmost to merit it by serv- ing the Borough to the best of our ability. Yours gratefully, W. CARTER. J. E. OONW AY-JONES. M. J. MORGAN. A. J. OLDMAN. r24 R. E IVION "J ONES, A.L.C.M., ORGANIST AND CHOIRMASTER OF CHRIST CHURCH, LLANDUDNO-, begs to announce that he VISITS CARNAR- VON every week, to give Music Lessons in ALL BRANCHES; ORGAN RECITALS, MUSICAL ADJUDICATOR. Accompanist for EISTEDDFODAU and CONCERTS. Address:—R. E. JONES, The Elms, Deg- anwy Street, Llandudno. c556 BRAD'LEY'S OVERCOATS FOR THE MILLION. j Newest Materials, j. If.. Good Fitting, Reliable Make. SMART OVERCOATS FOR BOYS FROM 2/11 II YOUTHS „ 5/11 to » „ MEN 12/11 J TURF SQUIRE, CARNARVON. ANCASTER SQUARE, LLANRWST. ELDON SQUARE, DOLGELLEY. 24, MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, • OVER 100 BRANCHES NOW OPEN ROBT. WILLIAMS, PAWNBROKER, JEWELLER, &c, JBANGhCXR MONEY LENT to any amount on rl*ol GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, JEWELLERY, CLOTHING, &c I <S* LARGE MILNER SAFES FOR THE CUSTODY OF JEWELLERY NEW AND SECOND HAND CLOTHING BRANCHES- IN GREAT VARIETY. ?' HOLYHEAD. BAN GOB, AND FLINT. BERESFORD HOUSE, CARNARVON. I beg to announce to my numerous Customers and Ladies generally that I have a Large Stock of all the Latest and Newest Shades in Dress Mater- ials and specialities in, Fabrics for Evening Wear. Also a Well-selected Stock of Novelties in Trimmings always on hand. I shall be pleased to send Patterns of Dress Materials, & c., for Ordinary and Evening Wear to any address on application. Yours faithfully, MRS DUNLOP, Costumier. -» Remodelling a'Speciality. Orders by post promptly attended to. IN LIQUIDATION THE NORTH WALES MUSIC COMPANY, LIMITED. A CLEARANCE SALE OF PIANOS, ORGANS,HARMONIUMS, VIOLINS, BICYCLES. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, MUSIC STOOLS, & SHEET MUSIO AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES THE WHOLE STOCK MUST BE CLEARED AT ONCE. GREAT BARGAINS. VALUABLE COPYRIGHTS TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE ^TREATY. All Accounts owing to the Company to be paid to, and all particulars to be had on ap- plication, from The Liquidator, W. J. FiRRY" F.C.A., Chartered Accountant, c535a Ooetmor Yard, Bethewk. ALL WOMEN VOTE AT HOLYHEAD THAT CUR CONFECTIONERY IS THE BEST We Cater for Parties, Dances. &c., on or off the Cale Premises. Cutlery for Hire. Rooms for Committees. MARKET CAFE AND RESTAURANT, STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD I The Universal Remedy tot Acioit; of the Stomachy Headache. STeartburn*, IndigestioiiE Soar Eructations, Bilious AflectionSo 116 Phjaiciaa"? Core for Gout, BLeumatic Goat ibud QxaveL I Sliest and most furtive Aperient for Re<ulM Use. &ular Use DINNEFOR-DS LETTER-PRESS PRINTING &OGD and CHEAP at the "HERALD" OFFICE- CARNARVON THE BEST KNOWN DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT IN NORTH WALES THIS WEEK A (v GRAND EXHIBITION OF AUTUMN AND Wi iTER FASHIONS Our Show Rooms are now Replete with all that is New and Fashionable for the coming Season. Special value in Furs, Paletots, Mantles, Costumes, Skirts, Blouses, &c SMART NEW MILLINERY, &c. «J:r Ladies' Outfitting and Baby Linen a Speciality. DRESS DEPARTMENT.—Every ;New Material and Colours is to be seen here. Dressmaking :Quotations given. Our prices at all times Moderate. THE NELSON E MPORIUM, CARNARVON BRYMER AND DAVIES, Proprietors. EYESIGHT SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED I I& .19 0 x .4 t tv I Or. 0 IL 0 A 6 e TheATesting of Eyes is notfa matter :of guess work. It is a Science, which none but persons having studied the ANATOMY OF THE EYE can understand. WE TEST SCIENTIFICALLY AND OUR WORK IS GUARANTEE W. JONES AND SONS, Jewellers, Silversmiths, and Qualified Opticians, COLWYN BAY AND OLD COLWYN. I The Sight Testing Department, under the personal supervision of J. KYFFIN JONES, F.S.M.C., F.I.O., and LLEW. T. JONES, F.S.M.C., F.I.O., Holders o Highest Diplomas for Proficiency in Sight Testing. SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES FOR ALL DEFECT OF VISION. LL. T. Jones attends CARNARVON every MONDAY at BEE HIVE RESTAURANT Turf Square. Honrs 12-30 to 5.30. CONSULTATIONS AND ADVICE FREE. Do not lose the chance. J. R. P R I T C HARDS PEESENTATION WATCH SCHEME THESE SPLENDID WATCHES GUARANTEED BY THE MAKERS fOR 12 MONTHS, WILL BE GIVEN IN EXCHANGE FOR 100 COUPONS, REPAIRS FREE EXCEPT POSTAGE. N.B.—J. R. P. only acta as Agent and cannot undertake repairs or responsibility, and in case of a Watch needing repairs, it should be sent direct to the Makers London Office, in accordance ttith the terms of Warranty which accompanies each Watch. We are distributing among the Users of the following Goods, a quantity of Gentle- men's Size Watchee in handsome Gold Plate finish cases, reliable timekeepers, free for 100 Coupons; also Ladies' Gun Metal Finish Watch free for 200 Coupons. SPECIAL COUPON GOODS: Yellow Flower Tea Is 6d per lb., counts 4 Coupons. Delicious Fresh Churned MARGARINE 8d per lb., 1 lb. coonte for 2 Coupons, £ lb. for 1 Coupon. 3 lb. Jar Strawberry and Gooseberry Jam 94d per Jar, counts 1 Coupon. Large Tin Best Baking (Powder, 4d per Tin, counts 1 Coupon. Large Bottle Worcestershire Sauce, 34d per Bot/tle, couniUs 1 Coupon. Yellow Flower Soap, 2id per Bar, connte 1 Coupon. Best Flour, 9 lbs. for Is (every Is worth) counts 1 Coupon. Watch am 100 o'r Coupons. ONLY TO BE HAD FROM J. R. PRITCHARD, TEA MART & EAGLE STORES, CARNARVON. WARRANTY. i jgg THIS W ATCilI IS GUARANTEED as followe: FIRST.—To be in perfect running condition when it leaves our factory. SECOND.—To be correct in material and workmanship. THIRD.—We will make repairs, not necessitated by carelessness or abuse, during one year from above date, FREE of change, if watch is returned to as with 3d enclosed for return post- age, or if desired we will exchange for a new watch, post paid for Is. OON2TOCTICUT WATCH CO., LONDON & NEW YORK. &/uut>tdldLi%M6 CO- -K4 I d 40 -I, mm w nm on qui iull.sjjii m '-ffi- (Yntn ¡ I NO PRELIM JPNARY FEES. I MONEY LENT PRIVATELY II Is larc-e or email turns (not less than iilO) OX BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. Established nearly Forty Years, and now lending UPWARDS OF JB70,000 ANNUALLY. Prospectuses, terms for advances, or any in- j formation desired, will be supplied f-rf-e of charge on spp.ication either personally or by letter to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, 3, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. J Established 1870. c31* I CASH ACCOMMODATION. I £ 10 "Q £1,000 orJtnese Terms. I 10 Repay 15 „ 20 „ ¡ 30 50 „ 100 11 200 „ I 300 JB s. d. 2 11 5 0 400 16 7 6 500 22 10 0 600 33 15 0 700 56 5 0 800 112 10 0 900 225 0 0 1000 337 10 0 £ id. Repay 450 0 0, 642 10 0 11 675 0 0 78510 0 „ 900 0 I ,) 1012 10 0 1125 0 a > NO BONDSMEN OR SURETIES REQUIRED. I Existing loans paid off. Prospectus gent free per return of post, apply to Mane (Yer 2A, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON. !:>' MONEY LENT PRIVATELY AT FIVE PER CENT PER ANNUM FROM JEiO TO JB5000. ON MORTGAGE and Life Policies, also on I Simple Promissory Notes, at a very jaw Rate of Interest, repayable by Monthly, Quar- terly, or Half-Yearly Instalments. Capital may remain at Interest only. Strict privacy guaranteed. Distance no object. Genuine ap- plications never refused.—Write for free Pros- I pectus to the actual lender JOHN ROSE, 29, BUCKINGHAM ROAD, TUE BROOK, LIV- ERPOOL. Branches 148, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, and BRISTOL HOUSE, 67, MOS- TYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. Established 1887. 4?1 AT0 £ 500° LENT PRIVATELY at Any oblv Distance to Householders, Tradesmen, Farmers, Hotel Keepers, and All Classes, for & Business or Private Purposes, on Note of I Band. No Security Required. Lowest lu. terest, on the following Repayments;- 1 J310 Loan from laB Weekly. I JB30 Loan from 5s. Weekly. L,50 (Loan from 12s 6d Weekly. JB100 Loan from 25s Weekly. Monthly and Quarterly repayments arranged. Before going elsewhere you twill save Pounde by dealing with an Oid Established Firm, wheffe you can rely on Privacy and Straight- I forwardness.—SAMUELts and 00., 5, Joon Dalton Street, MANCHESTER. cl58a EXPECTATIONS USNDEB WILLS, DEEDS, i'J Marriage Settlements, life Interests, etc. Persons entitled can have an advance to any amount from 6 per cent. per annum speedily negotiated. If preferred loan and interest can be repayable when legacies are paid. No pre- liminary charges. E. EDWAIRDS, 24, Venice Citambeait, 61, Loord Street,Liverpool ¡ At Manchester daily. y224a I tiHA RIAN G- GROSS BANK J ESTABLISHED 1670. LIVERPOOL BRANCH: 8, DALE STREET, HjtAD OFFICES 28, BtDFcnD ISTBJUCT, BrmANB, LONDON, W.C., AND 39, BISHGPSOATB STUBBI WITHIN, LCNDON, E.C. Branches: Cardiff, Leeds, Bradford, DubHnJto. Aiieta¡ £ 1,607,949; Liabilities, £ l,236;871iJ Surplus, £ 371,078. LOANS of jB30 to £ 2000 granted at a few hours' notice in Town or Country, on persona) security, jewellery, precious stones, stock*, shares, and furniture, without removal, I Stocks and Shares bought and sold. per cent, allowed otn Current Account { Balanoes. j Deposits of £ 10 and up wards received 1 Subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal4 6 p.c. per annum. 1\ Subject to 6 months' notice of withdrawal I 6 p.c. per annum. Subject to 12 month*' notice of withdrawalj I 7 p.c. per annum. v Special terms for longer periods. • Interest paid quarterly. Owing to the natnM I of our investments, we are able to pay rates ot interest on deposits that will compare favour- I ably with dividends paid on almost any class of stock or shareholding insuring the safety of capital. We have been established tor 38 yeaTS, I. and our position in the banking world to-day testifies to the success of our business methods, and to the satisfaction of our customers. Write or call for prospectus.—A WILLIAMS än4 H. J. TALL, Joint Managers. M. ONEY LENT PRIVATELY JSS to JB1000. il Loan. £ 3 £ 5 £ 10 Repay. Loan. L3 7 6 JB20 L5 12 6 JE50 Lil 5 0 :£50 Repay. X22 10 0 JC5315 0 jBo6 5 0 I Full particulars given on application. W. JACKSON, "Mona View," 1, Rowland Street, St. David's Road, Carnarvon. Established 20 years. y226a STRICTLY jpRIVATE & JpROMPT j CASH A DVANCES. 1 ¡ At a few hours' notice, any part of the United Kingdom, I FROM £ 10 TO £ 100() 0 I To Male or Female, ON THEIR OWN NOTE OF HAND. Without bill of sale, sureties, or delay, at a reasonable rate of interest. Repayments, I weekly, monthly quarterly, or to suit bor- rower'a convenience. All information and terms free. Apply in confidence to CHARLES c ROSSLEY. MELVILLE-CHAMBERS, 60, LORD-ST., LIVERPOOL. Telephone 1197 Central. Telegrams:: "Finance." y292a MONEY LENT ON THESE TERMS. £3 TO J31000. Loan. Repay. Loan. Repay. L3 £ 3 7 6 JB20 JD22 10 0 L5 £5 12 6 £30 £33 15 0 JB10 JB11 5 0 JB50 R,56 5 0 W. JACKSON, 20. FaTrar Road, BANGOR, c £ 97a MONEY LENT ON CERTAIN TERMS. £ 5 to £ 1,000. Full Particulars on Appli-oaiion. Loan. Repay. Loan. Repay. ¡ L5 L5 12 6.£30 J335 15 0 JB10 JB11 5 0 jB50 J356 6 0 JB20 JE22 10 0 JB100 £ 112 10 0 ¡ W. JACKSON, 70, Plymouth Grove, Man- chester. ml53 fiio TO £ 1,000 AT THE FOLLOWING £ TERMS: £ 10 repay £ 11 5 0 JB20 „ C22 10 0 j350 JE56 5 0 And upwards. DiRtance no object. lull par- ticulars free. H. ELAY and CO., 92, Market- Street, Manchester. Tel.: 6845. (JOA TO £ 5,000 ADVANCED by Private Lender on Simple Promissory Notes. No Bills of Sale taken and absolute Drrvacy guaranteed. First Litter cf arnlication receives prompt attention ard intending borrowers are waited upoc by a representative who is em- I powered to complete- transaction on terns mutually arranged, NO OBAROE being made unlees Business actonliy completed. Special I Quotations for Short Loans. Write in son- I fidenoe to C. WELLS, Corridor Chambers. Leicester. TO SECURE THE GREATEST PUBLI- CITY; ADVERTISE in the